On-Campus Saliva Testing

COVID-19 saliva PCR tests are available on campus for faculty, staff, and students.

We encourage any member of the community who is concerned about COVID-19 to get tested according with MDH’s current testing recommendations, especially those who are:

  1. Symptomatic, even if fully vaccinated
  2. Identified by public health officials as close contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19
  3. Required to be tested for participation in athletics, clinicals, etc.
  4. Returning from travel (domestic or international)

You will be asked to enter your insurance information at the time of testing; any cost not covered by your insurance will be covered by the University. To schedule a test, click here.

Testing will be held in the Health and Wellness Clinic. When arriving to your appointment, please:

  • Have your insurance card with you
    • Insurance will be billed for the test; anything not covered will be covered by the University
  • Bring your smartphone for use during the registration process
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes before your test

These appointments will be for COVID testing only. If you are sick or if you would like to consult with a health professional, call the Health and Wellness Clinic at 651-690-6714.