Scholarships and Planned Gifts 2018–2019

New Scholarships

Scholarship Donor
Mary Sands Landis Endowed Scholarship Fund Mary Sands Landis ’51 †
Zola Malamen and Angela Mathison Scholarship Fund Paul G. Malamen and Barbara M. Malamen and Family
Frankie Gill Saxton Nursing Scholarship Fund Frankie Gill Saxton ’57 and James L. Saxton
Peter and Mary Rogers Sluka Endowed Scholarship for Justice and Peace Mary Rogers Sluka ’66 and Peter E. Sluka
Peter and Mary Rogers Sluka Scholarship Fund for Justice and Peace Mary Rogers Sluka ’66 and Peter E. Sluka
Stelzer Family Scholarship Fund Mary Lidholm Stelzer ’62 and Ernie Stelzer
Mary L. Coughlin Endowed Scholarship Fund Mary L. Coughlin ’65
Janice Fiola ’65 Endowed Scholarship Fund Laureen M. Fiola ’78, Family and Friends of Janice Fiola


Estate Gifts Received

Irene C. Bossenmaier ’48 †
Sally Thornton Conroy ’41 †
Eileen Lahiff Grundman ’49 †
Rose Oedbauer Gustafson ’43 †
Anne Dolan Kelly ’43 †
Joan Kelly ’46 †
Mary Sands Landis ’51 †
Rosemary Balk Lovett ’45 †
Florence Baskfield Myslajek ’46 †
Jane Nicolai ’56 †
Lawrence M. O’Shaughnessy †
Mary E. Reuder ’44 †
Luella Cardinal Simon †

New Estate Gifts Committed

Anonymous Donor
Anne Egerer Berg ’81
Mary Kappel Burch ’79 and Robert R. Burch
Mary L. Coughlin ’65
Anne Dougherty Deahl ’81
Janet Fossum Fabio ’69
Kathleen McTie Friedrich ’66 and Joseph M. Friedrich
Patricia McArdell Huber ’70 and Jerome F. Cawley
Kristin Buelt Johnson ’74
Julianne Beer Kollitz ’73 and Paul R. Kollitz
Kathleen A. Moriarty, MAOL’96
Elizabeth Jones Reichert ’66 and John A. Reichert
Bridgette Cook Startz ’80

Lifetime Gifts and Future Commitments $1,000,000+

Anonymous Donors
Charles M. Denny, Jr.
Harriet Hentges ’62 and Wayne Koonce
Mary Sands Landis ’51 †
The McGlynn Family
Lawrence J. McGough
Susan Schmid Morrison ’60 and John M. Morrison
Patricia O’Connor Myser ’56
The O’Shaughnessy Family
Teresa Rolling Radzinski ’86 and Michael Radzinski
The Rauenhorst Family
Lois Gross Rogers ’63 and John E. Rogers
ReBecca Koenig Roloff ’76 and Mark H. Roloff, MAT’88
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province
Judi Druke Teske ’66