Scholarships and Planned Gifts 2021–2022

New Scholarships and Named Funds

Mary T. Absolon ’77 Endowed Fund for Health Policy Research for Nurses
Established by: Mary T. Absolon ’77

Denise Goggin Andersen ’71 Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Janet Dolan ’71

Associated Healthcare Credit Union Medical Community Scholarship
Established by: Associated Healthcare Credit Union

Catherine Davies ’77 and Lawrence  R. Johnson Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Catherine Davies ’77 and Lawrence R. Johnson

Kathleen A. Hartmann ’62 Scholarship
Established by: Anonymous Donors

James J. Hill Foundation Non-Endowed Scholarship
Established by: James J. Hill Foundation

Institute for Women’s Leadership Launch
Established by: Securian Financial Foundation

Katie Compass Technology Support 
Non-Endowed Fund
Established by: Joan Mitchell, CSJ, ’62 and Therese Sherlock, CSJ, ’62

Zola Malamen and Angela Mathison ’99 Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Pete Malamen and Children

Natalie Ruth Nelson Scholarship for Perseverance in Occupational Therapy
Established by: Nathan Winkelman, Warren Winkelman, Kira Peterson, and the Winkelman and Nelson Families

Carole O’Byrne Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Carole A. O’Byrne ’70

phData-Dataiku Women in Data Science Non-Endowed Scholarship
Established by: phData, Inc. and Dataiku

Ann M. Ruhland Rost ’62 and Thomas L. Rost Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Ann Ruhland Rost ’62 and Thomas Rost

Jenny Schugel Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Gerald “Jerry” Schugel, Cindy Schugel Alfred, and Rick Schugel

STEM Career Experiential Week Sponsorship
Established by: MDA Ltd.

Target Fashion Summer Camp Fund
Established by: Target Corporation

Stephen M. Tauer Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Donald R. Tauer

Carol Bissell Truesdell and Sarah E. Truesdell Non-Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Carol Bissell Truesdell, Sarah E. Truesdell, Lynn Truesdell, and David Etzwiler

Mildred Hiniker Wieners and Elizabeth Wieners Canavati ’75 Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Elizabeth Wieners Canavati ’75

Deloris McCabe Wolcyn Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Established by Mary Wolcyn Larsen ’71 and H. Peter Larsen

Marilyn S. Woods and Stephanie J. Lunning (Graham) Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Bruce Lunning

Val Young ’84 and Jack Young, Jr. School 
of Business and Data Science Fund

Established by: Valerie Young ’84 and
Jack Young, Jr.

Estate Gifts Received

Joseph W. Boland †
Susan Crosson Burgos ’66 †
Claire Studer Chouinard ’52 † and Lawrence Chouinard †
Sally Thornton Conroy ’41 †
Katherine Pieters Daniels ’48 † and John A. Daniels †
Charlotte Peet Ferguson ’53 †
Marguerite Hoffman Foster ’42 †
Lois J. Gruenenfelder ’43 †
Marjorie A. Kight ’50, MLIS’56 †
Mary Ann Kight †
Rose M. Linn ’70 †
Agnes H. Moon †
Kathleen A. Moriarty MAOL’96 †
Beverly Mariana Muskat ’52 †
Lorraine Majerus Nadler ’53 † and Michael D. Nadler †
C. Mildred Speranza ’34 †
Jean McIlquham Stalcup ’72 †
Francis X. Van Lieshout † and Josephine Van Lieshout †
Marcella Flaten Wartman ’49 †
William Weigold †
Mary Lou Wright ’49 †

New Estate Gifts Committed

Anonymous Donors
Susan Johnson Bitney ’84
Marilou Chanrasmi
Linda M. Funk ’81
Luz Maria Hernandez ’83 and Teresa A. Hanratty
Dr. Richard V. Huston and Nancie L. Huston
MaryJo Laughlin ’71
Karla Kenefick Murphy ’78
Mary Ellen Gutzke Nichols ’79
Kathleen O’Brien ’67
Carole A. O’Byrne ’70
Barbara Skierecki ’62