Samantha Burger ’12

Samantha Burger ’12

Hometown: Rosemount, Minnesota
Major: History

Why St. Kate’s? I toured the St. Paul campus twice, once in the fall of my junior year and again in the summer before my senior year. St. Kate’s was the only university I applied to. I heard it has a good success rate of helping students get a job after they graduate.

Why history? I watched the History Channel a lot growing up. I was set on majoring in history at the beginning of high school, but it wasn’t until my first year at St. Kate’s that I knew what I wanted to do with a history degree. I want to create exhibits for a museum.

History at St. Kate’s: The history curriculum is definitely challenging, but in a good way. A lot of classes have subjects that are out of the ordinary, like the course I took on the oppression of the Roma/“Gypsy” population in Europe. Classes like this offer a unique perspective on history that you would not normally get in a college history curriculum.

On the faculty: St. Kate's history professors are wonderful. I have had at least one class with all of them. They are really helpful and informative, and I've enjoyed all my classes.

Internship opportunity: I worked with eight other interns at the Richfield Historical Society to create the September 2012 exhibit titled “Teenage Richfield: Highschool, Hangouts, and Heartbreak.” We created a survey (to capture the public’s memories about their own teen years), went through many high school yearbooks for pictures and built several parts of the exhibit, including a prom arbor for the entrance.

Getting the internship: St. Kate's history department sent an email about the internship opening, and I had one day to turn in an application and my résumé because of the submission deadline. But I did it, and I got the job.

Tip for new students: You can use a history major as a precursor to studying law or becoming a teacher.