Executive Vice President and Provost Search

President Roloff is pleased to launch the national search for St. Catherine University's next executive vice president and provost.

Selecting a candidate who will provide inspirational and operational academic leadership is one of the most important jobs we have right now. Thank you for your active engagement in this important process.

  • October 2, 2018

    Update from the Search Co-Chairs

    We are very pleased to inform the St. Kate’s community that our executive vice president and provost search is well under way. We are writing to provide you with an update on the progress of this search.

    As you may be aware, we are entering the final phase of our recruitment effort for the next provost, which includes an invitation to the finalist candidates to visit campus. Each of our three finalist candidates will be on campus for two days and each will follow roughly the same schedule. Please see the schedule below and make note of the location changes.

    We will provide the University community with the name and resume for each of our finalist candidates two days before each candidate visits campus. We have scheduled opportunities for various University constituent groups to meet with each of the candidates, and encourage all interested members of the campus community to participate where possible.

    The purposes of these campus visits are two-fold. First, they will enable us to know the candidates better. Second, and perhaps more important, the visits will allow us to further acquaint the candidates with St. Kate’s.

    Throughout the search process, the search committee has pledged to protect the identity of the candidates. While we can no longer promise complete confidentiality to these finalists as they present themselves on campus, we urge you to bear in mind that each of them holds a significant position elsewhere, and we would appreciate your not making personal inquiries about them, but rather to communicate your comments, questions, or concerns, with the co-chairs of the search committee.

    In addition to the search committee's preliminary interviews with these candidates, we have had conversations with individuals who have worked with them and know them well. The search committee believes that these candidates are capable of providing effective leadership for St. Kate’s and are excited for you to have the opportunity to meet them.

    Following your meeting with each of the candidates, those of you who participate in the conversations will be asked to complete an online response form that will allow us to capture your feedback on each of the candidates. This information will be tabulated and shared with both the search committee as they deliberate on both the strengths and limitations of each candidate. We anticipate that the selection of the next provost will occur soon after the finalists’ visits.

    If you have any questions or concerns about this final phase of the search, please contact our search consultant, Maya Ranchod Kirkhope at mrk@academic-search.com or at 703-380-9195. We are pleased with the progress of the search and look forward to this final phase. Thank you for your continuing support and assistance.

    Marcie Myers
    Search Committee Co-Chair
    Professor of Biology and Faculty Senate President

    Jennie Robinson Kloos
    Search Committee Co-Chair
    Assistant Dean for Institutional Research, Planning, and Accreditation

Finalist Campus Visit Schedule

Candidate 1

Wednesday, October 10 – Day 1
10:30–11:30 a.m. Open forum at the Minneapolis campus (Old Main 600)
12–1 p.m. Student open forum in the Recital Hall
3:30–5 p.m. All-campus presentation in JDA
Thursday, October 11 – Day 2
12–1 p.m. Faculty open forum in JDA
1:30–2:30 p.m.Staff open forum in JDA

Candidate 2

Monday, October 22 – Day 1
10:30–11:30 a.m. Open forum at the Minneapolis campus (Old Main 600)
12–1 p.m. Student open forum in the ballroom
3:30–5 p.m. All-campus presentation in the ballroom
Tuesday, October 23 – Day 2
12–1 p.m. Faculty open forum in the Recital Hall
1:30–2:30 p.m. Staff open forum in the Recital Hall

Candidate 3

Wednesday, October 24 – Day 1
10:30–11:30 a.m. Open forum at the Minneapolis campus (Old Main 600)
12–1 p.m. Student open forum in the ballroom
3:30–5 p.m. All-campus presentation in the ballroom
Thursday, October 25* – Day 2
12–1 p.m. Faculty open forum in the ballroom
1:30–2:30 p.m. Staff open forum in the ballroom

*Please note: the Operational Update will be held this same day (10/25) at 3 p.m. in the ballroom.

Search Profile and Prospectus

Learn more about the University, this position, and the qualifications of an ideal candidate.

Search Timeline


  • Search consultant visits campus to meet with all campus constituent groups
  • Consultant meets with search committee
  • Consultant finalizes job description (search profile)


  • Consultant goes “live” with the search
  • Consultant builds candidate pool


  • Deadline for applications
  • Search committee meets to shortlist candidates for further consideration
  • Search committee and search consultant conduct reference calls on shortlisted candidates
  • Search committee conducts face-to-face interviews with semi-finalist candidates
  • Search committee selects the finalist candidates to visit campus


  • Approximately 3 finalist candidates visit campus for 1.5 days each and meet with a wide range of campus constituent groups
  • Background checks are conducted and the search consultant initiates off-list calls
  • Search committee meets to synthesize all of the materials and information gathered on the finalist candidates and develops a report for the president


  • The president selects the candidate of choice

January 2019

  • The new executive vice president and provost takes office

Search Committee


Marcie Myers
Professor of Biology and Faculty Senate President

Jennie Robinson Kloos
Assistant Dean for Institutional Research, Planning, and Accreditation

Committee Members

Kate Barrett
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy and Endowed Chair for Mission, Catholic Identity

Lizette Bartholdi
Academic Advising

Mark Blegen
Dean, Health Sciences

Rafael Cervantes
Associate Professor of Communications

David Chapman
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Doctorate

Maakwe Cumanzala
President, College for Women Student Senate

Lindsay McGlynn
Graduate College Student Representative

Rachel Neiwert
Assistant Professor of History/IR/Classics

Anupama Pasricha
Associate Professor and Department Chair, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Pat Pratt-Cook
Senior Vice President, HR, Equity and Inclusion

Ellen Richter-Norgel
Associate Dean for Students and Retention

Rusty Rose-Dixon
College for Adults Student Representative

Tarshia Stanley
Incoming Dean, School of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences

Greg Steenson
Associate Dean, Admissions and Market Development

Sue Trelstad
Faculty Senate Past-President and Assistant Professor of Sonography

Pa Der Vang
Associate Professor of Social Work

Search Coordinator

Bryonie Moon
Executive Assistant to the President

Confidentiality Statement

Search committee members have agreed to abide by this code of ethics.

Nominate a Candidate

Your nomination will be confidentially submitted to our search consultant.


Yes; the search co-chairs will provide regular updates to the University community at critical points in the search. Please check this page periodically for updates.

There will be an online and confidential nomination form on this page once we finalize the search profile and the search goes live. We ask that you carefully review the EVP and provost qualifications and experiences as laid out in the search profile before submitting a nomination. Your nomination will go directly to the search consultant, Maya Kirkhope, and she will reach out to the nominee. The search consultant will not provide your name to the nominee, but you are free to do so.

The search co-chairs are the official spokespersons for the search committee. The co-chairs will provide regular updates to the St. Kate’s community and will address any questions or concerns from members of the community through the duration of the search process.

The search committee is restricted in the information that they are able to share with the St. Kate’s community. The confidentiality statement that all members have signed requires that they not share any information discussed during search committee meetings and that they not share any information related to candidates, even after the search has closed.

As per the confidentiality statement and charge to the search committee, the search co-chairs are the only individuals authorized to speak on behalf of the search committee and the search process. Please contact the search co-chairs or the search consultant if you have information that will be helpful to them.

Internal candidates are vetted in the same way as external candidates. All candidates are assessed based on the criteria laid out in the search profile. The committee very carefully selects the strongest candidates, either internal or external, for further consideration based on the search qualifications and experiences.

Many of our candidates will hold key positions at other institutions and will only submit an application if confidentiality is guaranteed. Members of the search committee have signed an agreement that secures confidentiality for all discussions and deliberations related to the search. For your information, a copy of the confidentiality statement guiding the work of the search committee is available on this page.

Many members of the St. Kate’s community participated in the pre-search visit held on April 24–25 when the consultant was on campus. For those individuals unable to meet with the search consultant, a survey was sent to the St. Kate’s community to allow for feedback and input on the EVP and provost search. The search consultant was able to gather valuable information and insights about the institution and the provostship from the survey results and her visit to campus. The search committee used the results of the open forums and survey in creating the profile for the provost position. Furthermore, this information will be particularly valuable to the search consultant during the recruiting phase of the search process.

When finalist candidates are selected, members of the St. Kate’s community will be strongly encouraged to meet with each of the finalist candidates. In addition to a campus wide forum, finalist candidates will meet with all key constituent groups. There will be multiple opportunities to meet with the candidates. An online feedback form will be distributed to all individuals who have met with the finalist candidates to ensure that we gather feedback on the finalist candidates. Feedback from the community will be shared with the search committee as they deliberate on the strengths of and any concerns about each of the finalist candidates.

Yes, in addition to sharing your feedback on finalists through the online feedback form, you can also share your thoughts with members of the search committee.

The next EVP and provost is expected to take office in January 2019. The new provost may be visible and meet with individuals on campus a few weeks earlier, but the official start date is the beginning of January 2019.