David Lesniaski

Associate Professor

<div id="line-3" class="line"><span style="font-family: &quot;Arial&quot;;">I came to St. Catherine University in 2004 from St. Olaf College where, as a member of the library faculty, I served in several different positions, including Co-College Librarian, Collection Development Librarian, and Catalog Librarian during my 15-year career there. I also had a Fulbright grant to travel to Greece in 1995 to help with the development of a research-level music library in Athens. Before I arrived at St. Olaf I had several short-term positions in many different libraries, including the University of Minnesota (where I cataloged Polish and Ukrainian archival material), the Minnesota Senate Index, and Minneapolis Public Library. I still live something of a dual professional life as, first, an associate professor in St. Catherine University's graduate program in Library/Information Science, and, second, as a composer and musician. In librarianship, my primary interests include cataloging / organization of information, especially user-friendly cataloging and ethical issues in the organization of information; music librarianship, collection development and collection evaluation, and collegial leadership (especially in academic libraries). Related interests include copyright, intellectual property, and the open source movement, especially as they apply to music and the creative arts, and international librarianship. I also have a strong interest in advocating for academic freedom and intellectual freedom.</span></div>
Information Management Program (INFM)