What do you recommend that we put on our course syllabus or tell students?

"The Writing/Reading Center offers free one-on-one assistance with your paper. Trained peer tutors are available throughout the semester, and they can help you in any stage of the writing process from brainstorming to the final touches.

Get more information, and to find out how to access tutoring.

What is your policy for "take-home" final essays?
While many instructors encourage their students to visit us throughout the semester, a take-home final may not be an essay that an instructor wants students to receive tutoring assistance on. It is our policy not to work with students on final exams or papers unless we have prior approval from their instructor or it is clearly stated on the assignment sheet that tutoring assistance is acceptable. Instructors can approve specific students or an entire course.

Will you notify me if a student of mine is utilizing your services?
The Writing/Reading Center strives to provide confidential support to students. We do not contact instructors or provide them with the names of students who have visited us without their permission. This policy allows students to work freely in a space to hone their writing skills without being evaluated.

If you have a student that you have asked to seek assistance and would like to personally refer to the Writing/Reading Center for assistance, please contact us.

Will a tutor sign a paper they have worked on if I require proof of a visit?
The type of tutoring session we promote is a one-on-one conversation between the student and the tutor. When students and tutors are able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses in papers rather than focus on correction-style instruction, students become empowered to see their own abilities and shape their own work. We focus on the tutoring session as being an “across the table” exchange between our trained tutors and the students they work with. Thus, we do not have tutors sign off on students’ papers. We believe that doing so would change the dynamic of the tutoring session.

What style guides are used in the Writing/Reading Center?
The Writing/Reading Center is currently using the following editions of popular style guides and handbooks to assist students:

  • APA Manual of Style: 6th (and 7th) edition
  • MLA Handbook: 8th edition
  • Chicago Manual of Style: 16th edition
  • AMA Handbook: 10th edition
  • Bedford Handbook: 8th edition