Happy Mother's Day

A Message from President ReBecca (Becky) Koenig Roloff '76

  • Friday Message

    Tender Mercies

    In the car this week, I heard a piece of a song that began with how a young girl might feel as she strapped explosives on her body and stepped into a crowd to detonate herself. The suggestion of the feeling was...empty. However, the song was not about the girl, but about how her mother might feel. The next stanza was about a mother seeing her children swimming in water that she knew was likely poisoned, but she was powerless to stop it because it was also the source of the only drinking water they had. The continuing refrain was....tender mercies. I don't remember the other examples because I couldn't get the first two images out of my mind.

    I am not 100% sure of many things, but I am 100% sure that all of you reading this have a mother. Your mother, like mine, might not be on the earth anymore, but if your mother was or is like mine, she is still on my right shoulder, every day, whispering to me and usually making my laugh. (My dad is on the other shoulder, so you can imagine the conversations that flow through my head.)
    You may have had an incredibly positive relationship with your mom, or you have had one that you wished and hoped could have been different. And then, everything in-between.

    Like no perfect children, there are no perfect mothers. I know; I am one of those imperfect ones too.

    So what I hope and wish for each and every one of you this Sunday, Mother's Day, is that you remember the best of what your mother tried to do or be for you. And if you can possibly tell her, tell her.

    We all have the chance to send and receive tender mercies from all those who do or did their best to love us.