Winter Faculty/Staff Institute

We are pleased to announce the 2023 winter Faculty/Staff Institute. 


The theme for this Institute is “Leading Change: Our Students, Our Work, and Us."


January 2020 seems like a lifetime ago in many ways – we had only heard about a new coronavirus that had not made its way to the Twin Cities, we had not experienced the murder of George Floyd, and our institution, like all of higher education, was dealing with challenges, but a different set than the ones we face today. Our world is different, our community is different, and we are different.

Our hope is to help all of us engage and reflect together on what we are learning about our students in 2023, how that might inform our shared work, and how we can reconnect to our own sense of purpose in the context of these changes.

How might we be the leaders who live into these changes we've experienced through the work we do at St. Kate's?


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