Kathleen Matuska

Professor, Occupational Therapy

I have extensive clinical experience in the area of physical rehabilitation, with particular expertise in multiple sclerosis and fatigue management. My interest in strategies that enable meaningful, productive living despite the functional consequences of chronic illness or disability is complemented by my research in life balance. I am the co-developer of a life balance model, a public health concept that considers activity patterns of everyday lifestyles and their relationship to physical health and psychological well-being. For my dissertation research, I validated a conceptual model and developed a measure of lifestyle called the Life Balance Inventory (LBI). My work has generated additional research by other scholars that has provided empirical validation of the life balance model.

I published numerous refereed articles and chapters in occupational therapy and occupational science. I am the co-editor of two editions of a widely used textbook: Ways of Living: Intervention Strategies to Enable Participation, and was one of the key organizers of an international and interdisciplinary scientific conference on life balance held in 2008. The proceedings of that conference were published and distributed to a global scientific audience in a volume called: Life Balance, Multidisciplinary Theories and Research, for which she served as senior editor and contributor. I am also interested in healthy aging.

I have recently published a popular-press book, Life Balance: Science and Stories of Everyday Living where I summarize the science behind life balance in easy to follow language that clarifies why this topic is timely and relevant to modern lives. You may access this book at my website linked to below.


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