Fleur de Lis: Kaitlyn Alvarez '18, Liz Axberg '21, Shannon Hickey '18 and Kristen Pechacek '18

St. Kate's Athletics honors four student athletes for their achievements September 19–October 3.

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Athletics launches new Fleur-de-lis award

Four students are this season's first recipients of the new honor, which replaces the Athlete-of-the-Week…

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Athlete of the Week: Sydney Busker '19

Busker made history on the opening day of the Wartburg Invitational, as she became the first golfer in…

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Sharon Doherty talks Lynx and community in Star Tribune

Doherty's commentary reflects on what can happen when a diverse group of individuals come together "to…

Athletic department to host annual golf fundraiser

The fundraiser supporting St. Kate's student athletes takes place on August 4.

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Softball earns Midwest Region Staff of Year honors

The National Fastpitch Coaches Association made the announcement on Monday morning.

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Co-Athletes of the Week: Krista Flugstad and Megan Pohlmann

Individual and team performances highlighted the weekend for St. Kate's Athletics.

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Co-Athletes of the Week: Madi Roe '17 and Amber Montero '20

Senior golfer Madie Roe and first-year softball player Amber Montero were honored for their performances.

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Wildcats ​Softball Team crowned MIAC Playoff Champion

Coach Colleen Powers leads softball team to its first Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Championship…

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