Allison Adrian

Associate Professor, Music

<div class="line" id="line-5">Allison Adrian specializes in ethnomusicology and musicology. She studied economics, music, and Spanish during her undergraduate years. Before pursuing a graduate degree, she worked as a technology consultant, an AmeriCorps volunteer, and a group leader for high school students studying abroad.</div> <div class="line" id="line-7"><br></div> <div class="line" id="line-9">She obtained her master’s degree at UCLA in ethnomusicology, focusing on Basque American vocal music. She moved to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities to pursue her doctoral research with Mirjana Lausevic (1966–2007).</div> <div class="line" id="line-15"><br></div> <div class="line" id="line-17">Her dissertation examined music in 20 different Lutheran congregations in the Twin Cities made up of recent immigrants and refugees from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Allison joined the Department of Music and Theater at St. Kate’s in 2008. She also teaches coursework in Women's Studies and Critical Studies in Race and Ethnicity. Her scholarship since joining St. Kate's includes working with indigenous&nbsp;<a href="… style="color: rgb(140, 88, 176); background-color: transparent;">Ecuadorian musicians as a Fulbright Scholar</span></a>, and co-editing an anthology titled&nbsp;<a href="… style="color: rgb(140, 88, 176); background-color: transparent;">Voicing Girlhood in Popular Music</i></a>. She also likes to share her research with scholarly journals as well as popular media like&nbsp;<i>National Public Radio</i>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<i>The Star Tribune</i>.</div> <div class="line" id="line-75"><br></div>
Women's Studies
Research Interest
Dr. Adrian’s research has been funded by UCLA, the University of Minnesota, St. Catherine University, and the Fulbright Scholar Program. Her interests include music, gender, immigration, and the Americas.