February 01, 2016

Student-faculty research teams nab another 100 percent acceptance to NCUR

For the second consecutive year, St. Catherine University's acceptance rate for the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) reached 100 percent. Fifteen students from nine disciplines will deliver 11 oral presentations at the conference in April at the University of North Carolina Asheville.

St. Kate’s Collaborative Undergraduate Research Program started sending student-researchers to NCUR in 2011, and has consistently exceeded the conference’s average acceptance rate (ranging from 80–90 percent in a given year).

NCUR teams from St. Kate’s also participated as Summer Scholars 2015, an initiative of St. Kate’s Collaborative Undergraduate Research Program. One key expectation of the Summer Scholars participants is to present their research at a national conference.

“This is a difficult challenge. Juggling faculty and student academic schedules and preparing work for public dissemination is a high-demand endeavor,” says Lynda Szymanski, director of the Collaborative Undergraduate Research Program. “The fact that all of our Summer Scholar teams are presenting at NCUR or another prestigious national conference is a testament to the commitment of the faculty-student teams, the rigor of their work, and the support this program offers our participants.”

In addition to NCUR, six student and five chemistry faculty members are presenting research in March at the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting and Exposition in San Diego. Communications Studies major Bri Byram ’17 and Assistant Professor Rafael Cervantes are scheduled to present their Summer Scholars work at the Western States Communication Association Conference on February 28 in San Diego. Associate Professor Colleen Carpenter presented her work with Jane Wolfgram '16 at the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature in Atlanta this past November.

NCUR Apparel Team Rachel Greeninger '18 and Associate Professor Anumpama Pasricha explored the use of technology and 3D printing in sustainable fashion design. The team is presenting their research at NCUR 2016. Photos by Alex Kennedy '15

St. Kate’s 2016 NCUR teams include:

  • Apparel Design
    Technology and Sustainable Fashion: 3D Printing Revolution
    Rachel Greeninger ’18, with Associate Professor Anupama Pasricha
  • Biology
    Identification and Cloning of Ammonium Transporter Genes from the Green Algae, C. Scutata, Closely Related to Early Land Plants
    Madison Olimb ’16, with Assistant Professor Tami McDonald

    Cloning and Amplification of Ammonium Transporter Genes in Chlorokybus Atmophyticus, a Streptophyte Green Algae

    Shelby Ward ’16, with Assistant Professor Tami McDonald
  • Chemistry
    Isolation and Identification of Secondary Metabolites in Fusarium sp. S7-4, DNA 38-P
    Sophia Hani ’16, with Assistant Professor Ani Jordan

    Graphene Oxide: A Controlled Reduction Using Ascorbic Acid
    Denyce Alvarez ’16 and Alexa Trusty ’18 (pictured top), with Professor Gina Mancini-Samuelson
  • Dietetics/Nutrition Science
    Assessment of Prevalence, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors of Food Insecurity in Students Attending Private Colleges
    Kayla Guerrero ’16, with Assistant Professor Teri Burgess-Champoux
  • Economics
    Free to Work? The Impact of State Mandated Free Full-Day Kindergarten on Maternal Labor Force
    Ashley Erceg ’16 and Katie Tholke ’16, with Assistant Professor Kristine West
  • Exercise and Sports Science
    Resistance Training for Older Adults: More than Just Strength?
    Donielle Kurvers ’16 and Sarah Olsen ’16, with Assistant Professor Joshua Guggenheimer
  • History
    Unwed Mothers in Midcentury America: A Shameful Double Standard
    Amanda Campbell ’17, with Visiting Assistant Professor Kim Heikkila
  • Mathematics
    Cleaning Threshold Graphs
    Rose Winter ’17, with Assistant Professor Chris Ross
  • Psychology
    Predictors of College Student Work/Life/School Balance
    Lee Danielsen ’15 and Kelly Kroening ’15, with Professor Andrea Olson

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By Sharon Rolenc