French and Spanish Assistantships

French Assistantship Position

The French Department awards one assistantship per year, open to a female native French speaker who has already obtained a license. The assistant is appointed for a one year term, and is non-renewable.

Spanish Assistantship Positions

The Spanish Department awards two assistantships per year, open to female native Spanish speakers who have already obtained a licenciatura/licenciado. Generally, the Spanish Department grants the assistantships to one to a student from Spain and to one student from Latin America. The assistant is appointed for a one year term, and is non-renewable.

General Assistantship Policies

The recipient resides in a university residence hall. An estimate of living expenses beyond that (i.e. books, entertainment, etc.) would be $3,000. The student is also required to have health insurance; the university policy costs approximately $1,000 per year.

The recipient devotes approximately 15 hours per week to the following duties:

  • Devise tutoring schedule as well as semester and weekly lesson plans for language class labs. Labs are exclusively taught by assistants.
  • Work with language department faculty consistent with departmental needs, i.e. assist in creating and promoting French and Spanish events on and off campus; be prepared to do occasional grading, photocopying, research, translations, and be prepared to act as a teaching substitute if instructors are absent.
  • Help in supervision of and actively participate in creating and promoting French or Spanish Club activities on and off-campus.
  • Organize and support creative French or Spanish groups beyond the club requirements (such as a video club or the existing French Drama club).
  • Be a Spanish/French presence on campus, i.e. speak in French/Spanish as much as possible with students; be available to students for academic, social, and cultural development.
  • Live on the French Spanish Theme Floor in Whitby Hall and work closely with the Resident Advisor to plan cultural programs such as games, music and films in French or Spanish, on and off-campus cultural activities including dinners, church services, dances, festivals, museums and theaters (approximately 3 hours per week).
  • Meet twice monthly with the Director of Residence Life (1 hour) and hold appropriate office hours needed to plan residence hall programs.
  • Organize weekly drop-in hours (1 hour per week) to assist/tutor resident students enrolled in French/Spanish language classes and to encourage communication in the native language (French/Spanish).
  • Assist the Residence Life Department with other tasks or assignments that may come up throughout the year.

Students are required by federal law to register for 12 academic undergraduate credits per semester in order to qualify for and maintain a student visa. These credits are usually distributed among four-credit courses chosen by you in consultation with your academic advisor. Student assistants will receive an official transcript of credits completed.

If you are interested in applying for the French or Spanish Assistantships, please follow the regular international student application process. In your personal statement, please explain your reasons for wanting to apply for this position, your past teaching experience, and the personal qualities you possess that would make you a good language assistant. Language assistants are not required to complete the International Student Financial Aid Application.

If you have any questions, please call the Office of International Admission at (651) 690-6029, fax: (651) 690-8824, or write to us at St. Catherine University, Office of International Admission, 2004 Randolph Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105. You may also e-mail us at