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Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre

Friday, October 13, 2017

7:30 PM

The O'Shaughnessy

As part of the Women of Substance series, The O'Shaughnessy presents Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre.

Cookie's Kid is a solo dance theatre work exploring themes of rebellion, strength, vulnerability and the ethereal. The first solo work by Rosie Herrera, it utilizes her unique and diverse performance background ranging from cabaret, classical music, and urban and contemporary dance as a way to explore and dissect the oppression of toughness.

Carne Viva is an exploration into the violence of transcendence. Loosely translated to mean “open wound,” Carne Viva builds upon themes of religion and romance in a visceral journey into the dichotomy of power within relationships.


Questions? Contact The O'Shaughnessy at 651.690.6700.

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Rosie Herrera

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