Mary Hearst

Professor, Public Health

<div class="line" id="line-21">My public health experience ranges from local to international, community to academic. I spent several years working at a local health department in a very challenged community. My role included internal functions of grant writing and assessment and external functions of community board and intervention participation related to reducing the effects of racism and social inequities on health. I received my PhD in Epidemiology in 2007, with an emphasis in Social Epidemiology. I spent five years focused on research before joining St. Catherine University. </div> <div class="line" id="line-70"><br></div> <div class="line" id="line-101"><b>Vision</b></div> <div class="line" id="line-75">Equitable and true opportunity for all.</div> <div class="line" id="line-78"><br></div> <div class="line" id="line-105"><b>Mission</b></div> <div class="line" id="line-83">I am committed to address the mechanisms by which social, political and economic factors negatively impact health outcomes in order to promote a just society, challenging injustice and valuing diversity.</div> <div class="line" id="line-86">The mission is accomplished by:</div> <ol> <li class="line" id="line-155">Efforts to change or develop policies and programs aimed at eliminating racial and economic disparities;</li> <li class="line" id="line-161">Advancing methodologies to accurately, ethically and respectfully assess conditions;</li> <li class="line" id="line-158">Equipping a diverse and talented student body with the tools to become change agents for the world’s most pressing issues.</li> </ol>
Master of Public Health
Public Health
Research Interest
Family and community based childhood obesity prevention in low income, multi-ethnic populations;
Optimizing early life chances through interventions aimed at the intersection of health and education