Scholarships and Planned Gifts 2019–2020

New Scholarships and Named Funds

Kenneth and Karen Charles Scholarship
Established by: Kenneth and Karen Charles
Delaney Nelson Math and Science  
Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Jean Delaney Nelson ’80 and  
David L. Nelson
William L. Engel, MD Scholarship
Established by: Susan Finn Engel ’69, CERT’88
Fund for Transformational Education
Established by: The Kadifa Family
Mary T. Hill Data Science Directorship
Established by: James J. Hill Center
Susan Laufer Johnson ’76 Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Susan Laufer Johnson ’76
Mary Alice Muellerleile ’60 Endowed English Chair
Established by: Brenda Grandstrand Woodson ’80
James F. O’Neill, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Established by: James F. O’Neill, Jr. †
Persephone Fund
Established by: Anonymous Donors
Craig Pratt Genesys Works Scholarship
Established by: Craig C. Pratt and Carrie R. Pratt
Jean McIlquham Stalcup ’72 Endowed Scholarship
Established by: Jean McIlquham Stalcup ’72
Ann Denise Sullivan, CSJ, Scholarship
Established by: Mary Sullivan Steffen ’54
Helen L. Swenson Nursing Scholarship
Established by: Sandra Swenson Murphy ’60
Jeanette C. and John L. Whaley Scholarship in the 
Chemical and Biological Sciences
Established by: Jean M. Whaley ’80

Estate Gifts Received

Virginia Betlach ’49 †
Susan Crosson Burgos ’66 †
Charles M. Denny, Jr. † and Carol Easley Denny †
Charlotte Peet Ferguson ’53 †
Rose Oedbauer Gustafson ’43 †
Sally Kreher Haik ’54 † and Raymond A. Haik †
Rose M. Linn ’70 †
LaVonne Wyffels Lutz ’55 †
Gertrude Mack ’40 †
Marguerite Nuytten ’60 †
Rita F. Plotnik ’57 †
C. Mildred Speranza ’34 †
Betty Bruggeman Young ’49 †

New Estate Gifts Committed

Anonymous Donor
Margaret Arola Ford ’82 and David C. Ford
Susan Laufer Johnson ’76
Mary Heywood Kubiak ’65
Donna B. McNamara ’68, PhD
Joan F. Molenaar ’11
Julie Beckel Nelsen ’91 and John Nelsen
Jean McIlquham Stalcup ’72
Bridgette Cook Startz ’80
Sandra L. Vargas ’91