Jennifer Hutson

Assistant Professor

<div class="line" id="line-1">I&nbsp;have been employed as assistant professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Saint Catherine University since 2010.&nbsp; I teach courses primarily in assistive technology and adult rehabilitation in both day and hybrid formats. &nbsp;I facilitate problem based learning sessions and advise students on research based Master's projects, covering topics of twenty-four hour postural care, seating and positioning for wheeled mobility as well as nighttime positioning.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare has been the site of my clinical practice</div> <div class="line" id="line-3">since 2002 in the area of assistive technology, primarily seating and positioning.&nbsp;&nbsp;While employed at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare&nbsp;I have participated in research and </div> <div class="line" id="line-221">developed staff competency based tutorials. In June of 2014 I began work as a PhD seeking student at University of Minnesota in the program of Rehabilitation Science. </div> <div class="line" id="line-5">My research is focused on the impact of sleep and sleep positioning for persons with cerebral palsy. I'm specifically examining the effects of night time postural care interventions on factors such as quality of life, sleep, pain and body shape.</div>
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Department of Occupational Therapy
Graduate Occupational Therapy (OT) Programs
Research Interest
ACDC Curriculum Development Grant (2011).