BIPOC Student Healing and Empowerment Circle

Event Date
Nov 02, 2021
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
CDC 370

 Having a community of support has always been key to college success, and is even more vital in the midst of an isolating pandemic, racial reckoning, xenophobia, and violence.  In this group, we recognize the unique experiences of BIPOC students at a Predominantly White Institution in a world that can feel out of control and unsafe.  We want to provide a space to reflect on and give voice to these experiences, build meaningful and validating community connections, and deepen an internal sense of safety and power.  This is a place to rest, re-energize, and grow in our identities and community/self-care skills.  This group will be a decolonized space of shared power between students and facilitators, of liberating conversations, and (ultimately) of a more sustainable sense of empowerment, hope, and joy.

TOPICS are Flexible and Based on Student Interest.  Examples include: 

- cultural healing practices and perspectives on wellness

- racial battle fatigue and rest as resistance

- historical/collective trauma and ancestral wisdom/strengths

- maintaining self/community care in the current socio-political climate

- navigating privileged & oppressed identities and microaggressions

- imposter syndrome 

- accepting all parts of self / identities

- relationships, asking for help, and saying no

- academic stress and balancing school with life

- better sleep and coping skills

- and the topics that matter to YOU!