COVID-19 Response — Academics

Fall 2022

St. Kate’s plans to deliver courses based on the traditional calendar for all programs.

Courses will continue to be designated by tier to allow us to adjust if needed, but all Tier One, Two, and Three courses will be in-person. Tier Four courses will be fully online.

Course Delivery Tiers

Clinicals, Fieldwork, and Internships

As placements become available, we are working closely with our community and clinical partners to support students’ safe return to clinical and fieldwork experiences. This includes completion of required educational modules, self-screening to identify higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, and meetings with the academic fieldwork coordinator, director of clinical education, or field director. When appropriate, the University is also providing students with required personal protective equipment. Career Development recommends that students engaged in internships work remotely if the organization allows. If working remotely is not an option, students should work directly with their internship faculty advisor and Career Development to identify the best plan for completing internships. Each situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please consult with your faculty advisor and Career Development as soon as possible.  

Community Work and Learning's (CWL) student employment programs (America Reads, Assistantship Mentoring Program and Community Leaders) are in person or hybrid unless otherwise determined. Please reach out to CWL with any questions. Course-based service-learning is also in person, hybrid, or fully remote (project-based) depending on the course. Course specific info is shared by each faculty member. 

Study Abroad

Global Studies faculty-led J-term and Spring 2022 courses have been suspended due to the continued uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic. Decisions regarding affiliate J-term 2022 courses and affiliate Spring semester 2022 programs will be made on a case-by-case basis. For information on a specific program, please contact the Office of Global Studies.


Students needing accommodations should contact Student Accessibility and Accommodations (SA&A). This includes individuals who may be experiencing long-term effects from a previous COVID infection.

If you do not have access to a laptop or computer, complete the following laptop loaner form, and we will work with you on meeting this need: Laptop request form

Due to increased network usage, Internet connections may be substandard and/or fail. If you are not able to connect fully, we recommend you call in with audio.

Getting Started with Brightspace/D2L for Students offers a series of video’s and knowledge articles related to the common functions you will need to know. We recommend you start with the video Navigating your Course in Brightspace D2L.

Classes will be online using one of two different tools depending on what works best for the faculty and course:

  • If your course is using Collaborate Ultra, you will find the connection information in Brightspace/D2L. 
    • Once in our D2L course, the left navigation pane will include a Collaborate Ultra Portal Link. 
    • Click into this portal and select “Online Sessions – CLICK HERE” to join. 
    • This is also where you will find the audio number if you are unable to connect. 
    • We recommend you write this down for back up purposes.
  • If your course is using Google Meet, you will get an email meeting invite and the appointment will be added to your Google Calendar. From the email or your calendar invite, you will find a link to connect into the session or a phone number for audio as needed.

If your course or lab uses particular software, further instructions will come from your instructor. In many cases, the software is free and can be downloaded or accessed via the internet. In some cases, the software costs money, and the University has been working with software providers to give you free access to these tools for the duration of the semester.

Self-help materials are available in ServiceNow addressing most common questions.

Navigate to ServiceNow by going to the Student page on the website [Website > My St. Kate’s > Students] and clicking the ServiceNow button at the top of your page.

If you need further assistance, call the Helpdesk at 651-690-6402 or log an issue on our new Coronavirus Technology Form, and we will get back to you. Please note that you may experience delays as we have limited staff on the phone and additional resources working the forms as they come in.

If you need help, we recommend you download TeamViewer to your personal laptop now or prior to calling. This will allow an agent to remote into your machine to help you navigate your issue. 

1. Click on the appropriate download link depending on computer.

2. After the software finishes downloading, click Run to start the installation.

3.  Click Accept on the Disclaimers page.

4.  You are provided with an ID and Password that needs to be given to the Help Desk agent to provide remote access to your computer.