A student-nurse checking a patient's heartbeat.
Students learn to lead with compassion.

A girl taking with a camera.
St. Kate's Photo Bureau trains students
to be professional photographers.

a faculty member with a student.
You'll find many female role models
among St. Kate's faculty.

Find PurposeLeadership opportunities

As a University for women, St. Kate's understands how women learn best and offers unlimited opportunities to lead — along with the inspiration to dream and the confidence to succeed.

Here, women score the goals, lead the class discussions, organize the campus events, win the prizes and head the student government. Discussion-based classes offer a challenging, yet comfortable, environment in which to

  • speak your mind
  • argue a point
  • ask for clarification
  • expand your knowledge

"When I came here, I had ideas but I didn't know I had the freedom to express them. St. Kate's showed me ways to say what I wanted to say in a respectful and intelligent way."
— Sahra Omar Noor '02

In your courses, you'll not only learn about the richness and wonders of the world past and present, you'll also be exposed to the roles women have played throughout history.

According to research, students who attend women's colleges:

  • Participate more fully inside and outside the classroom.
  • Score higher on standardized tests.
  • Are twice as likely to earn a medical, law or doctoral degree.