Part 2 Anti-Racist Teaching Seminar (ARTS)

Event Date
Jan 20, 2023
9:00 am
12:00 pm
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Part 2 - Foundations of Anti-racist Pedagogy

Participants examine the changing landscape of race and ethnicity formation and the related experience with power and privilege, past and present. within the U.S. Participants understand how to apply an anti-racist approach to teaching. Participants cultivate an awareness of their own biases, assumptions, and limitations.
Anti-racist teaching comes from a position that racism is systemic, rooted in the historical stratification of people by race which shaped people’s access to power, autonomy, and societal resources (education, health, income, dignity, freedom).  “When you know more clearly how racism manifested itself in the early history of the United States you can start to see the long lasting effects it still has on this country.” (Singh, 2019, p. 49)