Insights Discovery

Event Date
Nov 08, 2022
8:00 am
12:00 pm

 Waitlist: If you are interested in participating in Insights Discovery please complete the Insights Discovery Waitlist form

Cost: $185 per person (includes individual Insights Discovery profile and Insights blocks). Departments pay for Insights Discovery out of their own budget. 

About Insights Discovery
Insights Discovery and personal effectiveness are about connections – specifically improving them! Have you ever wanted to connect with someone, or needed to, and noticed that their different personal style can at times prevent you from establishing a good connection with them?
Insights Discovery will help you to understand yourself at a deeper level, and consequently, understand what makes you unique. When we learn more about ourselves, we can then start to appreciate what makes others different and start to consider how we can adapt our approach to connect with others, to get the most out of our relationships. The program has four key elements:
  • Step 1 – Explore and discover more about yourself
  • Step 2 – Learn how to recognize and appreciate others’ differences
  • Step 3 – Learn how to adapt your behavior to interact more effectively with others
  • Step 4 – Put your learning into action with personal goals
If you are not familiar with Insights Discovery, this short video will tell you a little more about Insights Discovery and what it can do.