Faculty and Staff Institute Poster Sessions

Poster sessions will be held during professional development session 3, 10:30–11:20 a.m. on Thursday, August 29, in the CdC 3rd floor atrium, outside the Ballroom.

Poster Descriptions

Access and Success Basic Needs Resources and Parenting Support

This poster session will highlight services available to address basic needs emergencies such as housing, food, transportation and medical coverage, as well as confidential pregnancy and parenting support. We work with students at all degree levels.

Presenter: Beth Hamer, Program Coordinator, Access and Success

Civic Engagement Collective: St. Kate's Votes...and more!

The Civic Engagement Collective is a group of students, faculty and staff that promotes civic engagement to our university community. We want to ensure members of the university community know how to register to vote, where to vote and are fully informed about the candidates and issues with the goal of create a vibrant, engaging and respectful political climate during the election cycle. We also focus on the importance of civic engagement beyond elections and work to promote opportunities for engagement, discussion and learning.

Presenter: Faculty and Staff from the Civic Engagement Collective

Clinical Tracking in the HSSH

Learn about the NEW Clinical Tracking software, Exxat, used by all the School of Health programs. We can answer your questions and give you tips for success. Exxat provides one location for you to collect and store vital documents related to your students' clinical experience. Stop by to ask a question or meet your support team!

Presenter: Alyssa Favilla, Program Analyst in IT and Janet Winsand, Academic Technology Specialist, Academic Technology

Electronic Health Record Data in a Senior Living Community

This poster is about a research study that describes and compares older adults' strengths, problems, and wellbeing using electronic health record data documented by using a standardized terminology, the Omaha System.

Presenter: Grace Gao, Associate Professor of Nursing

Intersections of race and psychosocial tasks for emerging adults in the African American Student Network

Developing a coherent sense of self is a quintessential task of emerging adulthood. This task is complicated for African American emerging adults who live in a culture stratified by race. In higher education, racial disparities of lower retention and graduation rates speak to the need of additional support for African American students (Gbolo & Grier-Reed, 2016). The African American Student Network  (AFAM)  is an empirically-supported intervention, co-founded by two Black university professors, designed to provide social support and promote well-being in Black students. Through qualitative data analysis of the topics discussed in this group, researchers found that students talked primarily about navigating college life, followed by understanding racism, exploring identity, standing up for justice and finding love. Integrating research with practice this analysis of discussions in AFAM provides a nuanced portrait of the psychosocial tasks encountered by African American emerging adults. 

Authors: Anne Williams-Wengerd, MA, LP, Assistant Professor, St. Catherine University; Tabitha Grier-Reed, PhD, LP, Professor, University of Minnesota

Katies for Aging Research and Equity (KARE)

KARE is an interprofessional and cross-school initiative that trains diverse undergraduate students to be leaders in health disparities research - both as biomedical scientists and as clinical researchers. During the careers of our KARE scholars, the US population of adults over 65 will double and current racial and ethnic 'minorities' will account for a majority of our country's population. In order to ensure equitable opportunities for healthy aging across all populations, KARE scholars will develop cultural competence and humility, expertise in Longevity and Aging, and aptitude in interprofessional research and clinical practice. KARE scholars will receive holistic support through community building activities, career development programming, academic and research mentorship, and networking events within the research community. KARE scholars will study Longevity and Aging through courses focused on environmental, sociocultural, behavioral, and biological factors that underlie health disparities among diverse aging populations. Each KARE scholar will be engaged in mentored biomedical, behavioral, or clinical research at St. Catherine University or through established partnerships with Mayo Clinic and HealthPartners Neuroscience Center.

Presenter: Katie Campbell, KARE Co-Director, IPE

Student Nurse Perceptions

This is a quasi-experimental post-test only design that measures differences between groups using student scores on the Behavioral Health Care Competency survey dependent on the clinical setting (inpatient mental health, long term care, or community public health) or mental health clinical education model of care (integrated or focused mental health).

Presenter: Maria Tice, MSN, RN,CNE, Nursing

Student Success at St. Kate's: A New Retention Tool

St. Kate's is launching a new retention tool this fall called Student Success at St. Kate's. Student Success is replacing Mapworks for student profile information, student referral systems, and student retention/support. This poster session will introduce participants to the new retention tool, upcoming training dates during the fall semester, and give a brief introduction on the new interface.

Presenter: Ellen Richter-Norgel, Associate Dean for Students and Retention, Office of Student Affairs

Super Hero Assistance for Admin Assistants: Who You Gonna Call?

Need to order supplies, but don't know how you should purchase them through Staples Advantage or Amazon.com? Can't find the Additional Faculty Payment form? The copy room or restroom is out of paper? Do you know who you should call or what process or portal to use to get the task done? If the answer is no, then have no fear. This poster session will provide you with information on all the superhero staff that support the campus and quick tip steps needed for efficient, team-oriented solutions.

Presenter: Anh-Hoa Thi Nguyen, Administrative Assistant, Mendel Hall and Core