Renee Crepeau ’11

Renee Crepeau ’13

Hometown: Elk River, Minnesota
Double major: Marketing and Management, International Business and Economics

Why St. Kate’s: After looking at several schools outside Minnesota, I picked St. Kate’s. This University values students and cares about them in a way other schools do not. Students are really the priority here; I can feel it in the way the professors interact with us and in the way we can access what we need.

I have loved every moment here. This University embodies who I am.

Leadership experience: I’m a member of the Business Honor Society, and I am Student Senate president for 2012–13. I'm also a resident advisor and member of the Wildcats cross country and track and field teams.

Life on campus: I typically do homework in my room or somewhere on campus with friends. I hang out with the girls on my residence hall floor a lot, and something always comes up when we are together! That's a normal day. On Fridays and weekends, I usually try to do something fun off campus and with other people.

Favorite place on campus: Dew Drop Bridge. It's a small wooden bridge that leads to the little grassy island in the middle of Dew Drop Pond. The skyline of Minneapolis peeks over the distant treetops, and the view of Our Lady of Victory Chapel is breathtaking — especially at night when it's all lit up.

Study abroad experience: I went to Mexico in January 2011 to practice my Spanish, and China that summer. These were fun experiences. You learn a lot about another culture by actually talking to people, eating their food and seeing the way they really live. That was hugely enriching. I also got to learn the basic words in Mandarin even though we had an interpreter in China.

Why you should come to St. Kate’s: No matter what profession you want to pursue, you will gain more job skills here than at any other university. St. Kate’s has a very welcoming community, and we encourage people to be themselves.

— interview by Julie Sawadogo '12