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St. Catherine University

Educating women to lead and influence since 1905.

Through LEAD & INFLUENCE: The Campaign for the Next Level of Excellence, our extraordinary community helped provide our students with state-of-the art facilities, expanded scholarships, academic experiences grounded in social justice, and real opportunities to lead a future that centers all people.

To each of our campaign donors, and to the many people who contribute to our work by living out our mission and believing in our Katies, we thank you.

June 1, 2013–November 1, 2023

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Thank you to our Campaign Volunteers!

Honorary Cabinet


Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province

The Most Reverend Bernard A. Hebda

Kay Sullivan Bendel '56 and Richard P. Bendel

Ruth Haag Brombach '60

GHR Foundation

Marialice P. Harwood

Harriet Hentges '62, LHD'82 h.c.

Christopher M. Hilger

James J. Hill Foundation

Joan Kelly '46

Reatha Clark King

Marjorie Mathison Hance '70

Betty L. McCollum '87

Lawrence J. McGough

Anne Ward Miller '63

Mary Alice Muellerleile '60

Anita M. Pampusch '60, PhD

Karen M. Rauenhorst, LHD'17 h.c., and Mark H. Rauenhorst

Lois Gross Rogers '63 and John E. Rogers

Bao Ka Vang '91

Pamela A. Wheelock '81

Sunny Bach Wicka '55

Leadership Cabinet


Margaret Arola Ford '82, Co-Chair

Joanne Jirik Mullen '83, Co-Chair

Teresa Rolling Radzinski '86, Co-Chair

Mary Hurrle Bennett '78

Catherine Clifford Brennan '70

Mary E. Broderick, PhD

Colleen Curran '75

Comfort Dudzai Dondo '15

Sara Hietpas Gavin '77

Marilyn Grochala Gorham '76

Bridget Manahan '78

Jean Delaney Nelson '80

Judi Druke Teske '66

President ReBecca Koenig Roloff '76, Ex Officio

Provost Anita Jones Thomas, PhD, Ex Officio

Faculty, Staff, and Student Committee


Mary Unger Henderson '80, Co-Chair

May Thao-Schuck, Co-Chair

Tatyana Y. Beck '20, MPH'21

Jesse Campos

Jane Lamm Carroll '80

Kathleen M. Daniels '73

Todd Deutsch

Kimberley A. Dinsey-Read MBA'21

Laura Sisola Gilchrist

Jocelyn Bessette Gorlin

Osiris Abrego Guzman '93

Bethany N. Mader '22

Molly C. McMahon '21, DPT'23

Rusty M. Rose-Dixon '20, MSW'21

Thank you to our Campaign Donors!

$30,000,000 +

GHR Foundation


Joan Kelly ’46


Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Lorraine Majerus Nadler ’53 and Michael D. Nadler
Lois Gross Rogers ’63 and John E. Rogers
Brenda Grandstrand Woodson ’80


Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province
Anonymous Donors
3M Company and Foundation
Charles and Ellora Alliss Educational Foundation
Nancy JP Anderson ’01, MAT’17
Better Way Foundation
Gail P. Buuck and Robert E. Buuck
Katherine Buuck Fratzke ’17
James J. Hill Foundation
The Kadifa Family
Mary Sands Landis ’51
Lilly Endowment Inc.
Manitou Fund
Agnes H. Moon
Joanne Jirik Mullen ’83 and Brian E. Mullen
Michael P. O’Boyle and Colleen D. O’Boyle
Teresa Rolling Radzinski ’86
ReBecca Koenig Roloff ’76 and Mark H. Roloff MAT’88
Jean McIlquham Stalcup ’72
Judi Druke Teske ’66
Catherine Boulger Tsuruoka ’38
Debra L. Wilfong, PhD, and Christine L. Lienert


Anonymous Donors
Ascendium Education Solutions, Inc.
Irene C. Bossenmaier ’48
Judith Krekelberg Butler ’74 and W. David Butler
M. Kathryn Clubb ’79 and Linda M. Reid
Mary L. Coughlin ’65
Charles M. Denny, Jr., LHD’92 h.c., and Carol Easley Denny
Linda M. Funk ’81
Barbara J. Johnston
Donna B. McNamara ’68, PhD
Minnesota Private College Fund
Patrick J. O’Connor MAT’11 and Kerin McTeigue O’Connor
Patricia Brown Pond ’52 and Judson S. Pond
Ann Ryan ’75 and Patrick Ryan
Kathleen Martens Sackrison ’68 and Robert A. Sackrison
Geraldine Stenger ’65
Sunny Bach Wicka ’55


Anonymous Donors
Mary Hurrle Bennett ’78 and Bryan D. Bennett
Lynn D. Burbank ’89, MAOL’96 and Michael P. Garcia
Connie D. and William C. Carroll Scholarship Endowment Fund at the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota
Sally Thornton Conroy ’41
Catherine Davies ’77 and Lawrence R. Johnson
Grace Mary Ederer ’41
Margaret Arola Ford ’82 and David C. Ford
Marilyn Grochala Gorham ’76 and A. William Gorham, Jr.
Rose Oedbauer Gustafson ’43
Ruth Blong Haggerty ’63 and Daniel J. Haggerty
Elizabeth M. Halloran and Danette L. Roach
Luz Maria Hernandez ’83 and Teresa A. Hanratty
Kinney Family Foundation
Deborah Lanners Krieg ’81
Donna M. Krzmarzick ’62
S. Anne McAlpin Lohmann ’63 and John G. Lohmann, Jr.
The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.
Marjorie Mathison Hance ’70
McGlynn Family Foundation
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Kathleen McNamara Mucha ’66 and Joseph R. Mucha
Kathleen O’Brien ’67
Lawrence M. O’Shaughnessy, LHD’87 h.c., and Bonnie G. O’Shaughnessy
OSilas Foundation
Nancy Parlin ’56
Karen M. Rauenhorst and Mark H. Rauenhorst Foundation
Securian Financial Foundation
Aleda Grahn Stuhldreher ’71 and A. F. Stuhldreher
Bonnie Hyland Umeh ’62 and Fidelis Umeh
Constance Van Hoven Wittek ’68 and Michael R. Wittek
Mary Lou Wright ’49


Anonymous Donors
Anonymous 1951 Graduate
Anonymous 1959 Graduate
Mary T. Absolon ’77
Deborah A. Albert ’73
Annexstad Family Foundation
Edgar D. Berners and Joan McHale Berners ’51
The Borman Family Foundation
Otto Bremer Trust
Catherine Clifford Brennan ’70 and Gerald D. Brennan
Patricia A. Connelly ’65, Cert’90
Michele C. Cromer-Poiré ’69
Colleen Curran ’75
Gloria DeVore ’64
Janine Kelble Dodson ’86 and Robert Dodson
Janet M. Dolan ’71 and William G. Moore
William T. Dolan and Jane E. Tilka ’79
Patricia A. Fish and Lloyd A. Fish
Mary Borgerding Gerding ’62 and Dale Gerding
Patricia Scanlan Gromak ’65
Lois J. Gruenenfelder ’43
Joy Bergeron Hammer ’52
The Family of Joanne Kucera Hense
Dr. Richard D. Huston and Glenda Kaye Huston
Dolores Krych Jackowicz
Margaret Conzemius Judge ’68 and Paul S. Judge
K.A.H.R. Foundation
Mary Lorbiecki Kelly ’69 and Daniel M. Kelly
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Mary Owens Kressin ’53 and Thomas P. Kressin
Ursula M. Kvasnicka
MaryJo Laughlin ’71, Kathleen Laughlin, and Susan Laughlin
Rose M. Linn ’70
Teresa K. Looney MAOL’93
M. Jeanne Madigan ’56
Corrine H. McCarthy ’51
Virginia Claessens McDonald ’57 and William J. McDonald
McGough Construction
Andrea Schweizer McGough ’54 and Lawrence J. McGough
Susan McGuire and Thomas McGuire
The Miami Foundation
Joan L. Mitchell, CSJ, ’62
Patricia A. Mullen ’61
Patricia O’Connor Myser ’56 and John T. “Buzz” Myser
Ruth O’Donnell Nachtsheim ’39 and Henry G. Nachtsheim
Jean Delaney Nelson ’80 and David L. Nelson
Evaleen Everson Neufeld ’46and Joseph A. Neufeld
Kristie Gross Neve ’75 and L. Andrew Neve
Northstar Education Finance, Inc.
Bettye J. Olson
Ingjerd O. Omdahl ’51
James F. O’Neill, Jr.
Patricia A. Hvidston ’67 and Roger A. Opp
Margaret R. Otte ’81
Anita M. Pampusch ’60, PhD
Patricia A. Perell ’78
The Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation
Diane Sandretzky Pruett ’72
Elizabeth Jones Reichert ’66 and John A. Reichert, MD
Melissa Swaggard Rice and Tim Rice
Nancy Green Ronhovde ’70 and John Peter Ronhovde
Patricia Bohen Rowley ’66 and Stephen J. Rowley
Mary Coleman Samuel ’57 and Hugh C. Samuel
Judith Dalglish McCartin Scheide ’59
Gertrude E. Scheller ’50
Elizabeth A. Schott ’66
Mary Emery Shearen ’75
Kathleen Brandes Shearon ’60
Jo Anne Shekleton ’50
Therese Sherlock, CSJ, ’62
Mary Rogers Sluka ’66 and Peter E. Sluka
Allison Kehle Sriver ’97 and Joseph Sriver
Synchrony Financial and Synchrony Foundation
Patricia Bluml Timmons ’63 and Lawrence Michael Timmons
Sandra L. Vargas ’91
Helen M. Wagner ’69
Kristi and Larry Waite
Wells Fargo Bank and Foundation
Mary Lee Whiting ’54
Ben and Mary Whitney Fund
Carolyn Self Wollan ’91 and Robert E. Wollan
Valerie Johnson Young ’84


Anonymous Donors
Andersen Windows, Inc.
Mary Kazeil Anderson ’58
Mary Jen Baltes ’64
Margaret Rogers Barrett ’68
Marilyn Branchaud Beddor ’55
Richard A. Beens and Laura Lee Geraghty ’66
Kay Sullivan Bendel ’56 and Richard P. Bendel
Ellen M. Bendel-Stenzel ’88 and Michael Bendel-Stenzel
Anne Egerer Berg ’81
Patricia Morgan Block ’66 and Kenneth W. Block
Allan Bradley Cert’00, MAT’03
Ruth Haag Brombach ’60 and William A. Brombach
Mary Kappel Burch ’79 and Robert R. Burch
Sandra Kamman Butler ’56, MLS’57, LHD’89 h.c., and Peter M. Butler
Calmenson Foundation
Barbara Ann Caron ’72
Kenneth and Karen Charles
Ellen M. Coffey ’77
Collins Electrical Construction Co.
Mary Ellen Priebe Conzemius ’65 and Norbert J. Conzemius
Mary Lucas Dakan ’47
Kathleen M. Daniels ’73
Delta Dental of Minnesota
Catherine Nigon Dienhart ’75 and Mark Dienhart
Ray & Kay Eckstein Charitable Trust
Mary Kuszewski Evert ’67, ScD’93 h.c., and Richard D. Evert
Filia Foundation
Kathleen Wooden Flanagan ’73
Joan Biales Frankel ’92 and Kevin A. Frankel
Kathleen McTie Friedrich ’66 and Joseph M. Friedrich
Sara Hietpas Gavin ’77 and Thomas C. Gavin
George Family Foundation
Azela Gohl-Giese ’59
Goodmanson Construction, Inc.
Theresa Villers Griep ’63 and John G. Griep
Diane Kiesner Hammill ’56
Barbara Steffens Hedin ’91 and Douglas A. Hedin
Linda Maeurer Heuer ’83 and Thomas W. Heuer
Horton Inc.
Diane Shelstad Huston ’81
Jerome Foundation
Anthony F. Jilek and Anne Boortz Jilek ’85
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Susan Laufer Johnson ’76
The Joyce Foundation
Jeanette Buczynski Kissinger ’53
Mary Louise May Klas ’52, LHD’88 h.c., and Daniel A. Klas
Kopp Family Foundation
Mary Wolcyn Larsen ’71 and H. Peter Larsen
Paula Bendry Larsen ’64
Margaret E. Larson
Kathleen F. Leary ’74
Bruce M. Lunning and Stephanie J. Lunning
Paul G. Malamen and Barbara M. Malamen
Bridget Manahan ’78 and Joseph Alexander
Gini McCain and John McCain
The June and Cecil McDole Charitable Fund
The McKnight Foundation
The Medtronic Foundation
Mary Albright Michel ’71 and Charles J. Michel
Anne Ward Miller ’63 and Eldon C. Miller
Christine Webster Moore and Thomas O. Moore
Kathleen A. Moriarty MAOL’96
Mary Alice Muellerleile ’60
Thomas Ryan Mulcahy
Lorraine F. O’Connor
Ruth Vasseur Patterson ’89
Mary Ann Goodman Reilly ’61 and R. William Reilly
Dr. Sheila Riggs
Ann Ruhland Rost ’62 and Thomas L. Rost
Runestone Family Foundation
Diane Ruppert MAOL’88
Carol M. Russell ’58
Mary L. Ryan ’66
Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation
Eraine Ste Marie Schmit ’46
Shannon M. Schottler ’08 and Nathaniel L. Hasty
Lynne Schriver-Sheedy ’73 and Patrick D. Sheedy
Gerald M. Schugel and Rosemary L. Schugel
Nancy A. Simmet ’76
The Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation
Mary Lidholm Stelzer ’62 and Ernie Stelzer
Ginny Carroll Stoffel ’77 and Robert J. Stoffel
Minda M. Suchan ’95
Donald R. Tauer
Loyola Brinckmann Thiltgen ’43
Linda Theis Thrasher ’88 and Richard C. Thrasher
Katherine Bakula Tinker ’94 and Steven J. Tinker
Penelope Savino Tropman ’61 and John E. Tropman
U.S. Bank Foundation
Janice Buckley Walsh ’57
Mary B. Pearson Walsh ’60 and James P. Walsh
Marcella Flaten Wartman ’49
Jean M. Whaley ’80
Marianne Wheelock ’80 and Scott Kajer
Pamela A. Wheelock ’81
Judith Hadrath Wilson ’59 and Col. Thomas W.C. Wilson, USAF (Ret)
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota
Xcel Energy Foundation
Zeller Management Corporation


Anonymous Donors
Mary Jo Abler ’87 and Felicia Abler
Allina Health System
Pamela Stegora Axberg ’85 and Joseph E. Axberg
LuAnn Schumer Berg ’99
Rebecca M. Bergman, LHD’14 h.c., and Thomas A. Bergman
Ellen L. Biales ’91
Cornelius Borman and Catherine Borman
The Boss Foundation
Jean Sausen Brazelton ’52 and Robert S. Brazelton
Luann Erickson Brown ’76
Bush Foundation
Mary Lou Tierney Campion ’59 and Brian C. Campion
Elizabeth Wieners Canavati ’75 and Isa S. Canavati
Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
Beth Riedel Carney ’82 and Richard Carney
Mary Louise Casey ’68
Celebrity Adventures Inc.
Mark Chronister and Jane Chronister
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Lori Kremers Commerford ’82 and Thomas P. Commerford
Evans (Chip) Connelly, Jr. and Ann Lachenmayer Connelly ’84
Consulado de México en Saint Paul, Minnesota
Elaine Nederostek Corcoran ’76 and William H. Corcoran
Council on Social Work Education, Inc.
Mary C. Cunningham
John A. Daniels
Meredyth Anne Dasburg Foundation
Mary Lou Dasburg and John H. Dasburg
Maura Healey Davenport ’76 and Kenneth A. Davenport
Patricia A. Deiman, CSJ, ’53
Carol A. Delage ’80
Joan M. Demeules ’87, MAT’01
Patricia A. Dietz ’87
John F. and Clara Dolan Foundation
Mary Crosby Dolan ’75
Ecolab, Inc.
Susan Finn Engel ’69, Cert’88
Susan Wollan Fan ’84 and Albert Wollan Fan
Barbara Kueppers Fitzpatrick ’57
The Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn, D.D., LHD’08 h.c.
Jane H. Frank ’64
Mary A. Fristad ’81, PhD and Joseph F. Fiala, MD
Game One
Kathleen Kennedy Gannon ’66 and William J. Gannon
Barbara Houle Gaughan ’54
GE Foundation
General Mills Foundation
Arthur and Constance Goodman Family Foundation
Stephanie Goodman ’83
Eileen Raidl Gordon ’60 and Edward J. Gordon
Kathleen McGraw Gretsch ’58 and Gerald A. Gretsch
Patricia Simms Gries ’69, MAT’89 and John R. Gries
Caroline L. Gunther ’04
Susan Vukmonich Hasselle ’65 and James E. Hasselle
Mary Jane Garry Hellyar ’75 and Kenneth D. Hellyar
Marguerite Hessian-Gatz ’49 and Robert W. Gatz
Betty Lou Evans Hinker ’53 and Edward B. Hinker
Carol Otte Hopkins ’79 and John P. Hopkins
International Labour Organization
Mary Beth Muellerleile Iverson ’85, Cert’89
Eloise M. Jasken ’87
Margaret Robasse Jenniges ’71
Kristin Buelt Johnson ’74
Susan Lohmann Kellerman ’64
Margaret H. and James E. Kelley Foundation, Inc.
W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Amy M. Kelly and Edward W. Kelly
Beth Stewart Kelly ’69 and John D. Kelly
Michele J. Kelm-Helgen ’77
Mary Krebs Klick ’76 and Stephen R. Klick
Barbara G. Kopp and LeRoy C. Kopp
Renee J. Koziol ’89
Jean Krusemark ’72 and Neal H. Engel
Susanne Kueppers ’55
Ann M. Larson ’58
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Sheila Clifford Lind ’69 and Peter E. Lind
Livonia Woodworks and Design, LLC
The Longview Foundation
Joan E. Madden ’67
The MAP Fund Inc.
Jean Frank Marquette ’64
Christine Oldam McDermott ’80 and John P. McDermott
Kimberly R. McDonald ’09 and Daniel W. McDonald
John Meslow and Karen Meslow
Christine L. Meuers ’80 and the Hon. Steven E. Rau
Theresa Mitchell ’57
Wenda Weekes Moore
Jane Hird Mortell ’78 and Paul Mortell
The Mullen Flynn Foundation
Fran Rusciano Murnane ’65
Roberta Noack Murphy ’63
Rosemary Gage Murphy ’62 and Philip J. Murphy
Catherine L. Murray ’81
Laurel Keyes Murry ’73 and Michael J. Murry
Lily Ng
Mary M. Nicol ’76
Northfield Lines, Inc.
Carole A. O’Byrne ’70
Patricia A. O’Gorman ’68
Lorraine Witt Olson ’46
Thomas J. Pacholl
Jane M. Persoon ’72
Donna M. Pink ’88
Muriel Quinn ’91 and Robert Pasin
Susan Denzel Reinders ’56
Mary E. Reuder ’44
Angela Miller Riley ’84 and David Ennis
John F. Rooney Family Charitable Foundation
Kathleen Borden Rooney ’52
Stephen W. Roszell and Cynthia A. Roszell
Valerie G. Rudolph ’52
Paula A. Ruhland ’75
Mary M. Russell ’78, MAOL’13
Mary Catherine Ryan ’47
Lisa Wenzler Savin ’90, PhD and Kenneth A. Savin
John C. Schleck
MaryFrances Schurb ’82
Kate A. Seng ’84 and Stephen N. Peacock
Marguerite Melin Senninger ’60 and Edward J. Senninger
DeAnne Boeltl Sherman ’67 and Dudley M. Sherman
Luella Cardinal Simon
Mary Jo Kisch Skaggs ’61 and Richard H. Skaggs
Mary Margaret Vukelich Skenzich ’65 and Anthony Skenzich
Mary Kuth Skoien ’75 and Michael W. Skoien
Angela Hall Slaughter ’97
Sheila Strobel Smith ’79
Kristine A. Smyth ’71
La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux Voiture Locale No. 45 Nurses Training Foundation
Patricia Beuch Sommerstad ’73 and C. Richard Sommerstad
State Farm Companies Foundation
Sheryl Stehn-Klouda ’00
Margaret McCarthy Steiner ’68
Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated
Winifred Strunk ’66
Target Corporation
Dorothy D. Thews
Jacquelyn Mammen Thomas ’03
Mary McGrath Tonkin ’71 and Simon Pediel Tonkin
Laurel M. Trimbo ’61
Carol Bissell Truesdell and Lynn Truesdell
Kathleen Scanlan Tschida ’64 and Victor H. Tschida
Twin Cities Orthopedics
United Way Worldwide
The UPS Foundation
Vyway Market & Brand Strategy
Mary M. Wagner ’69 and William J. Moore
Maureen Warren ’79
The Wasie Foundation
WCA Foundation
J.A. Wedum Foundation
Anne F. Weyandt ’83, MAT’20
Mary Louise Kueppers Wheeler ’50
Barbara Kinney Winters ’63 and John C. Winters
Carl Zenker
Jeanine Zook and Stuart Zook


Anonymous Donors
Roberta Ganas Ackley ’64 and Richard A. Ackley
Judith Nielsen Adams ’62 and John S. Adams
Kathleen Achterling Adams ’84, MAOL’98 and Russell S. Adams
Patricia Burns Adams ’68 and John N. Adams
Annette Adelmann ’82
Laurie A. Altman and Lawrence R. Altman
American Society of Pharmacognosy
Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
Caroline A. Amplatz
LeAnn D. Anderson ’78
Wallace Anderson
Arts Midwest
Associated Healthcare Credit Union
Association of Performing Arts Professionals
Virginia Babczak ’72
Heather S. Bagley ’06
David Bangasser and Mary Jo Bangasser
Kathryn Faricy Barrett ’57 and Thomas J. Barrett
Beth A. Baumann MAOL’99
Therese M. Beaudette ’55
Anne E. Bendel ’83 and Richard S. Smith
Catherine M. Bendel ’81 and Joseph L. Nuñez
Mary Bendel-Simso ’86 and Paul Bendel-Simso
Susan Gorrilla Benton ’66
Beth E. Bergman
Best Buy Co., Inc.
Audrey S. Betcher ’83
Susan C. Biales ’96
Virginia Hartmann Bisanz ’72 and Joseph F. Bisanz
The Boeing Company
Mary Lang Boergers ’68 and David P. Boergers
Marietta E. Booth
Theresa Bailey Boyden ’71 and Alan K. Boyden
Helen M. Boyne MAOL’03 and Sarah E. Flynn
M. Catherine Molyneaux Brain ’80 and David M. Brain
Brian J. Bruess and Carol J. Bruess
BTS Group AB
Susan Crosson Burgos ’66
Tracey E. Burton
Ellen L. Butler Cert’90, MAHS’14
E. Theresa Byrne ’67
Patricia Carroll Byrne ’64and Kenneth Byrne
The Cade Foundation
Joseph R. Cade
Mary Carey ’63
Cargill, Incorporated
Mary T. Miller Carlson ’75, MAOL’05 and R. Andrew Carlson
Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota
CenturyLink, Inc.
Marina Ho Cheung ’68
Claire Studer Chouinard ’52 and Lawrence Chouinard
Nancy Aberg Christensen ’62 and Robert D. Christensen, MD
Ann Hesseling Clarke ’70 and Samuel F. Clarke
Shari Reiter Clifford ’90 and Robert D. Clifford
Community Shares of Minnesota
Annette Pampusch Conklin ’60
Margaret Conlin-Duevel ’80 and James Duevel
Kathleen Hayes Coppo ’64 and Val T. Coppo
Sheila Corcoran-Perry ’59
Brian Costello and Abinash Virk
Joan Kuzma Costello ’65
Ann M. Coulston ’63 and Robert A. Marcus, MD
The Council of Independent Colleges
J. Kevin Croston and Kathryn Oakes Croston
Mary Jo Spillane Cummins ’64 and Thomas W. Cummins
Dolores Kickels Curns ’63
Maureen Baumgartner Curran ’67
Patricia I. Curran
Wendy Hendricks Degler ’91
Deloitte Foundation
Deluxe Corporation Foundation
Mary Ann Sonnee Dietl ’62 and Robert A. Dietl
The Donaldson Foundation
Cheryl Doucette ’81
Pat Running Drew ’64 and David P. Drew
Patricia Connolly Durkin ’55
ECMC Foundation
Ecolab Foundation
Kay Hinker Ehardt ’68 and John Ehardt III
Mary Jo Deutz Eichler ’52 and John D. Eichler
David E. Emerson
Mary Jo Leatherdale Emfield MPAS’15
M. Alison Hurley Enestvedt ’68 and C. Thomas Enestvedt
Ronald L. Erickson
Susan Goulet Eschenbacher ’66 and Joseph A. Eschenbacher
The Most Reverend Peter Esterka
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fairview Health Services
Michelle Fannon and Michael Fannon
Mary Jane Dornack Faricy ’49
Janet DeZurik Faulhaber ’57 and Eugene Faulhaber
Doug & Janet Fiola Charitable Fund at the Stablish Foundation
Douglas F. Fiola and Janet S. Fiola
Judy Fiola and Jerry Fiola
Laureen M. Fiola ’78
First Children’s Finance
Judith Martens Flahavan ’60
Mary Grace Hastings Flannery ’62 and David M. Flannery
Linda Bakeberg Flynn ’72
Fox Alternative Entertainment, LLC.
Patricia O. Frechette and Peter L. Frechette
Genevieve Everson Freier ’81 and David H. Freier
Mary Kay Tregilgas Fuhrmann ’78 and Chip Fuhrmann
Margaret Coleman Gadient ’69 and Stephen E. Gadient
Judith Larson Gamboni ’98 and Donald J. Gamboni
Joan Mayer Gavin ’58
General Electric Company
Erin L. George MAOL’98 and Robert J. Green
Kathryn Gerber ’71
Winifred Wurm Gleason ’62 and Thomas P. Gleason
The Eleanore Gmeinder Fund at Vanguard Charitable
Jocelyn Bessette Gorlin and Jed Gorlin
Laura Kelly Gorman and Thomas Gorman
The Graco Foundation
Debby Gray ’66
Joan Gregoryk ’66
Mary Ann Leininger Gross ’60 and Loren E. Gross
Mary Dee Hacker ’74 and Steven Nishibayashi
Mary Ochsner Haeg ’68 and Lawrence P. Haeg
Edna Worthington Halloran ’59 and Michael H. Halloran
Katherine McMillin Hamer ’61 and Robert M. Hamer
Marva Livingston Hammons ’69
Samantha S. Hanson and Missy Durant
Barbara Pankonie Harding ’78 and William J. Harding
Ann Dougherty Harens ’84 and Thomas L. Harens
Deborah Smith Harper ’75 and Michael P. Harper
Trudy Harper ’95
Germaine Heck Harrand ’58
Mary Jane Kinoshita Hashisaki ’47
Joanne Schmidt Hayden ’03 and Steven C. Hayden
Colleen A. Hegranes and Steven Hegranes
Louise Healey Henderson ’86 and Brian Henderson
Suzanne H. Hendricks
Joanne Kucera Hense ’60 and Peter P. Honsa
Harriet Hentges ’62, LHD’82 h.c.., and Wayne Koonce
Gemma M. Hessian ’48
Michael A. Hickey and Kristeen K. Hickey
Gingi Talbert Hickey ’79 and William J. Hickey III
Nancy Higgins
Christopher M. Hilger
Janice Faulkner Hines ’85
Louise Osojnicki Hiniker MAT’93
Stephen D. Hinze and Margaret A. Donohue
Nancy Bowman Holden ’61
Amy Schmit Hope ’86, MAOL’01 and Gerald T. Hope
Yvonne M. Houle-Gillard ’91 and Gary W. Gillard
Carole Barthold Howe
Karen Nelson Hoyle
Michele Jeffrey Hren ’80
Patricia McArdell Huber ’70 and Jerome F. Cawley
John S. Huberty
Jacquelyn Huebsch ’62
Jeanette R. Hughes ’43
Kathryn McDonald Hughes ’73 and Douglas C. Hughes
Hunt Alternatives
Monica Dillon Huntsberry ’88 and Frederick Huntsberry
Donna Drew Incaudo ’58 and Claude J. Incaudo
The C. Charles Jackson Foundation
Joyce M. Jagodzinski
Faye James ’03
Annika Jaspers ’66
Sharon Alexander Jensen ’68, MAOL’05 and Thomas H. Jensen
Susan Brakke Jeska ’74 and William Jeska
Mark A. Johnson
Pamela Ogren Johnson ’80
Karen G. Jothen MAOL’06 and Erik M. Jothen
Mary Hoodecheck Joyce ’67
Carol Ronning Kapsner ’69
Donna Busch Kasbohm ’55 and Robert K. Kasbohm
Kathleen Westby Kasprick ’91 and Lyle C. Kasprick
Julie Krusemark Keesling ’70 and Robert A. Keesling
Anne Dolan Kelly ’43
Catherine T. Kelly ’83 and Todd J. Katopodis
Mary Heinen Kelly ’71 and Thomas C. Kelly
Margaret Bastien Kelsch ’58
Marilyn Pechaver Kerr ’69
Marjorie A. Kight ’50, MLS’56
Mary Ann Kight
Geraldine Beaty King and Jack B. King
Annearle Morris Klein MAOL’05 and James A. Klein
Joan Kloiber and Lawrence Kloiber
Nancy I. Koski
Susanne Clifford Kuhn ’83
Susan Turley Kullberg ’69 and Duane R. Kullberg
Denise L. Lamb ’70 and Paul A. Baker
Gertrude Schoolmeesters Landgren ’72
Karen Rohling Larson ’75 and Lauren J. Larson
Andrea J. Lee, IHM
Sharon L. Lehmann ’86, Cert’99, Cert’01
Shannon Collins Levang ’88
Roberta Meyer Lombardino ’53 and Joseph G. Lombardino
David P. Long
Rosemary Balk Lovett ’45
Patricia Moran Lucke ’59 and William J. Lucke
Rachel Lucking ’84
John E. Lund and Mary E. Lund
The Madison Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Patricia Shea Mahre ’74 and Gary R. Mahre
Mary Anderson Maier ’68 and Helmut K. Maier
Elizabeth L. Maloney ’80 and Ralph Magnusson
Betty Sobeske Malovey ’62
Catherine Murray Mamer ’61
Martha A. Mangan ’76, Cert’88
Marbrook Foundation Patti Cassady Marrinan ’77 and Timothy D. Marrinan
Margaret Johnston Marvin ’64 and Frank R. Marvin
Mildred Haviland McCoy ’52 and Robert F. McCoy
Kathleen M. McDonough ’80 and Melanie A. Ruda ’77
William C. McDonough
Margaret Ann Mahoney McMahon ’55 and John A. McMahon
Carol Sims McNamara ’69 and Richard W. McNamara
Linda McMahon Meilinger ’71 and John F. Meilinger III Jean Congo Menton ’68
Janice Schulte Meyer ’52
Karen Sherlock Middleton ’64 and Rolf Middleton
Kelly Milkus ’01 and Ryan Setterholm
Marilee Woehning Miller ’67 and John W. Miller
Marsha Poeschl Miller ’69 and Herbert G. Miller
Louise Miner and Robert Wilcox
Minnesota Association for Financial Professionals
Minnesota Women's Economic Roundtable
E. Katherine Spaeth Molyneaux ’55 and Daniel A. Molyneaux
Janet M. Koehn Muellerleile and Richard G. Muellerleile
Cindy Murphy and Jim Murphy
Jane Randolph Murphy ’62 and Michael E. Murphy
Sandra Swenson Murphy ’60
Theresa Fogarty Murray ’74
Marcella J. Myers and Kathleen A. Daniels
Stephen Nachtsheim and Jami Nachtsheim
Mary Costello Nakasone ’49 and Edwin M. Nakasone
National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education
Maureen Kelly Neerland ’62 and Charles S. Neerland
Laura J. Nelson ’09
New England Foundation for the Arts
Mary Ellen Gutzke Nichols ’79 and James T. Nichols
Debra Nickelson ’79
Marie Emmer Noe
North Memorial Health Care
Veronica (Bonnie) O’Connor ’60 and Ronald E. Hopfensperger
Marilyn Holly O’Dea ’67 and Robert F. O’Dea
Betty Gray Olson ’77 and Lee F. Olson
Christine Ford Olson MAT’99 and Timothy W. Olson
Helen R. Olson MAOL’04 and Vern Olson
Sydney J. Olson MSW’99
Opus Holding, L.L.C.
Virginia Buckley Orth ’62
Anne Schmidt Otterson ’55
M. Diane Owens
Natalie Whitcraft Pacholl ’01
G. Richard Palen and Peggy Palen
Ann M. Palm ’89
Molly Rumsey Park ’71 and H. William Park
Mary Schnobrich Peil ’76
Mary Kay Donahugh Perron ’64 and William P. Perron
Perry Charitable Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Helen Litchy Perry ’52
Melissa Peterman
Margaret Dexheimer Pharris
phData, Inc.
Physician Assistant Foundation
Margaret Fesenmaier Pierpan ’58 and Henry J. Pierpan
Keith R. Pinney
Ann L. Piotrowski ’73
The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, Inc.
Rita F. Plotnik ’57
Pohlad Family Foundation
Tracy Volkenant Ponschok ’81
Barbara Gray Pouliot ’93
Craig C. Pratt and Carrie R. Pratt
Margaret Tingerthal Prokosch ’64 and Thomas J. Prokosch
Carol A. Quest ’67
Catherine Epple Quinn ’58
Mary Joan Clarity Quinn ’54
Patricia Reiling Ratelle ’52
Susan E. Rhomberg ’80
Katherine Vizanko Rigterink ’68 and Roger J. Rigterink
Monica M. Roers ’89
Craig A. Roger
Cynthia Rogers ’65
Carla Link Rose ’89
Melanie A. Ruda ’77 and Kathleen M. McDonough ’80
Margaret Claire McNevin Ruhme ’48
Judith Marcotte Russell ’62 and Thomas Russell II
Rose Mary Satack ’49
Margaret Sykes Savelkoul ’63 and Henry J. Savelkoul
Frankie Gill Saxton ’57 and James L. Saxton
Margueritte Schleinitz ’72
Wenda Schmelebeck ’91 and Winstead (Chip) Harris
Mary Anne Duevel Schulte ’47
Nancy Degnan Schumacher ’62 and James D. Schumacher
Mary Jane Edmond Shadell ’70 and Michael J. Shadell
Patricia Shea '51
Kathryn Fiola Sherwood ’63
Beatrice Meko Sieber ’47
Marla Schumacher Simmet ’77 and John P. Simmet
Mary Louise R. Sirignano
Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sit Investment Associates Foundation
Kori Frics Smith ’65 and Thomas G. Smith
Kristine Jensen Smith ’71 and James M. Smith
Lucille Crea Smith ’52 and Alfred E. Smith
Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates Karen Sontag-Sattel
Robert L. Speeter
John J. Spillane, Jr.
Stablish Foundation
Eric Stacey and Leslie Stacey
Bridgette Cook Startz ’80
Tracy A. Steele ’69
LaVerne Novak Steen ’61
Mary Sullivan Steffen ’54
Elizabeth J. Stevens and David A. Stevens
Susan O’Connor Stevens ’69
Jeanette Sullivan ’70 and Gregg Shadduck
Michael Sullivan and Marilyn Sullivan
Erin McCormick Sweet ’91 and David A. Sweet
Catherine M. Sykes ’69
Mary Falenczykowski Tanghe ’66 and Jan H. Tanghe
Rebecca Greene Taylor ’77 and Philip C. Taylor
Vickie Halverson Taylor ’74 and Warren Alexander Taylor
Jane E. Tenquist ’82
Ana Z. Theisen and Gary J. Theisen
Anita Jones Thomas
Thomson Reuters
Elizabeth Thornton ’57
Thrivent Financial
Mary Graves Tilney ’65
Gretchen Risinger Toman ’81 and Marshall B. Toman
Elsa K. Tong ’75 and William E. Hoke
Carol Lamphere Vasatka ’54 and Richard Vasatka
Barbara K. Veath MAOL’89
Mary Millen Markov Vikla ’78, MAOL’92 and Marvin Vikla
Patricia Dolan Vogel ’46 and James L. Vogel
Barbara Dorsa Votel ’80 and Thomas F. Votel
Bridget A. Votel ’78 and Anne L. Rumsey
Dr. Joanne Berthiaume Votel ’78 and John L. Berthiaume
Voya Foundation
VSA Minnesota
Jenifer Wagner ’82, MLIS’94
Weber Shandwick
Sheri J. Weber ’02, MAOL’05 and Mark D. Weber
Todd C. Weber MAOL’96
Janet Whiting Weigold ’53 and William Weigold
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Mary Ann Schwab Wetoska ’63 and Robert Wetoska
The H.W. Wilson Foundation, Inc. 
Nathan Winkelman and Deb Bryant
Warren Stan Winkelman
Kristen Vogel Womack ’08 and Nathan M. Womack
Women’s Sports Foundation
YWCA of Minneapolis
Paula M. Zenker


Anonymous Donors
Barbara Adams and J. Rodger Adams
Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Foundation
Dr. M. George Allen and Gloria V. Allen
Elizabeth Toof Anderson ’57
Jane Johnson Anderson ’90, Cert’91, MNUR’95
The Mary Anne K. and William R. Anderson Jr. Foundation
Mary Elliott Anderson ’83 and James D. Anderson
Cara L. Anthony
Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
Arnold Ventures
Karen M. Arnold and John F. Arnold
Jeanne M. Arth ’56
Darcy O’Brien Ashley ’80 and George H. Ashley
Jennifer Jensen Austin ’90 and Kevin Austin
Bailey Nurseries Foundation
Joann M. Bangs and William L. Glahn
Elizabeth George Bargsten ’67 and Dale W. Bargsten
Gloria Krautkremer Barry ’47
Margaret Schmid Bartelme ’56
Michael J. Baxter ’19, MAOL’23
Suzanne Norberg Begin ’87
Dorothy Ophoven Beix ’84 and James R. Beix
Kathleen M. Bell
JoAnne Dubuque Bennett ’84and Howard W. Bennett
Joyce E. Besch ’96
Kathleen Harvey Betterman ’77 and James B. Betterman
GeorgeAnn King Biros MAOL’98 and Allen E. Biros
Michelle H. Biros ’74
Mary McReavy Bitzan ’78 and Richard P. Bitzan
Joseph W. Boland
Rochelle Jankovich Brandl ’60
Judith Koch Brass ’64 and James T. Brass
Mary E. Broderick and Frank D. Broderick
Susan Busker and Scott Busker
Patricia Gavin Bailey Campion ’60 and Martin E. Campion
Jesse Campos and Jennifer Campos
Brenda Haram Canedy ’71 and Norman Canedy
Mary Pat Ferron Canes ’67
Gwendolyn Carlson Caron ’55
Colleen M. Carpenter
CenterPoint Energy
C.H. Robinson Company Inc.
C.H. Robinson Worldwide Foundation
Holly Kehr Clynch MAOL’02, DPT’09
Barbara McGee Coghlin ’93
Patricia Giessel Coleman-Vecchie ’50
Winnifred Hoch Conger ’49 and David K. Conger
Martha A. Conway ’62 and Joseph J. Claus
Mary Lee Corrigan ’78
Amanda Voight Craig ’96 and Douglas W. Craig
Mary Beth Cutting ’67
Heidi Adler Danielson and Barry J. Danielson
Jayne C. Davis-Pickart and Bryce J. Pickart
Anne Dougherty Deahl ’81
Ann B. DeGree ’58
Mary Dolan Delaney ’58 and John P. Delaney
The Delta Air Lines Foundation
James M. Denny
Sheryle Kee Dirks ’89
Angela Dockendorf Cert’16, MSN’19 and Grant Dockendorf
Sharon L. Doherty and Therese W. Cain
Clara M. Dolan
Elizabeth A. Dollar
Joan R. Duddingston
Sally Joyce Duran ’75
Editorial Development Associates
Katherine Egan, CSJ, ’56
Jennifer Johnson Eggers ’83 and Robert E. Eggers
Kathryn Weitzel Ehlen ’84 and Paul C. Ehlen
Sheila R. Eide and Phillip J. Eide
Sarah Butler Eitelbach ’66 and David Eitelbach
Sonjia B. Erickson
Catherine Sedlak Etienne ’61
Maureen Faricy
Elizabeth M. Fasciana ’84
Felhaber Larson Fenlon & Vogt Foundation
Gertrude Hill Ffolliott ’66
Laura Findorff-Norberg and Douglas P. Norberg
Marian Jauquet Finger ’48 and Robert A. Finger
Floors by Beckers LLC, a Diverzify Company
Forum for Theological Exploration
Mary Brockway Freeberg ’69
Frels Family Foundation
William B. Frels and Bonita A. Frels
Martha Frommelt ’79 and David Feldshuh
Jeannemarie Gabriel-Malush and Gregory Malush
Debra Biese Gagnon BA’90, BS’22 and Peter Gagnon
Ann M. Gallagher ’54
Curt Galloway and Dawn Galloway
Frances Culligan Galvin ’54 and Michael J. Galvin, Jr.
Ann Gerth Garofalo ’64 and Silvano B. Garofalo
Catherine Wierschem Gatto ’72 and Paul Gatto
Margaret George
Juli Geske-Peer ’93, MAOL’02 and Jeffery Geske-Peer
Laura Sisola Gilchrist
Shirley Mann Gilles ’63
Roberta Gorman ’63
Anne Davis Gotte and Jonathan D. Gotte
Graham Research, Inc.
Tracey L. Gran
Alice M. Graner ’60
Lucille Ryan Gravelle ’49 and John A. Gravelle
Elizabeth Johnson Graves ’01
Deborah Smith Grealy and Thomas Grealy
Jodi M. Grote-Stumpf
Osiris Abrego Guzman ’93
Mary Saunders Haeg and Andrew O. Haeg
Russell B. Hagen Foundation
Elizabeth Hershaw Hakes ’82 and Rev. Larry A. Hakes
Sharon Dungan Hanton ’61
Ann Hathaway ’73 and Robin Reed
Timothy J. Hauch
Jody A. Hauer ’80
Rebecca K. Hawthorne and Peter C. Hawthorne
Nancy Hayter ’65
H.B. Fuller Company Foundation
Mary Colleen Quirk Healy and Robert H. Healy
Harlen Hegdal
Roxanne Biros Hill ’98
Dorothy Berg Hodapp ’59 and Don J. Hodapp
Heidi Leopold Horsch ’84 and Carl W. Horsch, Jr.
Kathleen Brodle Hottinger ’51
The Howe Family Foundation
The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation
Mary Haskamp Hurley ’64 and Donald G. Hurley
IBM International Foundation
Jennifer L. Ibrahim ’10
International Paper Foundation
Ludmilla Hanson Isaacson ’94
Marie Zwach Iverson ’67 and Kenneth A. Iverson
Nancy L. Jamieson ’80
Nasrin Jewell and Brian Jewell
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Schaak Johnson ’66 and James P. Johnson
Frances Nachtsheim Jones ’64
Hedwig Jurusik
Kathleen Prifrel Kaiser ’75 and Kurt G. Kaiser
JoAnn Patricia Kelly ’55
Angela J. Kiefer ’12
Mary Kietzmann and Donald Kietzmann
Jean H. Kinsey ’47
William Jacob Kirchgessner and Deborah R. Wuerffel
F. Alexandra Klas
Stephanie R. Klenk ’96, MLIS’01
Carole Fredrickson Koch ’75 and Michael A. Koch
KONE, Inc.
Jane Frenz Kostik ’69 and David P. Kostik
Mary Becker Kostner ’58
Geraldine Riegel Kowski ’56, MLS’57 and Tony J. Kowski
Kathryn Nickolay Kramer ’75 and Allyn J. Kramer
Diane M. Krupka and Thaddeus A. Krupka
Teresa Kuehne ’15 and John Kuehne
Beverly Hesse Lachenmayer ’92 and Richard R. Lachenmayer
Catherine Lang Ladwig ’65
Debora A. Lance MAOL’03 and Charles J. Lance
Paulita LaPlante ’79 and Colin M. O’Neill
Margaret A. Larson MAHS’15 and Michael S. Larson
Lathrop GPM LLP
Sigrid Gotthardt Laughlin and Thomas J. Laughlin
Pamela LaVigne ’71 and Matthew Tirrell
Mary McElroy Leach ’72
League of Catholic Women
Andrea Lee ’06 and Gaurav Thakker
Rosita Soto Lee ’61
Stephen K. Leenay, MD and Jill Leenay
Angela K. Leigh ’02, MAOL’09 and Thomas H. Leigh
Mary Jo Kowitz Lewis ’80 and J. Wyeth Lewis
Margaret Shields Lindlof ’68
Loffler Companies, Inc.
Mary Lou Logsdon ’69, MAT’05
Peter J. Ludwig
Berenice Chang Lum ’58
Susan Anderson Lyons ’77 and Christopher S. Lyons
Susan E. Lyons ’78
Charlotte Mardell and Stephen Mardell
Burnae Mitchell Marrinan ’51
Lois Rasmussen Marrinan ’50
Maureen Carroll McCullough ’73
Cynthia Maxa McGirl ’98, MAT’01 and John J. McGirl, Jr.
Laurie L. McLaughlin ’83
Eileen McMahon ’73 and Steven C. Karbon
Nancy McMullen ’57
Juliet Simons McNearney ’68
Joan Mertz ’76
Jane Yungers Micallef ’54 and Joseph S. Micallef
Microsoft Corporation
Midwest Vending, Inc.
Pamela Pluemer Miller ’69
Catherine M. Minden ’87 and Denise M. Ohio ’85
Minnesota Association of Library Friends
Joan F. Molenaar ’11
Morgan Stanley
Ann H. Morrissey ’66
Penelope Moyers and Frank Cleveland
Sharon Bayer Mrocek ’63 and Richard J. Mrocek
Liana L. Muller and Dale R. Muller
Elizabeth Schrang Murphy ’76 and Timothy R. Murphy
Patrick Murphy
Mary L. Musich ’65
National Board for Respiratory Care
Martha Nemesi ’69
New York Life Foundation
Maria Nhambu ’67
Jane Nicolai ’56
The Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt
Edith Montavon Nowicki ’86
Thelma Obah and Chuka O.G. Obah
Patricia Monahan O’Connell ’91
Mary Manley O’Connor ’61
Janice Blaha Odegaard ’73 and Lester B. Odegaard
Denise M. Ohio ’85 and Catherine M. Minden ’87
Margaret O’Keefe ’72 and Steven E. Williamson
Ellen D. O’Leary ’63
Penny S. Oleson ’04
Cathleen M. Olive ’80
Donna M. Oman ’61
Mary Jenkins O’Rourke ’59
Joyce Wilhelm Ossmann ’65 and Paul M. Ossmann
Linda Ovadia and David Ovadia
Owens & Minor Distribution, Inc.
Loretta Lutz Parsons ’70 and Robert H. Parsons
Bridget E. Perkins ’12 and Lauren Beadnell Perkins ’12
David A. Peterman and Pamela D. Peterman
Doris Thaemlitz Peters ’53
Marilyn Mooney Phalen ’65
Laura A. Pieters ’82
Mariel E. Piilola ’84
Catherine McMullen Plessner ’74, MAOL’89 and Frederick Plessner
PNC Foundation
Kathleen A. Porter ’66
Colleen Rooney Powers and John K. Powers
Patricia Pratt-Cook
Push Pedal Pull, Inc.
The Quaker Hill Foundation, Inc.
Janet Jasin Quarberg ’86
Laura Zwolski Quigg ’05, MNUR’11 and David C. Quigg
Jo Ellen Radant ’91
Radio Flyer, Inc.
Alice Hoolihan Randall ’61 and Philip S. Randall
Beth Haverly Raymakers ’89
RBC Foundation – USA
Taylor J. Reed ’78, MPT’97
Jean A. Regan and Donald B. Regan
Research Foundation of the City University of New York
Ellen T. Richter-Norgel and Thomas M. Richter-Norgel
Jack W. Richtman
Kathryn Santelmann Richtman and William C. Richtman
Right Management Inc.
Teresa M. Ripple Cert’02, MAED’12 and Stephen Ripple
Karen McMahon Roe ’66
Gertrude Dorn Roers ’63
Mary Jo Ritter Rogalski ’95
Joanne Peil Rongitsch ’72
Michael J. Rooney
Royal Nissan, Inc.
Carol Nieszner Rueb ’61 and John T. Rueb
Barbara Flacksbarth Ruuska ’00
Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Kathleen Collentine Ryan ’66 and Edward F. Ryan
Patricia Gibson Saam ’50
Juliann Mies Sachs ’59
Helen Hill Sahlin ’50 and LeRoy B. Sahlin
Ellen Malone Salter ’47 and Edwin C. Salter
Dolores Schaefer ’58
Mary Chesney Schaefer ’79 and Kenneth M. Schaefer
Lisa E. Schaper ’85
Genevieve Schillo, CSJ, ’59
Mark T. Schroepfer and Jean E. Schroepfer
Rachel M. Schwalbach
Carol Froehle Schwankl ’83
Second Harvest Heartland
Janice D. Seifert MAED’98 and James J. Seifert
Joseph Senden and Gloria Senden
Barbara W. Shank
Martha LaPlace Simms ’57
Julie Newport Solmon ’85 and Paul Solmon
Sheila Specker ’78
Joyce Johnson St. John ’61
Angela Stanco and Theodore Broich
Ann Rothstein Stanley ’72 and Thomas G. Stanley
Sharon Carlson Stenglein ’65 and John V. Stenglein
Sharon Owens Stoffel ’67 and Thomas J. Stoffel
Gloria P. Sullivan ’54
Mary Tahnk-Johnson ’84 and Raymond Tahnk-Johnson
Judith A. Taylor and Addison A. Taylor
Kelly Vinson Taylor ’90 and Daniel J. Taylor
Elinor McKenna Temple ’60
Tennant Foundation
Terra General Contractors, LLC
Patrick A. Thiele and Jane Rafferty Thiele
Joanne Juliani Thomas ’58
Kris A. Tobin MLIS’96
Karen Trocke-Kandah ’89
Sarah Truesdell and David Etzwiler
Elizabeth Grabowski Tsang MAT’94
Anne Elise Tschida, CSJ, ’56
Mary Kathryn Scott Twite ’58
UnitedHealth Group, Inc.
University of Texas at Austin
U.S. Bank National Association
Rose Schueller Van Der Zanden ’73
Francis X. Van Lieshout and Josephine Mayhew Van Lieshout
Mary K. Vrabel ’76
Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation
Barbara Bienvenu Wall ’91 and Joseph E. Wall, Jr.
Geraldine Gibbs Wasko ’52
Mary Ann King Weigenant ’49 and Jerome L. Weigenant
Deborah A. Weishan and James J. Weishan
Carolyn Sauer West ’54
Kristine Lamm West
Wet Paint Artists’ Materials and Framing, Inc.
Lynette A. Wheelock ’78 and John C. Zattoni
Julie Belle White-Newman and John Newman
Larry E. Wilke
Lee A. Woodward ’93
Winton Jones Foundation of The Minneapolis Foundation
Debra Heuer Womack ’84 and Donald W. Womack
Ka Y. Xiong ’08
Dolores Dawis Zodda ’76


Anonymous Donors
Blanche (Bea) Abdallah
Catherine M. Adams ’85
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Susan Rhodes Ager ’69 and Duane R. Ager
Albemarle Foundation
Alliance Data Systems, Inc.
Denise Goggin Andersen ’71 and Albert E. Andersen, Jr.
Sarah Knox Armstrong ’75 and William G. Armstrong
Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities
Cassie R. Atteberry ’93
Nancy Remus Bain ’64 and George W. Bain
Denise M. Baird
Michele Badois Barry ’82 and Thomas J. Barry
Brad C. Baso MAOL’19
Darlene Kranz Bauhs ’56
Joan K. Baynes
Elizabeth Rank Beauchamp ’76
Sunny Smith Beaulieu ’73
Beckman Coulter Foundation
Kay Belden ’65
Bergen County’s United Way
Megan K. Betterman MBA’16
Victoria L. Beyer ’72
Michelle L. Bialek ’05
Brent Bienvenu
Kylah Hitchcock Bierbrodt ’13, MAOT’14
Grace Miller Bierschbach ’68
Lynda Hechinger Bisanz ’67 and Robert S. Bisanz
Susan Johnson Bitney ’84
Diane Roberts Blake ’73
Mary Ann Blechinger ’64
Blick Art Materials, LLC
Julia C. Bly ’06
Elaine Pihaly Borsheim ’68 and David J. Borsheim
Christina O’Brien Boys ’88 and Todd J. Boys
BP Foundation, Inc.
Linda Hoffer Brakke ’72, MNUR’01
Zoe Anne Lillie Brandberg ’60
Monica Shepherd Brandl ’79
Winifred Catherine Konzem Branson ’48
Elizabeth J. Brine ’84 and Alistair S. McVey
William C. Britt and Judith L. Britt
Joan Tschimperle Brooks ’76 and John C. Brooks
Richard M. Brown
Clara R. Burgert ’03
Richard Burlage
Mary Jo Lamb Burns ’61 and Henry F. Burns
Mary Kay Bettendorf Burns ’51
Trudi Carlund Busch ’87 and Dean E. Busch
Buuck Family Foundation
Mary Pat Byrne ’81
Gina Hickman Carlson ’05
Susan Carmody Casey ’70
Amy L. Casey-Paal ’80 and Richard G. Paal
Michael G. Cassidy MAT’20
Michael S. Cavalli
William J. Cavanagh and Phyllis Featherstone Cavanagh Cert’92
Cedar Riverside People’s Center
Kathryn M. Claus ’93
Jane Keefe Clifford ’45
Angela Mitchell Cole ’95
Irene Faschingbauer Cole ’71 and Raymond D. Cole
Mary Sullivan Coleman ’71
Sara Radke Collova ’04 and Andrew M. Collova
Patricia Winczewski Condon ’73
Kimberly Hastings Corbett and Matthew M. Corbett
Beverly L. Cory ’91, MAT’97 and Kimberly D. Osland
Nancy C. Cosgriff ’59
Trudy Lindow Cragg ’64 and Richard J. Cragg
Brooke Crane ’88
John G. Crane and Marilyn J. Crane
Kathleen Allen Crocker ’81
Kristin Kalstad Cummings ’91
Deborah A. Cundy and Susan F. Denk
Carol A. Cunningham ’80
Curbside Landscape & Irrigation, Inc.
Rose Marie Cutting ’62
Dady & Gardner, P.A.
Kira C. Dahlk
Cornelia Dahm and Daniel Chen
Marie Ivanca D’Andrea ’86
Mary Persoon Danich ’76, MNUR’94
Susan Gearin Davern ’84 and William F. Davern
Shirley Hart David ’71 and Donald David
Carol DeBoer-Langworthy
Terry Kaczorowski DeGroot ’86 and Paul J. DeGroot
Cindy A. Demeules
Mary Elizabeth Dempsey ’50, PhD
Enzo DiSalvatore
DLR Group, Inc.
Dorothy P. Dodds and James L. Dodds
Mary Dolan
Nancy Hanily Dolan ’77
Marjorie Bordenave Donalds ’60 and Jeron Donalds
Kathleen Stevens Dougherty ’66 and Michael Dougherty
Jeanne Scanlan Doyle ’89 and Martin Doyle
James R. Driscoll
Mary Cronin Druke ’66
Ann M. Dugan
Mary Lou Martens Dunn ’70
Diane Huncha Durham ’81 and Brian J. Durham
Lisa Dutton and Jeffrey Dutton
Eckberg Lammers, P.C.
John A. Eckstein
Margaret Ann Eckstein and Charles Wellman, MD
Steven G. Eckstein
Eden Prairie SCHEELS
Elizabeth Palma Elfstrand ’84 and Robert Elfstrand
Thomas Ellenbecker
Kay Elliott ’68
Jean M. Engels
Mary Ann Vong Evander MAOL’88 and Robert M. Evander
Mary Timbers Evans ’51
Phyllis Gleason Fabiny ’53 and Robert J. Fabiny
Janet Fossum Fabio ’69
Dennis A. Felicetta and Lucille K. Felicetta
Debra A. Filer
Financial Executives International, Twin Cities Chapter
Peggy O’Neill Fisher ’71, Cert’88 and Edward Fisher
Sharon Fitzgerald ’62
Suzanne Kamman Flotten ’56, MLS’57
John J. Flynn and Deborah R. Pile
Terri Ann McGovern Flynn ’78
The Food Group Minnesota, Inc.
Silas M. Ford III and Olivia C. Ford
Marguerite Hoffman Foster ’42
Margaret O’Connor Franzen ’63
Maureen Guiney Freberg ’88 and Scott A. Freberg
Brenda L. Frie MAOT’10
Deborah Stahnke Fristad ’74 and William E. Fristad
Paula Gajewski-Mickelson MAOL’07 and Paul Gajewski Mickelson
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Mary Dawson Galvin ’85 and Sean P. Galvin
Mary Grace Severson Galvin ’58 and James F. Galvin
Joseph P. Garry
Helen R. Gavin ’69
Mary Bartscher Geller ’85 and Mark Geller
Barbara Greving Gentzkow ’78
Patricia M. Gibbs ’85, MAOL’96
Patricia Hoolihan Gillis ’53
Martha C. Ginder ’10
David Goblirsch and Marie Goblirsch
Julie Wolf Goodman ’60 and Michael Goodman
Matthew T. Goodwin
Melissa Gerten Goski ’11 and Brian G. Goski
Janet Cassady Gray ’78 and Patrick Gray
Ellen Blackman Green ’67 and Kenneth Green
Lori A. Greenway ’92
Nicole Traxler Greiser ’17 and Jonathan S. Greiser
M. Kathleen Gorman Grendahl ’61
David Haas
Kathleen M. Hadley ’94 and Gary L. Hadley
Kristine Haertl and Daniel Haertl
John E. Haggerty and Megan A. Haggerty
Kyle Arbeiter Hall ’84 and Stephen D. Hall
Lois J. Hall
Sheila Quinn Ham ’60
Beth A. Hamer Cert’23
Fredean Hammer
Sharon M. Hanlon ’77
Anne Bisanz Hannahan ’73 and John J. Hannahan
Kathleen Rea Hanousek ’85 and Richard O. Hanousek
Kimberly J. Harbinson ’91
Harris Foundation
Pamela M. Harris MLIS’14
Mary Haugen Harriss ’80
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
Kathleen A. Hartmann ’62
Karen L. Harwood ’57
Marialice Harwood and Nevin Harwood
Sarah J. Hassebroek Cert’06, MAED’06
Jennifer J. Hastings ’99
Dorie Cline Hathaway ’45
Janet Hathaway and Geoffrey Hathaway
Kathryn Hathaway and Nelson Jorgenson
Mark Hathaway
Misty Hathaway
Joanne LaPole Hawkins ’60
Cara M. Hawkinson ’97
Kathleen M. Hayden ’91
Audrey Lindstrom Hayes ’92
Mary O’Neill Hearst
Mary Washburn Heidrick ’80 and Gregory W. Heidrick
Mary F. Heinen, CSJ, ’58, LHD’91 h.c.
Sylvia Normann Helsper ’56
Nicole Hempler and Eric Hempler
David A. Henderson and Barbara L. Henderson
Mary Unger Henderson ’80 and John F. Henderson
Susan D. Herrmann
Dana K. Higgins ’74
Lori A. Hintz ’87
Kathleen Flanagan Hobday ’58
Mary Kay Bolin Hobrecker ’95
Kristin Hogquist ’83 and Stephen C. Jameson
Richard M. Holder and Barbara J. Dresel
Marsha K. Holey
Colleen M. Holm ’80
Honeywell International Inc.
Michelle Quiggle Hoppe ’99
Michael B. Householder and Suzanne M. Rivera
Susan McKoskey Howard ’70
Michelle M. Huntley ’90
Patricia Iammatteo ’82
Mary Louise Mavetz Icenhour ’61
Adelaide McGuigan Ingebrand ’50
MarySue Ingman
Susan Searle Jackson ’72
Stacy Schwarze Jacobson and Dave Jacobson
Linda D. Janni MAT’00
Patricia Schroeder Jessen ’65 and Richard T. Jessen
Johnson & Johnson
Douglas Johnson and Lenore Else
Elizabeth A. Johnson
Susan A. Johnson and Lee E. Johnson
Michelle L. Jost ’90 and Jonathan Yates
Robyn M. Joyner ’12, MAOL’21
Judith Juelich ’66
Maura A. Junius ’73
Ayla J. Jurchisin MPAS’16
Colette C. Jurek ’91
Theresa Spartz Karels ’78 and Michael J. Karels
Ann Kaufenberg Karner ’68
Mary Lenroot Kasarskis ’68 and Edward J. Kasarskis
Barbara Waller Kaufmann ’83, MAOL’95 and Mark S. Kaufmann
Adam Kauwenberg-Marsnik MLIS’94
Kathleen Keenan ’56
Kathleen M. Kehm ’90
Kerry M. Kennedy MNUR’96
Maureen O’Connell Kent ’73 and Thomas M. Kent
Monica Leverone Keogh ’76 and Richard J. Keogh
Margaret M. Keppel and Robert E. Keppel
Patricia Lordan Kernan ’63
Cathryn Blaha Keup ’80 and Gregory J. Keup
Kathleen Pritschau Kiener and John M. Kiener
Andrea Keopple Kier ’89
Patricia Winegar Kingston ’71
Mary L. Kircher ’89
Mary Behr Kleinberg ’75, MAHS’15 and James J. Kleinberg
Janice Kiebach Kleven ’88
Janice A. Klos and Lester R. Klos
Patrice Harnden Knickmeyer ’70 and Joe W. Knickmeyer
Mary Allen Knight ’73 and Stillman D. Knight
Jean Sheehy Knutson ’77 and Mark A. Knutson
Mary Jo Michienzi Knutson ’66 and Gerhard W. Knutson
Patricia Broad Koch ’55 and Peter F. Koch
Alan Kotula and Connie Kotula
KRAFT Contracting, LLC
Sandra Sullivan Krakowski ’65
Mary McCarthy Kramer ’55
Barbara Baumgartner Krenn ’76 and John L. Krenn
Nita Krevans
Mary Heywood Kubiak ’65
Karen Forster Kuritz ’59
Mary Pat Kwaterski ’74 and Eric S. Moore
Kelly Lamphear-Dash ’91 and Rajesh S. Dash
Deborah Sakry Lande ’89 and John M. Lande
Mary K. Langlois ’72
Joan Latuff ’66
Richard C. Laurion MAOL’09
Christina Nguyen Le ’95
Trang T. Le and Binh C. Bui
Jim and Linda Lee Family Foundation
Linda Gower Lee ’92 and James A. Lee
Lahens Lee-St. Fleur ’05 and Jenna Madden St. Fleur ’07
Cynthia L. Lehr ’78 and Stephen F. Brill
Christine M. Levens ’96
Jane Liepold ’65
Jacqueline Lano Lindskoog ’62
Gail M. Lofdahl ’78
Elizabeth Pollok Lorentz ’81, MAOL’04 and Thomas E. Lorentz
Mary Cook Loschy ’90 and Curtis B. Loschy
Margaret Louters and Herman Louters
Joan Skidmore Loveday ’59 and Thomas J. Loveday
Catherine Cott-Meissel Lutz ’81 and Ronald D. Lutz
Patricia Dickirson Lyon ’56
Yvonne Tobin MacCormack ’64 and George F. MacCormack
Carol Savage MacDonald ’85
Cynthia Thomas MacLean
Barbara Vacha Maher ’63
Dorothy Scott Maki ’60 and Ronald L. Maki
Tammy Gilbert Mancha ’03
Sharon Manning ’75
James Manship and Beverly Manship
Lois Bacha Maroney ’68 and Patrick D. Maroney
Denise Sogn Marsolek ’94, MAOL’06
Robert C. Marson
Rosemary Martin ’65
Jane F. Marystone
Master Electric Company Inc.
Jerome McCarney
Jean Skudlarek McCarthy ’59
John A. McCarty and Linda S. McCarty
Rebecca Matthees McCaskey ’74 and Patrick C. McCaskey
Patricia Londo McCormick ’48
Mary Horgan McDonough ’46
Mary Lohmann McElroy ’71 and Daniel C. McElroy
Maureen A. McLaughlin ’77
Antonia McHugh McLean ’48 and G. Robert McLean
Corine Jacobs McLellan ’96
Mary Kaye Medinger ’68, Cert’04
Carrie J. Meyer ’90 and Paul A. LaBlanc
Ann Irlbeck Miller ’69 and William P. Miller, Jr.
John B. Miller and Elizabeth P. Miller
Thomas E. Miller
Katherine A. Mills ’04, MAOL’12
Debra Miner and Keith Miner
Nancy Moberg ’70
Marlene Mohs and Steven Mohs
Daniel M. Molyneaux and Jennifer K. Molyneaux
LuAnn McCann Monahan ’91
Mary Bisanz Morrison ’58
Philomena Morrissey Satre MAOL’08
Norene Cajacob Moser ’70
Ruth Ann Mugerauer ’69
Karla Kenefick Murphy ’78
Eileen Costello Musser ’85 and Bret J. Musser
Mary Anita Leshock Naab ’75
Nachtsheim Family Foundation
Judith A. Neece
Jolynn M. Nelson ’85, MAOL’11 and Sarah M. Henderson
Kim Nelson and Stafford Nelson
Yvette Nelson ’64
Thuy-Trang T. Nguyen ’05
Susan Bisanz Nicholson ’68 and James Nicholson
Julie Reed Nigon ’73 and Bernard R. Nigon
Elizabeth LaBine Nino ’67
Gail D. Nordstrom ’81, MLIS’94
Patricia Moudry Norusis ’71 and Ralph N. Norusis
Kathleen M. O’Brien ’64
Michelle L. O’Brien ’93
Tammy M. O’Connell ’82
Beth Soener O’Connor ’77
Denise O’Connor-Boyles ’87
Mary Treacy O’Keefe ’74, MAT’02 and Daniel P. O’Keefe
Barbara A. Olson ’80
Donna Benson Olson ’87
Ruth Bosquez Olson ’60
Kimberly D. Osland and Beverly L. Cory ’91, MAT’97
Scott J. Pakudaitis
Beatrice Mulvehill Palmer MAT’87 and John M. Palmer
Theresa McHugh Palmersheim ’72
Kathleen Kelly Palmsten ’69
Kathleen Maher Passe ’70 and Martin J. Passe
Carol L. Pavlish
Eleanore Casey Pederson ’70 and William R. Pederson
Daralyn Berg Peifer ’71
Peoples Electric Co., Inc.
Mary Sharon Carr Peraud ’69 and Joseph B. Peraud
Jane Fischer Perlee ’78
Lori Peterson and Mark Peterson
Pfizer Foundation
Charles L. Pieterick ’74 and Marcia G. Rubardt
Dana N. Pollard MAOL’02
Lynn Marie Polski and Stephen Polski
Rita F. Pomroy ’05
Charlotte Kramer Prentice ’56
Presbyterian Homes & Services
Scena Nelson Proodian ’72
Pro-Tec Design, Inc.
The Prudential Foundation
Mary Jean Psik ’58
Carolyn Puccio, CSJ, ’65
Mary Donovan Quinlivan ’81 and Michael R. Quinlivan
Catherine Dady Quinn ’72
Jerome J. Quinn
Matthew D. Rand
Sarah J. Rand
Roma Peerboom Rasmussen ’70
Sarah A. Raymond ’95 and Jim Decker
RBC Wealth Management
Barbara Donahue Redpath ’61
Anne Lucking Reed ’74
Marcia Finnegan Rehkamp ’64 and Paul G. Rehkamp
Sharon Hunt Reid ’66 and Joseph M. Reid
Jerilyn Peterson Reinhardt ’82
Linda Reinhardt ’72
Jennylynde Renteria Packham ’94
Patricia Lamson Ricci ’63
Cheryl D. Rising and Scott D. Rising
Joy Morzinski Robbins ’61
Susan Bass Roberts and Christopher N. Roberts III
Joan Mangen Robertson ’96, MAOL’99
Reyne Rofuth ’76
Jeanne Kletzke Roloff ’86 and Norman C. Roloff
Stacy M. Rooney MAOL’06
Thomas J. Rooney
Ruth Maus Rothschilds ’59
Joanne Routzahn ’64
Rebecca Hogan Rudesill ’98
Florence R. Ruhland ’50
Alissa Murray Ruka MAED’05
Virginia A. Rusch ’70 and Ira Perman
Phyllis Birkel Salmen ’71
Allen J. Sames
Karen M. Sames
Steven Richard Sarafolean
Mary Westbrook Satterstrom ’74 and Robert J. Satterstrom
Nancy Donaghue Saunders ’02 and Peter S. Saunders
Elizabeth St. Amant Sauter Cert’91, BA’92 and Gerald F. Sauter
Mary Anne Savage ’62
SavATree, LLC
Claire M. Schafer ’05
Gwendolyn P. Schimek ’04
Jean C. Schlemmer
Maxine Schmidt ’71 and David Watkins
John S. Schmitt
Susan Ann Schneider ’82
Susan Ellenbecker Schroeder
Nancy Commers Schuld ’83 and James L. Schuld
Margaret Sebald and Roy Sebald
Sentry Insurance Foundation, Inc.
Mary Weber Severson ’76 and John A. Severson
Shapco Printing, Inc.
Mary Jo Schwob Shaver ’51
Sherwin-Williams Company
Pamela Stucky Skinner ’85 and James R. Skinner
Ann Hiniker Skory ’59
Sharon L. Smith ’73
Sharon Deluhery Snyder ’61
Soener Foundation
Nancy Ann Soener ’80
Maureen Brown Spanier ’82
Sandra A. Spanier ’75
Mary Ellenbecker Speth
Lynn Babb Sprafka ’73 and J. Michael Sprafka
Jenna Madden St. Fleur ’07 and Lahens Lee-St. Fleur ’05
Mary L. Stanislav ’77 and Michael R. Fermoyle
Toccara Torres Stark MAOL’09 and Michael D. Stark
Marina B. Stauffer ’04
Kathleen McCloskey Stead ’68 and Patrick Stead
Rosmary Silbernagel Stelmach ’61 and George E. Stelmach
Katherine Steward ’83
Michelle Alt Sturiale ’92 and Nick Sturiale
Laurie A. Svatek
Alice R. Swan
Joan Beyer Swanson
Monica Dauer Swieringa ’64
Barbara Zwach Sykora ’63 and Robert G. Sykora
Carol Ann Tauer ’54
Mary Jane Tauscheck ’56
Carrie Taylor and Bryan Taylor
Kathleen Klas Thames ’82 and Robert P. Thames
Annie Stone Thelen ’79 and Robert R. Thelen
Alice Dargen Thoresen ’68
Thrivent Financial Foundation
Annemarie Tobin ’77
Total Wine & More
Dolores Amann Traxler ’46 and Donald A. Traxler
Peter S. Tritz and Cynthia A. Tritz
Jun Tsuji
Kathleen Heilman Tweeten Cert’99 and Thomas N. Tweeten
Colleen R. TwoFeathers and James R. Dvorak
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Kathleen Shea Vagnoni ’47 and Bernard Vagnoni
Catherine L. van der Schans
Dr. Alayne Van Erem ’73
Elizabeth Zwilling VanHeel ’07 and Jordan VanHeel
Verizon Foundation
Vision Woodworking, Inc.
Angela Sharbonno Vogt ’00 and Ryan R. Vogt
Jacqueline M. Vos ’75
Jo A. Vos ’71
Rita C. Warpeha ’62
Maryann Nieberle Weidt ’66
Nora Sullivan Weir ’80
Janet Welle ’73
Wanda Archer Weller ’66
Ellen Rudeen Weyandt ’72 and Gregory M. Weyandt
Linda Wheeler ’69
Margaret Wiora White ’75 and Dr. Herman B. White, Jr.
Mary Ellen Schwarz White ’70 and Robert E. White
Carol J. Winegar ’79
Heidi Anderson Wingerd ’91 and Mark Wingerd
Dayna M. Wolhart ’81, Cert’06
Michael Wolly
Diane L. Wolter ’80
Margaret Mayers Wolters ’60
Eron D. Woods
Carole Larsen Woody ’93
Gretchen Hintz Wronka ’66
Leiyang Xu ’05
Linda Burgess Yungbluth ’74
Priscilla Zee and Alexander Schildmeyer
Barbara Latterell Ziliak ’60 and Jerome J. Ziliak
Eric Zilley


Anonymous Donors
Margaret Cernohous Ahrens ’64
Therese Kohout Amel ’65
Christine M. Amelon and Ronald L. Amelon
American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation
American Library Association
Lucy Dargen Anderle ’64
DeAnne J. Anderson and Robin J. Anderson
Martha Helmholz Anderson ’89 and David C. Anderson
Sabrina M. Anderson MAOL’02
Karen S. Andrews ’66
Kathy R. Angell MAHS’13
Ruth E. Anway ’10
Barbara Mertz Arvold ’72
Emily J. Asch and M. William Asch
Teresa A. Askew ’80 and Ann L. Garvey ’80
At Home Group, Inc.
Cynthia Rowan Augsbury ’94
Kathleen Maloney Azman ’79 and Robert Azman
Kathleen Ryan Bach ’77
Janet Bourke Bachman ’65
Theresa A. and Vincent J. Baker Charitable Trust
Helen Boening Bambenek ’49
Barrett Family Foundation
Joanne Klecatsky Barrett ’68 and Michael J. Barrett
Katherine A. Barrett MPH’21
Rebeca Barroso
Judith Working Bartz ’87
Catherine Wilhelmy Bauer ’59
Kathleen Baxter ’66
Jeanne Dorsa Bazal ’78
Marcie Cronin Becker ’80 and Joseph G. Becker
Oxana Dorosz Bedore ’79
Patricia Whittaker Belknap ’74 and Mark K. Belknap
Mary Guettler Belongie ’63 and Robert L. Belongie
Julie Thalhuber Bendel ’88 and Christopher Bendel
Ann Larson Benson ’94
Max Berg
Barbara Berka ’64
Sharon Maloney Berkner ’62 and James W. Berkner
Lisa M. Bernard Cert’14 and Jeffrey S. Bernard
Michelle Thornton Bernaski ’92 and Michael J. Bernaski
Cecilia Bernier-Healy ’80
Best Western Bloomington at Mall of America
Barbara Boyce Biales ’57
Rebecca Bisciglia-Johnson ’12
Carol Blackburn ’82
Patricia Hamel Blair ’92
Marjorie Murphy Blevins ’84 and Timothy P. Blevins
Gail Nelson Bliven
Blue Plate Restaurant Company, Inc.
Judith Chaplin Boblitt ’71
Lara M. Bollweg ’99
Gloria L. Boyer and Kenneth W. Boyer
Lynette Wohlers Brace ’90
Marilisa Goodrich Brannigan ’75
Maureen Reilly Breckman ’48
Mary Margaret McAlpin Brennan ’60 and Dennis T. Brennan
Renée M. Broughten
Alice Driscoll Brown ’52 and Frank T. Brown
Monica L. Brown
Paula L. Brust ’70
Catherine Buelow ’67
Barbara A. Buhr ’46
Gayle Bunge and Eric Bunge
Jean Kennedy Burris ’80 and Wayne S. Burris
Darlene Oehrlein Bushinski ’70 and Robert Bushinski
Elizabeth J. Butler ’80 and Todd G. Johnson
BWBR Foundation
Jayne Laufer Byrne ’78
Marianne C. Byrne ’75
Mary Ann Caesar ’85
Mary Brown Camber ’85, MAT’02, Cert’03 and James Camber
Campbell Soup Foundation
Kathleen A. Campbell ’02
Camilla Stone Cane ’80 and Mark S. Cane
Jane Lamm Carroll ’80
Mary A. Carter ’65
Rev. Patrick L. Casey
Karen M. Casserly ’77 and Mary C. Walsh
Liz Hathaway Castelán ’76
Caterpillar Foundation
Judith O’Malley Catton ’52
Eileen M. Cavanagh ’55
Yer Chang ’12
Mary Steinbach Cheyne ’63
Poay Cheng Chong ’96
Carolyn Kasimor Chrismer ’68 and James E. Chrismer
Deborah J. Churchill ’84
Mary Jo Agee Clasen ’74 and Peter M. Clasen
Mary Jo Singer Cobb ’73
Christine Carroll Collinet ’87 and Edward Collinet
Cynthia A. Conley
Marie Sauro Conlin ’47
Mary Bigelow Connelly ’53 and John J. Connelly
Consulate General of Canada in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jeanene M. Conzemius and Michael G. Conzemius
Betty J. Cook ’54
Marie E. Cook ’79
Barbara Woodward Crassweller ’91 and James R. Crassweller
Jean Suilman Crow ’84
Mary Quinn Crow ’73 and James Crow
Suzanne Patt Cullen ’69
Margaret Curran ’78
Molly Davis ’90 and Christopher Johnson
Dian Davitt ’68
Margaret Dean ’66
Barbara Methven DeCosse ’51
Deer Run Golf Club LLC
Emily Arnold De Jong ’17
Mary K. Delaware ’10
Deluxe Corporation
Joanne K. Dentinger ’70
Donna de St. Aubin ’72 and Jerome Orf
Katherine Sherlock DeVeau ’05, MAOL’11
Mary Carroll DeZiel ’60
Mary Jo Lutz Dickinson MAOL’88
Karrie A. Dietz ’95
Susan Baufield Dillon ’90
Julie Welle Ditzler ’63 and John M. Ditzler
Brian Dlugosch
Therese Whalen Dlugosch ’92, MAOT’13
Carol A. Dmytryszyn ’02
Mary Bunge Docken and Don Lucas
Cynthia Dols Finn DNP’17
Elizabeth Dombroski and Brian Dombroski
Kathleen Donnelly ’69
Phyllis Steinhagen Dosch ’62
Dougherty Family Foundation
Crysil Ashcroft Dougherty ’10
Jane Dowd ’53
Jerome J. Downes and Joan M. Downes
Molly Wagner Doyle ’93
Kathryn M. Drew and Richard A. Drew
Margaret Hohn Dueber ’69
Duggan Foundation
Christine Fournier Durbin ’93
Maureen Pautz Dvorak ’59
Virginia Trueman Dwyer ’77
John A. Eckstein, P.C.
Carolyn Eckstein and Charles Eckstein
Thomas C. Eckstein
Margaret German Edwards ’77
Michele Schik Edwardson ’71 and Daniel Edwardson
Toni Ziehwein Egan ’61 and Edward A. Egan
Douglas J. Eichten and Donna J. Eichten
Louise Eidsmoe ’65
Jane Delage Eisch and Richard H. Eisch
Kathleen Peine Eiselein ’64
Marion Lyness Eldredge ’57
Geraldine Faltesek Elicks ’42 and Sidney L. Elicks
Elsmore Aquatic
Nancy J. Emerson ’90
Janet Lucas Enerson ’77 and Larry G. Enerson
Patricia Duggan Engel ’76
Pam Enz and Mike Enz
EPR Properties
Ann Jacobs Erickson ’75, MAOL’92
Lucy Lohmann Falor ’67
Constance M. Falvey
Camille Callan Farrell ’65
Margaret Walsh Fellenz ’60
Jenny Finden-Watson ’91 and Martin Watson
Robert L. Findorff
Catherine Simon Fischer ’70
Patricia FitzPatrick ’73
Kathlyn Korol Flick ’72
Mary Harrington Ford ’75, MLIS’96
Margaret Schreiner Francis ’55
Larry Franke
William A. Franke MAOL’10 and Leah S. Franke
Patricia Kehrer Franz ’57, Cert’87 and John R. Franz
Fury Motors, Inc.
Mary Gallagher-O’Toole ’63 and John Alan O’Toole
Genevieve A. Gans ’62
Kathleen Gans ’68
Marcia Gans ’64
Laura Lanners Garbe ’84
Diane Stockdale Gardner MAT’98 and Kennon J. Gardner
Karen Ostrem Garrity ’68
Ann L. Garvey ’80 and Teresa A. Askew ’80
Marie French Geraghty ’79
Ellen Ahern Giles ’62
Mary Sweeney Giorgi and Mark T. Giorgi
Deborah Storkamp Glomski ’78 and Gary Glomski
Maureen O’Neill Golden ’62
Marilyn Rech Goldman ’62
Linda Malvey Gonshorowski ’69
Elizabeth Mueller Grace ’58 and Thomas Grace
Ellen Grady-Mans and John Mans
Ruth Graupmann ’71
Greater White Bear Lake Community Foundation
Jane Hix Greeman ’68 and Michael J. Greeman
Karen Hakanson Griffin ’90
Katherine Walker Griffith
Ann M. Grochala ’74
Helen Shimota Gross ’52 and Nathan Gross
Lisa Murray Gross ’94 and Peter R. Gross
Sheila Connors Grove
Eileen Lahiff Grundman ’49
Jean Guezmir
Joshua D. Guggenheimer and Alison Guggenheimer
Rev. Barbara Larson Gwynn ’77
Mary Habstritt ’82
Barbara Hacker ’72
Clare Boyce Hagen ’94
Sally Kreher Haik ’54 and Raymond A. Haik
Laurie Magnuson Hamen ’82
Monica Hesse Hamer ’88 and Craig E. Hamer
Susan Hames, CSJ, ’68
Katherine Hammes-Bunnell ’76
Heidi Hammond
Elizabeth A. Hampton ’00 and Terry P. Artmann
Patricia Ryan Gerlach Hanf ’64
Joseph K. Hanson, Jr.
Harbinson Consulting Corporation
Paula F. Hart Cert’11, MAOL’15
Robert F. Hartmann
Mary Riesgraf Hatch ’94 and Clyde K. Hatch
Paula McWilliams Haybach ’66 and Adam G. Haybach
Megan A. Heahlke ’00
Margaret M. Healey ’73
Stephen S. Hearn
Mary Lynch Heaton ’61
Pat Cummings Heil ’59 and H. Philip Heil
Anna Quade Heinz ’56
Marlene S. Heitke MNUR’95
Nancy A. Heitzeg
Patricia Helin ’62
Mary Helland and Tom Helland
Sonia Daleki Helton ’59
Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc.
Denise Herrmann ’81
Denise Bakke Heuer ’95
Hewlett-Packard Company
Kelly Freeman Hill ’87
Margaret Polga Hinkle ’61
Jeannine Schnell Hoffbeck ’60
Sylvia Lindgren Holtberg ’85
Nancy Hadrath Hooley ’53
Kathleen Walter Hoolihan ’75
Jasper S. Hopkins ’90
Amy Maria Horwath ’08
Patricia Black Huberty ’59 and Robert J. Huberty
Carol Johnson Hubler ’56
George B. Hubmer
Mary Barry Hughes ’66
Helen Mary Hughesdon ’68
Kathleen Borotz Huls ’69
M. Susan Hundt-Bergan ’66 and Harold B. Bergan
Susan Wozney Hunn ’62 and Joseph B. Hunn
Mary A. Hunt
Jeannette Smith Hunter ’54
Ann Huntrods, Esq.
Claudia Huot ’79 and Joseph Taylor
Michael D. Hurd
Erin Madden Husen ’89 and W. Kile Husen
Bea Van Demark Isaak ’59
Audrey Conard Iversen ’50
Mandy J. Iverson and Brooks A. Snedeker
Margaret Schuh Jachec ’81
Gabrielle Thompson Jendro ’17 and Jesse P. Jendro
Ann S. Jennings ’71
Christy Donovan Jepperson MBA’21 and Jake Jepperson
James E. Jernberg
Cynthia D. Jeska ’12
Jody M. Johnson ’86
Mary Ropella Johnson ’73
Pamela Muelhaupt Johnson
Andrew Louis Jones
Donald L. Jones and Nancy A. Jones
Julie Miller Jones and David B. Jones
Patricia Wyffels Julsrud ’68
Margaret Creen Jung ’77 and Michael Jung
Suzanne S. Kaback
Nicole Lambert Kadwell ’93
Kathleen Doherty Kane ’72
Barbara Bonacci Kanera ’69
Marilyn Reck Kaplan ’51 and Stuart R. Kaplan
Jane Kaufenberg ’79
Marie Nizzi Kayser ’78
Linda M. Kazmierczak ’02
Claire M. Keefe
Barbara Young Keegan ’70 and Thomas M. Keegan
Catherine M. Kelly
MaryAnn Kelly-Wright Cert’88, BA’90
Teresa Miller Kemmerer ’84 and Robert Kemmerer
Mary Ellen Kennedy ’61
Mary Antil Kent ’67 and Ronald J. Kent
Mary Koch Keogh ’44
Charlotte Timmons Kerelko ’59
Anne Kernan-Grunzke ’89
Sara Newburg Kersten ’65
Georgiann Melink Keyport ’80 and Daniel M. Keyport
F. Paul Kile MAT’95
Julie Morrissey Kimlinger ’73 and Michael T. Kimlinger
Mary Kelly Kirk-Willenbring ’89 and James E. Willenbring
Stacey M. Kleinendorst ’08, MAOL’17
Jessica Gagner Klick ’06
Dianne Mikolajczyk Kloyda ’58
Margot Bussard Knoll ’62 and Franklin J. Knoll
Martha D’Costa Koch ’60 and Michael F. Koch
Kristi G. Koelfgen ’89 and Daniel F. Riley
Ann Ahern Koets ’80
Nancy Laverdure Kolacke ’83 and John M. Kolacke
Cecilia Konchar Farr and Tracy E. Farr
Kopp Investment Advisors, Inc.
Jonna J. Kosalko ’98
Carol F. Kuechler and Thomas J. Tesch
Margot Fehrenbacher Lair ’70
Ann Gillis LaLiberte ’85 and Paul H. LaLiberte
Barbara Billesbach Lapensky ’73
Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren, Ltd. Foundation
Barbara Elden Larney ’84
Barbara Harmon Larson MAT’98 and Kenneth D. Larson
Karen Buchanan Larson ’79
Jane Nass Lavin ’84 and Brian J. Lavin
Edye Grajeck Lawler ’65 and Terence A. Lawler
League of Women Voters of Minnesota Education Fund, Inc.
Anne Wakefield Leck ’05
Legend Mechanical, Inc.
Antonette Lehman ’02 and James J. Pedginski
Bruce Lemmons and Anna Marie Belu
Lorrayne Lenarz ’52
Elizabeth Hayden Leonard ’02, MPT’04, DPT’05 and Chad W. Leonard ’01
Patrice Lubrecht Lia ’76 and James J. Lia
Teresa McCarthy Licari ’70
Carol M. Linde and Kenneth D. Linde
Llewellyn H. Linde
Paul R. Linde and Laurel J. Schultz
Catherine Liska ’84 and Hung Russell
Lockheed Martin Corporation Foundation
Lockwood Charitable Remainder Trust
Jean Peschel Lockwood ’51
Marilynn Griep Loving ’71 and James G. Loving
Marcia Sweetman Lowe ’53
Peggy Zufelt Ludwig ’52
David L. Luedtke and Teresa A. Luedtke
Susan N. Lukwago ’89
LaVonne Wyffels Lutz ’55
Jean L. Lynch and Richard P. Lynch
Holly MacDonald ’80 and John Orbison
Phyllis Kabeiseman Mach ’58
Sheila Oster Machacek ’81
Mary Ellen Gucker Macpherson ’61
Thomas F. Madison
Suzanne Hoegh Mahmoodi ’57
Catherine M. Mahon ’01
Janice Ohnsorg Mahoney ’70
Margaret A. Mahoney ’71
Lynn Halvorson Maier ’80 and Steven H. Maier
Martha M. Maier ’82
Barbara Petschel Major ’69
Carol Makkyla ’66
Helen Baird Malby ’64 and Robert J. Malby
Ann Novitzki Maney ’78
Rose Abler Manguso ’84
Lezlie Ott Marek ’80 and Thomas R. Marek
Carla Zelada Marshall ’97
Carole Nuese Martin ’64
Brigette M. Marty
Barbara Bergquist Marystone ’60 and Donald W. Marystone
Ann M. Mathews-Lingen ’83, MSW’94 and Robyn L. Mathews-Lingen ’84
Barbara Albright Matthees ’74 and Charles R. Matthees
Stacie J. Mattson ’92
Melissa Driver Maurer ’90 and William L. Maurer
Ellen A. McCarthy and Charles T. Howell
Joanne C. McCarthy ’56
Susan Clements McCloskey ’67
Mary Ann Scholtes McCoy ’61
Reba McEntire
Rebecca L. McGill AA’79, MAOL’94
Roxanne Wolner McGill ’90
Margaret McGinn ’57
Diana L. McGrath MBA’17
Mary A. McGurran ’85 and Daniel Schmit
Mary Seifert McIntyre ’64 and J. Lawrence McIntyre
Mary Kay Mooney McJilton ’60
Timothy J. McKenna and Kathleen M. McKenna
Mary Gerenz Mckenzie ’91 and Christopher Mckenzie
Winifred Gail McNamara
Roxanne M. McNamer ’92 and Diego Duque
Pamela J. McNulty
Angela Carolla Medlock ’01
Lesa Granzow Mellis ’85 and George Mellis
Roxana Merz ’86 and Raymond Brau
Marianne Kramer Meyer ’89, MAED’98
Roxann K. Meyer ’96
Colleen Donahue Thompson Michels ’60
JoAnn Maritz Michna ’71
Virginia Schirber Miller ’57
Suzanne Dion Mitchell ’54 and Samuel L. Mitchell
MOA Marketing, Inc.
Lillie M. Mobley ’12
Robin Moede ’00 and Joel Lagerquist
Denise Mollen ’73 and James Strother
Susan Kraker Mollner ’71
Mary Rockwell Monahan ’55
Patricia Klas Montalbano and James P. Montalbano
Maryanne Moren ’70
Morgan Stanley Foundation
Maureen Connor Moses ’62 and Wilson J. Moses
Stacey Willadsen Moshier ’94
Jacqueline Bell Mosio ’67
Imelda Lamers Muggli and William J. Muggli
Sally A. Mullen ’79
Donna Larson Mulrooney ’57 and Thomas F. Mulrooney
Elizabeth Murnan ’52
Marie E. Murphy ’63
William Myers and Virginia Dudley
Rachel A. Neiwert
Shawn Murray Neumann ’90 and Shawn W. Neumann
Rosanne Zagone Nipko ’85
Pamela Larson Nippolt ’83
Sylvia Ann Nolte
Noodles & Company
Mary Jo Kelly Nosal ’79 and Roger Nosal
Sandra Hoersch Nussbaum ’65
Connie E. O’Keefe ’77
Mary Anne O’Keefe ’70
Erin E. O’Leary ’86
Dianne L. Oliver
Monica E. Olmschenk
Mary Kay Crowley O’Loughlin ’66
Catherine M. Olson ’76
Joan Kramper O’Neill ’74
Elizabeth Lehmann Orchard ’62
OrthoRehab Specialists, Inc.
Kimberly Jesse Ostergaard ’98
Our Lady of Peace
Katherine Rinkleff Overland ’89 and John J. Overland
Ellen Patricia Quirk Pahl ’58
Anupama Pasricha
Theresa A. Paulsen
Thomas Paulson and Virginia Paulson
Kristin M. Payne
Shirley A. Pedersen-Johnson and Roger A. Johnson
RaNae Dagnault Pelner ’86 and Stephen J. Pelner
Jeanne M. Peltier ’67
Nicole Hanley Perron ’72 and Charles G. Perron
Beverly Fehrman Peterson ’94
Scott M. Peterson
Stacy Packer Pfarr ’00 and Peter L. Pfarr
Harriet Demarais Pfeiffer ’45
Kathleen Bradley Philipp ’59
Lisa Mueller Philipsek
Barbara Senta Phillips ’70
Sharon Marks Pierskalla ’64 and Allan Pierskalla
Alexandra R. Pohlad MAHS’12
Lisa Martell Pomroy ’77
Kelly A. Povo ’09
Richard Pressnall ’68
Produce for Better Health Foundation
Kathryn Smith Pugh ’66
Patricia M. Pung MLS’56
Judith Rutte Purtell ’63 and Dennis J. Purtell
Mary Wollan Quigley ’81, Cert’82 and Timothy Quigley ’90
Carol Lynch Quinn ’82 and John Quinn
Bridget C. Rach ’01
Julie Rachel and Donald Rachel
Mary C. Radermacher ’84
Raytheon Company
Claire Nagel Ready ’83 and John F. Ready
Jane Studebaker Reagan ’66
Tamara Reid
Jennifer Bronson Reiman ’05 and David Reiman
Cheryl Emerson Resnick and Paul A. Resnick
Heather Richetto Rumley
Mary Jane Otte Riedlinger
Jeanne Shallbetter Rivard ’67
Anne Rivers-Ditsch ’82
Barbara Roberson
Jennifer Robinson Kloos
Catherine McNamee Rodriguez-Nieto ’59
Kathy Siegmann Rootham ’06
Barbara Nintemann Rothe ’95 and Craig Rothe
Katherine A. Rozman-Holt ’09
Barbara Olsen Rule ’80
Suzanne Poisson Ryan ’99
Allison Larson Rykken ’10 and Alexander S. Rykken
Michelle M. Salmonson ’10
Renee Lucking Salvucci ’78
Maureen Mareck Scaglia ’69
Cynthia Wilberg Scagnelli ’77 and Michael Scagnelli
Joan Van Steenkiste Schaffer ’49 and Frank J. Schaffer
Patricia Batko Schaffran ’69
Patrice Doherty Schaus ’79 and Philip J. Schaus
Jennifer Wesley Schimek ’96 and Kevin L. Schimek ’94
Amy Bennett Schmidt ’93, Cert’23
Susan Lacher Schmittdiel ’81 and John Schmittdiel
Thomas S. Schreier, Sr.
Judy Schroeder Cert’93
Patricia Haeg Schubert ’68
Rhoda J. Schularick ’19 and Martin W. Schularick
Suzanne Goodwin Schuler ’68 and Peter W. Schuler
Therese M. Schurb
Barbara Govednik Schweiger ’71
Kristin Bremer Seitz ’90
Debra Ough Sellheim
Rosemary Pilney Seppi ’90
Patricia Reding Shane ’54
Mary Margaret Manogue Shannon ’46
Julia Giardina Shawhan ’90
Mary Jean Shea ’67
Renee Grev Sheehan ’70 and William J. Sheehan
Gladys Rowe Sheldon ’56
Julie G. Shuster ’12
Janet English Silliman ’67 and John P. Silliman
Susan W. Sisola and Edward W. Sisola
Kathleen Zetah Skinner ’68
Cherry Wallander Smith ’79
Mary Joyce Smith ’58 and Ronald P. Smith
Heidi Hartmann Solomon ’86
Catherine C. Spaeth
Marcia Adams Spagnolo ’59
Tarshia L. Stanley
Paula Sabart Steiert ’81
Virginia Steinhagen ’80 and R. Gregory Muellerleile
Joleen A. Sterner ’11
Mary Quigley Stevens ’71 and John H. Stevens
Mark R. Stickler
Judith D. Stocker ’76
Deborah Tande Stofer ’04 and Gordon F. Stofer
Judith Strobel ’76
Caroline C. Stroh
Margaret M. Sullivan ’85
Mary Margaret Sullivan ’70
Theresa B. Sullivan
SVL, Inc.
Michaeleen Barnes Swanson ’74 and John A. Swanson
Philothea Kodet Sweet ’52
Judith Lohmer Tarabek ’69 and Paul A. Tarabek
Pamela Thiltgen-Hester ’93
Daniel J. Thompson
Sheila Whalin Thompson ’64
Lea Determan Thornton MSW’07
Lori Thureson ’16
Kathryn Tierney ’71
M. Sue Hill Tomlinson ’96
Travelers Foundation
Jeanne Chamberlain Traxler ’59
Kathleen Rafter Tregilgas ’54 and David J. Tregilgas
Bonnie Stanoch Tressler ’77 and David E. Tressler
Haley K. Tsuji ’14
Ann Clark Tucker
Louise Kohout Tuma ’69
Barbara Todd Turner ’84 and Louis H. Turner
Kathleen Foley Turner and Scott E. Turner
Twin City Hardware Company
Jennifer Flood Umphrey ’00, MAOL’07
University Club of Saint Paul
Jacqueline B. Urick ’13
Joan Travers Utvik ’66
Margaret A. Vance ’04
Jeanne Shelstad VanDyke ’82
Helen Spaeth Vanni ’46
Helen Patrick Varner ’64 and Albert J. Varner
Ronald J. Vecchie
Patti Thraen Vitek ’73
Amy N. Vogel MLIS’14
JudithAnn Gregory Vogel ’88 and Chad T. Vogel
RoseAnn Vogt ’64
Kenneth E. Vos and Grace L. Vos
Gloria Bolke Wachtler ’89
Elaine Weimar Wagner ’61
Sara E. Wagner ’85
Mary Alice Walker ’52
Shelby A. Ward ’16
Tamara L. Warn ’01
Jill Warren ’68
Henrietta Schaub Watson ’88
Hanna Hindin Weber ’08
Sharon Simonson Weinkauf ’73
Nancy Weiss and Douglas Weiss
Karen J. Welle ’76 and William V. Kirchgessner
Anissa Schaubach Wenzel ’96
Vera W. Wenzel and John A. Wenzel
Kathleen Donahue Werthmann ’65 and Eberhard H. Werthmann
White Bear Lake Area Educational Foundation
Mary Louise White ’71
Mary O’Regan White ’65
Wendy Whitford
Barbara Whittington and Michael Whittington
Gertrude A. Wilkinson ’52
Minnie Rosnow Willette ’01 and Christopher A. Willette
Karen Kolb Williams ’69
Mary McInerny Williams ’60
Mary Weivoda Wilson ’62
Jean Wincek, CSJ, ’62
Deborah Winkelman
Wayne Winkelman and Jenny Winkelman
Carey A. Winkler ’03, MSW’05, DSW’18
Linda Regenscheid Witte ’74
Lynn Julig Wolfe ’92 and John O. Wolfe
Kathleen M. Wollan ’86
Theresa M. Wollan
Thomas C. Wollan, Sr.
Christine M. Wolohan
Xerox Foundation
Mai Lee Yang ’98
Pang K. Yang ’16
Janet Yates ’72 and Shannan Carter
Sandra Grippen Youngdahl ’59
Victoria Zagaria ’79
Ellen Butler Zarter ’64 and Gary Zarter
Nancy Zaworski ’79
Debra Sulentic Zeien ’83
Kathleen Koppy Ziegler ’62 and Francis Ziegler
Mary Zimmer ’61
Rennie Howell Zimmer ’91
Dona Chase Zimmerman ’56


Anonymous Donors
Sharon Baber Abbott ’59
Yvonne N. Abelon ’99
Margaret Thoennes Abler ’54
Shelley Neubauer Abrahamson and Doug Abrahamson
Cynthia Bemis Abrams Cert’09, MAOL’10
Stuart Ackerberg
Cynthia J. Acton ’90, MLIS’00
Donna Kerber Adams ’72
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Mary Ann Adrian ’60
Kelly Shannon Agnello ’07
Toyin J. Akisanya
Bindhu J. Alappat
Beverly Wurnig Albanese ’54
Madelon Newell Albert ’86, MAT’87
Allyson Smith Aldrich MLIS’96 and Todd R. Aldrich
Katherine Aldrich and Richard Aldrich
Ann Marie Brick Algeo ’69
Deborah A. Allen ’89
Jean Litchy Allen ’57
Norma J. Allgeier and John N. Allgeier
Allied Solutions, LLC
Kirsten L. Alvarez and Dean R. Van Amber
AmazonSmile Foundation
Mary Kathleen Lynch Amble ’61, Cert’86 and George W. Amble
Diane Hiemenz Amer ’72, MAOL’92 and Gregory Amer
American International Group Inc.
Peggy Angvik Ammann ’67
Mary J. Ammer ’79
Mary Sattler Anderley ’75
Amy E. Anderson ’96
Amy Potthoff Anderson ’04
Ann Brunkhorst Anderson MAOL’02
Beth Anderson and Brad Anderson
Elizabeth McGlade Anderson ’55 and Richard R. Anderson
Emily Geppert Anderson ’03, MAOL’12
Jeanne M. Anderson ’76
Kathryn Seifert Anderson ’70
Kay E. Anderson ’90
Mary Ann Anderson
Maureen Ryan Anderson ’11
Melissa Pierce Anderson ’89
Michael E. Anderson
Patricia A. Anderson ’75 and Marc E. Grafslund
Patricia Walseth Anderson ’82
Richard J. Anderson
Siri S. Anderson
Susan Olson Anderson ’69
Janice Anderson-Thomas ’63
Gail Retka Angiulo ’64
Aon Foundation
Nancy Arbeiter
Aubrey Noska Archer ’02
Rebecca Frame Arenivar ’06, MLIS’09 and John Arenivar
Louise Allmaras Arlien ’80
Margaret Welch Arney ’69
Mariella Weber Arnold ’52
Beth Heimerman Arntzen ’68
Kathleen Murray Arth ’78
Amy Denissen Asmus ’94
Robert J. Aubrecht
Carol Hart Austin ’75
Avon Products Foundation, Inc.
Rachel J. Babbitt ’02
Lisa M. Babbs
Mary S. Bach and Russell A. Duehr
Robert Bachman
Donna Bachtold
Jean Krueger Bacig ’82 and Louis J. Bacig
Timothy G. Badar and Lauri J. Badar
Mary Anne Lebens Bailey ’77 and Gregory J. Bailey
Michelle M. Bailey and James E. Bailey
Susan Thiessen Baillon ’67 and James B. Baillon
Grace Dukart Baker ’67 and Robert M. Baker
Judith Traxler Baker
Sheila Rice Bakke ’66
Shari Baldinger and Bruce Douglas
Baldwin Supply Company
Susan Gholson Balk ’60
Lori Ballantine and Bradley Ballantine
Susan Wesley Ballard ’87
BAM International LLC
Bank of America Foundation, Inc.
Bank of America N.A.
Carol Swanson Bannen ’73
Baquero Law Office, PA
Mary Dotray Baquero ’82 and Richard L. Baquero
Sigrid Barklund ’08
Darlene Boumeester Barnett ’60
Arlene Mach Barnhart ’84 and James B. Barnhart
Shirley Roelke Barone ’93, MSW’23
Amy Gennaro Barrett ’86
Anne M. Barry ’79
Rosemary E. Barry
Lisa A. Barth ’80
M. Sheila Bartle ’67
Joy Bartscher ’82
Julie Hausner Bauch Cert’95
Libera Vasquez Bauman ’61
Kathryn Gross Baumgart ’63 and William A. Baumgart
Barbara Mortinson Baumgarten ’80 and George F. Baumgarten
Catherine Heywood Baumgartner ’73 and John W. Baumgartner
Deborah L. Baumgartner ’74
Diane I. Baumgartner ’03
Bernadine Lorbiecki Bausch ’58
Thomas J. Bayless
Cheryl Beadnell and Thomas Beadnell
Marnie Hansen Beard ’91
Bernadine Lenz Beauvais ’65
Patricia Yentsch Beck ’60
Mary Margaret Conroy Beckman ’69
Mary Kay Gallagher Beecher ’73
Mary Bigelow Beer ’69
Ruth Bello ’00
Hazel Belvo and Marcia Casey Cushmore
Suzanne Sulentic Bembridge ’70
Mary A. Bendzick ’77
Benedictine Health System
Cretia Stafford Benolken ’55
Julie A. Benolken MLIS’99
Margaret Kovacs Berchtold ’60
Katherine Kaiser Berg ’82 and James E. Berg
Kimberly S. Berger ’98
Sheila D. Berger
Debra Ketterling Berghs ’90
Laura Schlueter Bernemann ’84
Elizabeth Bernhardt ’11
Mary Catherine Bisanz Berres ’69 and Roger E. Berres
Cheryl Langer Beseler ’00, MAOL’11
Lynnette Beuning and Paul Beuning
Betty A. Biernat
Barbara M. Bill ’68
Dottie Anderson Bingman ’00
Maureen Downey Bisanz ’62
Mary Patricia Bisek ’89
Mary Poe Bissonette ’65
Kathleen Bizal and John Bizal
Carole A. Black
Kay Townsend Black ’54
James A. Blackburn and Virginia A. Blackburn
Andrew Blair
LuAnn Heinz Blair ’75 and Richard A. Blair
Michelle C. Blair ’92
Kathleen O’Halloran Blake ’70 and Richard W. Blake
Faye Bland ’68
Julie Thomas Blanda ’83 and Stanislaus J. Blanda
Bonnie Blaser ’64
Sally Blecha ’71
Mark Blegen and Kristin Schroeder
Bette Richie Blomquist ’60
Anne Bloomer ’86
Margaret A. Blue ’01
Cheryl A. Bock MAOL’09
Paula Doom Boerboom ’81
Julie Polski Boerger ’98
Brenda Wilcox Bohler ’98
Patricia Davies Bohm ’65 and William J. Bohm, Jr.
Geraldine Tierney Boland ’61
Margaret N. Boland ’90
Margaret Steinbauer Bolstad ’69
Marti Keninger Bomgaars ’87
Charles F. Bond
Joan Griebenow Bonello ’13 and Robert S. Bonello
Linda M. Borene ’12
Eve R. Borenstein and Candace J. Falk
Mary Chase Borgen ’68 and Robert H. Borgen
Sally Marty Borich ’66
Boston Scientific Foundation, Inc.
Barbara French Bottger ’96
Paul G. Bourget and Lisa C. Bourget
Jennifer Rients Bourgoine ’06
Anne Bohn Bowen-Olson ’48
Lorraine Walter Bowlus ’03
Jenna R. Bowman ’10
Karol Hebl Bowman ’69
Marylee Zachman Bowman ’60
Rose Mary Williams Boyd ’90
Judith St. Anthony Boylan ’58
Mary Kate Boylan and Richard Verner
Geraldine Sonnen Bradford ’49
Mary Daleiden Bradley ’70
Mina Dougherty Bradley ’95
Deanna Brady and Kevin Brady
Shirley Brady ’48
Brainfuse Inc.
Diane Dwyer Brand ’71
Christina M. Brandel ’02
Elizabeth Bronson Brandes ’81
Marcia T. Brand-Niebur ’86 and Glen L. Niebur
Bradley A. Brandt and Patricia A. Brandt
Pamela Scott Branlund ’90
Mary Sue Hopkins Brass ’54
Barbara L. Brauch ’72
JoAnn Frank Braun ’61
Joanne Kollar Braun ’56
Julianne Ball Brauninger ’84
Eileen Hogan Braxton ’81
Melissa Reuter Brechon ’77, MLIS’95
Carol Johnson Breitling ’60
Catherine Collins Breiwick ’05
Deborah Pape Bremseth ’73
Jeanne Carnel Brendel ’49
Mary Ann F. Brenden and Dr. Herbert Brenden
Lanette A. Brennan ’89
Joyce Willard Brettner MAHS’06
Donna Pierre Brittain ’81
Virginia Mills Broberg
Mary Wirth Brockway ’62 and Ronald S. Brockway
Alice Casey Broughton
Mary K. Brown ’80
Randal Brown
Philip Bruneau and Kelly Bruneau
Sheila Hedding Brunelle ’57 and Thomas E. Brunelle
Joanne Howe Bruun ’71
Susan K. Bryniarski ’87
Jeanne Holmquist Buck ’73 and John L. Buck
Jennifer Pehanick Buckley ’88 and Robert A. Buckley
Rita Reed Buckley ’63 and Stephen W. Buckley
Laura Bufano, CSJ
Megan Gray Burick ’81
Anna Grady Burnham ’76
Pamela Young Burns ’82
Michaela L. Burroughs ’13
Brook A. Burt and Richard B. Burt
Sandra Burton
Margaret L. Busby ’57
Debra Buss ’98 and Mark Goodman
Ann Williams Bussey ’70
Cynthia Mazur Butler ’79
Frances Ryan Butler ’58 and Larry P. Butler
Paul Buttenhoff
Julie A. Buttermore and R. Scott Buttermore
Patricia Persons Buysse ’61
Raymond S. Byrne
Rose Mary Kelly Byrne ’50
Roseanne Schoch Byrne ’71
Janet Schluender Byrnes ’82
Catherine Treacy Calabrese ’68
Joyce French Campagna ’91
Suellen Johnson Campbell ’76
Cathleen Mueller Canto ’87 and John G. Canto
Julie A. Capistrant ’12
Patricia Parlin Caponi ’52
Louise A. Cardinal
Joan Ryan Cardinale ’64 and Gianfranco Cardinale
Patricia Bauer Carlen ’90, MAED’21 and James B. Carlen
Kerri Carlson Anderson and Thomas M. Anderson
Janice Nagurski Carlson ’71
Marsha Berglund Carlson ’90
Nancy Coffman Carlson ’77
Judy Carman and Martin Carman
Louis J. Caron
Susan E. Caron
Laura Caron-Parker ’81
Louann Mueller Carpenter ’86 and Scott M. Carpenter
Kristi Jo Carrington ’84
Joan Baskfield Carroll ’57
Cari Ann Carter
Margo Casey
Sandra J. Casey ’72
Susan Southwick Casey ’67
Thomas Casey and Patricia Casey
Phyllis Hayes Casper ’69
Sarah Mills Casper ’65
Jeanne McGillis Casselman ’43
Susan Hencir Cathey ’69
Suzanne Schulte Cattoor ’64
Causecast Foundation
Joanne Cavallaro
Mary C. Cavanaugh ’65
Jodi L. Cedarleaf ’86, MAED’01
Eric Celeste and Mary Hess
Beth Kujawa Cermak ’77
Karen Kompelien Chalmers ’64
Beverly Thomas Chamberlin ’68
Angela Cotlow Chambliss ’04
Mary Beth Meyer Chapel ’74
Caron Chapman ’70
Mary Menke Charlton ’57
Mary Quayle Chastek ’71 and James Chastek
Rita Gleason Chatel ’64 and Michael C. Chatel
Nancy Ruhr Chavez
Heather Hendricks Chevaillier ’93
Virginia Streitz Chezik ’77
Stacy Seeland Childers ’02
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Michelle Simonet Christian MNUR’98
Beth J. Christofferson
Lanlan Chu
Virginia A. Church ’78
Brenda Clancy-Decker ’95
Marjorie Clare
Ann Forrest Clark ’82 and John S. Clark
Danielle D. Clark ’09
Mary Rieland Clark ’88
Lori Hansen Clements ’80
Beth Ann Clevenger
Sandra Clifton and Michael Clifton
COKeM International
Allison R. Cole ’09
Elizabeth Heinen Cole ’56 and John E. Cole
Mary Jo Ruff Cole ’78
Cary R. Cole-Anthony ’95
Cassandra L. Coleman ’02
Jane Campion Coleman ’80 and Thomas F. Coleman
Taiyon J. Coleman
Carolyn Colin and Daniel Colin
Jane Thurin Collier ’92 and Kevin M. Collier
Courtney A. Colwell and Martin J. Wera
Mary Hess Comford ’76 and John S. Comford
Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties
Patricia M. Conley ’72
Elizabeth Donnelly Conlin ’73
Patricia E. Conlin ’88
Anne Wheeler Connor ’69 and Sean C. Connor
Kathleen Roeder Connors ’74
Ann McEvoy Contreras ’78
Marjorie Swanson Converse ’65
Kathleen Neils Conzen ’63
Jon Clark and Lisa Cook
Anita Cook and Michael Cook
Carol Farrell Cooney ’56
Erica M. Cooper MNUR’18
Francine Corcoran
Catherine Tobias Corrigan ’67
Katharine Grathwol Costa ’55
Maureen Costello ’78 and James McMenamin
Lynn Erickson Cota ’89
Celina A. Cottle ’96
Darlene Carlson Coughlin ’53 and Clayton J. Coughlin
Theresa McInerny Coulombe ’62
courageous heARTS
Marie Cox and Tom Cox
Kristen M. Coyle MPT’97, DPT’07
The Cozy Nest, Inc.
Quincy Craft Faber ’09
Patricia Murnane Crelan ’67
Shirley Boehnke Cressy ’58 and Philip J. Cressy, Jr.
Sheila Kinsella Crombie ’67 and Brian Crombie
Anne Cronmiller ’85
Ann Kuth Crossen ’71 and Richard M. Crossen
Cecilia M. Crowley ’78
Anne M. Crowningshield ’61
Pauline Jenkins Cullars ’76
Elvera Quade Cullen ’55
Patricia Cullen
Judith Colley Cummings ’91 and Daniel C. Cummings
Patricia Cummings ’60
Jennifer Plummer Cunningham ’90
Katherine Flynn Cuntz ’57
Patricia Dynan Curtis ’57
Judith Foline Custer ’65
Delores Klick Czaja ’63
Christine Czyzewski and Thaddeus Czyzewski
Mary Groh Dado ’88 and Robert J. Dado
Joyce K. Dahlberg MAT’05
Janet McCarthy Daleiden ’48
Joanne Speikers Dalglish ’57 and James M. Dalglish
Jo Anne Gassmann Dalhoff ’62
Margaret Rowan Daly ’85, MLIS’10 and Mark Daly
Marian J. Dambowy ’86
Dana Foundation
Kathryn Praedel D’Angio ’59
Terry Daniels and Debi Daniels
Tris A. Danielson ’15
Susan Fashant Daniewicz ’71
Debra Dunn Danis ’77
James D’Aurora and Denise D’Aurora
Dorothy Novotny Davies ’53 and George W. Davies
Mary Patricia Carroll Davis ’70
Richard J. De Blieck
Barbara J. Decker ’63, MLIS’00
Megan DeCorsey and Mike DeCorsey
Ann Deiman-Thornton ’95
Grace De Jong
Margaret Davern Delapaz ’60 and M. Richard Delapaz
Dell Inc.
Janice G. DeLozier and David J. DeLozier
Marilyn Jacobs DeMarais ’88
Margaret Burke DeMarce ’54
Kristine Keller Dembiczak ’60 and Wallace Dembiczak
Traci Oviatt DeMeyer ’94
Dan Denchfield
Anne Obert Derfler ’82 and David J. Derfler
Christine M. DeRose MAOL’11 and William DeRose
Stephanie Betts de Sam Lazaro ’05, MAOT’06, OTD’14
Design 29, L.L.C.
Michele DesLauriers ’64
Joy DesMarais-Lanz ’98, MAOL’05
Mary Bossert DeTienne ’74
Heidi Larsen Deutsch ’06 and Todd Deutsch
Mary Como Deutz ’59
Catherine Kummer DeWitt ’62
Margaret Smith Diamond ’58
Elizabeth Tompkins Dickey ’73
Steven A. Diede ’88
Kelly J. Dietrich ’04
Cathy Dill
Betty A. Dilley ’75
Lavonne Paul Dimond ’83
Kimberley A. Dinsey-Read MBA’21 and Bruce A. Read
Dianne DeZurik Dirkswager ’60 and Edward J. Dirkswager
Linda Schaak Distad ’71
Norita Dittberner-Jax ’66
Colleen Langeland Dobie ’68
Nicole Burg Dockendorff ’07, DPT’09 and Joseph W. Dockendorff
Dolan Printing
Joan Dorle Dolan ’53
Patricia Gangl Dolan ’65 and Francis W. Dolan
Mary Schreck Dombrowski ’62
Colleen M. Donahue MAOL’04
Margaret Dundon Donahue ’52
Linda Lenhardt Donaldson ’63
Diane Donnelly-Nelson and Wallace Nelson
Dorothy Melicek Donohue ’42
Martha R. Dorow MLIS’00
Leila Dorrian ’87
Audrey Weaver Dotte ’50 and Lawrence S. Dotte
Carole Nelson Douglas ’66
The Dow Chemical Company Foundation
Linda D. Dowd ’13
Joe Downes
Nancy Webster Downey ’67 and John Downey
Jeanette M. Downs and Brian C. Downs
Gwen Mitchell Doyle ’05
Carol Vogel Drago ’58
Ivy Holland Draughon ’04
Yelena Dreizin and Sergei Dreizin
Linda Butler Duchene ’93
Mary Daleiden Duff ’65 and Thomas B. Duff
Mary Ann Staffa Duffy ’54
Claire Fisher Dunlap and Donald Dunlap
Patricia A. Dunn ’93
Kathleen Bowden Dupre ’84
Mary Ellen Dusold Duran ’66
Brian D. Dusbiber and M. Catherine Dusbiber
Pierre C. Dussol
Sarah E. Duzynski ’04
Sarah A. Dvorak ’94
Darcy Welch Dwyer ’77
Sue Decker Dwyer ’68
Scott F. Eddy ’06, MNUR’10
Abby E. Edgar
Susan Chapiewski Edholm ’71
Jodi Edlin and Lance Edlin
EE Masonry LLC
Pamela Egan ’74
Cynthia Egeness and Michael Hanson
Eide Bailly LLP
Kathleen Gutzmann Eischen ’82
Sharon Blumberg Eischens ’89 and James Eischens
William Eisele and Pamela Eisele
Kathleen Kelly Eittreim MAT’01, Cert’03
Patricia A. Eldred and Ronald L. Eldred
Mary Kay Elling ’77
Elliott Law Offices, P.A.
Kay D. Elliott
Patrick H. Elliott
Shae K. Elliott ’13
Heba M. Elsherbeeny Cert’04, MAED’09
Rebecca Gowdy Emmons MLIS’96
Empirehouse, Inc.
Debra Neilson Enebak ’84
Susan S. Engeleiter
Patrice L. Engelmann ’12
Deborah Dorshak Enrooth ’84, Cert’15
Patricia Lynch Erb ’62
Barbara A. Erickson ’01
Cecelia DuPlessis Erickson ’67
Cherie E. Erickson and Melvin E. Erickson
Ellen Schuler Erickson ’71
Carla G. Erikstrup ’92
Jeanne Van Slyke Evans ’93 and Al F. Evans
Carol Evans-Smith
Eversource Energy Foundation
Carolyn Moen Faacks ’84
Ellen M. Fahey ’76
John O. Faloon, Jr. and Shawn Faloon
Scott Fares
Joan Brozek Farley ’61 and Patrick M. Farley
Jill Steinkogler Farrell ’06
Joan Callahan Farrell ’81 and Steven J. Farrell
Josephine Barrow Farrell ’64
Veronica Mortl Fashant ’54
Debra Unger Fastner
Elizabeth A. Fedor ’80
Jeanne Bisanz Feeney ’63
Rebecca Reichert Felling ’66
Lisa R. Fendrich ’83
Carolyn Hovorka Fennell ’91
Mary Ryan Fenske ’84
Linda Luoma Fernelius ’87
Laura J. Fero
Mary Catherine Goodrich Ferris ’51 and Manuel M. Ferris
Amy Schreiber Ferstenou ’87 and Daniel L. Ferstenou
Fiduciary Counseling, Inc.
Connie M. Fiebiger MAOL’95
Carol Heyvaert Fier ’79
Joan Hoss Figge ’73
Lillian Manzavrakos Finley ’48
Rebecca A. Finley
Barbara Zivojnovich Fischer ’76
Jane Canavan Fischer ’56
Kari Hansen Fischer ’84
Donna Fischer-Williams ’67
Julie Ostlie Fish ’96
Nancy B. Fisher ’98 and Brian R. Johnson
Rita Kosel Fisher ’74
Angela Dady Fitzgerald ’75
Helen Knoll Fitzgerald ’57 and David F. Fitzgerald
Jeanne Pihaly Fitzgerald ’66
Sean J. Fitzpatrick
Talisyn J. Flagg ’00
Melissa Dahl Flaherty ’98, MPT’00 and Michael R. Flaherty
Patricia Toohey Flaherty ’64
Sandra Dylla Flake ’67 and William H. Flake
Ann M. Fleck ’91
Mary Pat Greeley Fleck ’60 and Jerol F. Fleck
Julie M. Fleischhacker ’05, MLIS’07
Carole Murnane Fleming ’54 and Peter Fleming
Carrie Fleming
Kathleen M. Flicek and Daniel J. Flicek
Mary E. Flicek ’01, MAOL’05
Molly McKasy Flowers ’66
Roxanne Schwope Flynn ’57
Margaret M. Fogarty ’47
Charlotte E. Foley
Joan Fontanilla ’60
Felicia Finsterwalder Forder ’66
Susan Forneris and Ronald Forneris
Mariah Conant Forrest ’78
Mary B. Forseth ’04, MAOL’12
Catherine Fortier ’55
Kari Rebnord Fosse ’05
Monica Foster and James Ertl
Pauline Kapuster Foster ’62 and Thomas Foster
Patricia Bowing Fournier ’49
Angela R. Fox MNUR’13
Karla Van Krevelen Fox and Dave Fox
Maria Wagner Fox ’82
Mary Moriarty Francis ’59
Kara L. Franke ’97
Lynne Franklin ’79
Patrick G. Frawley
Elizabeth Peck Freedman ’67
Jill D. Freeman ’87
Kali W. Freeman MLIS’06
Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC
Mary Hegenbarth Freitag ’87
Caroline M. Freund ’04
Jo Ann Friberg ’51
Jeanine Fried ’60
Michael J. Friedrich
Jacob W. Frischmon
Susan Huber Fritz ’84
Connie Savage Frokic ’94
Frost Proofing Systems LLC
Kristine Kelble Fry ’71 and Robert W. Fry
Yvonne Simon Furr ’51
LouAnne Finch Gaalaas ’82
Regina Gabrian and Donald Grinsell
Amy S. Gabriel ’91 and Dawn M. Gelle ’92
Catherine Hoch Gadbois ’52
Amy Gage and David Studer
Joan Doherty Gagne ’89 and Russell V. Gagne
MaryAnn Gallagher and James Leary
Paula Gallagher ’56
Colleen Dempsey Gallatin ’65
Sharon Murphy Garber ’89
Angela J. Garcia ’89
Angela M. Garcia ’04
Carol L. Gardener ’90, MLIS’05
The Janice Gardner Foundation
Dean A. Garner
Virginia Snyder Garski
Patricia Carney Gartner ’72
Karen Garvin and F. Jan Brundige
Marlene Singer Garvis ’66
Gayle Gaskill
Sarah A. Gasparini
Karen Gasperetti and Thomas Gasperetti
Ann Gaul ’69
Theresa Strouth Gaul ’90
Elaine Gavaras ’99, MNUR’04
The Honorable Kathleen Gearin ’67
Jill S. Gebhardt
H. Maureen Riley Geddes ’62
Janet Geisen ’72
Linda Geiwitz and Richard Geiwitz
Dawn M. Gelle ’92 and Amy S. Gabriel ’91
Joy George and Shayne George
Wendy Bertrand George ’15
Kevin A. Geraghty
Christa Salzl Gerlovich ’96
Rene J. Gesell and Russell J. Gesell
Sandra Mieseler Getter ’63
Nancy O’Donnell Giardina ’67 and William Giardina
Dianne Capecchi Gibbs ’86 and Mark Gibbs
Mary Madigan Gibbs ’53
Stephen Gies and Cathy Gies
Roger Giese and Mary-Ann Giese
Maggie Gilbert and Bob Rosenbaum
Stella Ramos Gilbertson ’94
Darleen Mensing Gillard ’58
M. Margaret Jones Gillard ’58
M. Susan Gillham ’83
Barbara Tollison Giorgi ’89 and Michael L. Giorgi
Gwen Hennen Gits ’89 and Robert Gits
Charlesetta Kennedy Gittens ’05
Norma Blesi Glanz ’73
Jean Stellner Glanzman ’95
Colleen Deegan Glass ’84 and Thomas C. Glass
Pammela M. Glatzmaier MAOL’04
Kathleen R. Glick Cert’12, MAED’14
Beth Delmonico Gloppen ’77 and Tor J. Gloppen
Kathleen T. Glover ’83 and Daniel A. Carr
Jean Glover ’67
Mary Sue Schneider Godfrey ’86 and Paul W. Godfrey
Sallie Johnson Goebel ’54 and Paul G. Goebel
Deidre Blackwood Goers ’97
Leah Regenfuss Goff-Rosenberg ’84
Mary Deb Healy Gohl ’69
Dolores Mathiowetz Goldberg ’55
Brenda Goldman and Michael Goldman
Micah S. Goldman ’19
Good Ground Press
Naomi Huesmann Goodnight ’09
Leo C. Goodrich
Cynthia Bagniewski Goodwin ’87 and Thomas Goodwin
Brian W. Gordon
Lynn Gorski and Timothy Gorski
Jeanette Olson Gottesman ’58
Lorilyn J. Gottschalk MAT’03
Kelsye A. Gould ’10 and Corey A. Getchell
Mary Westrup Gould ’79 and Richard J. Gould
Elizabeth Jennings Govern and Daniel J. Govern
Flynn Govern
Judith Gray Govern ’75
Mary Ann Serlet Gower ’59
Nancy Frenz Grace ’70 and John B. Grace
Gary Graczyk
Marciel Streff Graham ’63
Mari Ann Graham
W.W. Grainger, Inc.
Margaret Lutz Granger ’91
Kathryn A. Graning ’84
Deborah J. Grant ’77
Great West Casualty Company
Bernadette Rudolph Green ’69
Jean Stueve Grell ’57
Laura Myers Griffin ’94
Sandra J. Griffin ’85
Mary Lou Brandes Griffith ’56
Jean Cameron Grim ’69
Mary Jo Sweeney Groeller ’68 and Charles N. Groeller
Ruth Jaszewski Gromek ’83
Margaret Kuzma Grose ’74
Mary Lou Harich Gross ’94 and Gene D. Gross
Mary Keefe Grossman ’53
Mary Ann Picard Gruba ’69
David Gruenes
Mary T. Gruenes
North Landreth Grueskin ’92 and Dennis Grueskin
Stephanie Tschida Grundtner ’73
Kathryn Grunig and Mic Grunig
Mary P. Gruszka
Patricia S. Grutkoski ’90
Guardian Wealth Strategies
Jean Swanlund Guetter ’95 and Arthur Guetter
Kari J. Guida ’01
Matt Gunderman
Jeanette Bradford Gunderson ’79
Christy A. Gustafson ’04 and Jodi A. Helgeson ’04
Kelly A. Gustafson ’08
Shelley Costello Gustafson ’78 and Thomas A. Gustafson
Guthrie Theater
Karen Kozachok Gutierrez and Rafael A. Gutierrez
Lisa M. Guzy and Grant A. Guzy
Joyce Dufresne Gwizdala ’73
Joanne Haag ’51
Mary Peterson Haag ’76 and Michael Haag
Janet Peterson Haarman ’62
Stacy Antkowiak Haatvedt MAOT’00
Carol David Hadac ’93
Linda Nelson Hadden MNUR’93, Cert’98
Terese M. Haddox ’85
Janina J. Hagen ’95
Patricia Lamb Haggerty ’58
Margaret Anderson Haglund ’82 and Kent C. Haglund
Charlene Unger Hall ’78
Patricia Gayou Flanders Hall ’59 and Warren K. Hall
Julie Haller and Dennis Haller
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Laurie Nelson Halverson ’01 and Jason Halverson
Elizabeth Murray Hamel ’76
Amy J. Hamilton-Warwick ’12
Joan Peschel Hanak ’71
Bernice M. Hancock ’81
Cecelia Ripka Handevidt ’62
Diane Kirwin Hankes ’67 and James Hankes
Mary Ann Lawson Hanley ’53
Leona Knutson Hanrahan ’54
Jan Hansen and Steve Hansen
Kurt Hansen
Sarah E. Hansen ’94
Judy Hanson
Paula Fuehrer Happel ’75
Michael E. Hara
Jeannine M. Harff ’70
Christianne C. Harkness ’02
Caroline Wolf Harlow ’62
Joanne Parent Harrell ’63
Emerald Bonneville Harrison ’08
Dianne Walta Hart ’61
Laurel Beggin Hartmann ’67 and Gary L. Hartmann
Kari A. Hartwig
Linda E. Harty ’78
Gina Woken Hatanpa ’00
Jeanne Tangren Hatle ’07
Donna M. Hauer
Sally Long Haugen ’67
Cheryl Alton Hawkins ’96
Taviare L. Hawkins
Teresa Hawkins ’74
Susan Anderson Hawkinson ’71 and Dennis M. Hawkinson
Jane Decker Hayden-Hart ’87
Jayne Hayes and Steven Hayes
Mary Ann Ruddy Hayes ’53
Joanne Hain Heathman Cert’88
Kathleen Corbett Hebrink ’60
Bonita A. Hechtman ’86
Mary Norell Hedenstrom ’00 and David K. Hedenstrom
Gloria Heffelfinger ’57
Janet Huepenbecker Heffelfinger ’57
Kari Wozniak Hegg ’99
Michell Rae S. Heginger ’18
Marlene Cacka Heimerl ’91
Louie C. Heitzeg
Steve Heitzeg and Gwendolyn Pappas
Jodi A. Helgeson ’04 and Christy A. Gustafson ’04
Joanne Swanson Helmus ’54 and Arthur H. Helmus
Sara Keefe Heltner ’02 and David Heltner
Dreux H. Hempe ’07
Mary Lou Henderson and Leroy S. Owens
Hendricksen Insurance and Financial Services LLC
Julia Provo Hendricksen ’96
Debra Burgy Hendrickson ’81, Cert’85, MNUR’91 and Dennis Hendrickson
Mary Schepers Henke ’70
Marilyn Jenson Henn ’71
Margaret Hennelly-Maniates and George Maniates
Janni O’Loughlin Hennes ’85
Dennis L. Henriksen
Mary R. Henry
Priscilla J. Herbison ’65
Roberta Wappel Hering ’64 and Joseph F. Hering
Patricia Angvik Herje ’67
Mary Westacott Hermans ’78
Bridget Ireton Herrmann ’87
Vickie Kubesh Hesse ’79
Sarah M. Hessler ’16 and David R. Hessler
Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation
Stephanie Deutchman Highley ’97
Kevin Hilgendorf
Beverly Borotz Hill ’79
Joan Vitek Hiller ’82
Mary McCarthy Hilliard ’67
Nicole Hines MAOL’14
Elizabeth Daly Hiniker ’57
Margo Zackoski Hinnenkamp ’66
Mary Meko Hinze ’45
Helen Jurgens Hippen ’62
Judith Herbison Hipwell ’67
Tamara Motz Hirsch ’90
Nancy Clark Hislop ’70 and Dan Hislop
Mary Kesler Hixson ’80
Monica Murphy Hizer ’41
Janet L. Hjelmgren ’80 and Douglas Cox
Robert C. Hoch
Heather Hodges ’68
Kristin Hoelscher-Schacker ’84
Donna Lutterman Hoeppner ’93 and George R. Hoeppner
Norah Valladares Hoff ’06
Deborah Hoffman ’71
Margaret O’Leary Hoffmann ’67
Sharon A. Hofmeister Cert’02, MAOL’07
Mary Froeber Hogg ’85, MAOL’92 and Alan T. Hogg
Patricia O’Brien Hol ’49
Patricia Soderlund Holladay ’80 and William L. Holladay
Gesche M. Holland ’91
Heidi H. Holley and Chuck C. Holley
Linda M. Holly and Gerald J. Holly, Jr.
Natasha J. Holm ’12 and Glennon M. Potts
Gail Bergmann Holstein ’72
Nicole E. Holtzen and Andrew D. Holtzen
Jill T. Honkamp ’86
Melissa A. Honkanen ’01
Honsa Lighting Sales and Service, Inc.
Janet M. Hopf ’80
Jeanne Hoegger Horan ’58
Sharon Williams Horgan Cert’84, MAT’86 and Gerald M. Horgan
Susan McNamara Horn ’86
Rita M. Horrigan ’99
Maureen Phelps Horton ’77
Rebecca Schiller Horton ’02 and John B. Horton
Horwitz, LLC
Raymond W. Hosek Cert’16, MAT’17
Debra Gagnon Houtkooper ’88
Colleen M. Howard ’95 and John M. Howard
Joseph G. Howell
Sharon Howell, CSJ
Kathy Horton Hoyhtya ’96
Patricia Hren-Rowan ’78 and John Rowan
Pauline San Hu ’74
Jeanine Mrozinski Huber ’78 and John J. Huber
Susan J. Huber and John F. Huber
Susan Conzemius Huebsch ’86
Michelle Kenney Hueg ’07, MLIS’13
Margaret Bernet Huffman ’66 and Edgar J. Huffman
Bernadette Hughes ’59
Susan B. Hughes
Gina Zattoni Hunsinger ’77
Lynn Hunt
Roberta Hunt ’79
Jennifer K. Hunter ’95
Kellye J. Hunter
Ishika M. Huq ’13
Kathleen Baumgartner Hurlburt ’59 and Gardner M. Hurlburt
Anne C. Hutar ’09
Rebecca Hutchinson and Thomas Hutchinson
Barbara Ballard Huwe ’73
Mary E. Hynan ’78
Mary Schmitz Ince ’93 and Jerome G. Ince
Elizabeth J. Ingman ’90
Insperity, Inc.
Intel Foundation
Judith Isenberg and Charles Isenberg
ISG Inc.
Catherine Osmundsen Iverson ’70
LaVonne Quade Iverson ’61 and Alfred L. Iverson
Gertrude Costello Ivory ’51
Nancy Heyrman Jackley ’86
Maxine Kovach Jacks ’53
Carolyn A. Jackson MAOT’14
Janice E. Jackson
Carol Kovar Jacobs ’74
Helen Troy Jacobs ’61
Jean L. Jacobs ’79
Mary J. Jacobs MAOL’10
Kimberly Hanson Jacobson ’91
Jeanne M. Jakel ’76
Jeffrey P. Jannetto
Deborah Janzen and Terry Shoptaugh
Alice A. Jasinski ’03
Jaclyn M. Jeffrey ’80
Rosemary Reusch Jennings ’65
Joan Jensen ’75
John Jeries and Andrea Jeries
Jimmy John’s
Mary Lou Speikers Jirik ’55
Walter J. Jobst and Lorraine J. Jobst
Nancy Johansen
Alice A. Johnson and John A. Johnson
Beverly Stricker Johnson ’66
Carol P. Johnson and Robert E. Johnson, Jr.
Carole A. Johnson
Christine A. Johnson ’80
Dennis A. Johnson
Jana Johnson and Raymond Ahrens
Jeanne M. Johnson ’90
Juliann Johnson ’69
Margaret K. Johnson Cert’01
Mary Beth Sitzer Johnson ’64 and Thomas H. Johnson
Mary Dahlberg Johnson ’68 and Thomas L. Johnson
Mary Trierweiler Johnson ’53
Nancy L. Johnson
Rita Belland Johnson ’67 and Verner E. Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Sarah Pignato Johnson ’10
Stephen D. Johnson
Mary Beth Jirik Johnston ’79
Kathleen Delaney Jolin ’59 and James L. Jolin
Angela Cummings Jones ’81
Kevin A. Jones
Mary Ann Farisy Jones ’51
Bernadette Segner Joos ’65 and Robert A. Joos
Joan Buesgens Joos ’56 and Richard Joos
Annalisa M. Jordan
Carol Jordan and Jim Jordan
Mary A. Jorgensen and Gerald T. Jorgensen
Christina M. Joyce ’81
Sheila Flynn Joyce ’67
Carol L. Judd
Rita Tholen Juettner ’58 and Richard A. Juettner
Barbara D. Jungbauer ’15, MAOL’18
Janelle J. Jurek ’87
Mary Jo Bjorkman Kahl ’58
Arlene Nowinski Kaiser ’56
Dale C. Kaiser
Ruth Köhler Kaiser ’71
Theresa Morreim Kaiser ’98
Margaret Bauer Kallal ’78
Nancy McCabe Kalstad ’61
Geraldine Barthelemy Kamaka ’51 and Samuel K. Kamaka, Jr.
Gregory Kapala and Kathryn Kapala
Carrie Morris Kaplan ’79 and John M. Kaplan
Kathleen Lynch Kaptain ’81
Rose Kennealy Karas ’78
Victoria L. Kath ’84
Cosette Weatherspoon Kaufman ’67
Marianne Voeller Kaufmann ’66
Mary Dolezal Keith ’68, Cert’89 and Roderick Keith
Margaret M. Keller
Brigit Larson Kelley ’99
Kathy Parrish Kelly ’73
Megan S. Kelly ’95
Marilyn Eckert Kendrick ’56
Elaine Driscoll Kennedy ’93 and James C. Kennedy
Mary Ellen Klas Kennedy ’81
Suzanne Hager Kennedy ’57 and Laurence R. Kennedy
Pamela J. Kennedy ’78 and Patrick A. Justin
Sean Kennedy ’15 and Suzanne Sheridan
Thomas F. Kennedy
Pamela Woelfel Kensler ’85
Deborah Kermeen ’76
Hildegard Mueller Kerney ’55 and R. Howard Kerney
Barbara Fischer Kerr ’56
Barbara Tauer Kerwin ’58 and Paul J. Kerwin
Ruth Furlong Kerwin ’63 and Michael P. Kerwin
Lorraine Holcombe Keup ’54
M. Danielle Pulk Kieger ’73
Karen T. Kiener ’08, MLIS’13
Linda Voss Killian ’71
Gladys Swick Kim MLIS’02
Helen Mahl King ’47
Margaret Eileen King ’50
Margaret M. King ’57
Jeanne Rogalski Kinkade-Moses ’96
Karen Jensen Kinsella ’02 and Daniel Kinsella
Rita Ley Kinsella ’50
Julie L. Kirchner Cert’12
Constance M. Kishel ’67
June C. Klaphake ’91 and Kurt A. Neil
Ann Kramer Klein ’74
Janice Klein ’74
Joan Sommerdorf Klein ’56 and Frank H. Klein, Jr.
Karen L. Klein ’65
Patricia Stapleton Klein ’60
Racanda Wuensch Klein ’07, MAOL’11
Christine F. Klejbuk ’71 and Edward Heimel
Theresa K. Klinge ’91
Rita Klosinski
Ann Battaglia Kloth ’84 and Paul F. Kloth
Catherine Moser Klugherz ’02
Kris Kuiper Knott ’89
Julie Schroeder Knuths ’80, DNP’17
Gay Goblirsch Knutson ’58 and Dale A. Knutson
Mitzi A. Knutzen Cert’89
Mary Crane Kobilka ’58 and Giles Kobilka
The Kobrand Foundation
Anne Wollan Kocon ’82
Julianne Fischer Kocourek ’60 and Edward J. Kocourek
Paula West Kodesh ’80
Jennifer A. Koehn ’89
Elizabeth R. Koenig ’92
Lucas J. Koerner
Mary Hamilton Kohanowski ’54
Laura McGough Kolar ’72 and Stephen J. Kolar
Mary M. Koller ’76
Richelle Pearl Koller ’60
Panyia Kong ’14
Judith Frost Koppy ’62 and Thomas A. Koppy
Nancy McGovern Kopriva ’55
Patricia Kuhn Korte ’98 and Kenneth P. Korte
Jill M. Kortebein ’98
David S. Kough
KPMG U.S. Foundation, Inc.
Caroline G. Krafft
Christine M. Kraft ’15
Rosalyn Carroll Kraft ’60
Joanne Kramer ’91
Anne Dolan Krapfl ’83 and Mike Krapfl
Margaret Kemp Kratz ’83 and Douglas A. Kratz
Rosemary Mullen Krawczyk ’59
Joyce E. Krech ’80
Deborah Dahlin Kreimeyer ’77
Karen D. Krenik ’84
Diane Dudek Kress ’63
Barbara M. Kriske-Hill MAED’04
Anne Krmpotich ’81
Kathleen Kromer-Ide ’05
Sarah Kronberg
Verona Kruse and Gerald Kruse
Mary Kubicek
Sharon Staloch Kuechenmeister ’69
Polly Niemann Kuelbs ’61
Kathryne Kuhns ’68
Kathleen Knodel Kummer ’06 and Andrew Kummer
Meghan Quinn Kummer ’95 and Charles S. Kummer
Leanne Pouliot Kunze ’92
Gladys Bauer Kustritz ’77
Margaret L. Kvasnicka, CSJ, ’61
Jennifer Howe Kyle ’94, MAOL’10
Kathleen Hughes LaChapelle ’78 and Glenn R. LaChapelle
Michele M. Lachowitzer ’80
Sharon Schumacher LaComb ’70
Ester Flores LaCroix ’55
Mary Parker LaFontaine ’63
Mary Lagaard and Scott Lagaard
Maria Wong Lai ’82
Elizabeth Robertson Laird ’87
Gemma Gorrilla Lamb ’74
Gertrude Lambert ’64
Nancy Sanquist Lamers ’73 and John T. Lamers
Julia A. Lamm ’83 and Alan C. Mitchell
Beth M. Lamsam Cert’08
Diane McNamara Lanci ’84
Land O’Lakes Foundation
Linda Grafe Landwehr ’89 and Paul H. Landwehr
Iva Ogle Lang ’79 and Ronald J. Lang
Jill R. Langseth ’03
Suzanne Lannan O’Hara
Ellen R. Lansky ’83
Alexandra C. Lape ’81
Margaret Bergen Laraway ’77
Ann McCoy Larew ’77
Patricia Larkey ’78
Kimberly Fowler Larrea ’92
Carolyn Maertens Larson ’64
Faye Sherburne Larson ’87
Jeannie T. Larson ’81
Julie Irwin Larson ’99 and Donald D. Larson
Emily Schmit Laskin ’75 and Michael Laskin
Susan Norseng Lasoff ’70
Laura A. Lathrop
Sabrina M. Lau and Mark W. Staba
Frances LeDuc Laufle ’65
Jan Novaczyk Laughter ’74
Colleen Nelson LaVenture ’68
Mimi Le ’17
Bernadine Hughes Leach ’74 and William J. Leach
John Lebens and Jane Lebens
Eileen McNulty Leblanc ’08
Margaret Poderzay Lecy ’75
Mary Jo Jacobson Ledesma ’62
Margaret M. Lee ’85 and Richard F. Dunn
Matthew S. Lee MLIS’04
Sara Tobin Lee ’70
Alice Lehman ’73
Molly Lehman
Yvonne Fink Leick ’67 and Roger J. Leick
Marie A. Leier ’82
Mary Jane Eells Leier ’69
Judy Lembke
Jeanette M. LeMere ’05
Frederick G. Lenertz, Jr.
Gayle Lens ’66
Katherine Devney Leon ’85 and Michael Leon
Anna Marie Lauer Leonard ’81
Elaine Arntz Leonard Cert’07
Carol Hussong Leopold ’59
Joy Severino Lepere ’71
D’Ann Urbaniak Lesch and James J. Lesch
Sharon Nelson Lethert ’69
Betty Letner
Diane Leverentz and Robert Leverentz
Brenda S. Lewis ’00
Monica J. Lidral
Margaret Collins Likar ’53
Elizabeth Osterlund Liljeblad ’82
Jane Fleming Lincoln ’54 and James S. Lincoln
Bonnie Beesley Linde ’73
Patricia Lepo Lindner ’65
Josephine McDonald Lindstrom ’93
Sharon Kram Lingane ’64
Deborah Polak Link ’81 and Gregg Link
Rose Holland Linnihan ’64
Ronna Linroth ’93
Joan Pong Linton ’75 and Jerry D. Linton
Little Caesars Pizza
Theresa Killeen Little ’65
Eileen Houle Lodyga ’66 and Richard M. Lodyga
Art Loera
Karen M. Loewenson MNUR’10 and Peter Loewenson
Kate Winkels Loging ’01
Jean Marusic Lohman ’60
Denise Loidolt and Reid Loidolt
Carolyn L. Lokensgard ’93
Kathryn Jansen Loncle ’79 and Paul A. Loncle
Kristin Hansen Loncorich ’91 and Todd A. Loncorich
Mary Kay Wigdahl Loner ’69
Ann M. Long ’80
Donna M. Long ’04
Leo DeGario Lopez
Deb Lorenzen and Kim Lorenzen
Ann Marie Lori ’85
Sandra Schmidt Louis ’68
Gay Ann Louiselle ’93
Mary Susan Lovett MLIS’95
Barbara Phillips Lowe ’79
Katherine E. Lowe
Carol Lowry and John Lowry
Mary Lu Carroll Lubbe ’53
Susan B. Lucas ’88, MLIS’96
Christine M. Lucente ’73
Donna Evert Luciano ’87
R.T. Luczak
Ann Rockwell Lueders ’55
Marilyn Donovan Lundberg ’59
Karen Kosel Lundgren ’72
Nancy Yetzer Lundquist ’92
Barbara Dockter Lupient MAOL’90
Morgan J. Luzier MAHS’10
Mary Ann McNair Lyke Cert’85
Kathleen M. Lynch
Margaret Donovan Lynch ’55
Ann Marie Doran Lynott ’68
Joyce S. Lyon
Ellen Roach Maas ’55
Eleanor A. Machovsky
Gertrude Mack ’40
Rosemary Egan Mackey ’53 and James P. Mackey
R. Kevin Mackin
Diane Jaunich Madden ’64
Jennifer L. Madden
M. Michele Callaghan Madigan ’68, Cert’87, MNUR’98
Lindsay Madryga and Nick Madryga
Carol L. Mager
Maureen O’Shaughnessy Magnuson ’65
Mary Ann Lenz Mahan ’53
Patricia Ryan Maher ’63 and Gerald E. Maher
Kathleen M. Mahoney ’81
Maureen Miller Mahowald ’79 and George Mahowald
Laure A. Maki Cert’90, MNUR’01
Margaret M. Makowske MAOL’02
Julie Shears Malecha ’80
Carol A. Malenofski ’84
Susan Mallard and William Binkelman
Angela M. Mallery ’91
April L. Malley MAED’17
Susan Malmer-Goodro ’87
Mary Johnson Malone ’66
Debra Mohs Manderfeld ’74 and Mark J. Manderfeld
Jill Manske ’80 and Michael Klutho
Jennifer Moffet Manstrom ’91
Janet Barth Manthey ’87
Rebecca Lape Maranda ’86
Colleen C. Marchwick ’91
Rosemary Marcotte ’86
Wendy Wurtz Markus ’76
Nancy Anderson Markwardt ’79, MAED’07
Sandra Marlow-Weber ’73
Therese Fuss Maroney ’70, MLIS’96
Penelope D. Marsala MLIS’95
Bradley M. Marshall
Mary Kay Marshall ’72
Ann M. Marshik ’90
Nadine Chamberlain Marsnik ’53
Kathleen A. Marszalek ’68
Mary Trench Martens ’45
Catherine L. Martin ’71
Eloise Dodge Martin ’53
Jane Richtman Martin ’82 and Steven J. Martin
Linda Martin ’65
Vivian A. Martis
Patricia Windschill Marx ’70 and Owen C. Marx
Mary’s Pence
Susan L. Mastro ’80
Marybeth Lorbiecki Mataya ’81
Mary Mahowald Mattison ’70
Sandra Himlie Matusko ’64
Teresa Tierney Mauer ’90
Louise Maus ’67
Sally Caron Mayo
Elizabeth Macek McAfee ’77
Mark H. McCabe MAOL’09
Darlene Bialke McCain ’67
Carrie C. McCann ’01
Genevieve Schweizer McCarr ’52
Sarah E. McClain ’05
Stephanie Rosckes McCluskey ’08, MAOL’18 and Justin McCluskey
Darlene Decker McConnell ’58 and Kenneth G. McConnell
Kathleen Kurimay McCoy ’66
Andrea M. McCready ’92
Deanne Holmquist McCullough ’59
Kelli J. McCully ’01
Elizabeth Greeman McDevitt ’06
Megan L. McEllistrem-Ramirez ’98
Amy Donohue McGinn ’90
Laura J. McGlauchlen
Rosemary Leski McGlynn ’52 and Edward R. McGlynn
Barbara McGrath ’71
Rosemary Hanrehan McGraw ’55
Roberta Casey McHale ’58
Susan R. McHale
Elizabeth Glennon McIntire ’50
Nancy E. McIntire ’78
Eileen McKee ’68
Anne K. McKeig ’89
Cecelia Wattles McKeig ’61
Susan A. McKenna ’82
Donna Schepers McKoskey ’51 and Gerald R. McKoskey
Mary White McKoskey ’74 and Jerome J. McKoskey
Lynne McLaughlin
Christine McMahon and Chad McMahon
Erin A. McMahon ’03
Debra House McMullen ’78
Sara McNamara ’91
Karen E. Mead ’74
Vince Meador
Mary Means and Stephen Means
Mary Irwin Medved ’64 and Frank Medved
Patrick C. Meekin
Mary Therese Mehsikomer ’07
Susan Turnquist Meixner ’63
Susan Heselton Melchior ’60 and Thomas E. Melchior
Cynthia Grennan Mellgren ’75
Cheryl Cassady Mendonsa ’92, Cert’93
Margaret Menk ’82
Robert T. Menk ’87
Loni J. Mentone ’11
Mercedes-Benz of Des Moines
Merck Company Foundation
Mildred K. Merrick
Metropolitan Library Service Agency (MELSA)
Metropolitan Picture Framing
Virginia Meuers and Lawrence Meuers
Margaret N. Meuleners and Timothy R. Meuleners
Joan May Meyer ’56, MLS’57
Patricia Nietfeld Meyer ’57
Sarah Jensen Meysenburg ’00 and Anthony R. Meysenburg
Linda Struthers Mezzenga ’79
Michaela M. Michaelson ’12
Annemarie Muller Michalak ’88
Carol Svihel Michalke ’62
Jean O’Brien Middleton ’64
Karen B. Mielke
Mary Jane Gaertner Miley ’52
Tiffany A. Miley ’98
Timothy Miley, MD and Mary Zitur Miley, MD
Suzanne Seyfert Milkus and Douglas Spaeth
Billie Funk Miller ’80, MAOL’87, MNUR’12
Carol Tysk Miller ’65
Catherine Yunker Miller ’66
Christine D. Miller ’75
Joan M. Miller ’67
Kathleen Lipetzky Miller ’65
Michelle L. Miller and Paul R. Miller
Susan J. Miller and Thomas P. Miller
Joanne Weber Milligan ’74
Gertrude Randall Mingo ’58
Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, P.A.
Minnesota Wild
Mary Becker Mirick ’74
Linda Evans Mischke ’81 and Mark Mischke
Kathleen Nestor Mishek ’91
John U. Mitchell
Virginia Waldoch Mitchell MAED’96
Kathleen D. Mitcheom ’73
Ronald A. Mitsch and Marilyn J. Mitsch
Maureen D’Costa Modl ’85 and Thomas J. Modl
Anne D. Moe ’14
Bonnie Rule Moe ’86
Marianne Garlie Moe ’75 and Timothy Moe
R.F. Moeller Jewelers, Inc.
Paul J. Mohrbacher
Stefan T. Mokrohisky
Anthony G. Molaro
Dorothea C. Moline ’78
Suzanne M. Molnar and Richard K. Molnar
Helane J. Monsour ’87
Julie Montero and Rick Montero
Christine Kulkowski Montmarquette ’87
Emily Moore and Joseph Moore
Sara J. Moore and Robert D. Moore
Jeanne M. Morales MLIS’05
Sally A. Moran ’63
Jo Ann Feiereisen Morell ’57
Miriam Morgan ’63
Gregory Morrissey
Teresa M. Morrow ’85 and Dale M. Pippin
Ann Marie Poshusta Morse ’87
Kathleen Mosack ’65
Kathryn Burns Mosca ’79
David Mruz ’75
Jane Muelhaupt ’82
Tera Muellerleile and John Muellerleile
Mary Jo Mulcahy
Sharon Reasner Mullally ’60 and John A. Mullally
Bonnie Pulkrabek Mulligan ’58
Margaret Condon Mulligan ’83 and Patrick J. Mulligan
Kathleen Mullin ’83
Richard J. Mullins
Katherine Merrick Mundahl ’16, MLIS’16
Debra A. Mundinger ’02
Andrea Valento Munson ’94
Anthony D. Munz
Katherine L. Murphy ’65
Margaret Hartmann Murphy ’71
Monika Rommen Murphy ’52
Ruth Meany Murphy ’60
Ann Flickinger Murray ’71
Lisa A. Murray MAT’95 and Steven W. Murray
Mary Joan Clark Murray ’73
Verdella Jaunich Musech ’52
Tom Mussomeli
Mutual of America Foundation
Christine Lyons Myers ’89
Maria K. Myers
Marci M. Mylan ’78
Florence Baskfield Myslajek ’46
Neela Nandyal and Eric Carter
Julie McCarthy Napoleon ’73
Eric G. Narvaez and Wanda M. Narvaez
Katie Regan Nath ’89
nccPA Health Foundation
Eileen Mieseler Neff ’65 and Bernard J. Neff
Richard Negri and Jeanette Negri
Beth Verant Neidich ’79 and Gary A. Neidich
Jacqueline J. Neilson and James M. Neilson
Julie Beckel Nelsen ’91, IMC-Cert’20 and John F. Nelsen
Ann Rahilly Nelson ’66
Cynthia Taddei Nelson ’87
Deborah Jirik Nelson ’02
Gretchen Jacobs Nelson ’58
J. Thomas Nelson ’07 and Janet Rajala Nelson
Karen Lorence Nelson ’72 and Mark Nelson
Kari Nelson and Bruce Nelson
Linda K. Nelson
Mary Ready Nelson ’83 and Phillip L. Nelson
Patricia Kranz Nelson ’51
Sarah E. Nelson ’12
Marie Beskar Nemerov ’79 and Donald S. Nemerov
Nancy Auge Ness ’78
Sally Sawyer Nestor ’85
Susan Alm Neu ’65
James M. Newsome MAT’05
Kristian Mauel Nguyen ’08
Brett A. Nichols
Brenna R. Nicholson and Kevin M. Nicholson
Elinor Schmitt Nicklawske ’59
Therese Cameron Noel ’74 and Charles J. Noel
Nokomis Hardware
Marianne Winter Nold ’63
Andrew Noll and Lisa Noll
Christine Mohrland Noll ’94
Donna R. Nordstrom ’84
Elizabeth Bisanz Norqual ’67 and Donald Norqual
Amanda Kern Norris ’09
The Northern Trust Company Charitable Trust
Northwestern Health Science University
Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation, Inc.
Margaret A. Note ’99
Hilary Novacek Bundt ’08 and Nicholas Novacek Bundt
Anne Hunter Novak ’92
C. Jeanne Goerss Novak ’65
Renee M. Nowacki ’93
Emily Witrak Nowak ’03
Suzanne Betlach Noyes ’54
Colleen Nuese-Marine ’70
Joan Collins Nugent ’47
Renee Kane Nutter ’01
Marguerite Nuytten ’60
nVent Foundation
Mary Jo Machowicz Nye ’89
Georgia Wellberg Nygaard MNUR’92
Patricia Murphy Oatman ’77 and Michael J. Oatman
Ellen T. O’Brien ’61
Mary C. O’Brien
Norine McGovern O’Brien ’89, MAT’00
Catherine M. O’Connell ’82
Maureen Gallagher O’Connell ’57 and Edward J. O’Connell
Maureen T. O’Connell ’80
Pegeen M. O’Connell ’84
Susan Dunn O’Connell ’95 and Thomas O’Connell
Kathleen Dabruzzi Odegaard ’05
Maureen Meskill O’Donnell ’77
Anders E. Oftelie MLIS’10
Mary Ann McCall Ogden ’71 and Raymond Ogden
Joan Allis O’Halloran ’62
Mary Knauff O’Hare ’65 and Edward J. O’Hare
Diane D. O’Keefe MAED’11
Janice R. O’Keefe ’60
Jonathan J. Okstad MBA’19
Mary-Lou Oldenburg
Lynn Radmacher Olinger ’00
Catherine Garcia Olson ’95, MLIS’04 and Scott A. Olson
Christine M. Olson
Jacqueline Mertz Olson ’76
Jennifer Kopp Olson ’96, MPT’98 and Chad W. Olson
Larry J. Olson
Colleen T. O'Malley, CSJ, ’63
K. O’Neil Group LLC
Kathleen Bernhard O’Neil ’76 and Michael E. O’Neil
Kathleen M. O’Neil ’10
Doris Poeschl O’Neill ’52
JoAnn Bot O’Neill ’76 and Michael L. O’Neill
Joseph T. O’Neill
Opus Design Build, L.L.C.
Deborah O’Regan ’75
Mary Rose Hafner O’Reilley ’67
Patricia Funk Orne ’72 and Thomas Orne
Laura Eckes O’Rourke ’62
Jeanne Orrben ’71
Jennifer Steen Ortale and Brian G. Ortale
Deborah Taylor O’Shaughnessy ’73 and Joseph P. O’Shaughnessy
Ann L. Osmond
Martha N. O’Toole and John J. O’Toole
Dana Piazza Ottesen ’92 and Michael Ottesen
Linda Kotrba Ottoboni ’80
Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Church
Deborah App Ousley ’79
Kristine Oien Overman ’86 and David M. Overman
Claudia Knapp Owens ’64 and Richard R. Owens
Laurie Schmelz Paal ’83 and TJ Paal
Rondi K. Pacheco ’08
Denise Huot Packard ’82, Cert’86
David R. Page and Joanna H. Page
Jennifer Henderson Page and James R. Page
Mattye Laverne Brandon Page ’68
Barbara Gauger Pagel ’82 and Robert J. Pagel
Patricia Palahniuk MLIS’97
Tina Cibik Palkert ’79 and James K. Palkert
Shirley Cunningham Pallansch ’47
Judith I. Palm
Kathy A. Palmer ’74
Lyelle and Mary Myers Palmer
Ralph S. Palmer
Christine M. Palumbo ’75
Judith Pappenfus ’64
LauraRose Pagel Paradis ’01, MAT’04, Cert’06
Joanne Hauenstein Pardo ’49
Chung Lee Park ’66 and Won J. Park
Theresa Parker-Brown ’88
Shannon Reedy Parkos
Mary Sutmar Parnell ’58
Annette Commers Patient ’73
Marion Newburg Patterson ’52
Mary C. Pattock ’66
Nancy Miller Patz ’59
Christine Schmitz Paulson ’08
Mary Melsby Pavlovich ’75
Shayna R. Pearson ’97
Jeannie Mutch Pechmann ’63
Melinda Pederson and Dale Pederson
Judith Wanger Pekarek ’69 and Bernard S. Pekarek
Connie Craighead Pelner ’62
Cynthia Okonek Perger ’75
Joan Kirkness Perlich ’83
PET Investments, LLC
Colleen Peters ’80 and Stephen J. Willman
Kathy Rehovsky Petersburg MNUR’96
Joan Schmitz Peterschmidt ’58
Rebecca Olsen Petersen ’00
Rosemary Hub Petersen ’51
Colleen Peterson and Todd Peterson
Kathleen Peterson ’64
Kira Peterson and Travis Peterson
Mary Ellen Pierce Peterson ’92
Ashley Petzold and Mark Petzold
Paula Caughey Pfaff ’66
Brenda Stults Pfeiffer ’84 and David Pfeiffer
Marilyn Manchak Pfund ’66
Sharon Schmid Phelps ’76
Kelley Holmes Phillips ’11
Martha M. Phillips
Margaret Weitzel Pickart ’90
Mary Beth Burnett Pickett ’81 and Michael R. Pickett
Darlene C. Pickit ’07
Joan Hedeen Pierce ’52
Tami J. Pierret ’88
Diane Huntington Pietrs ’67
Helen Clare Heaney Pikal ’66
Pillsbury United Communities
Joan Mahoney Pilney ’57 and Frank T. Pilney
Sandra McGillen Pinney ’77
Debra Nickolay Pint ’73
Mary Catherine Cashman Piorkowski ’69
Piper Sandler Foundation
Cory D. Piper-Hauswirth
Mary Louise Piret ’69
Matt Pirkl
Gina M. Pitera ’75
Katie A. Pitzl MNUR’17
Susan Woulfe Plaster ’70 and Edward J. Plaster
Mary Markert Platt ’63
Patricia Lynn Ploetz
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
Patricia Kay Pnewski ’76
Elizabeth DeBour Podolan ’98
Elizabeth McMahon Poirier ’66
Stacey M. Poirier and Edward O. Linder
Sara Aldrich Pokladnik ’99
Elizabeth J. Polakowski ’80, MLIS’98
Mary Ellen Polga ’70 and Stephen Hecimovich
William P. Pollock Cert’03, MAOL’08
Amy Polski Larson ’91, MAED’05 and Eric C. Larson
Joyce E. Poole MLIS’99
Julie Strohfus Porath ’01, MSW’02
Carol Schaefer Porter ’55
Renee R. Portmann
Ann M. Porwoll ’76
Donna M. Poshusta ’85
Mary Michel Poston ’60
Colleen F. Powers
Thomas I. Powers
Christine Peterson Pratt ’91
Premera Blue Cross
Karen Kramer Price ’65 and Gary E. Price
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Janice M. Probst ’75
Barbara Schultz Prokop ’77
Lana Brand Prokop ’10, DPT’12 and Luke Prokop
Marlene Klisch Prokott ’57
Ann L. Pruyne ’82
Tina Tuccitto Pults ’97
Nancy Couchman Pundsack ’60 and Arnold L. Pundsack
Jane Habiger Purifoy ’57
John A. Pyle and Gretchen T. Pyle
Quality Assurance Human Resources Service, Inc.
Jane Thorn Quarfoth ’70
Kim Flick Quayle ’83
LaVerne Johnson Raab ’56
Rachel Contracting, Inc.
Christine Hill Radcliffe ’74
Mary Kathleen Radford MAOL’01
Janel Lauer Rafenstein ’99
Jodell Stirmlinger Rahr ’53
F. Edwina Blevins Raine ’65
Margaret Hauge Rakas ’53
Nancy Carroll Ralphs ’58
Maria Ramirez-Caceres ’88
Deborah Ramsdell and Mark Ramsdell
Christina M. Rapadas ’84
Anne M. Rasmusson ’96
Carole A. Rayburn
Jeanne Hnath Razidlo ’90 and Mark J. Razidlo
Mary Ann Lowrey Reardon ’72
Herbert Rebhan and Karen Rebhan
Laura Uselman Rebhan ’58
Red Cow Restaurant & Bar
Red Wing Shoe Company Foundation
Michelle Enney Reed ’81
Dr. Jeremiah S. Reedy
Barbara Redmond Reese ’64
Carol Reeves and Doug Reeves
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Judith Travers Regnier ’65 and Pierre N. Regnier
Stanley R. Rehm
Kathryn Kost Reichert ’74
Carol Persoon Reid ’82
Ann Costello Reidell ’71 and Mark L. Reidell
Lois Ehlenz Reiling ’53
Margaret Reimer and Robert Reimer
Sondrea E. Rein ’89
Patricia Hand Reisch ’60
Carole Kline Renner ’59
MaryBeth Winkels Rensberger ’72
Leslie Rentmeester ’84
Kristine T. Revak ’94
Amanda Blasiak Rice ’04
Holly Schlangen Rice ’98
Anita Richard
Rosemary Stemper Richard ’65
Sara Rieland and Greg Rieland
Margaret A. Riha ’73
Lois Jansen Riley ’73
Mary Ann Spear Rindelaub ’77 and George M. Rindelaub
Marilyn Schultz Hannah Ringham ’52
Jeanette J. Ringwelski ’74
Darin Rinne
Sara A. Rippie MNUR’15
Corinne V. Ritt
Joy A. Ritt ’80
Mary McFarland Ritten ’59 and J. Peter Ritten
Margaret Costello Ritzer ’50
Gabrielle V. Rivard ’12
Patricia Benson Rivard ’67
Marilyn Kisch Roberts ’70
Maura Coughlan Robertson ’49
Rebecca M. Robinson ’97
Claire Johnson Rock ’78
Geraldine Rockett
Helen Mulvehill Rockwell ’71 and James W. Rockwell
Peggy Caron Rodman ’88
Susan Roe and Gregory Roe
Nan Markham Roeglin ’84
Joan Klaus Roelands ’50
Colleen Joyce Roethke ’84
Katherine K. Rogers
William A. Rogers
Carmen Rohne
Shannon Rohne ’17
Jeffrey W. Rohr and Deborah A. Rohr
Mabel A. Rohr ’88
Jean Ziegeweid Rokke ’80 and Jerome D. Rokke
Briggs S. Rolfsrud ’05
Joyce E. Romano ’82
Sarah Orde Ronning ’02
Frances Smith Rooney ’59
Colleen Roop ’81
Margaret Maykoski Roscher ’72
Karen Dingle Rose ’62
Margo Rosen and Dale Rosen
Victoria Reider Rosenthal ’76
Michele Leighton Rosha ’75
Judith Revering Ross ’68
Nancy Reitz Rotenberry and Everett G. Rotenberry
Katrina J. Roth ’99
Kimberlee Joy Roth
Elinor Skok Rothfork ’59
Janis Kuhlman Rowekamp ’78
Mary Ann Greuel Rowley ’61
Sophia Rubin and Michael Rubin
Dunia Berganza Ruff ’84
Kathleen Kelsch Ruiz ’52
Gina Andreassi Rulli ’60
Lynn M. Russell ’70
Ann Hanlon Ruttger ’54
Gailyn Walsh Ryan MAED’03
Jean Pearson Ryan ’76 and Patrick J. Ryan
Kathleen Mullen Ryan ’65
Mary J. Ryan ’83
Patricia M. Ryan ’01
Robin M. Ryan ’98
Susan Beran Ryan ’72 and Daniel F. Ryan
Shannon C. Saban ’94
Bridget Soderberg Sabatke Cert’05
Maryam Sadrzadeh and Hossein Sadrzadeh
Dianne M. Safley and James R. Safley
Michelle E. Sahlin ’81 and Douglas R. Guild
Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce
Jane Geiger Salland ’78
Carol Stromwall Sallee ’65 and Allan L. Sallee
Marie J. Salmen
Dorothy Sander-Ziegler ’77
Susan Sands and Bill Sands
Maureen Ziller Sanger ’69
Sapientia Law Group
Deborah Sapunar-Jursich ’92
Mary Sarazin ’59
Renee J. Sass
Kathleen Von Ruden Sauber ’75
Martha R. Saul
Georgianna Knapp Saumweber ’73
Carolyn Hermann Sawyer ’59, Cert’87, Cert’88
Mary Seign Scallen ’56
Charlotte Krueger Scanlan ’54
Molly O’Donoghue Schaaf ’69
Mary Dietz Schabarum ’57
Karol F. Schachtele Cert’97
Anne M. Schaefer ’85
Peggy McNabb Schaefer ’89
Brenda Johnson Schaffer ’70
Patricia Robasse Schaffran ’83
Kristin Schams DNP’13
Rochelle Olson Scheela ’70
Eugene J. Scheffler MAOL’99
Elizabeth M. Scheibel MLIS’11 and Nicholas A. Scheibel
Lori A. Schleis ’96
Mary Roy Schmid ’63
Rita Bonk Schmid ’67
Barbara Lynch Schmidt ’80
Emily A. Schmidt ’09
Joan Stevens Schmidt
Margaret Perlich Schmidt ’87
Susan Schmidt and Virgil Wiebe
Marjorie Abler Schmit ’85
Ione Minnerath Schmitt ’80 and Gordon Schmitt
Julie E. Schmoock ’09
Barbara Starck Schneider ’62 and Thomas F. Schneider
Mary Ruth Klapka Schneider ’49
William J. Schneider and Nancy A. Schneider
Mary Mahoney Schnell ’50
Angeline Schmitz Schnobrich ’54
Patrice Schober-Branigan ’77
Ann Shekleton Schoenbauer ’61
Carole Jackelen Schoetz ’58 and William M. Schoetz
Gerane Schaffhausen Schreiner ’61
Virginia A. Schubert ’57
Ann M. Schultz
Patricia Anderson Schumann ’91
Estelle Muraski Schwab ’57
Deborah Miller Schwartz ’76
Rosemary O’Brien Schwary ’43
Mary S. Schwarzrock and Gregory M. Schwarzrock
Maryann Glish Schwebel ’79 and Joseph P. Schwebel
Catherine Rutten Schwinden ’72 and Morris J. Schwinden
Ralph E. Scorpio, Jr. and Patricia Kerwin Scorpio
Mary Spiegelberg Seefeld ’78 and Marvin Seefeld
Teresa Thompson Seefeld MPT’98, DPT’07
Lucia Carlin Seidel ’54 and James A. Seidel
Ann M. Seifert ’67
Carmen Dalheimer Seifert ’55
N. Susan Joyce Seifert ’69
Sarah Wlaschin Seiling ’88 and Tod Seiling
Mary Heger Sejnoha ’79 and Robert P. Sejnoha
Marie Sell ’83
Frances Fadell Serpe ’64 and John J. Serpe
Dora Schwirtz Severson ’68
Sewell Family Foundation
Laura A. Sewell and Peter D. Freeman
Sara Ann Sexton ’59
Susan Wanless Sexton
Mary Leatherwood Shaklee ’73
Shakopee Chevrolet
Rochelle Howard Shatkin ’60
Mary Fischer Shaughnessy ’50
Kasha M. Winker Shaw
Pamela A. Sheean ’94
Marlene Shelstad and Terrance Shelstad
Judith M. Sherman ’86
Kathleen A. Shields ’72
Eva Alexander Shipley ’91, MLIS’95
Amelia J. Shoptaugh ’08
Aaron V. Shukla
Greta R. Sieve ’10, MAOT’11
Cynthia Schuster Silkworth ’76 and Duane A. Silkworth
Mirna Silva
Karen A. Simon ’84, MAOL’06
Virginia Demarais Simpson ’66
Elizabeth Singer-Towns ’77 and Brian Singer-Towns
June Jansen Sinnett ’61 and Thomas E. Sinnett
Patricia Wolff Sirek ’77 and Michael J. Sirek
Mary O’Neill Sitzer ’63
Frances Schreck Skaff ’64 and Larry L. Skaff
Christine A. Skarstad ’09
Vincent Skemp and Deirdre Brennan
Laurel Skiba ’82
Mary Ann Goulet Skinner ’55
Cathleen Chambers Skrypek ’88
Bethany Lohmann Slack ’00
Jennifer Knapp Slater ’87
Sarann Ryan Slattery ’59
Joyce A. Slaughter ’13, MAT’19
Cami M. Smalley MAHS’11
Mary Anne Jordan Smalley ’67
Chayo L. Smith ’08
Debra Marzolf Smith Cert’99, MAHS’06 and Kendall B. Smith
Eileen L. Smith ’80
Jacquelyn J. Smith
Kathy Werfelmann Smith ’69
Linda Van Guilder Smith ’12, MBA’17
M. Brendan Smith ’66
Mary-Lucile L. Smith ’19
Onnie Leach Smith
Gloria Smithknecht
Lynn Seeland Smolenski ’89
Karen J. Snedeker and Clarence W. Snedeker
Alicia Pillard Snell ’93 and Todd A. Snell
Rev. Larry J. Snyder
Linda Eckstrom Snyder ’82
Barbara Vankirk Soderbeck ’06
Marcia E. Soderholm ’02
Shauna Sokolis
Gloria Fraser Soma ’75
Joan Friesen Somes ’74
Linda Wayland Sorensen ’91
Sorenson Communications
Kathleen Walsh Soucheray ’78
Judith A. Southwick ’89
Monica L. Sowden MSW’07
Mary Johnson Spear ’83
Kathleen L. Spehar
John F. Spence
Joan Deneau Spindler ’69
Mary Beth Olson Spring ’64
Allison C. Springer ’09
Christine Staab Springer Cert’85 and Timothy W. Springer
Emily Treacy Springer ’83 and Gregory J. Springer
St. Jude Medical, Inc.
Sally F. St. John MAHS’17
Susan Ryan Stack ’66
Mary Merfeld Stadler ’61
Jennifer Peck Stamp ’01
Joanne Cheney Stanowski ’90
Staples Business Advantage
Emily K. Stark MAOL’22 and Michael Tilleman
Cynthia Swalboski Stauffer ’02
Jayne L. Stauffer
Bernadette Hagen Steffan ’84
Ann Marie Steger ’91
Mary Reinke Stein ’49
Patricia S. Stein MAOL’96
Amy Peters Steinhagen ’90
Mary Nei Steininger ’63 and Max J. Steininger
Ramona Miller Steinke ’56
Donna M. Steinkogler
Megan Rausch Steinmetz ’08
Elizabeth A. Stejskal ’79
Andrea Kitzberger Stelljes ’83, MLIS’95
Linda Fickel Stenberg MAT’98
Janet Kalitowski Stenglein ’64
Yvonne Carpentier Stenzel ’50
Cynthia Steppa ’82
Shannon M. Stermer MAOL’12 and William D. Stermer
Barbara Sterner ’77
Teresa A. Sterns ’81 and Jane E. Helmke
Errin Kratochwill Stevens ’89 and Michael J. Stevens
Jeanne M. Stevens MSW’95
Sandra Stevenson ’73 and John Watson
Catherine Linstroth Stewart ’63
Mary Stieber Reynhout and Kenneth A. Reynhout
LoAnn Stinson-DeBoer MNUR’02
Angeline Mares Stone ’60 and Thomas Stone
Carol Struve ’72
Patricia Holly Stuart ’62
Laurie Shaver Sublett ’97, MNUR’06 and Eugene C. Sublett
Marilyn Smith Suchy ’59
Charlann Eue Suel ’55
Bryan B. Sullivan
Elizabeth Style Sullivan ’50
Faye C. Sullivan ’10
Judith Frenzel Sullivan ’88
Dr. Julie H. Sullivan
Margaret A. Sullivan ’11
Nancy D. Sullivan MAISCE’18
Katherine Sullivan-Manar ’92 and Christopher H. Manar
Carol Beckman Summers ’59
Kati Mitchell Sundt ’01
Jennifer Liss Suntych ’98 and J. Daren Suntych
Mary F. Super and Robert A. Super
David J. Sutton
Virginia M. Sutton ’86
Paulette Jacobs Svoboda ’89
Kristine Hinrichs Swanson ’89
Paula Swanson and Charles Swanson
Shawn Kaderlik Swearingen MLIS’01
Ann J. Sweeney and Patrick D. Sweeney
Nancy O’Connell Sweeney ’71
Nina K. Sweeney MLIS’04
Patrick J. Sweeney
Lucille Swenson-Knights ’54
Mary K. Swifka ’83 and L. Dean Sauers
Erin E. Swift MNUR’09
Kristy Remme Sybilrud ’02
Dolores Johnson Sylla ’66
Amy M. Sylvester ’98
Lynda A. Szymanski and Scott L. Schauss
Michelle VanGunst Tague ’93
Kathleen Janssen Tako ’65
Delinda R. Tamagni ’03 and Joshua Pedroso
Patricia Henkelman Tancredo ’61
Linnea Tani and Douglas Tani
Maryhelen Jansen Tapio ’88 and Scott M. Tapio
Lisa Casserly Taplin ’80
Andrea Chechile Tarczynski ’69
Elizabeth J. Tegeler
TEGNA Foundation
Teleflex Foundation
Michele R. Tentis and Grant M. Tentis
Jeanne Terhaar ’69
Mary Fischer Terwey ’66
Charon Petersen Tessman ’88
Karen A. Thalhammer ’78
Jane Cook Thames ’43
Joan Thames ’70
Mary Yang Thao ’02
May Thao-Schuck
Thomas J. Thieman and Sharon D. Theiman
Carlene A. Thissen ’82
Carla J. Thomas and Corey D. Thomas
Phyllis C. Thomas ’95
Ann Friendshuh Thompson ’62
Jennifer A. Thompson ’88
Yer Thor ’07
Ahna Thoresen Severts ’92 and Jeffrey Severts
Jean M. Thoresen MAT’09
Amy Benolken Thorson ’80
Patricia Finley Throlson ’61
Alice Kramer Thull ’56
Margaret Moslander Thull ’55
Catherine Riehle Tierney ’51
Christine Hehre Tierney ’09
Carol Roerig Tilford ’64 and Charles R. Tilford
Julie Dahl Tiller ’81
Eldean Klecker Tingerthal ’57 and William C. Tingerthal
Sonda J. Tolle ANP-Cert’99, DNP’12
Ashley Holmen Tomechko ’07
Frances M. Tompkins
Mary Zukowski Topel ’76
The Toro Foundation
Deborah A. Torres
Linnea K. Torstenson ’03
Gayleen Scheetz Touhey Cert’90
Marjorie Meuers Tourje ’67
Marcelle Gelinas Tracy ’56
Sarah Matthews Tracy ’99
Jeanne Bueckers Travis ’91
Suzanne A. Traxler and Richard R. Traxler
Judith Shelton Treharne MAOL’98, Cert’13
Susan D. Trelstad and Terrance L. Trelstad
TripleTree Holdings, LLC
Suellyn Tritz MAHS’12
Bonnie Johnson Tronnes ’91, MLIS’00
Eugenie M. Trow ’66
Terrence Trudeau
Elizabeth A. True ’86
Maura Gibbs Tschida ’83 and Robert Tschida
Amy Olson Tuchenhagen ’91, MBA’23 and Gordon Tuchenhagen
Cheri Long Tuma ’84
Kathleen Clements Tuma ’83 and Randall G. Tuma
Iris Young Turay ’07
Rose Sipe Tures ’76
Ann Starken Turner ’63
Janet Turner
Kathleen A. Tuzinski ’92
Twin Cities Radiation Therapists
Janine Day Tysk ’85
University of Minnesota Physicians
Robin Parr Uithoven MNUR’03
Jeanne St. Martin Ullian ’69 and John A. Ullian
Terri M. Ulschmid ’87
Mary Kay Mulvehill Underwood ’66 and Thomas F. Underwood
United Health Foundation
United Way California Capital Region
Theresa M. Urbaniak MAOL’06
Valere LLC
Henny Van Oosterom
Virginia Bauman Vance ’94, MAED’01
Deanna Schulte Van de North ’67
Bao Ka Vang ’91
Allyssa A. Van Guilder ’14, MBA’21
JoNes R. VanHecke
Catherine Glynn Van Liere ’61
Janice Bartl VanSteenkiste ’57
Lynn Varpness ’90 and John Kestner
Alice Walsh Vautrain ’54 and Arthur P. Vautrain
Donn Vecchie-Campbell
Marian Berkner Verlot ’62
Cheri Ver Murlen ’95 and Mark E. Ver Murlen
Heather L. Verstraete ’94
Martha R. Vest ’11, MLIS’16
Mary Rafferty Vetter ’78 and Paul J. Vetter III
Susan Veum and Erik Veum
Teresa Haider Vibar ’88
John Vietz
Joan Burns Villella ’60 and Ronald Villella
Teresa Mamer Vogler ’55
Sarah M. Voigt
Theresa Voigt and Paul Voigt
Louise Zaspel Volk ’66 and William Volk
Lynn A. Volkenant ’78, MAED’95
Karen Volkman Bramwell ’89
Jane Metzger Von Haden ’87
Virginia Restivo Vonhof ’92
Lori A. Vosejpka
Andrea J. Votruba ’83
See Vue and Kou Vue
Marian K. Wacek ’80
Sharon Gowdy Wagener MAOT’97, OTD’17
Ann Y. Wagner ’71
Helen Chevalier Wagner ’58
Mary Kay Wagner
Tina Wagner
Diane M. Wald and Daniel J. Wald
Linda Kraemer Walker ’77
Patricia Cochran Walker ’53
Carolyn Lies Wall ’68
Carmel Corriveau Wallace ’71
Julie Beckjorden Wallace ’83
Margaret Benjamin Wallace ’67
Sandra Hiemenz Wallace ’67
Kathleen J. Wallenta ’64
Mary Wallingford and Eugene Wallingford
Mary M. Wamsley ’46
Joanne Murphy Ward ’54
John Ward
Kim K. Warndahl MAOL’97
Betty Sauro Waschbusch ’59 and Edward A. Waschbusch
Nicole Sirek Watson
Denise M. Wawrzynaik ’83
Carolyn Keup Weber ’80, Cert’85
Michele Weber and Roger Weber
Marcia Ramsey Wedell ’55 and Robert G. Wedell
Kathryn A. Weese ’83
Helen V. Wegner ’64
Janis K. Wegner ’10
Helen Budde Weides ’49
Mark A. Weinand and Nancy A. Weinand
Constance Weinman and Christopher Weinman
Kathy Huber Weinshel ’80
Rosemary Kimlinger Weiser ’81
Stacie D. Welch Cert’14, MAOL’15
Lynnette Hoen Welsch ’98 and Thomas J. Welsch
Jill R. Welter
Marian Manship Welter ’72 and Thomas R. Welter
Lizabeth A. Wemeier ’13
Diana Wentland and David Wentland
William J. Wernz
Kristine Paulson Wessinger and Nick Wessinger
Louise Jansen Wessinger ’69
Emily Blanchard West
Martha E. West MAT’11, Cert’12
Michele Arbetan West ’87
Miriam R. West
Kathleen Connett Westgard ’87 and Richard Westgard
Catherine Kugler Weyrens ’60 and John J. Weyrens
Judith Dane Whalen ’73
Roz Lendacky Whalen ’64
Lindsay Butterfield Whipple ’09
Amy Lary White MSW’97
Beth Meyenburg White ’95, MAOL’10
Leslie A. White ’12
Elise Peterson Whittaker ’06
Thad L. Whittier
Julia E. Whyde ’94
Kathryn Klis Wick ’82
Mary O’Hern Wieczorek ’54 and William L. Wieczorek
Colleen McWilliams Wier ’73
Mary Stute Wiesner ’63
Laurie Potvin Wig ’87
Nienke Wijnia
Karen L. Wilcox
Kathryn Jandro Wilcox ’71 and Michael R. Wilcox
Bryce M. Wildenauer
Penny Wilkerson and James Wilkerson
Dorothy A. Williams ’03, MAOL’10
E. Brady Williams
Jean Nies Williams ’56
Kathryn Mellom Williams ’89
Louverne Noble Williams ’55
Holly Willis and David Willis
Scott S. Willman
Ellen P. Wilson ’02
Joanne Casey Wilson
Virginia Gryskiewicz Wilzbacher ’68
Amanda P. Winegarden ’10
Diane Gabriel Wineman ’69
Brenda Miedema Winkler MSW’00
Joan Gross Winograd ’60
Miriam Jennett Winters ’66
Suzanne Hayes Wintz ’67
Rev. Judy Burgett Winzig and Jerome F. Winzig
Mary Lenczewski Wisser ’79
Thomas F. Witschen
Jennifer Witte and Jeff Witte
Georgeann Nickerson Wobschall ’71
Rebecca L. Wolfe ’13
Barbara Probst Wollan ’58
Corinne A. Wooden ’78
Sherry Johnson Woods ’82 and Eric L. Woods
Marilyn Seiler Woolley ’90 and Michael J. Woolley
Kathleen Techar Wortel ’73
Maureen A. Wosepka ’05, MNUR’16
Mary Schmitz Wraneschetz ’87, MAED’95 and Steve Wraneschetz
Betty Tschida Wright ’83
Jean Wright and Michael Wright
Marian Evans Wright ’54
Patricia Boran Wuensch ’08
Melissa A. Wyman ’10
Chou Xiong
Cassandra Kaufenberg Yackel ’81
Roberta F. Yamamoto ’89
Cynthia C. Yang
Eric Yang Cert’06
Susan Blecha Yanta ’71 and James E. Yanta
Mary Ruda Yapp ’93 and Richard Yapp
Rachael Gasperetti Yates ’13, MPH’20
Elizabeth Moylan Yatteau ’68 and Jerome D. Yatteau
Kay Honzay Young ’69
Linda Glanding Young ’73
Maureen McGoff Young ’54
Judith Yung ’59
Stacey Bertram Yurcek ’06
Debra Steinert Zabka ’78
Pamela Zagaria ’67
Katie R. Zarbock ’16
Kathleen Zent Zavisha ’72
Trishelle Albright Zerin ’00 and Todd J. Zerin
Yanshuo Zhang ’10
Kathleen Dunford Ziegler ’57
Shenoa Zierden and Eric Zierden
Joanell Felker Zimmerman ’62 and Frederick Zimmerman
Joanne Ziefle Zipperer ’63 and James E. Zipperer
Justin D. Zook
Marilyn Van Echteren Zopp ’65
Tamara L. Zurakowski
Terese Blazek Zwolski ’74 and Michael J. Zwolski


Anonymous Donors
Brad G. Aaberg
Kelly Raetzke Abanda ’99
Karen Fish Abata ’74
Mary McCoy Abbett ’66
Abbott Fund
Abbott Laboratories
Saido A. Abdulle ’15
Mary Alice Altstatt Abraham ’62
Marya Donch Abraham ’70
Kelsey R. Abrahamson ’13
Diane Inman Accurso ’77 and William Accurso
Shirley and Alan Ackerman
Monica Ackermann ’65
Acument Global Technologies
Carol Henderson Adam ’54
Kathleen B. Adam Cert’20
Marilyn S. Adam MLIS’03
Sandra Adam and Robert Adam
D. Ann McGill Adams ’59
Elizabeth Adamski ’72
Shaun Moore Adamski ’83
Linda Menton Addicott ’88
Marlene Fabrega Addington ’69
Marta Gallego Adkins ’85
Renee LeTourneau Adkisson ’63
Alecia J. Adney-Hernandez ’17
Carol Massman Aegerter ’95, MAOL’05
Affordable House Cleaning
Inez Agar ’84 and Robert Agar
Marcia L. Agee ’67
Kellie S. Agrimson
Lois Aguirre
Melanie Ahlstrom and Guy Ahlstrom
Bridget Bue Ahmed ’84 and Sheriff Ahmed
Patrice and Spencer Ahneman
Carol Schiefelbein Aitken ’51
Patricia Bresnahan Akins ’65
Nancy Albright
Susanne LeRoy Aleckson ’74
Mary Budd Alfano ’49
Kathleen Forciea Alford ’75
Prasanthi Anandasothy Alfveby ’01
All Seasons Fireplace, Inc.
Marlene Simandl Allard ’58
B. Lorraine Guerber Allen ’48
Jan Kennedy Allen ’77
Julie Dawson Allen ’79
LaVonne Surprenant Allen ’57
Rose Hennessy Allen ’00
Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, Ltd.
Julie Schuster Allis ’63
Mildred Allison and Henry Allison
Richard Allison ’75
Janet Glover Allyn ’94
Hend A. Al-Mansour
Carrie Almquist
Ronald M. Almquist and Tracey J. Almquist
Kari Altavilla-Ratz Cert’03, MAOL’09
Dorothea Wagner Altman ’69
Marie Altman ’51
Patricia Moser Alvarez ’66
Kari Amacher and Brian Amacher
AAUW - St. Paul Branch
American Association of University Women - Minneapolis Branch
American Gas Association
The American Ireland Fund
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
Amgen Foundation, Inc.
Carson Amiot and Ursula Amiot
Cynthia Raymond Amundson ’98
Ann and Howard Anderson
Antoinette Deutz Anderson ’45
Barbara Uschold Anderson ’85, Cert’86
Beverly S. Anderson
Carol Lewis Anderson ’67
Chara Mahlum Anderson MNUR’99
Christina Peterson Anderson MPT’01, DPT’10
Clennan and Judy Anderson
Deborah Smith Anderson ’03
Ellen Gallagher Anderson ’58
Gregory R. Anderson
Jean Diebel Anderson ’80
Jean Larson Anderson ’94
Jeanne Haessly Anderson ’62
Jenna L. Anderson ’99
Jennifer Carpenter Anderson ’79
Joyce Monson Anderson ’70
Kathi Anderson
Kristina L. Anderson ’00
Kristine McDonough Anderson ’73
Linda M. Anderson ’03
Lisa M. Anderson
Lynda Lahti Anderson
Marcia Moran Anderson ’83 and Robert A. Anderson
Mary Jirik Anderson ’86 and Jon W. Anderson
Nancy Simonson Anderson ’74 and Keith H. Anderson
Nicole R. Anderson MAHS’17
Paige Henthorne Anderson ’95
Patricia K. Anderson and Mark K. Anderson
Phoebe Borstad Anderson ’77
Robert P. Anderson and Lois J. Anderson
Susan L. Anderson ’90
Theresa Trotter Anderson ’65
Thomas and Kathryn Anderson
Mary Catherine Anderson-Pahl ’09
Cindy K. Andreotti ’78
Megan M. Andrews ’06, Cert’08, MAED’10
Mary Calhoun Anglin ’63
Jacqueline A. Angus
Marcella Anibas
Ann and Gregory Anklam
Kshanika R. Anthony ’94
Claire T. Anton ’11
Dore Antonello
Dawn Lewis Appel ’15
Julie O’Rourke Appert ’94
ArcelorMittal USA
Harriet Arend
Paula Arico
Megan M. Arlow
Ann Christensen Arndt ’96
Nicole Arndt ’18, MBA’22
Lonnie and Anita Arnett
Kathryn Campbell Arnold ’71
Margaret Wethington Arnold ’84
Mie Nakatsu Arntson ’65
Mary Beth Arthaud ’78
Jaclyn Ruprecht Ashford ’08
Rev. Mary Kaye Powell Ashley ’86
Asian Home Care, Inc
Leora K. Ask
Joan Bellefeuille Askegaard ’82
Joanne Posavad Asmus ’59
William G. Asp
Associated Financial Group
Assurant Foundation
Katie J. Atkinson MAOL’12
Katherine B. Aubrecht
Jennifer L. Auger ’97
Lenore Regnier Augustine ’58
Kimberly Austin and Craig Austin
Kimberly Schmid Auth ’91
Automation Technology, Inc.
Kathleen Faust Averbeck ’81
Axis Communications, Inc.
Elizabeth Primeau Aydt ’07, MNUR’15
Michael Ayers MAOL’00
Anna Hyde Babington-Johnson
Jane Bacchus
Harriette Huettl Bach ’80
Julie Jeffrey Bach ’64
Dale L. Bachman and Ruth G. Bachman
Mary Cerkvenik Bacigalupi ’68
Philip Bacigalupo and Susan Bacigalupo
Richard J. Bacigalupo and Carol L. Crichton
Amy Nawrocki Bacon MSW’04
Robert and Marcia Bacon
Sandra and Dwight Bacon
BAE Systems, Inc.
M. Wendell Dwyer Bagley ’93
Abraham B. Bah MAOL’14
Alice and Donald Baier
Jeanne Gwost Bailey ’66
Margaret Bailey and Dale Suckstorff
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Elizabeth Ward Baker ’37
Jay K. Baker
John M. Baker and Margaret A. Baker
Kathleen Baker ’67
Kathleen Baker Real Estate, Inc.
Michael and Millie Slowik Baker
Brandy Baker-Muhich ’90
Kristin and Paul Bakos
Rebecca Junnila Baldini ’95, MAED’20
Meghan Texley Baldwin ’05, MAED’11
Joan Wilhelmy Ballanger ’75
Annie Ballantine Designs, LLC
Mary Gianlorenzi Balow ’64
Heather Bandeen and Jason Sawin
Eunice Poirier Banken ’53
Margaret Mary Engel Bannigan ’58
Heather Hoskins Bantle ’87
Mary Denise Banz ’92
Valerie L. Barbaro
Azure Johnson Barbeau ’04
Thomas J. Barcelona
JoAnna Barclay and Gregory Barclay
William Bard and Mary Hogan-Bard
Joyce Junion Barina ’60
Patricia and David Barker
Mary A. Barlau ’90
Betty Barnes
Elisabeth A. Barnes
Marilyn Weigand Barnes Cert’89
Ann Moskalik Barnett ’73
Kathleen Kaercher Barnett ’51
Marilyn Forrette Barnett ’53 and Donald J. Barnett
Linda Lochner Barnum ’86
Maria A. Barnum ’03
Frances Baron and Dr. R. Charles Baron
Carol Barr
Diane Barr and Fred Barr
Beverly A. Barrett and Ervin F. Barrett
Helen Erb Barrett ’78 and John D. Barrett
Jacqueline Barrett and Harry Barrett
Kevin Barrett
Thomas Barrett
Natalie Barron ’18, DPT’20
Etta Shrell Barry ’91
Marlys Barry
Theresa Heimerl Barry ’71
Betty Jurgens Barsness ’63
Dianne Bartels ’64
Gloria Kraus Bartels ’58
Suanne Drews Barthol
Catherine Campbell Bartholet MAOL’00 and Steven M. Bartholet
Anne Marie Sherry Bartlett ’94
Trina L. Bartok ’08, MAOL’16
Laura A. Bartoletti ’85
Karin Woessner Barton MAED’19 and Jeffrey Barton
Katherine A. Barton
Amanda K. Bartschenfeld MBA’18
Manya Sheehan Basile ’83
Kristine L. Basilici ’15
Mary Leonard Bassett Cert’97, Cert’98
Maureen Lenaghan Bassing ’43
Barbara Bassler and James Bassler
Kristina A. Bates ’01
Shirlee Ruttger Bates
Audrey Haas Bauer ’58
Elizabeth Bauer
Sandra L. Bauer MLIS’11
Laura A. Bauercamper
Linda Baughman-Terry
Barbara A. Baum
Donna Stahl Baumann ’50
Jodi D. Baumann ’92
Mary Mahoney Baumgaertner ’47
Rita O’Malley Baumgardner ’78 and David K. Baumgardner
Jacqueline Ross Baxter ’77, MAED’00
Mary Pat Bodnar Bay ’78 and Randall Bay
Barbara and Bruce Bayley
Janet Bayliss and Bernel Bayliss
John Baynes and Karen Spruth
Bayside Woods Company, LLC
Mary Flinn Beadnell ’54
Katherine Buck Beal ’92
Marjorie Franta Bean ’62
Ann Notermann Bearson ’82 and Kent M. Bearson
Jonathan Beattie
Jennifer Jennings Becker ’97
Joyce Becker and Darrell Becker
Eileen Glover Beckey ’69
Julie Eischens Beckius ’99
Martha Vetter Beenken ’92
Sandra Behnken and Jef Behnken
Debra and Kenneth Behringer
Bryan S. Behun
Esete Bekele Cert’07, MAOL’14
Heidi Weicht Belanger ’02, MPT’04, DPT’06
Karen K. Belk ’82
Dave Bell
John V. Bell and Mary L. Bell
Laura A. Bell MLIS’20
Lorrie Lushnat Bellair ’77
Natalie Bellefeuille and Keith Bellefeuille
Bernadette Wiesweg Bellows ’66
Michael F. Bemis MLIS’06
Lilly Bendel-Stenzel ’19 and John Beaty
Rita Lorbeski Bennett ’63
Virginia Pfeifer Bennett ’68
Michael V. Benninghoff
Debra Benoit and Alan Benoit
Elisabeth A. Benson MAHS’18
Margo L. Berberich Cert’99
Cheryl Rossow Berg ’18
Dureen Berg and Lon Berg
Kathleen R. Berg ’85
Malgorzata Bergandy
Joan Coughlan Berge ’79
Barbara E. Berger
Patricia Berger ’76 and Jay G. Berger
Betty Lovsted Bergerson ’81
Mary Mulcahy Bergevin ’60
Ashley A. Berglund ’12
Jul D. Bergquist ’93
Sara J. Berhow
Kathleen Hite Berlin ’85
Gladis Bendlin Bernardy ’77
Elizabeth Brewer Berneking ’65
Jacob Bernhagen
Katherina T. Jobst Bernhagen ’12
Carol Hill Bernstein MPT’95
Debora Berres ’02
Susanna L. Bertelsen Cert’16, MAT’17
Matthew Besch
Anne M. Beschnett MLIS’06
Teresa Hermodson-Olsen Bettmann ’12
Marian Beumer Cert’11, MAOL’15 and Douglas G. Beumer MSW’01
Nancy Nuffer Bevilacqua ’61
Marguerite Mulloy Beyersdorf ’44
Kalsang D. Bhutia ’14
Larry F. Biales
Margaret Schultz Bianchi ’07
Sherry Theisen Bias ’60
Teri G. Bickham MAED’11
Jane Cameron Bidon ’97
Kelly Nelson Biedny ’94
Marian Borsdorf Biehn ’73
Gail Bartylla Bieniek ’82
Mary Bierbaum and Ronald Bierbaum
Katherine Rupprecht Bierlein ’06
Jennifer Biggs
Jennifer L. Billig ’93
Barbara McCormack Billmeier ’77
Patricia Theis Binko ’63
John and Mary Bins
Cynthia DeVries Birkholz ’84
Doris A. Bisciglia
Heather Bjerke ’17
Rena Bjerke
Sherrie Bjoraker
Colin J. Bjorklund
Michael and Lisa Bjorkman
L. Jaynie Bjornaraa
Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza
Lauren F. Black MNUR’20
Gary D. Blackford
Dorothy Molloy Blackmon ’86 and Glen E. Blackmon
Lucia Winegar Blackwell ’94
James and Catherine Blaha
David J. Blake AAS’95, MAOL’08
Julie Rascher Blake ’83
Patricia Yankee Blake ’54
Joey Blanchard
Blandin Paper Company
Blanski Peter Kronlage & Zoch, P.A.
Julianne R. Blazevic MAED’03
Neda Miranda Blazevic-Krietzman and Rick Krietzman
Toné Frank Blechert ’67, MAOL’93 and Warren W. Blechert
Kenlyn Hickey Blecker ’58 and Robert F. Blecker
Lynn Blewett and Christian Franken
Margaret Wenzel Blissenbach ’80 and John Blissenbach
Pamela Blixt MAOL’90
Lisa Blocher
Amanda Struxness Block ’97
JoAnne Pietsch Blockey ’53
Diedre Hallen Bloemers ’00
Katherine Moyer Bloom ’73 and Stephen L. Bloom, MD
Dana L. Bloomquist ’12
Jeanne Bloomquist and Mark Bloomquist
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Jessamina Harrison Blum ’04 and Craig Blum
Joan Petsinger Blumberg ’59
Sharron and Arnie Blumeyer
BNSF Railway Foundation
Caroline Boch and Matt Boch
Mary A. Bock
Alan Bode
Daniel Bodelson
Peggy J. Boden
Alexa N. Boderman ’17
Boe Plumbing, Inc.
Steve Boe
Kelsey A. Boeff ’11
Deborah H. Boehm
Lynn M. Boerhave ’10 and Ross A. Boerhave
Lois Boes and Vern Boes
Julie A. Boeser ’74
Margaret Knight Boettcher Cert’87, MAT’91 and Robert J. Boettcher
Christine Gorman Bogucki ’80
Margaret Leuer Bohanon ’68
Marva Bohen
Cortney L. Bohnen MAOT’11
Edward J. Bohrer
Sally Conway Boland ’50
Suzanne Schmitt Bolger ’53
Teresa Cleveland Bolland ’00
Judith Bond Ploetz MAOL’13
Molly Mock Bonin ’69
Maria Ada Bonnie ’81
Kathleen Gober Bontems ’61 and Bart Bontems
Mary Hurley Boo ’54
Mary Richardson Boo ’47
Scott R. Bookhout MPT’97
Sheila Quigley Boos ’56
James C. Booth
Martha Billeter Bordelon MNUR’97
Marla J. Kauzlarich-Borer and Patrick J. Borer
Peggy Uhlenkamp Borgmeier ’90
Jan Kashmark Borland ’88
Maxine Hoerner Borom ’56
Roberta A. Bosch ’58
Sue and Brett Bosworth
Corrine Nelson Boucher and Brent J. Boucher
Terri A. Bouressa and David G. Theisen
Karen Geraghty Boutiette ’97
Laura M. Bowe MAOL’23
Amy M. Bowers MNUR’18
Barbara Sitzmann Bowman ’57
Patricia A. Boyce
Lynn E. Boyd ’99
Shannon McGuire Boyd ’68
Teresa A. Boylan
Sylvia and Douglas Boynton
Michael J. Bozivich
Rachelle Kerschbaum Bozzi ’03
Rosemary Otremba Brabec ’57
Denise Rybak Bradley ’83
Carolina Bradpiece
Briana L. Brady ’11
Christine Macey Brady ’67
Colleen N. Brady ’96, MAHS’13
Ellen S. Brady
Patricia Brady
Patricia Willie Brady Cert’84, MAT’91
Thomas P. Brady
Brittney Brager and Trent Brager
Shari Johnson Brakke and Todd D. Brakke
Cecilia Haag Brand ’57
Mark J. Brandt
Theresa Brandt and Scott Brandt
Patti Brase
Janine Sztamburski Braun ’67
Nancy Bravo
Patricia M. Bray ’67
Hannah Polashek Brehmer ’06
Mary Condon Breimhurst ’59
Dawn Mattson Brekke
Patricia O’Malley Brekke ’71 and Steven C. Brekke
Kristine L. Brelje ’95
Monica Hansen Brenna ’74
Lynne Brennan
Ellen Bakker Brentine ’60
Erin Hunt Breslin ’09
Kathleen Hessel Bressan ’81
Margaret Marion Brettin ’65 and Douglas E. Brettin
Mary Jane Janacek Brewster ’72
Mary Kay Hanten Breyer ’57 and Dwayne J. Breyer
Nancy W. Brick
Helen Schertler Bridge ’71
Jessica R. Bridgeford ’07
Briggs and Morgan, Professional Association
Jill A. Briggs ’79
Judith Malone Bright ’71
Karen E. Brill ’84
Kathryn Brine
Thomas A. Brinkmann ’04
Therese Bailey Britts ’50, Cert’88
Suzanne E. Brixius and Frank J. Brixius
Jane S. Brodie and Michael J. Brodie
Lu Ann Kreidler Brodigan ’58
Tara Tauscheck Broich ’97
Ann M. Brombach ’88
Bill Brombach and Beth Brombach
Ellen M. Bromley ’00
Phyllis A. Brommer
Mae R. Brooks MAOL’11
Albert and Rozanna Broseghini
Doreen Gleason Brostrom ’58
Sheila Ryan Broughton ’67 and Daniel Broughton
Simone L. Brovege ’96
Brenda Goodman Brown ’79
Carol Lynch Brown ’57
Constance Pollnow Brown ’90 and Arthur R. Brown
Debora S. Brown ’91
Rev. Eugene M. Brown
Julie Brown and Tony Brown
Laura Herbster Brown ’95
Lindsay Vergin Brown ’08
Michaelina Kosiba Brown ’64
Patricia Brown and Thomas Brown
Valerie J. Brownlee and Robert C. Brownlee
Carol Brown-Mills MAED’02
Juliann Coates Brown-Price MAHS’10 and Mark A. Price
Karen R. Brubak ’80, MAT’00, Cert’11
Michael Bruch and Marianna Bruch
Bruegger’s Bagels
Jennifer Bruening and William Bruening
Charles A. Brunnette
Michael Brunstad and Jennifer Brunstad
Brunswick Group LLC
Nancy A. Brunzel ’75
Nancy Krussow Bryan ’76 and William L. Bryan
Bernardine Bryant
R. Noelle Bryant-Nanz ’84
Elena Y. Bryleva ’02
Alvin C. Buchberger
Ann Pieters Buchen and Daniel Buchen
Elise Buchen and Efren Sanchez
Julia M. Buchholz ’60
Phongsy Xayaosa Buckhalton ’02
Minor D. Buckingham
Sara Murphy Buckles ’77
Ame-on Budhaka ’98
Susan L. Budig ’85
Barbara Buenger
Susan J. Buesgens ’80
Buffalo Wild Wings
Kim Braegelman Buhl ’83
Frances Collins Bukrey ’63 and Richard R. Bukrey
Doris Kelly Bullock ’81
Adam Bunge and Sarah Bunge
Marilyn Bunge
Erinn O’Connell Bunnell ’97
Pamela Dahl Bunnell ’04
Dolores Vos Burger ’40
Mary Jo and Paul Burgoyne
Judy Verschoor Burich ’64
Alyssa R. Burke
Lee C. Burkhalter MLIS’07
Kathleen Gaughan Burkland ’69
Angela K. Burns
Barbara and Edward Burns
Mary Capistrant Burns ’72
Patricia L. Burns ’86
Trisha A. Burr MLIS’11
Corinne A. Burrell MLIS’23
Jacquelyn D. Bush
Nancy Didion Busse ’69
Nancy Bach Bussiere ’80
Carol Mingo Butchert ’90
Marian J. Butkovich
Judith Moll Butler ’59
Christine LeRoux Buttenhoff ’92
Angelique Schaffer Butterbrodt ’03
Janice McKeever Butterfield ’50
Joseph C. Byam
Sheryl Wolff Byars ’78
Diane Bruer Byers ’73
Jean A. Byhardt ’88
Anne Rosemary Byrne ’07
Maura Hunter Byrne
Carla Steger Cable ’82
Carol Cady and Elroy Cady
Sarah Thielen Cady ’01
Sarah Gustafson Calatayud ’05
William Calkins
Richard J. Call
Megan B. Callahan
Geraldine Jones Callan ’55
Margaret Awe Callan ’78
Francisco P. Camacho
Michelle Cambrice and Steven Cambrice
Lori Braun Campagnola ’90 and Stephen Campagnola
Catherine A. Campbell ’92
Mary Ann McCarthy Campbell ’62 and Raymond J. Campbell
Michelle L. Campbell ’04
Monica McGinn Campbell ’68
JoAnn L. Campbell-Rice Cert’08
Ann Marie Skiba Canis ’64
Elissa Cannata
Faye Cantley
Andria G. Canty ’86
Christine M. Capelle ’02
Career Partners International, Twin Cities
Colleen M. Carey and Pamela A. Endean
Julie Dierking Carey ’86
Kathleen Summer Carey MAT’94 and Jerome L. Kroll
Mary A. Carey and Brett M. Carey
Priscilla York Carleton ’67
The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
Andrea Foldesi Carlson ’99, MAED’01
Dena Wellbrock Carlson ’06
Katherine Carlson ’73
Laura S. Carlson
Lindsey A. Carlson
Martha Carlson and James Carlson
Mary Catherine Meyer Carlson Cert’96 and Charles Carlson
Patricia Foley Carlson ’85 and Dennis G. Carlson
Polly A. Carlson ’94
Sheri Luethy Carlson ’91
Jane deGrood Carlstrom ’84
Mary Mitsch Carnicom ’78
Ann Smith Carpenter
Mary Ayleen Murphy Carr ’55
Mary Joan Young Carr ’49
Mary Clare McBride Carroll ’57
Mary E. Carson ’20, Cert’21
Barbara I. Carter ’88
Sarah K. Carter MLIS’08
Marcia A. Cartwright
Mary Downing Caruso ’81 and Daniel D. Caruso
Teresa Casagrande and Gino Casagrande
Naomi Worms Casebolt ’79
Colleen Rice Casey ’50
Donald J. Casey
Patricia Waldorf Casey ’56
Shannon L. Casey MAOL’17
Terry Birder Casey ’57 and J. Patrick Casey
Mary Peil Cassady ’69
Kate R. Casserly ’87
Maija L. Cassidy and Brendan H. Cassidy
Debora Rau Castellon ’84
Jill Pearson Castloo ’73
Corinne Cavanagh MAT’87
Phyllis Featherstone Cavanagh Cert’92 and William J. Cavanagh
Jane Leyden Cavanaugh MAT’04, Cert’08
Colleen Briggs Cavell ’97
Barbara Dee Swanson Cawley ’86 and Roy Cawley
CBRE, Inc.
Alexander Celeste
The Center for Victims of Torture
Central Bank
Robin M. Cerio ’01 and Andrew C. Cerio
Mary Betz Cerny ’61
Susan Brennan Chad ’79 and Robert M. Chad
Suvra B. Chakraborty ’15 and Anjan Chakraborty
Mary Joan Halvorson Chalcraft ’55
Dorothy Schwab Chamberlain ’83
Scott S. Chamberlain
Leah Johansen Chambers ’15 and Michael Chambers
Nina Chang
Linda Stevens Chapeau ’77
Judy Schuster Chapman ’69
Pauline Pilney Chaput ’55
Celine C. Charpentier ’70
Claire Dawson Chase ’73 and Patrick Chase
Cremella F. Chatham MSW’92
Geraldine Giebel Chavis
Laurel J. Chelstrom DNP’13
Mee Cheng-Melo ’05
Deborah Ann Chernick
Lisa and Michael Chesher
Mary L. Chesney ’75
Jan Chiat
Elizabeth Child and Richard Hagenson
Mary J. Child ’81
Kayla A. Chilstrom
Kathleen Povolny Chin ’74
Pamela Pechacek Chinander ’77
Monica E. Chiu ’87 and Brian S. Locke
Elizabeth Martin Chmelik ’71 and Paul B. Chmelik
Michael Chovanec and Gale Chovanec
Ginger K. Choy ’09
Victoria D. Christen
Emily I. Christensen ’05
Rachel and Donald Christensen
Katrin Christensen-Cowan MSW’09 and Daniel Christensen-Cowan MSW’11
Jacqueline Christenson ’65
Katherine Arnold Christmas ’78
Stephanie R. Christoffels ’09 and Anthony D. Christoffels
CHS Inc.
Chuck and Don’s
Mariah Nichols Chung ’11
M. Catherine Chung, OSC, ’02
Elaine P. Churchill
Todd C. Churchill
Catherine Schneider Cich ’55, Cert’88
Cort J. Cieminski and Karen M. Cieminski
CIGNA Foundation
Elizabeth L. Cinqueonce MBA’21
Anne Marie Ciochetto MLIS’99
Circle Drive Dental PLLC
Barbara Birch Ciresi ’65 and Jerome D. Ciresi
Kathleen Brandl Clair ’89
Linda and Daniel Clark
Ruth Lovaas Clark ’48
Sandra Clark
Ellen Thompson Clarke ’85 and Thomas F. Clarke
Kathryn L. Clarke ’03
Ruth Krusemark Claseman ’76
Andrew Claude and Jennifer Claude
Brian J. Clausen
Sarah B. Cledwyn MAT’12
Mary Rose Halbach Clements ’68
Ellen Shaughnessy Clifford ’68
Mary Byam Clifford ’79 and James F. Clifford
Rebecca J. Clifton ’13
Margaret O’Connor Clinch and Dennis Clinch
Julie A. Cline and James W. Cline
Janice Johnson Cloutier ’99
Anne Morris Clubb ’82 and Joseph R. Clubb
Gretchen Walsdorf Cluff ’75
Claudia Coates
CobbleWerks LLC
Dorothy Huppert Cobian ’46
Kathryn A. Coburn ’02
Nicole M. Coby ’13
Jeanné Nelson Cockrell ’56
Diane N. Cody
Sharon and Richard Coen
Madelyn Docken Coffey ’13
Heidi Austad Cogan ’91
Nalongue Bomane Cogan ’05
Teresa Fay Cohn ’78
Kathleen Stupka Colaizy ’72
Colleen Ryan Colbeck ’85, MSW’93
Alexandria Thompson Colburn ’16
Marlene K. Cole and Wayne J. Cole
Sonya Shoffner Coleman ’78
Catherine Haas Coles ’43
Carlotta Collette
Deitra L. Collins
Margaret M. Collins MAOL’14
Mary Jo Butler Collins ’61
Michele Farrell Collins ’73
Monica Kaiser Collinson MNUR’01
Judith Kukielka Collodora ’66
Harriet Darling Collopy ’61 and Robert J. Collopy
Margaret L. Colombo ’03
James N. Colson
Nancy Colucci and John Colucci
Paula Kleinschmidt Colwell ’78
Mary Schmid Combal ’62
Theresa M. Comer ’02
John C. Conger
M. Eileen Conlin ’70
Connell Living Trust
Teresa Seelman Connell ’71 and James Connell
Martha J. Conners and Daniel K. Conners
Octavia Braun Connolly ’54
Teresa Cosentino Connolly ’88
Leda Mathias Connor ’60
Robert A. Connor
Conrad & Brown
Mark A. Conrad
Construction Midwest, Inc.
Pamela Reilly Contag ’79
Geralyn Baird Conty ’79
Lynn M. Convery and Michael P. Convery
Mary F. Conway ’02
Mary P. Conway ’69
Gail A. Conzemius ’81, Cert’85, MNUR’95
Jacqueline Conzemius
Janet Auge Cook ’60
Karen Figel Cook ’78
Kathleen Slavin Cook ’80
Nancy E. Cook
Patrick Cook and Sandra Schwanz
Peyton Cook
Genevieve G. Cooley ’05
Mary Beth Glarner Coonan ’68 and John E. Coonan, MD
Jean Swanson Coppock ’66
Jean G. Corbett
Marguerite Corcoran, CSJ, ’73
Mary Johnson Corcoran ’65 and John D. Corcoran
Sharon M. Corcoran
Joan L. Cordina ’00
Sandra S. Coronis
Danielle Peterson Costello ’02 and Donald Costello
Michael G. Costello
Lila A. Cotten
Martha R. Coughlan ’86
Benita Mahowald Coughlin ’63
Donna Simon Coughlin ’52
Margaret Sheehan Couillard ’76
Cynthia N. Cowan ’16
Carrie Cowan and David Cowan
Mary A. Cowden
Coventry R. Cowens
Richard Cowles and Jackie Cowles
Bonita Talbot Cox ’60 and James F. Cox
Katherine A. Coyle ’18
Mary D. Coyle and Daniel J. Coyle
Terry Winscot Coyle ’90
Brittany M. Craig ’16
Catherine and Michael Crane
Douglas A. Crane
Mary Furlong Crane ’61
Catherine Werner Crank ’51
David N. Crary
Marjorie Weber Crea ’70
Nancy Lentsch Creighton ’69 and Donald W. Creighton
Natalie Nakasone Cremens ’12
Lauren Crepeau ’16
Crew Call Midwest, LLC
Robin Critelli
Peggy Crolick
Donna Cronin ’59
Leslie J. Cronin Cert’15
Cathy Cook and Fred Crook
Nancy E. Crouse MLIS’04
Sara Schmitz Crowe MPT’03 and Thomas J. Crowe
Angela Crowe-Lawrence ’91
Treena Crowhurst and Charles Carefoot
Angela Lea Culbert ’09, MAOL’13
Janice M. Culliton
Dorothy Tammen Cummens ’51
Kathleen M. Cummings Cert’04, MAOL’07, MNUR’07 and John D. Thoma
Kristina Jilek Cummings ’05
Pamela L. Cummings and Robert J. Cummings
Edward F. Cunliffe
Maryanne Cunnien ’77
Elizabeth A. Cunniff MNUR’16 and Jerry Cunniff
Mary Ellen Lavelle Cunningham ’61 and William Cunningham
Mary Sue Krueger Cunningham ’68 and Rob Cunningham
Katherine M. Curran
Kathleen P. Curran ’80 and John W. Curran
Rachel Currans-Henry ’02
DeeDee Currier
Ann Curtis
Karen Walker Cusey ’95
Kimberly L. Cusick ’93
Patricia Young Cutler ’54
Elizabeth Cutter and Perry Wilson
Mary Ann Cummins Cyr ’62
Thomas Cytron-Hysom MAOL’91
Kathleen Z. Czech
Carol Graveley Dagenais Cert’95
Dianna Riedel Dahl MAOL’89
Erika Kriechbaum Dahl ’09
Madonna Kucera Dahl ’65
Michele Periolat Dahl ’71
Stephanie K. Dahl ’05
Lisa J. Dahle MAOL’13
Cassondra Dahlheimer-Lawson ’05
Julie Dahlman
Mary Lou Greving Dahms ’69
Darlene Dailey ’68
Cathleen Dalglish ’66
Jan Dalsin, CSJ, ’60
Michaela Fron Dalsin ’62 and Thomas J. Dalsin
Joy Loveland Daly ’81
Anne M. Damico ’93
Gretchen G. Damon and Matthew E. Damon
Sarah M. Dampier
Leah Damron and Rob Damron
Danaher Corporation
Martha Peaslee Daniel ’74
Amelia and Richard Daniels
Mary Ann Tombers Dannewitz ’66
Kathleen Higgins Darling ’56
Elizabeth J. Daun and Warren H. Daun
Elizabeth David and Stephen Belsito
Elizabeth Otto David ’77
Ann Furlong Davis ’67
Brielle Hogan Davis ’15
Catherine A. Davis and George H. Davis
Marian Taintor Davis ’51 and John R. Davis
Nancy Davis and Chris Davis
Patricia A. Davis
Terry and Gail Davis
Ted Davis
Marlene Arlt Davitt ’52
Bonnie Urbanski Davy ’77
Mary Malay Davy ’79, MAED’02
Catherine L. Dawson and Ernest G. Dawson
Colleen Gibbs Dawson ’82 and Donald L. Dawson
Janice Pampuch Deach
Deepa S. de Alwis ’93
Stacy Dean
Florence Deaner
Margret Deason
Sharon Voss DeCicco ’67
Angela Fischer Decker ’00
Mary Ann Meierotto Deeg ’84
Pamela Deemer
John Deere Foundation
Julie A. Degn ’95
Eileen McConnon Degnan ’77 and Michael J. Degnan
Catherine Niosi Dehn ’74
Rebecca Paczesny Delahanty ’77
Joan Potvin Delamater ’75
Barbara Black Delaney ’57
Bridget A. Delaney
Debra and William Delaney
Elizabeth M. DeLay
Kathleen Dornack DelGreco ’78
Barbara J. Delmonico ’81
Margaret Roddy Delmore ’43 and Robert W. Delmore
Mary K. Delmore and Patrick A. Delmore
Kathleen Campbell Delperdang ’79
M. Dianne Markell DeMarco ’60
Jean Korlath DeMercer-Breese ’69
Teresa Unger DeMore ’79
Kathleen Havens Dempsey ’92
Aleksandra Y. Denisova ’04
Debra A. Denzer MAOL’03
Linda O’Neill DeRemee ’87
Mae E. Desaire ’99
Aryn Ball DeShane ’10
Mary Desmond
Karen Desnick
Mary DesRoches
Linda J. Dettman
Patricia A. Dettman and Michael P. Dettman
Adonica L. DeVault ’91
Katherine M. Devine ’91
Mary Ann and John Devney
Catherine Ryan DeVoe ’57
Eileen DeWald
Denise M. Dian ’74
James C. Dick Cert’91 and Vita M. Muggli Cert’91, BA’95
Joyce A. Dickerman
Anne Dickerman and Robert Dickerman
Ann Russell Dickinson ’61 and Paul B. Dickinson
Lindsey Dickinson MBA’19
Charlton Dietz
Kathryn Wainscott Dieveney ’69
Gail I. Diez
Patricia Keaveny DiMatteo ’54
Mary Patricia Edmunds Dingels ’64
Paul A. Dingels
Laima Zoltners Dingley ’91
Delores Milotzky Dinzeo ’67
Karen Dippel and Richard Dippel
Erin T. Dirksen ’01
Mary Dirksen and Joseph Dirksen
Janet Valo Ditmanson MAOL’88
Mary Kay Doerning Dittberner ’64 and Gerald J. Dittberner
Mary Ditzler ’68
Gail Olson Dixon ’82
Rev. Bogdan Djurdjulov ’79
Rita Durenberger Dobbins ’51
Tamara Norman Dobbins ’96
Mary Pat Gibbons Dobmeier ’72
Barry and Cathy Dobson
Gerald and Nancy Seitz Dodd
Bonita Freiburg Doellman MAOT’98
Melissa Flicek Doffing ’02
Kathleen Latterell Dolan ’69
Lindsay Dolan
Lori Beck Dolan ’77 and Timothy J. Dolan
Sheila Hartigan Dols ’65
Mary Ellen Domeier ’82
Ruth Anne Donahoe ’48
Cathy Antoncich Donahue ’69
Patricia A. Donahue ’70
Barbara Stowell Doner ’60
Rosemarie Kemper Donlin ’79
Suzanne Vilendrer Donnell ’73
M. Joanne Kleen Donnelly ’50
Christine S. Donovan
Mary Caron Donovan ’85, Cert’85, MAED’11 and Kevin Donovan
Peter Donovan
Lizanne M. Dooner ’13
Kenneth and Renee Rauenhorst Dooner
Mary Kay Barnes Dorgan ’77, Cert’86
Mary Loomis Dorn and Ernest F. Dorn
Mary L. Dorr ’76
Kay Poppe Dorwin ’83
Marcy Rausch Dotson ’63 and Gerald A. Dotson
Isabella Dotzler ’16
Angela Dougherty
John and Sally Douglas
Rebecca Douglas and Paul Douglas
Rita Kerber Doussard ’61
Andrea L. Dowd
Valerie J. Downes
Shirin C. Downey ’10
Margaret Coyle Doyle ’73
Patricia Boyce Doyle ’81
Coral E. Draxten
Denise A. Dreher
Natalia Dreizin and Dmitri Rebrov
Vera Dreizin
Dolores Pleiss Dresen ’66
Bernadette La Mere Drews ’55
Katie Meyer Driscoll and Devin Driscoll
Michael S. Driscoll
Mary Schowalter Drkula ’59
Sheila Aageson Drometer ’64
Suzanne Shaughnessy Duckler ’90
Janet Mitchell Dudrey ’65
Nancy Cate Duensing ’65
Elaine Dufresne, CSJ, ’56
Quinn L. Dukes
Kathryn Gleason Dumas
Julienne Stephani Dunlop ’85
Patricia C. Dunlop
Anita Hughes Dunn ’61
Carole Watson Dunn ’70
Jamie Niss Dunn ’77
Margaret Burt Dunn ’52
Mary Beth McConville Dunn ’71
Vicki Dunn
Ellen Fitzgerald Duntemann ’51
Nancy Durand and Gerald Durand
Margaret Benda d’Uscio MNUR’93, DNP’17
Nancy Stapleton Dvoracek ’70
Kathleen J. Dwelle
Margaret Kennedy Dwinell ’62
Elizabeth Bodmann Dwyer ’52
Mary Coleman Dybsky ’72
Katherine M. Dyer ’94
Kelly A. Dyer ’02, MPT’04, DPT’05
Patricia Weber Dziuk ’51
Walter Eastman and Judith Lunzer
Eau Claire Country Club
Eileen Foley Eaves ’45
Catherine Andres Ebbert
Teresa Scholle Eberhardt ’85
Kathleen M. Eberwine Cert’02
Barbara Nollet Eckes ’68
Valerie Sexton Edberg ’88
Sandra Smith Edlund ’85
Susanne Ahcan Edmonds ’69
Adelaide Majerus Edwards
Susan Edwards and Daniel Edwards
Susan Wren Edwards Cert’03
Louise Edwards-Simpson and Russell Edwards-Simpson
Faezeh O. Effendi and Khalid E. Effendi
Marcella G. Effertz
Egan Company
Patricia Molitor Egan ’73
Molly Sukalski Eichenberger ’06
Holly Backus Eicher ’85
Ellen Eichten ’70
Jennifer Pakkala Eichten ’98
Patricia Dooley Eid ’69
Carol A. Eiden ’90
Anita Eikens ’74
Lisa McWilliams Eiler ’99
Mary Jean Johnson Eilertson ’59
Tamera Brown Eirten ’99 and Jonathan S. Eirten ’93
Karen J. Eischens and Michael J. Eischens
Margaret Halloran Eischens ’60
Albert A. Eisele
Helmut Eisner
Julian Emeka Eke ’01
Janet G. Ekern
Richard Ekstrand
Angela M. Ekwonye
Clare Hermes Eldredge ’50 and William B. Eldredge
Katharine R. Eldridge
Susan Ellenz, DDS and Robert McGarry, DDS
Sherrill O. Ellington
Jeremiah E. Ellis Cert’15
Madeline Smith Ellis ’18 and Ashland Ellis MSN’23
Margaret Kahnke Elsasser Cert’82, BA’83 and William Elsasser, Cert’82
Laurel Sandberg Ely ’88
Domenique C. Embrey OTD’18
Emerson Charitable Trust
Christopher Empson
Julia Endres-Spray ’02, MAOL’09
John Enestvedt
Bridget Granger Engel ’97 and Trenton Engel
Laurene Fonfara Engel ’76
Mary K. Engelun ’05
Eileen H. Englund ’23
Laurel A. Engman ’89
Enrich, Inc.
Enterprise Leasing Company of Minnesota LLC
Carole Erding ’52
Amy Hobday Ericksen ’88
Annerhe C. Erickson MNUR’13
Kathleen Buckwalter Erickson ’74
Gail Chase Ericson MPT’94
Margret Ossanna Erlandson MPT’96, DPT’07
Erstad & Riemer, P.A.
Natalie K. Eschenbaum
Roseanne Eschle ’74, MNUR’95
Julie L. Eskritt MLIS’95
Janet Kovach Espinosa ’67
Gregory D. Ess and Kimberly A. Ess
Byron Esseff
Sherry Guggisberg Essen ’89
Debbie Estes and Ralph Estes
Barbara Etzel ’64 and James Nelson
Marion Etzwiler
Mary Lou Murray Evanoff ’64, Cert’87
Barbara R. Evans ’79
Candace Kuehn Evans ’90
Debra M. Evans ’04
Elizabeth Cuddigan Evans ’65
Linda K. Evans ’03
Lisa A. Evans
Phyllis Ryan Evans ’48
Rhea J. Evanson ’75
Mary Sowada Evenson ’88 and Richard Evenson
Elizabeth Barry Evon ’58
Annika Lokken Ewing ’96
Express Printing & Distribution Inc.
Lillian Ezenagu and Leonard Ezenagu
Jessica Eaton Fabel Cert’13, MAED’16 and Theodore T. Fabel
Dorothy Hart Fabian ’54
Carol Fabsits
Randi L. Fabsits ’16
Richard Fabsits
Theresa Wittstock Fahie-Trusten ’00
Ruth A. Faierstein ’98
Marie Failinger
Anne M. Fairchild ’91
Judith A. Fallat ’05
Marie S. Fallon Roemhildt ’15
Kara Farley and Brian Farley
Farmers Insurance Group Inc
Priscilla G. Farnham
Angela L. Farris ’12, MNUR’21
Kathryn Pratt Farris ’93
Kathryn M. Farsht ’11
Donna Fath and Joseph Fath
Diana Tauer Faulhaber ’66
Renae Andrle Faunce ’98 and David M. Faunce
Jacqueline Fauth
Mary Perell Fay ’74
Kaitlyn Skog Featherstone ’19
Gretchen A. Fecht ’87
Richard A. Fedje MLIS’99
Rose Morrissy Feesl ’79
Philomene Warpeha Fehlen ’63
Charlotte Bauer Feist ’70
Lana Stapel Felderman ’81
Phyllis Fellin and Phillip Fellin
Camille Greene Feng ’90 and Paul Feng
JoAnn Pusch Ferber ’80
Margaret Christensen Ferber ’64 and Richard H. Ferber
Kay J. Ferguson ’92
Sarah M. Ferguson
Lucie K. Ferrell ’66
Isabelle Fertey ’80
Patricia McHale Fetter ’89
Sandra K. Fetyko Cert’85, BA’87
Barbara and Phillip Fey
Joyce Stekl Feyen-Anderson ’88
Jeanne Britt Fiedler ’48
Barbara Flesher Field ’69
Pamela Moore Field ’99
Fifth Third Foundation
M. Laurita Fike ’70
Brian V. Finander MLIS’14
Patricia Finch Guthrie
Delores Findlan ’55
Charlotte Finklea
Charlotte Finseth
Robert Firring
Anna Baker Fischer ’12
Jill S. Fischer
Joanne M. Fischer
Pamela LaBarre Fischer ’96 and Peter C. Fischer
Rosanne E. Fischer ’83
Mary Elizabeth Fish ’87
Barbara Fisher
Carole Fisher
Diane M. Fisher ’97, MAOL’05
Kate Marion Fisher ’07 and Michael J. Fisher
Michel Joseph Fisher ’67
Holly A. Fistler and Andrew Y. Leung
Dr. Jack and Amy Fistler
Michael Fiterman and Linda Fiterman
Lisa Fittipaldi
Jeremy FitzGerald
Shelley Fitzmaurice ’73
Colleen Fitzpatrick ’09
Erin Fitzpatrick ’16
Maureen Fitzpatrick and Doug Armstrong
Fitz-Rite Construction
Coralie Erickson Fix ’73
Mary Zweber Fjelstad ’78
Barbara Mischke Flanagan ’77
Jodeen M. Flaten and Steven A. Flaten
Kim Flatness and Jeff Flatness
Michael Flatness
Aimee Halvorson Flatten ’94 and Mark C. Flatten
Stephanie Juris Fleitman ’05
Jo Kutcher Fleming ’71 and Thomas R. Fleming
Lynn Haskell Fleming ’66
Roberta Thalhuber Flescher ’72 and James T. Flescher
Pamela Fletcher Bush
Julie Fling ’76
Bonnie Flood and Robert Flood
Anne M. Flores MAOL’13
Catherine Flowers ’07
Peggy Wittenberg Flowers ’74
Kathleen Storkamp Fluegel ’60, MSW’95
Jeanette Zweber Flynn ’55
Kathleen Kuhle Flynn ’49
Michael and Ruth Flynn
Pamela Petters Flynn ’68 and Connor Flynn, Jr.
Brian Fogarty and Cheryl Fogarty
Brandy Folden
Alice Harvieux Foley ’47
Kathleen Clarkin Foley MAOL’91 and Patrick J. Foley
Linda A. Foley ’85
Paulette Oppegard Foley ’88 and William K. Foley
Rebecca Flicek Foley ’84
Jeanne Cosgriff Folstrom ’55
Ann Foran
Kayla Schaefer Forbes MBA’17
Dianne Dawson Ford Cert’86
Geraldine Lehmann Ford ’65
Jo Ann Ford ’62
Teresa L. Foreman ’83
Deanna Forliti
Mary Ann Bruestle Forsell MSW’96
Barbara and Gene Fortman
Donald Foss
Mary and John Foss
Heidi Fosse and Daniel Fosse
Katherine Buchholz Fossler ’95
Cindy Foster
Jane Foster
Jennifer R. Foth MAOL’08 and Raymond P. Konyn
Louise E. Fowler MAT’10
Joe Fox
Margaret Portz Fox ’84
Margo Seal Fox ’54
Melissa Olsen Fox ’95
Stephanie A. Foye ’79
Colleen Stangler Fraaza ’78
Kathryn A. France ’06
Ann Homeyer Francis ’65
Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, MN
Ania Franco ’20
Judith Kitzman Franco ’65
Mary Jeanne Frank ’91
Elizabeth M. Franklin ’84
Tracy L. Frantz
MaryAlice Cavanaugh Frawley ’51 and Gerard W. Frawley
Julie Frederick and Chuck Frederick
Martha Doe Frederickson ’85, Cert’14, MAOL’18
Lee Fredrickson
Maya Freeman
Subor D. Freeman
Jackie Freidrichs
Judith Geer French ’02 and James French
Caroline J. Frenette and Donald H. Frenette
Joan Clark Fretag ’94
Janet Rudolph Freund ’85
Patricia Duffy Frias ’78
Mary C. Friberg ’48
Denise Lamb Friend ’56
Maureen J. Fries MAOT’98
Laura Wolfe Frisby ’11, MAOT’12
Christina M. Froehling ’12
Becky Fruechte
Carol Fryman and Richard Fryman
Dorothy Orman Fuchs ’59
Michele M. Fuerstenberg
Margaret Fuhr and Keith Fuhr
Full Circle Painting, LLC
Candace Batko Funk ’73
Joan Durben Funk ’67
Nancy and Cordell Funk
Beverly Chmielewski Fussy ’59
Michael and Peggy Gaard
Carol Casey Gaberel ’71
Jeanne C. Gadbois ’74
Clair J. Gades ’96
Camille Gage and Patrick Mulligan
Alison Felder Gagliardi
Jenell Beck Gagne ’82
Marilyn Savelkoul Gahm ’71
Mary Louise Bennett Gallagher ’60
Monica J. Gallagher ’97
Moria Malat Gallagher ’82 and William N. Gallagher
Susan Cullen Gallaher ’86
Ann E. Gallick
Elizabeth Gallucci and Mark Gallucci
Jade Lasseson Dahlstrom Gandrud ’98
Molly McGivern Gantz ’80, MAOL’02
Grace Gao
Elliott L. Garb
Tracy L. Garber ’13, MAOT’14
Jill Garcia ’88 and Peter Kraker
Kelly D. Garcia ’20
Sheila M. Garcia
Carol Black Gariano ’89
Anne Strom Garney ’84 and Timothy J. Garney
Daniel Garofalo
Jessica Alm Garrett ’01
Megan Garrett
Elizabeth Winum Garry ’47
Katherine Denkinger Gartzke ’92
Bridget E. Garvey
Catherine Pavlak Garvey ’75 and Stephen J. Garvey
Meki H. Garvey and Michael J. Garvey
Vanessa Gates-Elston
Anne Gattman and Jim Gattman
Kristen Gay ’84
Tanya M. Gaylord ’15
Rachel L. Gebhart ’08
Nancy M. Gehrenbeck-Miller ’13
Sally A. Gehrke
Patricia Mikkelson Geisbauer ’62
Carol Geisler ’85 and Jeff Yaw
Colleen Hirscher Geissler ’66
Amanda Geistfeld
Juanita Bolton Geisz ’83
Elisabeth Flinn Gelden ’60
Sheila Boekelman Gelhaus ’93 and Roy Gelhaus
Linda Greelis Gemoets ’64
Judith M. Gendron and Joseph L. Gendron
Andrea Peterson Gentling ’91
Dawn Genz and Alan Genz
Dionne Schivone Genz ’91 and Steven G. Genz
Joan Myler Geraghty ’69
The Gerber Foundation
Sarah P. Gerdes ’08, MAOL’21
Barbara Gerlach ’69
Mary Roberts Gerlach ’65
Stephen R. Gerlach
Julius and Katherine Gernes
Marcus J. Gernes
Ann C. Gershone ’11
Jean Reif Geurts ’77
LeAnn Gfrerer ’82
Gina L. Giambruno ’15
Mary Berube Giannini ’90
Katharine Knox Giavanti
Jill Ament Gibbon ’04
Janet and John Gibson
Elaine Mescher Giebenhain ’74
Bernice Linder Giese ’54
Linda Jo Heckmann Gieseke ’00
Loretta Schuster Giesen ’48
Rita Fischer Giesler ’59
Mary Ann Gilbert
Barbara C. Gilbertson
Stacey Gilbertson and Daniel Gilbertson
Linda Gilbertson and Bruce Gilbertson
Marcia Gilbertson
Janette Pribula Gil de Lamadrid ’76
Jean Truzinski Gilhooly-Conroy ’67
Patricia Essen Gillard ’04 and Steve Gillard
Meg Gillespie, CSJ, ’65
Lisa Salz Gilman ’92
Josephine and Rick Gilpatrick
Glenn and Chelly Gilyard
Georgianne Schuller Ginder Cert’96
Heidi J. Girsch
Elaine Loader Gisvold
JoAnn Dingels Glady ’69
Sydney Glampe ’22
Terrence W. Glarner
Monica Goossens Glass ’80
Teresa M. Glass ’84, MAHS’07
Karla P. Glasser
Katherine J. Glassmeyer ’81
Alice Wener Gleason
Ann Brennan Gleason ’48
Thomas and Kathleen Gleason
Catherine F. Glenn
Patricia and Robert Glorvick
Kathleen Kraus Glover ’88
Dorothy Karels Gmiterko ’52
Clara Godoy-Henderson ’22
Cathleen Reid Godsall ’00
Sue Goetz and Al Goetz
Rachel Waldorf Goetzmann ’93 and Michael G. Goetzmann
Judith Moore Goff
Heather Michelle Goldade ’02
Luella Gross Goldberg
Golden Valley Golf and Country Club
Linda G. Goldenberg
Phyllis and Robert Goldman
Robin Goldman-Beckman ’79
Melissa Meyer Gomez ’00
Jennifer Quayle Gonderinger ’11
Joan Kreuzer Gonzales ’54
Daniel I. Gonzalez
Deborah Gonzalez-Poole ’99
William O. Goode
Patrice Goodermont ’89
Yvonne Gale Goodin MLIS’04
Marlene V. Goodman
Mary Pat King Goodman ’74
Laura L. Goodman-Brown MAOL’11 and Michael Paymar
Goodrich Foundation
Molly Donlin Goodyear ’88 and Timothy Goodyear
Aurelia Curley Gordon MLIS’08
Julia M. Gordon
Maureen Ambrose Gordon ’63
Patricia Gordon
Stephen W. Gordon
Sheila Gore
Emilia Smorstok Gorecki ’64
Nancy Hawkins Gorrell ’09
Sally Lynn Gorski
Mary Sheedy Goss ’77
Elizabeth Kuth Gossman ’54
Millissa Skemp Gould ’88 and Arthur Gould
Elizabeth O. Govern ’20
Mary Jo Wagemaker Grabow ’61
Graham Holdings Company
Jayne E. Graham
Lisa Graham-Peterson MAOL’09
Loriann S. Granados MAOL’20
Grant Appraisal Services, Inc.
Grant Thornton LLP
Cecilia Zeman Grass ’79
Joanne Steyn Grathwol ’57
Margaret M. Grathwol ’84
Connie Graupmann-Lillejord ’82 and Jon Lillejord
Susan P. Gravelle ’02
Barbara Vassar Gray ’54
Geraldine Griffin Gray ’48
Katherine M. Gray MAOL’16
Sandra Pillsbury Gredzens ’86
Green Valley Dental LLC
Irene J. Green
Corinne H. Greenberg
Ann Shipe Greene ’76
Paul J. Greene
Jane O’Meara Greenheck ’90
Rachel M. Greeninger ’15
Sharon Joyce Greenshields ’62 and Andrew J. Greenshields
Teri Agranoff Greenstein ’95
Julie Greer and Christopher Greer
Ashley A. Grell ’13
Holly Grice
Diane L. Griesbach ’84
Lynn Griffis
Barbara M. Griffith
Evelyn Griffith and Dan Griffith
Susan Griggs
Ann Kelly Grill ’75
Judith Leahy Grimes
Margaret Grimwood and Reed Grimwood
Cynthia M. Grindy
Cheryl Lekatz Grochowski ’99
Sara Jo McCumber Grode ’60 and Thomas R. Grode
Kathleen Haller Groettum ’71
Charles Grohman and Sandy Grohman
Cheryl Grohman
Wendy Grohman and Craig Grohman
Yelena V. Gromoff ’19
April L. Gross ’17
Jonathan R. Gross
Linda Peterson Gross ’72
Karen Knutson Grosscup ’69
Christine J. Grossman ’85
Margaret and Marc Grossman
Stephanie Grotbo and Tom Grotbo
Rose-Mary Beer Gruber ’59
Susan Brunner Grubish ’83
Patricia Glasgow Gruher ’68 and John R. Gruher
Mary Williams Grundtner ’79
Coreen Dullinger Guagenti ’85
Sandra Nordstrom Guay ’60 and John G. Guay
Theresa Bolger Gubrud ’93
Robin Sanborn Guerrero ’93
Katherine Thelemann Guettler ’84
Rita Schmitz Guild ’68, MAT’20
Stacy L. Guinn ’14, MBA’19
Brenda Gunderson Cert’02
Connie M. Gundlach and Richard G. Gundlach
Katherine Swederski Gunther ’74 and Christopher J. Gunther
Teresa Keller Gurin ’88
Angela M. Gustafson MLIS’12
Faith Gustafson and Nathan Gustafson
Linda Gustafson and Craig Gustafson
Tammy Richardson Gustafson ’94
Mary E. Gutzmann
Marguerite Conlin Gysler ’73
Haag Family Limited Partnership
Colleen Haas ’83
Catherine Peterson Haberman ’87 and Michael W. Haberman
Caryn Whitmore Habley ’68
Alice Kaul Haddox ’47
Agnes Evans Hadidi ’65
Mary Jo Brinkman Haeg ’82
Mary Ryan Haffner ’68
Katherine Schindler Hage ’54
Kathleen Sweetser Hage ’54
Hagen-Sinclair Research Recruiting Inc.
Mary Tyminski Hagerman ’80 and Steven R. Hagerman
Kathryn Dahl Hagerty ’78 and Michael P. Hagerty
Benjamin D. Hageseth MSN’23
Carol Hagmann and William Hagmann
Cynthia A. Hahn and David C. Hahn
Therese Korf Hahn ’79 and Tyler Hahn
Louis A. Haik
Michelle Koch Haines ’93
Brenda K. Hall ’11, MBA’20, DNP’20
Eleanor L. Hall
Elizabeth Morrison Hall ’78
Kathleen Suchy Hall ’74
Megan O. Hall MAED’03
Carolyn G. Halliday
Mary Ann Halliday ’56
Carol Enestvedt Halloran ’56
Dolly Tschimperle Halverson ’66
Kathleen M. Halverson
Laura M. Halverson MLIS’01
Carol Fazendin Halvorson ’58
Mary LaCrue Hamelin ’80
Lucy F. Hamer and Steven C. Hamer
Barbara Jahnke Hamilton ’79, Cert’98
Maureen Conlin Hamilton ’72
Natalie Manion Hamilton
Amy K. Hamlin
Betty Lou Hammargren ’48
Hammel, Green and Abrahamson, Inc.
Kathleen Cassidy Hammer ’91
Leellen McCabe Hammer ’75
James Hamre and Mary Hamre
Joan Hance ’67
Mary Klick Hand ’63
Cherie L. Handberg-Davis and Lincoln S. Davis
Lori L. Handley Cert’02
Amy Drew Hanesworth ’94
Lorraine Haneyko
Sophia Hani ’16
Marjorie L. Hanley ’85
Mary Ann Hanley, CSJ, ’53
Helen Zachman Hann ’63
Leslie Hanna-Nordby
Molly Casey Hanrahan ’68
Shirley Rust Hansel ’60
Caralyn Krasowski Hansen ’85 and John J. Hansen
M. Colleen Moran Hansen ’56
Mary E. Hansen
Mary Lu Lehnert Hansen ’65
Alice Slattery Hanson ’74
Angella Bourdeaux Hanson ’06
Joan Johnson Hanson ’47
Joseph K. Hanson III and Anne T. Hanson
Katherine J. Hanson ’90
Kathleen Groenjes Hanson ’75
Kathryn B. Hanson MAHS’17
Kathy Kalen Hanson ’98
Marlene Chamberlain Hanson ’55
Sandra Martell Hanson ’67
Sara Georges Hanson ’97
Jean M. Hanzal ’92
Katelyn C. Harahan ’19
JoAnn Hardegger and Darrin Swanson
Martha K. Hardesty
Jane Wilcox Hardwick ’95
Joan Mrachek Hardy ’56
Lynn Harker and Rick Harker
Genevieve Martin Harlan ’43
Kristin E. Harley MLIS’10
Brenda Emerson Harmon ’79
Priscilla Harmon ’18
Joan Fox Harper ’60 and Jerome F. Harper
Amanda Boelen Harrington ’01
Cynthia Haggenmiller Harris ’56
Ingrid Lenz Harrison and Alfred Harrison
Carol Svobodny Harstad ’94
Kirsten Harstad and Glen Harstad
Candice L. Hart MLIS’00
Derek Hart
Jean Krebsbach Hart ’81
Katherine Hart ’76
Patricia Schupp Hart ’59
Leigh Bartholomew Hartenberg MSW’15
Helen Griffin Hartley ’69
Patricia Siebenaler Hartman ’79
Kathleen Dillon Hartmann ’78
Rose Hartnett Foy
Ruth Breher Hartnett ’49
Mary Flicek Hartung ’73
Karen Harwerth and Michael Harwerth Sr
Christine Bertram Hary ’11
Mary Hasbrouck, CSJ, ’60
Jean A. Haskell
Lee F. Haskell
Sheila Hatchell ’87, MLIS’99
Michael K. Hathaway and Ann L. Hathaway
Janelle Roy Hatlevig MAOT’03
Sharon Loeffler Hattenberger ’75
Kathleen Wylie Hauer ’65 and Robert J. Hauer Jr.
Kathryn Haugen ’11
Andrea M. Hauser
Whitney Gilmore Hauser ’92 and Daniel Hauser
Pamela Brask Havel ’08, MAT’14
Gia Havener
James R. Havercamp
Susan Hawken ’95 and Lee Swanson
Annette Hawkins
Lukas J. Hawkins
Michael R. Hawkins
Ann Hawley-Marczak ’80
Suzanne Hay and Thomas Hay
Elizabeth Arnett Hayes ’84
Mary Hayes ’58
Patricia M. Hayes and Thomas L. Hayes
Sandra M. Hayes and Mark L. Hayes
Susan F. Hayes
Lindsey Ann Hays ’23
Macenzie Hays
Traci Hays and Kent Hays
HealthEast Care System
Michael P. Healy
Peter Healy
William E. Healy
Sandra Healy-Johnson ’86
Nelly Kolars Heaney ’88
Christina A. Heard ’08
Judy Heaser
Nanette Heer
Mona Leidal Heggedal MAED’06
Laura J. Heglund
Rita Brennan Heimbach ’65
Carole Heimdahl
Michael T. Heimer ’05
Judith Feidt Heimerman ’77
H.J. Heinz Company Foundation
Molly Bannigan Heisler ’91 and David S. Heisler
Abigail J. Heithoff ’08
Cheryl Anderson Heitkamp ’83
Emily F. Heitner and Andrew W. Heitner
Laura Rusch Heitz ’83
Jerry M. Helfand
Laura O’Halloran Helmer ’87
Deborah W. Heltzer ’87
Kimberly Allyn Hendrickson ’92, MSW’07
Nancy E. Hendrickson
Kristi Gerber Henkels ’92
Karen Hennes and Douglas Hennes
Alice Hennessey ’59
Jean Mocol Henning ’86
Jeannine M. Henry ’77
Margaret O’Keefe Henry ’49
Virginia Peck Henry ’53
Nicole Taylor Hensley ’93
Mary Hughes Henson ’83 and John L. Henson, Jr.
Kelly J. Henson-Evertz MNUR’11
Patricia Jean Henz and Robert Raymond Henz
Marneé Herd and John Herd
Julie Buerman Herda ’80
Caroline and Dale Hermeling
Rosine Hermodson-Olsen and Andrew Hermodson-Olsen
Stephanie C. Herr ’17
Susan and Pat Herrity
Catherine Rathmanner Herrmann ’60
Gay Herzberg
Ann M. Heuer
Kathryn Klejbuk Heuer ’72
Ursula Dierauer Heuer ’08, MAISCE’18
Misty Heusinkveld
Edrys Ruethin Heywood
Charles B. Hibbard
William L. Hickey
Elizabeth and Edgar Hicks
John Hicks and Carey Priebe Hicks
Abigail Juelfs Hidalgo MBA’21 and Vicky Hidalgo
Charles L. Hiemenz MNUR’96
Kathleen Kerndt Higgins ’70
Amy B. Hilden
Mary Brennan Hillary ’67
Mary Jane Klecker Hillman ’65
Hillshire Brands
Suzann Bisson Hinck ’73
Joan Malecha Hinderscheit ’82
James M. Hinkle
Heather M. Hirsch ’07
Karen Hitchcock and William Hitchcock
Alan B. Hitt
Jennifer Sparks Hoaglund ’06
Leo P. Hobbs
John V. Hobday
Kris Hochstetler and Darin Hochstetler
Karla Hocking
Lucy Hafner Hodge ’02
Thomas and Antoinette Hodgkiss
Geraldine McKay Hodgson
Lynn W. Hodulik and Steven E. Hodulik
Janice Gallus Hoelscher ’64
Barbara Vierling Hoepner ’63
Philip A. Hoeppner
Mary Lou Johnson Hoeschen ’69 and Donald E. Hoeschen
Julia I. Hoesel and Stephen F. Hoesel
Austin C. Hofeman
Joan Maher Hoffman ’87
Susan Oswald Hoffman ’00
Theresa Hoffman ’15
Marlene Hogue and Richard Hogue
Jo Ann Reuland Hohenshelt ’62
David Thomas Holewinski MSW’07
Lynda Goff Holland ’88
Mary C. Holland ’78
Sondra Hollinger Samuels
Karen Nygaard Hollingsworth ’80
David Holm
Shannon Braner Holman ’90 and Jonathan R. Holman
Gregory D. Holmbeck MLIS’05
Kathi Overland Holper ’64
Molly A. Holtz ’12
Lucille M. Holzemer ’74
Scott C. Holzemer DNP’18
Mary Homan ’80 and Kevin Holzer
Dan Homick
Edwina French Homstad Cert’89, BA’96, MAED’99
Denise A. Honer ’80
Joni Hood
Kathleen E. Hook ’91
Rosemary Miller Hoolihan ’71 and Daniel D. Hoolihan
Kathryn E. Hopkins and John Michael Hopkins
Jennifer J. Hoppe ’94
Nancy H. Hopwood ’12
Barbara Lorbiecki Horak ’63
Hormel Foods Corporation Charitable Trust
Sara Hoerner Hormig ’90
Nancy R. Hornbrook MLIS’02
James S. Hornung
Thomas Horsch
Judith Behan Horsnell ’80
Denise A. Hosier and Steve A. Hosier
Mary Hotz, RSCJ, ’76
Georgia Houle ’70
Luana Houle and Gary Houle
Michael Houle and Lori Houle
Pamela Breckler Houndt ’06
Cecelia Gales House ’77
Mary Desmond Housley ’64
Patricia Riley Houston ’59
Chenar E. E. Howard
Gayle Tong Howard ’59
Joan Blair Howe ’66
Nancy Gentz Howe ’85
Ken and Jeanne Howell
Catherine Starcevich Howe-Thwaits ’80
Ann Rudeen Hoxie ’71, Cert’88
Gail Pexa Hoxie-Setterstrom ’74
Marlette M. Hoxmeier Cert’03
Ellen L. Hoy ’80
Elizabeth Sheehy Hradek ’75
Elizabeth A. Hruby-Mills
Marry Htoo ’22
Robin C. Hubbell ’85, MSW’93
Gaye Warnock Huber ’84
Janet Purdy Huber ’59 and Bill Huber
Susan Hepburn Huberty ’75
Lisa J. Hubinger
Marilyn Bouley Hudak ’54
Huddle Learning Inc.
Christine Steffen Huelster ’75
Jean Swearingen Huelster ’69
Maria S. Huffman
Theresa Pelkey Hufford ’64
Rosalyn Young Hug ’86
Donna Hughes and James Hughes
Jerome M. Hughes
Josephine A. Hughes ’43
Rita Mitchell Hughes ’62
Robin S. Hugo Cert’15
Katherine Neilson Hull ’76
Bonnie Hullett and Russell Nelson
Marjory Pippin Humbert ’77
Janet Bushnell Humphrey ’82
John Hui-Fai Hung and Beverly Dahl Murphey
Margaret Strobel Hunt ’58
Mary Stejskal Hunt ’76, Cert’06 and Lee G. Hunt
Shirley N. Hunt MAOL’18
William and Julie Hunt
Hunter Douglas, Inc.
Patricia Gorman Hunter ’55
Rose Bigelow Huntley ’61 and John C. Huntley
Theresa Jacobs Huntley ’85, MSW’92
Sheri L. Huppert MLIS’04
Mary Hurley, HM, ’53
Stacey R. Hurrell
Janet Gruber Hurst ’74 and Robert E. Hurst
Lisa E. Hurt Cert’06, MAOL’10
Jodi Guse Huss ’13
Barbara Hustad ’75
Mary E. Husting ’95
Gretchen Hutterli and Robert Erffmeyer
Ann B. Hutton
Roxanne Lytwyn Huxley ’66
Rachael Pavek Huyck ’92 and Jon C. Huyck
Mary Kranzfelder Huzzar ’50
Audrey and Leland Hyatt
Kimberly Hyde-Strand ’94
Amy Larson Hyers ’94
Bernadine Walther Hyser ’61
Ruth Ann Wander Hyser ’71
Bruce Idelkope
Michael J. Ignat
Lucy Gibbs Imholte ’54
Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota
Mary Bina Indelicato ’63
Margaret S. Ingalls
Judy A. Inman MAT’88
Innovative Office Solutions LLC
Peggy A. Irvine ’91
Mary Isaacson and Mike Isaacson
Barbara Ivens
Barb Iverson
Bonnie Iverson and Jim Iverson
Jackson Drug Co.
Melanie Salvesen Jackson
Thomas J. Jacobowski
Theresa McCormack Jacobs ’84 and Gregory J. Jacobs
Beth Schanzenbach Jacobsen ’07
Billy Jacobson
Katie Jacobson
Kirstin Rousseau Jacobson ’90
Susan E. Jacobson ’77
Linda Casagrande Jacoby ’66
Sharon Sommer Jaeb ’56
Joni Jagger
Deborah S. James ’02
Lisa McQuade James ’80
Barbara E. Jampsa ’19
Kim Jan and David Jan
Frank Janezich
Janet and David Janiszewski
Mary Indrelie Kaminski Janowak ’69
Catherine Conrad Jansen ’59
Julie Jansen and John Jansen
Steve Janson
Andrea L. Janssen ’13
Louise Murray Janssen ’56 and James R. Janssen
Mary Burmeister Janssen ’10
Monica Greenwell Janzen ’97 and Daron E. Janzen
Linda Pepelnjak Jarmer ’64
Barbara Jarosz and Mark Jarosz
Leanne Toivari Jarvi ’88
Joyce Beveridge Jarvis ’42 and Laurence W. Jarvis
Dolores Goudy Javorski ’73
Joan Brennan Jaye ’81
Mary Ann Olinger Jeffrey ’54
Angela Ballantine Jellum ’05
Mary Ruff Jenkins ’72
Cecelia Jennewein
Dannette Jennings and Thomas Collier
Erica J. Jensen MAOL’06
Jeanne Tibesar Jensen ’68
Marlene Anderson Jensen ’87
Kathleen Jerome and Richard Jerome
Loretta Rapacz Jerome ’64
Maureen and Brian Jessen
Britta Jicks and Robert Jicks
Bridget S. Jo and Christopher D. Jo
Lynn Lichtscheidl Joachim ’96
Patricia Newell Jochim ’69
Mamie Lee Joe ’45 and Walter Joe
Mary Endres Johansen ’79, MAED’99
Jodi M. Johanson
Margaret Lauck Johanson ’75
Carol Johns
Amy Albien Johnson ’13
Ann Marie Schultz Johnson ’72
Barbara and R. Marshall Johnson
Bonnie Lee Bailey Johnson ’62
Brenda and Steven Johnson
Brenda Campbell Johnson ’98
Britta E. Johnson ’01
Bruce and Georgianne Johnson
Carol Johnson
Carol Seifert Johnson ’74
Carolyn and Daniel Johnson
Catherine Friedrich Johnson ’77
Corinne Lillibridge Johnson ’96
Deborah McLaughlin Johnson ’86
Denise M. Johnson Cert’07, MAOL’11
Diane L. Johnson ’87
Evelyn Cruit Johnson ’84
Geraldine Fleming Johnson ’92
Gina Johnson
Helen Simmons Johnson ’56 and Gordon F. Johnson
Janice Honzay Johnson ’58
Jean Wagner McKenzie Johnson Cert’84
Jennifer N. Johnson MAED’17 and Gregory William Johnson
Kelly M. Johnson MAOL’14
Kelsey Larson Johnson ’04, MAOL’12
Kristin E. Johnson and Fred P. Johnson
Laurie Lee Johnson ’99
Mary Katherine Johnson and Jeffrey Schneider
Mary M. Johnson ’01
Michael Johnson
Rachal Johnson
Rebecca M. Johnson
Rita Kurtzman Johnson ’62 and H. Murray Johnson
Roanne Marie Johnson and David M. Johnson
Rose B. Johnson ’72
Sharon Pennig Johnson ’82
Sherry Bonham Johnson ’89
Teresa E. Johnson ’82
Valerie J. Johnson ’80
Constance Johnston
Leslie M. Johnston ’92
Lindsey G. Johnston ’09
Mary Epple Johnstone ’56 and Donald L. Johnstone
Sandra Joiner ’67
Father Jan Michael Joncas
Denise Mangan Jones ’81
Diane Jones and Kenneth Jones
Jennifer Benson Jones and David Jones
Jennifer C. Jones ’90
Kimberly Hayes Jones ’03 and Kyle M. Jones
R. Clarence Jones
Sarah Manning Jones ’15, MNUR’18, DNP’20 and John Jones
Talia Tveit Jones ’01
Christine A. Jordan ’90
Jean Monahan Jordan ’71
Barbara Lehrer Jorgensen ’49
Ardella Hodgson Jorgenson
Sheila Stribley Jorgenson ’58
Holly Smith Joseph ’79
Theresa Joseph and Vincent Joseph
William Joseph
Heidi Josewski and Gregory Josewski
Jostens Foundation
Sharon Lamphere Joswiak ’62
Elizabeth Slaird Joyce ’72
Ann C. Jucha and Joseph D. Jucha
Kathleen A. Juday
Jean Wilhelmy Juelich ’85
Chad Julius
Joy White Julkowski ’91
Judy Steele Juneski ’93
Janine LaScotte Jungbauer ’95
Jeanne Boucher Jungbauer ’70 and John Jungbauer
Joseph R. Junker ’07
Victor B. Juran
Kimberly Kay Jurek ’85
Carol J. Mlecoch Jursik ’81
Linda M. Jury
Terri May Kaase ’93 and Michael A. Kaase ’79
Beverly A. Kackmann and John L. Kackmann
Mary Taylor Kadlecek ’63
Sunshine R. Kahmann ’98
Megan M. Kalina and Mark T. Lasswell
William Kalis and Mary Kalis
Mary Gebhart Kaliszewski ’50
Shawn Kalloway and Dave Feil
Jean A. Kalscheur
Rose Sallberg Kam ’66
Suzanne Kaminski ’18
Debra S. Kammerer ’80
Lisa Phillips Kampa ’03, MAOL’09
Carole Swedlund Kampf ’88
Kimberly Brust Kane ’91
Nyasha Kanganga ’08
Jeanne Stanton Kapler ’74
Kaposia Education Center Sunshine Committee
Mary Alice Doyle Karnes ’70
Carole E. Kastigar and James W. Moudry
Diane Walker Kastner ’69
Marilynn Terrell Katein ’44
Iyoko Nakao Katsuyoshi
Susan Kattas and Deborah Monicken
Phillip L. Katzung
Leann Monnens Kaufenberg ’77 and Bruce R. Kaufenberg
Patricia Lenzmeier Kaufenberg ’59, BA’87
Mary Giesen Kaufhold ’64
Pamela K. Kaufman
Marie Kausen and Melvin Kausen
Elizabeth Langkilde Kautz ’82, Cert’83
Julia S. Kavet
Mary Leroux Kearney ’77
Margaret Nathe Kearns ’72
Kelly Johnson Kedrowski ’01
Melanie Keeling and Paul Keeling
Cheri Harder Keepers ’13, MBA’16
Joan Hertzog Kegler ’56
Polly Dubourt Kegler ’65
Diane Schnichels Keil ’00
Miriam Kelen and Erwin Kelen
Barbara A. Keller ’53
Barbara Kellett
Ici Kelley ’18
Kathleen T. Kelley ’20
Kathleen Anderson Kelliher ’79 and Mark P. Kelliher
Wayne Lee Kelling
David and Judy Kelloway
Elaine Kelly and Frank Kelly
Karla Denning Kelly ’76
Laurie Martin Kelly ’79 and Thomas H. Kelly
Linda Kelly ’95
Matthew J. Kelly
Maureen Kelly ’83
Maureen Ryan Kelly ’52
Rhonda Plenge Kelly ’84
Thomas M. Kelly
Brigid Kelly-Grathen ’82
Kathleen Hanley Kelnberger ’66
Natalie Robinson Kemp ’14
Roberta Greene Kemp ’73, MLIS’96
Teresa Cole Kempenich ’02
Cindy Engelking Kemper ’98
Michelle LaValle Kemper ’89
M. Kay Harbison Kendall ’03
Wendy Weber Kenneally ’83
Colleen Kennealy ’71
Barbara Baillie Kennedy ’74
Jane Kennedy ’77
Kathleen Robertson Kennedy ’68
Cara Kennedy-Ode and Jackson P. Ode
Elizabeth Bray Kenney ’67
Kelli J. Kenyon ’16
Kathryn M. Kerber MAHS’08
Betsy J. Kerr
Carol Quigley Kerr ’86
Jane Laraway Kerr ’81
Elizabeth Kerwin, CSJ, ’57
Gwen Luff Kessler MAED’96
Lisa Gruetzman Ketchmark ’94
Kelly Ketcho
Patricia A. Kettinger ’12
Elizabeth J. Keyes
Mary Palcich Keyes ’79
Fatema Alam Khandker ’86 and Rezaul K. Khandker
Margaret O’Connor Kielkopf ’59
Susan and Scott Kies
Marlene Kiester
Sharon Rongstad Kill ’89 and David Kill
Elaine B. Killen
Naomi Knaak Kimball ’97, MPT’99
Sharon L. Kimble Cert’05, DPT’09
Loretta Kimmet-Mobley and Andy Mobley
Corrine T. Kindschy MAT’03, Cert’04
Geri King ’69
Janis H. King
Joan Kunze King ’54
Kendrick T. King
Mary King and Stephen Eastwood
Mary Beth King ’81
Tessa M. King ’93, MD
Sheila T. Kingston ’16
Preetha Kingsview MAED’21
William N. Kinney
Lorilee Williams Kippley ’74
John D. Kirby
Anne Richards Kirchner ’90
Roxane Kirkeide and Barry Kirkeide
Leah Kirkhorn and Christopher Grann
JoAnne Reske Kirkman ’76
Joseph C. Kirschbaum and Lauren N. Hogan
Mary Jo Conlin Kirschbaum ’78 and Mark S. Kirschbaum
Timothy G. Kirschbaum
Sheryl L. Kiser
Andrea S. Kish MAOL’90
Mary Beth Marzolf Kissling ’86 and Christopher P. Kissling
Patricia Cupkie Kitilson ’88
Barbara Vangsness Kittelson ’77
Barbara Miller Klabough ’63
Klaphake Consulting, LLC
Mary Busch Klehr ’66
Anne Lahiff Klein ’55
Chris Kleinhenz
Anne M. Klejment
Georgianna Miller Klevar ’63
Anna-Marie T. Klingseisen Cert’22
Diane Kloepfer and Dan Kloepfer
Virginia Lange Kloos ’48
Margaret P. Klug
Ann Mahowald Knauer ’76
Doris Kampa Knettel ’94, MSW’97
Jennifer A. Knight-Zelkind ’92 and Mike Zelkind
Eleanor Benson Knudson ’52
Linda Kretsch Knutson ’95
Shirley Trepanier Knutson ’57
Christine Wier Koch ’82
Clare Grundtner Koch ’03
Diann Peterson Koch ’02
Melinda Koch
Brianna Kocka
James J. Kocourek
Sherry Koehler and Ed Koehler
Kathleen Koerner and Lyle Koerner
Joan Kraus Koester ’72
Anne Jackson Kogler ’04
Harriet Psigoda Kohen MSW’99 and Daniel P. Kohen
Bailey Auseth Kohl ’18 and Jacob Kohl
Karen M. Kohl ’76, Cert’99
Carley Kokal
Kokoro Volleyball LLC
Sara Kolar and Eric Tennessen
Gina Chianelli Kolas ’96
Sharon Grossmann Koll ’66
Camille A. Kolles ’88
Jean Welch Kolles ’62
Komatsu America Corp.
Mark J. Komen MAOL’93
Brenda L. Koniar and John J. Koniar
Stefanie M. Konobeck ’98
Annie H. Koolen
Arlene Nesbett Koons ’76
Alesa and Mark Koppen
Annie M. Koranda ’07
Gail R. Korell
Lori Koren
Susan Breckenridge Korkowski ’93
Susan Korman
Bonnie J. Korte ’12
Scott E. Korzenowski
Mary Rangitsch Kosanda MPT’94
Kara S. Koschmann
Mary L. Kosec ’52
Susan O’Malley Kosel ’93, Cert’95, MAED’98
Lauren L. Koshere ’08
Jane Koster
Brigid M. Kostka and Charles J. Kostka
Carolyn Casper Kostolnik ’71 and Philip J. Kostolnik
Margaret Mach Kotek ’68
Henrietta M. Kotok
Kathryn T. Kotula ’74 and David R. Fronk
Patricia Bitney Kough ’84
Martha Uschold Kovach ’74
Debra Koval and Michael Koval
Beth M. Kowski ’00
Stephen K. Kozachok
Diane Kozlak and Gary Ellis
Helen Dunne Kozlak ’49
Laurie Murphy Kozlak ’76 and Michael J. Kozlak
Thomas A. Kozlak
William P. Kozlak
Tania Krager ’16, MBA’23
Lynne Krainer and Robert Krainer
Glenna Gillespie Kramer ’91
Linda and Jack Kramer
Monica Kramer ’75
Diane L. Kranig and Dale R. Kranig
Katherine and Timothy Kratofil
Katherine M. Krauel-Hernberg ’05
Jeffrey S. Krause
Philip J. Krauter
Eugene E. Krech
Valerie A. Krech
Therese Herda Krenz
Joni K. Kreuser MLIS’94 and John C. Kreuser
Molly Hall Kreutzer ’09
Caroline Chan Krier ’04
Samantha Krigelski and Aaron Krigelski
Cheryl Dunn Krinke ’89 and Timothy Krinke
Anne Krisnik ’82
Shirley A. Krohn
Elizabeth Scanlan Kroschel ’79
Genevieve Stromme Krueger ’51
Janet Krueger ’59
Kim Geissler Krueger ’95, MPT’98
Pamela D. Krueger
Paulette Lagerstrand Krueger ’66
Sally Clements Krupich ’69
Katherine R. Kruse
Sheila Melchior Kryjeski ’15
Alice Keyes Krzmarzick ’57
Kristine A. Kubes ’86
Elizabeth Grace Kubicek ’23
Sandra Kubik
Dianne Kuehl
Angelika Kuehn
Regina Nowak Kuehn
LuAnne Luer Kuelbs ’95
Carolyn M. Kuhnert and Charles R. Kuhnert
Therese Travis Kujawa ’60
Patricia Dwyer Kuklock ’52
Daniel Kumerow
Patricia Whalen Kummer ’67
Suzanne Lessard Kuncio ’89
Mary K. Kunesh ’95
Kevin R. Kunnari Cert’14
Tracy and Randy Kurth
Pamela Batroot Kurtz ’79
Mary Frances Gaughan Kurvers ’73
Susan Kuseke and Larry Kuseske
Gisela Kutzbach and John Kutzbach
Kimberly Engel Kvasnicka ’11
Kwik Trip
Elizabeth J. Kyvig Cert’03, Cert’05, MAED’09, Cert’11
Renita Laakso Petite ’95, MAHS’19
Suzanne Pringle LaBeau ’83
Kathy LaBerge ’70
Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), Local 563 of Minnesota and North Dakota
Jennifer and Martin Lacey
Molly Tierney LaChapelle ’66
Marie Lackmann
Bonnie S. La Duca
Lady Katherine, LLC
Gail O. LaFave
Carla Isakson Lagerstedt ’69 and Gary Lagerstedt
Janet Dunnwald Lageson ’78
Mary Diercks Laing ’65
Lake States Timber, LLC
Catherine T. Lally
Kay K. Lalor ’16
Patricia Kelly Lam ’68
Gale F. Lambert ’87
Laura Deshler Lambert ’07, MAOL’13
Kay Kelnhofer Lambrecht ’62
Karen Lamecker and Dennis Lamecker
Ruth Zeller LaMere ’66
Dolores Bowman Lammers ’50
Kathleen E. LaMotte ’13
Anne Roloff Lamppa and Robert D. Lamppa
Linda Rusch Lamusga ’76
Colleen Flood Lancette ’73 and Bernard Lancette
Landmark Fence & Deck, Inc.
Sherie Landrud and Torr Landrud
Carol Ebert Landry ’58
Frances Becker Landwehr ’59
Gail Allen Lane ’57
Jessica Freeman Lane ’97
Scott Lang
Thomas and Kathy Langdon
Annabel F. Lange
Kayla A. Lange ’13
Margaret Lange ’63
Mary E. Lange ’65
Marie Reiniger Langenes ’67
Amanda Walters Langenfeld ’02 and Andrew Langenfeld
Joellen Galchutt Lansing ’65
Trudy G. Lapin
Gail Wall Lappen ’57
Violeta I. Lara ’16
Julie Simms Larkin ’94, MAHS’09
Carla Petersen Larsen MLIS’02
Elizabeth Foy Larsen and Walter J. Schleisman
Carmen O’Flanagan Larson ’88
Cheryl Larson
Jeanne Hannon Larson ’48
Joan Grams Larson ’55
Lisa Bombich Larson ’96
Michelle Freier Larson ’96
Nadean Hruby Larson ’54
Norine Welle Larson ’63
Susan C. Larson ’75
Victoria Gleason Larson ’78
Barbara DeBruycker LaShomb ’89
Sandra P. Laskin
Jill D. Laszewski, SSND, MAT’09
Jennifer J. Latuff MAED’12
Patricia Schmid Laue ’54
Jane and Raymond Lauerman
Pamela Lenzmeier Laughing Waters ’81, MAT’89
Tina and Timothy Laughlin
Sheila Pike Laughton MAT’06, Cert’08
Kim L. LaVine ’01
Nancy C. Lawlor and John T. Lawlor
Christine Lawlor-White ’73
Jane Schroeder Lawrence ’62
Janice Herzog Lawrence ’66
Margaret O’Brien Lawrow ’50 and John W. Lawrow
Nadu M. Lawson ’13
Clara and Josh Lazaroff
Kelsi Johnson Le ’99
LuAnn J. Leach
Marguerite Kathryn Leavitt ’77
Mary Pat McCarter Lebens ’64
Therese Gardner Lebens ’69
Carol LeDuc and James LeDuc
Ann Myongsook Lee
Annie Lee ’93
A. Robert Lee
Chong A. Lee MAOL’14
Donna Bachmann Lee ’54
Mary Pat Lee ’78
Mai T. Lee-Xiong ’17
Cecile Lefebvre-Burgert and Mark Burgert
Lisa Cemenski Legvold MPAS’14
Barbara Lytle Lehman ’58
Suzanne Burke Lehman ’93, MNUR’11, DNP’18
Kristine Twite Lehnen ’03 and Joseph Lehnen
Virginia Breher Leidheiser ’45
Reed Leidle
Mary Jo LaBonte Leier ’64
Mina Wood Leierwood MAED’03
Pam Leja and Kenneth Leja
Karen Musial LeMay ’91
Susan C. Lemm MNUR’92
Amy L. Lemmon ’91
Ingrid Johanson LeMunyon MLIS’95 and Jeffrey R. LeMunyon
Julianne E. Lenertz
Amanda Granaas Lensing MBA’16
Andrea Vierling Leo ’02
Dr. Stan and Sue Leonard
Dana Bologna Leopold ’70
Adeline Leraas
Julie Gertz Lerdahl ’92
Catherine Ulrich Leroux ’93
Christophe J. Leroux ’96 and Elizabeth E. Menninga
Cynthia Edell Lervoog ’80
Mary Ellen Druar Lesnau ’74
Ashley Ham Letourneau ’08
Sheila G. Letscher and Thomas A. Letscher
Patricia Green Levang ’55
Kathleen and Gary Levenhagen
Amy H. Levin ’15
Jill K. Jorgensen Levin ’01
Elaine Dietz Le Voir ’70
William LeVoir-Barry ’02
Cynthia Lewis and Thomas Swiss
Kathryn Kordsmeier Lewis ’86
Paulette Lewis ’73
Candace Lewis-McComb ’95
Lori Perry Leysen ’12
Juliann L’Herault ’87
Karin J. Libby Cert’02
Liberty Diversified International, Inc.
Carl Liebscher
Kathryn Logsdon Lien ’75
Claire Fromme Lienesch ’09
David Lieser and Karen Lieser
Therese Malone Liffrig ’87
Colleen and J. Stephen Lightbourn
Valerie Lim and Hans Lim
Catherine and Patrick Lind
Marsha and Timothy Lind
Diana M. Lindau ’09
Mary Anne Borden Lindberg ’45
Lois Westerberg Lindbloom MAT’97
Richard J. Linde
Sara J. Linde
Bonita C. Lindell
Susan Lindeman MHI’20
Teresa Feidt Lindfors ’91
Daniel A. Lindh
David and Carol Lindner
Mara Lindokken
Melissa B. Lindow ’15
Julie A. Lindstrom ’98
Paige P. Linquist and Matthew J. Linquist
Mary Orput Linstroth ’00
Joseph Lipari and Lynne Howard
Anne-Louise Liska MAOL’14
Susan Nelson List ’66
Clara Littau and John Littau
Rosemary A. Littfin ’79
Martha Liu
Kathleen O’Laughlin Lloyd ’75
Stephanie Kerwin Lloyd ’67 and Eric F. Lloyd
Phetlavanh Thi Lo ’01
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Alicia H. Lohmann ’70
Marilyn N. Lohmann
James London and Dorothy London
Katherine S. Long ’02
Sheila Kelly Long ’60
Heather Kmitch Longmore and Robert J. Longmore
Betty A. Lonien
Carol Staloch Loomis ’59
Tammy Rupp Loosbrock ’92, MPT’96, DPT’07
Carolina Lopez ’22
Mai Kou Lor ’15
Jaselta Bianchi Lorenz ’57
Shirley Whitmore Lorenzi ’50
Donalyn M. Lotzer and Edward J. Lotzer
Margaret J. Louis
Michael and Sandra Louis
Natalie Tamble Lozano ’93
Jessica Amber Lubo
Laurie R. Lucas
Mary Ann Graf Lucas ’95
Luci Ancora
Tamara H. Ludt ’09
Dorothy O’Kane Luebbers ’48
Katherine O’Kane Luebke ’79
Angela Luksetich
Donna L. Lund ’01
Margit J. Lund ’95
Susan M. Lund
Marie Mahowald Lunderberg ’82 and William Lunderberg
Karen Sowada Lundgren ’80
Kaley Taffe Lundin ’11
Melissa A. Lundquist
Carol A. Lundsten
Susan Lunning and Serge Castigliano
Mary Ann Hunter Lunseth ’66
Catherine Pribyl Lupori and Peter J. Lupori
Margaret Lusiba ’92
Gail Sebald Lusvardi ’96 and Anthony A. Lusvardi
Kathleen Monson Lutes MAT’86
Cecilia C. Luth and David G. Luth
Barbara Emerson Lutmer ’05
Susan Luttenegger and Thomas Luttenegger
Anne Price Lutz ’79
Elizabeth A. Lutz ’91
Kristin Lutz and Roger Lutz
Mary M. Lydon ’81
Shelley E. Lyksett Cert’15
Annette Smith Lynch ’72, Cert’87
Kathy D. Lyncheski
Brittany Lynk
Judith Janicke MacAlpine ’63
Mary Leverone MacGillivray ’69
Elizabeth M. Mach ’75
Jeanna Bickel Machacek ’97
Mary Ellen McDonnell Macho ’55
Lynn M. Machowicz ’90
Doris Schaffer Macias ’51
Rebecca Micek Maciej MSW’07 and Jeffrey D. Maciej MSW’09
Erin Evernham Mack ’99
Marion Sindelar Mack ’59
Elizabeth F. MacKelvie ’90
Martha Macken Elliott
Anne Hanson Mackereth ’90
Amy Anderson Mackey ’82
Sandra Rowles Mackey ’80 and Frederick W. Mackey
Cheryl Mackinac and Rich Mackinac
Anne Dean Mackintosh ’58
Anne and William MacNeil
Macy’s Foundation
Katherine Madden
Marcia Jackels Madden ’78 and Michael D. Madden
William H. Madden
Lori D. Maddox ’11, MBA’16
Leslie D. Mader
Judith Olsen Madigan ’62
Lakshmi Madireddi ’82
Mary Helen Brandl Madrid-Null ’71
Marcia Maertens
Karleen Bauer Maeurer ’79, MAOL’02 and Paul J. Maeurer
Joyce Tollefsbol Magary ’57
Rosalie Maggio ’65
Debra S. Magnuson
Sarah R. Magnuson MBA’21
Kelly Magrann and Mark Magrann
Rhea Magrann and Thomas Magrann
Anne Condon Magruder ’61
Anne M. Maguire
Kathleen Salzman Maguire ’73
Mary Konz Maida ’79
Patricia Zimmer Majerle ’52
Dolores Majetich and John Majetich
Mary B. Major ’17, MNUR’18
Sarah E. Maki ’01
Alexandra D. Maland MSN’16
Mary Jo Langford Malchow ’66
Nancy Swanson Mallak-Kirsch ’86
Kathleen A. Malloy ’05
Lynne McGough Malloy ’78 and Kenneth Malloy
Brittany O’Keefe Malmquist ’15, MBA’19
Deborah Malone and John Malone
Margaret Malone ’63
Rita Gillen Maloney ’85
Jean Page Maltese ’48
Anne E. Mammen ’02
Gina Mancini-Samuelson
Pamela San Miguel Mangine ’10
Alvena Manning Maniaci ’51
Katherine A. Maniates ’14
James and Patricia Manley
Lois A. Manley
Katherine Gibbs Mann ’88
Christine Lee Mannella ’94
Marie D. Manner ’09
Jacqueline C. Mannering ’71
Monica Manning
Mano a Mano International Partners
Judith M. Mansun
Carol K. March ’94
Judith Marder MAOL’00
Karen M. Mareck ’85
Frederick B. Marek, Jr.
Margaret Majeres Maresh ’50
Abby S. Marier
Galina M. Marine ’17
Stacy and Paul Marion
Carlos Maristany
Alissa Maroney and Michael Maroney
Madeleine C. Maroney ’19
Margaret Marrinan ’69
Mary Marrinan-Menchaca ’75
Marsh & McLennan Companies
Agnes Schoeneberger Marsh ’50
Catherine Sisco Marshall ’69
Marcella Campbell Marshall ’45
Nicholas J. Marshall
Ann Marshik Style, Inc.
Patricia O’Brien Marshik and Richard Marshik
Cheri and Richard Martin
Christine Martin ’70
Janet Helen Martin
Kathleen A. Martin
Kathleen Hohn Martin ’65
Lisa Felsheim Martin ’80, MAOL’97
Lori Villella Martin and Phillip B. Martin
Margaret Baltes Martin ’70
Marilyn Pelletier Martin ’55
Mary Ann Martin ’66
Patricia L. Martin and Michael J. Martin
Janelle Martin and Robert Martin
Sandra Martin
Teresa Hajduga Martin ’66
Lucinda A. Martinez ’11, Cert’21
Mary D. Martin-Kahn ’02
Marudas Graphics, Inc.
Barbara J. Maruska ’77
Tim Marx
Mary Elizabeth Marzolf and Richard A. Marzolf
Jodell Flanagan Masciopinto ’77
Thomas M. Mashek and Helen A. Mashek
JoAnn Gilson Mason ’72
Andrew P. Massaro
Deborah C. Massey MAHS’14 and Sheffey N. Massey
Teresa Lah Matetich ’80 and James H. Matetich
William J. Matevich
Sharon Mathias ’68
Aleda Rathman Mathiowetz ’73
Marianne C. Matlon and Richard J. Matlon
Susan White Matthews ’76
Deborah Mattingly
Donna Duffy Mattis ’69
Kathleen Conway Mattis ’49
Catherine Mach Mattson ’72
Scott A. Mattson MPT’96, Cert’19
Clare Dech Maturen ’84 and John Maturen
Michael Matze
Lynette Matzke and Christopher Matzke
Paul Matzke and Bridget Matzke
Joy Maugans ’51
Erica L. Mauter MAOL’14
Mary Anne Eisenmenger Mayberry ’65
Anna and Leland Mayer
Mary Nathe Mayer ’69
Janie S. Mayeron
Mayo Clinic Health System-Eau Claire
Elaine Terpstra Mayoue ’49
Christine Barthel Mazanec ’05
Paulanne Maze ’77
Barbara Bartel McAdams ’99
McAfee, Inc.
Renae McArthur
Virginia A. McBride
Mary Dillon McCanna and Peter McCanna
Cheryl Feidt McCarthy ’82
Karin Schuelein McCarthy ’91
Kathleen Germain McCarthy ’68
Rita Friesen McCarthy ’61
Teresa K. McCartney ’08, MNUR’14
Ann Marie Ahmed McCauley ’85
Monica Jackels McCleary ’74
Paula Keith McClelland ’86
Susan Christie McCloskey ’71
Maggie M. McCormack ’11
Karen and Edward McCormick
Misty Frey McCormick MAOT’02
Rosemary Michaud McCormick ’64 and John H. McCormick
Mary J. McCoy
Mary Beth McCrory ’82
Margret A. McCue-Enser
Emily J. McDaniel
Jean Cook McDaniel ’62
Debra Digerness McDermott ’92, MNUR’07
Brigid McDonald, CSJ, ’62
Kathleen Pattock McDonald
Laurence McDonald
Molly Tierney McDonald ’81 and John R. McDonald
Patricia Rathmanner McDonald ’55
Tami R. McDonald
Margaret Brown McDonell ’55 and David G. McDonell
Toni Buckingham McDonnell ’89 and Rowan McDonnell
Mary E. McDowall
Doreen M. McEvoy
Mary Dee Marshall McEvoy ’73
Miriam Ryan McFadden ’62
Norma Cardwell McFadden ’58
Joyce Howard McFarland MAT’90
Tammy Fahl McGarvey ’95
Nora McGinn
Carol Liberko McGinnis ’74
Christine Gallagher McGinty ’06
Joan M. McGinty, CSJ, ’59
Virginia Gomilak McGoldrick ’59
Carol Sarazin McGough ’57
Kathleen A. McGough ’74
Mark F. McGough
Joan Walsh McGowan ’54
Maureen Costello McGowan ’72
Suellen Mickelson McGowan ’95, MAED’98
Susan H. McGowan and Eugene E. McGowan
Cynthia McGrath
Michele M. McGraw MLIS’94
Rachael A. McGraw ’11, MNUR’19, DNP’23
Sutton C. McGraw ’03
Patrick and Kathleen McGreevy
Patricia Taylor McGuigan ’74
Jeanne McGuire ’79
Mary Rhode McGuire ’49
Mary Jo McGuire ’78
Marita A. McGurk
Barbara Weber McGurran ’56, Cert’88
Gabrielle M. McGurran-Hanson ’13, DPT’16
Carol J. McIntosh ’05
Timothy J. McKasy
Kathleen McKay
Mary McKee ’65
Debbie Drotleff McKeever ’93
Laurrie A. McKendry ’11, MBA’16
Amy M. McKenna
Christine M. McKenna ’15, MHI’20
Elizabeth Kullman McKone ’73
Linda McLarnan
Anne McLaughlin Drake
Katherine McLaughlin, CSJ, ’61
Michael T. McLaughlin ’73 and Julie A. McLaughlin
Ruth A. McLaughlin ’84
Andrew J. McLean
Wendy McLean and Malcolm McLean
Mike McLennan
Thomas J. McLeod and Barbara J. McLeod
Jana McMahon and Jon McMahon
Linda D. McMahon
Riley J. McMahon ’21
Lorraine Allmaras McManmon ’58
Elizabeth J. McMann ’03, MAHS’06
Barbara Luger McManus ’50
Jeanne Rammer McManus ’69
Eileen M. McMonigal ’93
Kimberly Roschen McMonigal ’80
Mary Ann Fasnacht McMonigal ’52
Dianne Albrecht McMurray MNUR’06 and Douglas R. McMurray
Anne T. McNamara ’80
Eileen McNamara ’65
Mary Warren McNamara ’77
Michael McNamara
Catherine T. McNamee, CSJ, LHD’07 h.c.
Jona McNamee and Robert McNamee
Molly Kelly McNaughton ’97, MNUR’03
William J. McNaughton
Marcy McNulty Peterson ’62
Billie Ann Berthiaume McQuillan ’72
Margaret A. McRaith
Mary E. McTie
Peter J. McTie
McVey Marketing Inc.
Susan and Edward Meads
Greta Van Wyk Meaney ’54
Suzanne Mears
Kathleen Hennessy Mederich ’02
Robin Medrud ’78
Bette Crownhart Meehan ’48
Joseph Weir Mehlhaff
Wesley and Chelsy Meier
Joan Meierotto and Richard Meierotto
Ann Meisch
Sarah Meissner Hinck ’09, DPT’11
Ann Peddle Meitz
Andrew N. Melendres
Lynn Boudewyns Melhouse ’83
Mary Howitz Menard ’78 and Steven A. Menard
Rebecca J. Menso and Edward J. Menso
Joan Serafin Menth ’75
Nancy Pederson Menth ’76
Jeff Menzner and Dawn King-Menzner
Philip J. Menzner and Lori A. Menzner
Kris Menzner-Kosour
Phyllis Denchfield Mergen ’89
Merjent, Inc.
Rita Musielewicz Merrill ’84
Alexandria Merritt
Barbara Timbers Mers ’56
Linda Mertens and Steven Mertens
Janet Gieseke Mertesdorf ’95
Jane Mertz ’83
Patricia Merwin ’73
Mary Crowe Meshbane ’66
Adelaide A. Meskill
Judy Joyer Messing ’78
Patricia Kramper Messner ’57
Tina Grams Messner ’99
Linda C. Mestnik
Ruth Skudlarek Mestnik ’65
Susan Shears Meter ’77
Paula Jean Metling ’09, MAOT’10
Audrey A. Meyer ’12
Carolyn Meyer MNUR’14
Cheyenne E. Meyer ’14
Rev. Dale and Diane Meyer
Desta J. Meyer ’14
E. Ann Meyer ’58
Karen Bengry Meyer ’88
Mary Budziszews Meyer ’82
Mary McDonagh Meyer ’70
Michael and Leslie Meyer
Janelle M. Meyers Cert’16
Maya Dahlberg Meyerson ’03
Michael Anthony Agency LLC
Alissa Speckel Michaelson ’15
Jenny L. Michaelson ’08
Karen E. Michal MAED’03
Mary Brigid Kennedy Michalowicz ’86 and Bryan S. Michalowicz
Sara Stacy Michel ’90, MSW’00 and Matthew J. Michel
Julie Michener and John Michener
Tricia Middleton and Paul Middleton
Mary Beth Weyandt Mielech ’70
Gloria J. Mielke ’83
MaryEllen Delaney Mieure ’78
Joseph R. Miklausich
Judith Mullery Mikrut ’66
Mary Lungren Mikschl ’49 and Jerome J. Mikschl
Sally Miles and Bill Miles
Michelle M. Miles
Ann R. Miller and David L. Miller
Barbara Jo Zeches Miller ’04
Cynthia A. Miller ’08
David J. Miller
Diane Wilfahrt Miller ’63
Glenna Sweetman Miller ’47
Jami A. Miller ’12
Judith H. Miller
Kristin Weiss Miller ’06 and Ryan C. Miller
Marlene Yost Miller ’56
Martha M. Miller and Douglas V. Miller
Mary St. Anthony Miller ’53
Shelly Tadwalt Miller ’94 and Ron L. Miller
Linda Mills Krebsbach ’94, MSW’04
Karen Miltko
Jason Miltz and Michelle Vieau-Miltz
Janet Minea ’84
Miner’s Inc.
Robert Minish and Marveen Minish
Minnesota Association for the Education of Young Children
Minnesota Council on Foundations
Minnesota Lynx
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Vikings Football LLC
Robert L. Minton
Sherry C. Mischel-Nagy and Richard A. Nagy
Jacqueline B. Mistler and Thomas J. Mistler
Monica Delaney Mitby ’57
Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Ann Schottler Mitchell ’82
Carroll Schmidt Mitchell
Debbie Hoffman Mitchell ’94
Mary Lou DeGree Mitchell ’48
Michael R. Mitchell MLIS’11
Ruth Mitchell and Warren Mitchell
Sandra L. Mitchell
Terese M. Mitchell and Thomas J. Mitchell
Mary K. Moberg
Douglas J. Moechnig and Amy L. Moechnig
Jennifer and Alex Moeller
Lila Iversen Moen MAOL’88
Andrea Westergard Moffatt ’94
Margaret P. Moffett ’77
Katherine Brantingham Mohan ’01 and Nilesh Mohan
Carol A. Mohs
Steven P. Mohs
Andrea Molberg
Jean Dodge Moline ’52
Mary Moline
Georgie Sauber Molitor ’77 and Thomas Molitor
Kathryn M. Molitor MNUR’10
Patricia Blumhoefer Molitor MSW’94
Margaret Kennealy Mollner ’77
Paula Molnau and Keith Molnau
Mark E. Molo
Mabel Musu Momoh MSW’02
Mary Schmidt Monahan ’83
Miriam A. Monahan OTD’15
Monastery of Saint Clare
Louis F. Mondale
Maureen J. Soules
Lynda Monick-Isenberg ’73 and Jay H. Isenberg
Andrea Hoffman Monson ’83
Monterey Massage LLC
Melinda F. Montgomery MAOL’11
Judith Arceno Montpetit ’66
Barbara G. Moody ’01
Bryonie A. Moon
Patricia Mason Moon ’60
Yolanda Simonetti Moon ’67 and James D. Moon
James J. Mooney
Anne Gordon Moore ’02
Diane Lindgren Moore ’64
Krista Iverson Moore ’94
LaVonne M. Moore DNP’10
Lebohang Moore
Nora M. Moore
Karol Voight Moorman ’64
Arlyne Hargens Moran ’89
Kathleen S. Moran Cert’07, MAOL’11
Patrick J. Moran and Georgiana E. Slade
Denise C. Morcomb MSW’93
Alain Moreau
Mary M. Morelli
Judith A. Morgan
Maxine Owen Morgan ’55
Sheila Morgan
Lisa Meyer Moriarity ’88 and Joseph T. Moriarity
Pamela J. Moriarity and Brian G. Moriarity
Mary Fesenmaier Moriarty ’53
Erika Mork ’01 and Takashi Maie
Catherine Leadon Morneault ’82
Morningside Vineyard
Mary Kay Wenner Morris
Renee Oppegard Morris ’07
Virginia Martin Morris ’51
Diana Young Morrissey ’80
Madeleine Kraus Morrissey ’71 and Rosemarie Romportl ’72
Kathleen M. Morrow ’03
Janet Chamberlain Mortenson ’80
Katie Regnier Mortenson
Sarah Burgess Morton ’91
Catherine Mosbeck and Charles Mosbeck
Cody Mosbeck
Sharon Falvey Moser Cert’89
Mary C. Mosiniak ’79
Janice Kaliszewski Mosley ’91 and Eric C. Mosley
Ann Mountain ’74
Caryl Tessman Mousseaux ’89, MLIS’19 and Pete V. Mousseaux
Mary Cassidy Moynagh ’86 and Jerry W. Moynagh
Cynthia J. Moynihan MAOL’15
Patricia Oaster Mraz MAED’02
Joan Galati Mudge ’98
Katherine L. Mudrey-Wilsman ’17
Elizabeth Wibiralske Muellenbach MPT’97
Kristi Mueller ’78
Mary Ellen Fitzsimmons Mueller ’58
Vita M. Muggli Cert’91, BA’95 and James C. Dick Cert’91
Michelle Muhich ’78
Irene M. Muhvich ’62, PhD
Mary Muiznieks and Veidols Muiznieks
Deborah Hill Mulcahy ’70 and James Mulcahy
Mickey Mulcahy ’71
Kathryn Peabody Mullally
Cynthia Ritter Mullan ’74
Catherine Lose Mullaney ’75
Jane Zierden Muller ’63
Katherine Mullin, VHM, ’62
Kathleen Gelbmann Mullin ’72
Diane Mullins
Michelle L. Mullowney ’17
Barbara White Mulrooney ’67
Mary Jane Ellsworth Munley ’65
Karen Munson and Paul Munson
SueLynn K. Munson ’12
Deborah Muntean ’76
Jo-Ann Kling Murdach ’64 and Al Murdach
Robin Murie and John Wenstrom
Bridget A. Murphy ’77
Bridget L. Murphy ’83
Bridget M. Murphy ’09
Carol Tschida Murphy ’57
Caroline E. Murphy
Gregory Murphy and David Engen
Holly Kenall Murphy ’05
Kathleen C. Murphy ’63
Kathryn Engel Murphy ’62
Kelly Mitchell Murphy ’81
Lonne Murphy ’72, MAT’95
Margaret Mertz Murphy ’79 and John C. Murphy Jr.
Mary Lou Flaherty Murphy ’61
Matthew P. Murphy and Elizabeth L. Meiley
Paul and Whitney Murphy
Thomas G. Murphy
Bernadette L. Murray ’46
Mary Kay Church Murray ’57 and George P. Murray
Sharon Cress Murray ’65
Kathie Murren-Koether
Kelly Mus and Keith Mus
Raymond R. Muskat
Edna Myers
Nancy McGinley Myers ’98
David J. Myhre ’08
Livianna K. Myklebust ’19
Laura R. Nagel
Genevieve Hansen Nakanishi ’64
Jacqueline Southward Nakasone ’78 and John G. Nakasone
Barbara Wilburn Namen ’92
Patricia Dorsey Nanoff ’81, MAT’84
Sally Narey
Rebecca J. Nargang ’02
Stephanie Narveson and Robert Narveson
Karen Nerbun Nase ’04, DNP’19
Sylvia Grintals Nash ’82
Sharon Lais Natzel ’85
Jane Lutz Naumann ’76
Phyllis Morgan Nayak ’66
Mary Langfield Neaton ’01 and Michael P. Neaton
Ned & Co. LLC
Sarah M. Neglia and Joseph P. Neglia
Mary O’Keefe Negri ’60
Neighborhood House
Kathleen Conley Neils ’72
Kathryn Turk Neilson ’81
Anne Nelson and Bruce Hall
Ashley Nelson
Carmelita McGurk Nelson ’81 and Gary Nelson
Constance Baudoin Nelson ’63
Deborah Grones Nelson ’72
Elizabeth Nelson ’74
James Nelson
Jeanne Warner Nelson ’85
Judith Merchant Nelson ’64
Julie A. Nelson ’09
Karen M. Nelson
Katherine Millerbernd Nelson ’10
Kathryn Nelson and Dusty Nelson
Mary Koenecke Nelson ’70
Maxine Grosland Nelson ’89
Peggy Murray Nelson ’91
Shannon Nelson
Susan L. Nelson ’78
Theresa Howe Nelson ’81
Victoria L. Nelson ’78
Julia Troje Nemes ’92
Mary Ellen McDonnell Nemetz ’55 and John L. Nemetz
Susan M. Nemitz
Shari Hammer Nepper ’01
Michelle L. Nesbitt ’91
Ann L. Ness
Kristin Furth Neufeld ’56
Mary Neumann ’15
Sally Neverman
Deborah J. Newman ’12
Debra Newman and Michael Newman
Mary D. Newman
Rachel N. Newman ’17
Alicia C. Nguyen ’00
Anh-Hoa T. Nguyen
Kathleen Spannbauer Nguyen ’81
Ann Harlan Nibbe ’74
Angela Larson Nichols ’56
Molly E. Nicholson ’15
Barbara Cleary Nickolay ’80
Maryeleanore Godbout Niederkorn ’63 and John Niederkorn
Taylor N. Niederloh ’18
Paul Niemuth and Patricia Niemuth
Karen R. Nikolai ’86
Theresa M. Nistler ’86
Emily Seidl Niswanger ’11
Ellen Nix
Sharon Larson Noble ’90, MLIS’95
Kathlyn Ernst Noecker ’84 and Duane R. Noecker
Elizabeth Noel
Patricia Weber Nohelty ’55
Carol M. Nolan ’88
Mary C. Nolan AA’72, MNUR’11
Kathrine J. Nolen ’89 and Nicole Aldrich Nolen ’98
Elise O’Meara Nooney ’65
Shirley and Bob Noorigian
Lisa Evenson Brusse Nordholm ’88
Jennifer Nordstrom
Kathleen Giesen Norlien ’80
Darrell N.J. Norling
Jaclyn Oelkers Norling MPT’03
June E. Noronha
Margaret McCarthy Norris ’52
Mary K. North Cert’17
Northrop Grumman Foundation
Northwest Area Foundation
Northwestern Mutual
Cynthia G. Norton
Shannon Quinn Norton ’82
Martin Note
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Christine Iversen Nothwehr ’74
Donna Rimnac Novak ’85
Novitzki and Associates, Inc.
Ruth Feely Novitzki ’49
Sandra Mertensotto Novitzki and Thomas G. Novitzki
Mary Ann Widerski Novotny ’64 and William L. Novotny
Michelle L. Nowaczewski ’08
Jean Murray Nowak ’48
Diane M. Nunberg
Sharon Nuss
Rumbidzayi Nzara Mukurazhizha ’08
John T. Oberhausen ’12
Judith Oberhauser MAT’98
Jane Obert and Douglas Obert
Dr. Mary Ellen Newton Obert
O’Brien Interior Systems
Anne Sepion O’Brien ’67
Colleen O’Brien ’80
Mary Beth O’Brien
Rachel Fitzgerald O’Brien ’87
Steve and Jean O’Brien
Theresa Foss O’Brien ’57 and John H. O’Brien
Dulce M. Ocampo ’18
Mercedes M. Ocasal MAED’12
Sheila Anderson Ochs ’79 and Philip Ochs
Maria G. Ockenfels ’08
Deborah Brennan O’Connell ’74
Howard O’Connell
Shawn O’Connell ’76
Agnes Payne O’Connor ’86
Anne OConnor
Dana and Timothy O’Connor
Sharon E. O’Connor ’77
Theresa M. O’Connor ’13
Lee Ann Lilyquist Oczak ’69
Gerald W. Ode
Shreeni Odens
Catherine O’Loughlin Odlaug ’62
Céleste O’Donnell
Susan Oeffling, CSJ, ’65, Cert’87
Sandra M. Oehlke MNUR’02
Nicole Lynch Oertel ’95
Elizabeth Bauman Ofstead ’58
Cynthia H. O’Halloran and John D. O’Halloran
Deborah and John O’Halloran
Anna Marie Heinz O’Hara ’81
Mary Kay O’Hearn
Mary Pat Dietsch Oien ’81
Christine Sommer O’Keefe ’97
Claire O’Keefe ’66
Emmett O’Keefe
Jean O’Keefe
Molly Murphy O’Keefe and Patrick O’Keefe
Valerie and Michael O’Keefe
Claire Mayer Olander ’64
Michelle O’Laughlin
Sandra Oldenburg and Mark Oldenburg
James O’Leary
Mary Genevieve Olin, SSND, ’54
Heidi and Richard Oliver
Lori and Paul Olmschenck
Cynthia Olsen ’83
Estherann Stelten Olsen ’57
Mary Olsen and Curtis Olsen
Mary Judith Olsen ’62
Meghan Held Olsen ’12
Rosemary Henke Olsen ’60
Julie Olson Rand ’08
Alissa A. Olson ’07
AnnaMary Rethmeier Olson ’73
Janet Aschburger Olson ’68
Kathleen Adler Olson ’63 and James K. Olson
Kathleen Topness Olson ’93
Kelli E. Olson ’03
Marie K. Olson ’19
Michelle J. Olson ’21
Patricia L. Olson
Robert O. Olson and Margaret A. Olson
Roy A. Olson
Roy H. Olson and Cammie N. Olson
Sharon Olson and Tim Olson
Shaun Olson
Judith A. Olson-Neary ’82
Dan Olthoff
Jo Ann Omafray
Rhonda Gahler Omtvedt MPT’95
Carolyn McCrea Ondrey MAT’20
Richard W. O’Neil
Ann O’Neill, CSJ, ’57
Emily K. O’Neill MAOL’11
Kay Beeman O’Neill ’58
Marcia Minnerath O’Neill ’82
Shannon Kathleen O’Neill ’93
Susan Hietpas O’Neill ’78
Pauline J. Oo Cert’14, MBA’17
Jacqueline Walker Opine ’59
Abigail H. Opseth ’18
Oracle Corporation
Yumiko Yokochi Ordal ’97
Dannette Sundquist O’Reilly ’62
Organization Management Services, Inc.
James B. Orput
Reynold Orstad
Amanda Ortega ’08
Linda Smith Orth ’72
Rebecca Stefanich Orvik ’77, MAOL’03
Irene Rubbelke O’Ryan ’74
Mary A. Osborn and William C. Osborn
Colleen M. O’Shea ’08
Eileen Kane Oslund ’47
Helen Obah-McMorris Osonowo ’04
Frances Kwiatkowski Ostertag ’64 and Thomas G. Ostertag
Patricia M. Ostmoe ’62
Rebecca Barwin Ostrom ’91
Patricia Patton O’Toole ’52
Steve O’Toole
Louise Ottavi and Joseph Ottavi
Elizabeth Schumacher Otto ’63
Our World Montessori
Louise M. Ouradnik ’89
Doris M. Overby
Carolyn Gilbreath Owen ’63
Patricia L. Owen
Penny J. Owen ’14
Cecilia Stamschror Owens ’45
Elizabeth Owens and Douglass Faherty
Robert W. Owens and Maria V. Weinbeck
Elinor White Oxley ’93
Marianne Oyaas ’80
Kathleen Haugen Oys ’57
Mary Paarmann ’84
George C. Pabst
Cheryl Fida Pace ’75 and G. Allen Pace
Thomas J. Pacholl, Jr.
Desiree Packard Then ’11
Mary Peffer Packwood ’68
Sandra K. Paddock DNP’14
Catherine V. Pagano
Alice Vogel Pahl ’60
Vicki Painovich
Diane and Edward Paitl
Kelly Paitl and John Paitl
Julie Ortler Palach ’84
Gregory Palen and Margaret Palen
Sherry J. Palfalvi ’08
Donald Palkovich
Allison M. Palmer ’08
Catherine LaQua Palmer ’42
Jessica Morehead Palmer ’01, MPT’03, DPT’07
Mary Burgoyne Panchot ’59
E. Marlene Pankonin
Constance Schroepfer Paquette ’74
Deborah McGough Paradise ’88, MNUR’97 and Daniel M. Paradise
Jane and Charles Pardi
Dolores Kohler Pariana ’50
Anne Baker Parker MAED’03
Charlee Bach Parker ’74
Kris Nicholson Parker ’91
Helen D. Parnell ’65
Miranda Schrupp Parpart ’99
Christy Chua Patel ’87 and Ashok M. Patel
Mary Ryan Path ’64
Elaine Mahowald Patnode ’87 and Norman Patnode
Ann Stember Patrick ’78 and Kevin W. Patrick
Mary Desmond Patton ’77
Kathleen M. Paul ’77 and Patrick W. Haupt
Pamela Douglas Paul ’59 and Cyril L. Paul
Katharine McKay Paulsen ’71
Cami L. Paulson
Susan M. Pauly ’80
Mary Pavlak and Greg Heihn
Rosemary Melancon Peacock ’48
Susan Peake and Ernest Peake
Pearson Education, Inc.
Patricia Heuer Pearson ’83
VaLinda I. Pearson
Katherine M. Pease ’10
Dana Peck
Jill Dietsch Peck ’74
David and Jill Peckinpaugh
William L. Pedersen
Anne G. Pederson MLIS’14
Margaret Rieger Pederson ’76, MAED’98
Charlane Pehoski ’60
Kristine E. Pelatt
Pella Rolscreen Foundation
Mary F. Pellowski ’85 and David Nassar
Alicia Peltier and Bryce Peltier
Diane Broz Peltzer ’66
Debra Peluso-Ayres ’75
Catherine Joy Pelzmann
Susan Miller Pendergraft MAOL’88
Patricia White Pendleton ’71 and Edward W. Pendleton
Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company
Karen Lindeman Pensinger Cert’91
Kathleen McDonell Penterman ’63 and John Penterman
Julie M. Peper and Bruce G. Peper
Mary Cay Ross Pepin ’73
Pamela Zitzman Perell ’75 and David R. Perell
Teresa Perkins and Glen Perkins
Judith Fairbanks Perrault ’83
Mary Kirchgessner Perrin ’73 and John R. Perrin
Kimberley N. Persons
Cindy L. Pervenanze ’86
Ann Wilcox Pesavento ’69
Judith Jorgensen Peschio ’69
LuAnn Peters and John Peters
Sarah E. Peters ’99
Mary and David Petersen
Mary E. Petersen and Robert J. Petersen
Mary F. Petersen ’77
Barbara Hoffman Peterson ’95 and Larry L. Peterson
Beverly Gagnon Peterson ’57
Beverly Scheid Peterson ’94, MLIS’97 and James F. Peterson
Cheryl Klinkhammer Peterson ’03
Cheryl L. Peterson and Douglas R. Peterson
Holly Vian Peterson MNUR’98
Laura J. Peterson
Lauren Gillilan-Martin Peterson ’10, MPAS’14
Maggie Peterson
Mary Beth Braaten Peterson ’91
Mary Fleischhacker Peterson ’61
Megan E. Peterson ’15
Pamela M. Peterson ’77
Quinn Peterson
Stephanie J. Peterson ’90
Steve Peterson
Suzanne L. Peterson ’93
Sydney Peterson
Theresa M. Peterson
Amy Petrick and LeRoy Petrick
Kathleen McConnon Petron ’74
Elizabeth Shiely Petschel ’70 and Kenneth R. Petschel
Marcia Petta
Beth Pettit-Willis ’90
Lisa L. Petty Cert’02, AS’05, BSN’18
Patricia A. Pevan and Mark J. Pevan
Colleen Kraft Peyerl MAHS’15
Kathleen M. Pfaffinger ’71
Ruth A. Pfaller ’83
Linda K. Pfeilsticker ’94
Kathryn Clasen Pharmer ’93
Mary Millett Phelps ’90
Corey Phelps
Richard L. Phidd ’96
Luann M. Phillipich MLIS’97
Carolyn Lungwitz Phillips ’47
Christine A. Phillips MAED’21
Rosemary Chehoski Phillips ’16
Virginia Salansky Phillips ’50
Kathleen Senta Picha ’81
Colleen L. Pieper ’10
Diana G. Pierce
Susan Kelly Pierce ’69
Cecilia M. Pierson ’04
Colleen E. Pierson MAED’98
Karoline J. Pierson MAOL’98
Tanya Pierson and Vince Pierson
Jeanne Pietig ’67
Shelly Piette and Steve Piette
Catherine McGreevey Pike ’71
Lisa Hannah Pike ’80 and Steven J. Pike
Patricia Hayes Pink ’89
Sean P. Pinkerton
Carla Pittalis ’96
Kathleen J. Plathe ’71
Cora Lundquist Platikanov ’18
Steve Plechaty
Melissa Pleschourt and Mark Pleschourt
Elizabeth Moore Plionis ’66
Rebecca Olson Plocker ’82
Melissa M. Plummer ’90, MHI’22, DNP’22
Lucy Brill Plunkett ’79 and Timothy B. Plunkett
Robert W Plunkett Jr
Glennie J. Pogue ’87
Anika Pohlenz ’14 and Ashley Strusz Pohlenz ’14, MPH’19
Megan J. Pohlmann ’18, DPT’20
Point B Printing Solutions, LLC
Julie M. Pointner ’90
Pamela Querna Pokorney ’73
Patricia Wahlig Pokorney ’80
Peggy Polacek MAHS’13 and Steven L. Polacek
JoAnn Lunders Polanski ’77
Debra Larson Polkinghorne ’78
Helen Libera Pollock ’48
Jennifer J. Polzin MAOL’03 and Roxanne J. Cornell MSW’93
Karen J. Pommerich ’87 and Michael Hosford
Connie Diercks and Harry Pontiff
Curtis Poor and Katherine Sigardson-Poor
Radmila Popov and Nikola Popov
Carmen Grace Poppert ’17
A. Hope Harrison Porter ’89
Beth and Mark Porter
Mary Ellen Foley Porwoll ’48 and Kenneth J. Porwoll
Christine Pose-Korecky ’07
Marilynn R. Poss and Steven E. Poss
Carol A. Post ’89
Jyothi Pothapragada ’00
Marian Walsh Pottage ’77 and John C. Pottage Jr.
Theresa Stone Potzmann ’61
Mandy Nelson Pouilly ’00
Jeanne Driscoll Poulton MAT’92
Pamela Szostek Pound ’70 and Ralph C. Pound
Jen Powell ’16
Lucy Frey Power ’77 and William Power
Dion Stephany Powers ’80
Lucy Powers and Bob Powers
Elizabeth A. Praetz and Aaron P. Praetz
Mary Jo Giuliani Prather ’74
Stephen A. Prather
Lynndelle Wiebenga Pratt ’00 and Erik L. Pratt
Lynn Pregont and Michael Pregont
Timothy and Laurel Prem
Karen Preston and Paul Preston
Kelly Meile Prettyman ’03
Christel Preuss
Kimberly Foster Price
Joan Costello Pridgen ’69
Principal Financial Foundation
Sally Moe Prins ’08
Julie L. Printz MAOL’13
Professional Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Sheila M. Prokott ’82
Michael Propp and Shirley Propp
Susan Paulson Proudfit ’84
Marah D. Prpich ’21
Lisa Sitzmann Prusak ’82
Alice Richards Pryor ’52 and George J. Pryor
Kathleen Sullivan Puff ’49
Emily Pugaczewski ’15
Jane Williams Pugel ’50
Kanda and Scott Pullara
Punch Neapolitan Pizza
Christina Christensen Puncochar ’94
Giuseppe Puppin
Jean Simons Purcell ’61
Susan D. Purdie ’92
Julie Stoker Purdum ’92
Barbara Conway Purser ’57
Richard Pursley
Anne Archer Puype ’56
Michelle A. Pye ’98
Shari L. Pyle
James S. Pyrah
Rayna Qiu ’92
Mary Briggs Quain
Heather M. Quammen ’95, MNUR’00
Catherine Sloyan Quealy ’75 and Michael L. Quealy
Maureen H. Quick DNP’13
Rita Quigley ’65
Kathleen C. Quinn ’71
Danielle Quistgaard
Paula Bauer Rabaey ’92, MPH’22 and Paul F. Rabaey
Sharon I. Radd and James J. Benick
Chelsea Kovar Rademacher ’07
Mary Deluhery Rademacher ’78
Anne Brennan Raderstorf ’78
Radiology Group, P.C., S.C.
Delores Houle Radke ’58
L. David Radke
Sharon O’Neill Radke ’58
Jennifer M. Radniecki
Kathleen Rathmann Radspinner ’81
Michele Dullinger Rae ’83
Ellen R. Rager ’15
Karla and Kevin Rahn
Teresa Titterud Rajala ’91
Eleanor A. Ramier and George R. Ramier
Lorena Ramirez ’15
Christina D. Ramsdell ’15, DPT’17
Elizabeth Guernsey Ramsey ’78
Teresa Ranallo ’89
Jeanne Arnold Rancone ’80
Laura S. Randgaard MAOL’13
Sheila Galvin Rangitsch ’54
Teresa M. Rank ’69
Michelle Floersch Rascher ’85
Deborah Linksvayer Rash MLIS’04 and John R. Rash
Juli Kuhne Rasmussen ’83
Susan L. Rasmussen
Lisa Barsness Raths ’11
Marilyn Gottschalk Raupp MAT’91
Carol Trueman Rausch Cert’99
Rauscher & Associates, Ltd.
Douglas Raymond
Raytheon Technologies
Peggy Kilpatrick Reade ’64
Susan Lentsch Ready ’67
Evelyn Densmore Reagan ’43
Rebecca Reagan and Kevin Reagan
LaVonne Hager Rebholz ’51
Ann Marie Drapinski Rechtzigel ’82, Cert’88, MNUR’91, DNP’14
Courtney Abrahamson Reckinger and Paul Reckinger
Mary Beth Anderson Redmond ’00
Karolyn M. Redoutey
Redpath and Company, Ltd.
Mary Alice Edgar Reed ’84
Gretchen Crosbie Reeks ’79
Joan Lund Reesman ’54 and Arthur L. Reesman
Mary Hanegraaf Reeve ’80
Emily Jane Reeves
Mary O’Brien Reeves ’49
Kristine Regas and Lawrence Regas
Rosemarie Reger Rumsey and Timothy J. Rumsey
Shailaja Regmi ’05
Shirley Windus Reich ’56
Dianne Jahnke Reid ’90
Brendan P. Reilly
Mary Reiman ’62
Constance Reineke and Ronald Reineke
Katherine Lincoln Reinikka ’81
Darlene Niles Reis ’57
Bonnie Epple Reitter ’44
Ruth A. Rekow ’90
Karleen Selander Reller ’63
Leola I. Rempel
Jane Travers Render ’73
James Renehan
Brigid O’Connell Renken ’02, MPT’04, DPT’05
Mary Ann Kuzma Renner ’72
Pamela Renteria-Ruhland ’76
Heidi Reutiman ’64
Elaine Sondag Revak ’68
John M. Reynolds
Sandra Schuck Reynolds ’67
Vicki Zimmerman Reynolds Cert’89
Alice Kohl Rhyner ’91
Judith Brix Ricart ’75
Edith H. Rice
Lauren Kranig Rice ’14
Lorri M. Rice ’12
Sharon O’Neill Rice ’89
Sheila Rice
George F. Richards ’17
Jesse E. Richards
Mary L. Richards MSN’20
Helen Lordan Richardson ’65
Lawrence T. Richardson ’05
Mary Joan Ryan Richardson ’52
Pamela King Richey ’76
Timothy Richmiller
Vicky Brabant Richmond ’80 and Edmund W. Richmond
Kimberly DeGroy Ricker ’92
Yolanda Cox Ricks ’91
Martha McDonald Rietveld MAED’03
Joan Fisher Rightmire ’80 and Daniel A. Rightmire
Patricia Riha ’76
Brenda Rike and Glen Rike
Ruth A. Rike ’19
Colleen Monogue Riley ’92 and Terry Riley
Doretta McNally Riley ’47
John P. Riley
Julie and Steven Riley
Mary C. Tibesar Riley ’70
Patricia O’Leary Riley ’50
Shaundra Gilbert Riley ’01
Katherine E. Rime MAOL’12
Barbara Truzinski Ringham ’70
Jill Bryan Riordan MAOL’09
Mary Palmer Riordan ’64
Gayle Rioux and Frank Rioux
Shannon Marie Ristau MSW’07
Barbara Berzak Ritter ’69 and Gregory H. Ritter
Sonja H. Roback ’11
Mary Ann Butler Robbins ’59 and Thomas O. Robbins
Renee Robert
Debra Roberts
Sarah Garot Roberts ’79
Catherine M. Robinson ’98
Gayle Hansen Robinson ’88, MSW’11
Patricia Burke Robinson ’65 and Donald J. Robinson
Susan Holmgren Robinson ’78
Kamille L. Rocha ’13
Josephine McGinnity Roche ’55
Julie Ellenbecker Roche ’64
Jodell Rockenstein
Marie E. Rodier MSW’06 and Richard W. Rodier
Debra Orndorff Rodriguez ’84 and Rene Rodriguez
Marcos E. Rodriguez
Justine Carr Roe and Michael J. Roe
Greg Roedler
Amy Hanson Roers ’82
Michelle D. Roers ’95
Loraine Mathiowitz Roger ’78
Barbara A. Rogers ’11
Carrie Barnes Rogers ’96
John and Lisa Rogers
Rebecca Renstrom Rogers ’70 and Bruce J. Rogers
Angeleen Rohda ’13 and Dylan Rohda
Robin M. Rohr ’87
Sharon L. Rolenc
Peggy Thames Rolfes ’76 and Nicholas Rolfes
Luke K. Roloff and Beth Whittecar Roloff
Michelle Roman MAOL’19
Rosemarie Romportl ’72 and Madeleine Kraus Morrissey ’71
Mary Ronzani ’57
Delinda L. Rood and Marc D. Rood
Karen and Steven Rooney
Laurel Rooney and Michael Rooney
Fynn M. Rorris-Crow ’15
Ann Chester Rosapep ’72
Suzanne Rosckes
Theresa A. Rose ’72
Jeffrey Rosell and Kristin Evenson
Patricia Rosen
Elma J. Rosenberg ’77 and Calvin L. Rosenberg ’77
Rosemary Moneta Rosengren ’64
Thomas P. Ross ’15
Gail Van Gorp Rossi ’90
Laura Rossi
Elizabeth S. Rossini Cert’14, MAOL’18
Janet Ross-Pilla ’02
Kathy Rotenberger and Steve Rotenberger
Ann Stringer Roth
Kristina Poss Roth ’14
Adele Marie Rothan, CSJ
Monica Rothert
Ellyn Roth-Unzicker ’87
David G. Rouse
Lisa P. Rovick Cert’17 and Bruce Simpson
Mary Jo DePauw Rowley ’80
Martha K. Roy ’10
Teresa Dickerman Roy ’68
Delores Segner Rubald ’61
Ruth Ruben
Maria Cruz Rubin ’67
Janice C. Ruchie ’72
Theresa A. Ruda ’98
Susan L. Rudd
Mary Claire Rudeen ’75
Barbara Pahl Rudolph ’53
Monica E. Rudquist
Mary Young Ruff ’48
Mary Kay Holland Ruff ’53
Sheila Lesnar Rumpca ’00 and Kevin Rumpca
Michael Rumpza
Patricia Geurs Rupert ’69
Dona Rusch and Joseph Rusch
Carol and L. David Russell
Dorothea Downey Russell ’68 and Robert Miller
Linda K. Russell and Robert M. Russell
Maleiha Massee Russell ’07
Judy Russell-Martin ’88
Connie and Douglas Ruth
Michele L. Rutt
Colleen Ryan ’70
Elizabeth O’Keefe Ryan ’48
John M. Ryan
Kathleen Ryan, CSJ, ’65
Laura Dinon Ryan ’87 and Dennis L. Ryan
Mark P. Ryan and Angela M. Ryan
Mildred Strohschein Ryan ’43
Timothy P. Ryan
Iva Crow Ryder ’61
Marjorie Formanek Ryerson ’77
Cirien I. Saadeh ’12
Karen Santos Sablan ’84 and Jesus Cruz Sablan
Audrey Sabol ’72
Carolyn Angell Sachs ’17
Jane Golden Sadler ’77
Rose Marie Saenz-Heruth ’91
Anne M. Saevig ’70, MAT’07
Susan D. Sailors ’13
Yaga Saine MNUR’13
Saint Paul & Minneapolis Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women
Kimberly Samson Sakki ’77
Amanda Vance Sako ’11
Teresa Saleck-Weber ’77
Diane D. Saleska DNP’20
Vicky Gilbert Salmela ’75, MAOT’04
Beth Egan Salmon ’84
Debra Salmonsen and Jeffrey Salmonsen
Greg and Joan Salmonsen
Lisa Salo
Mary Wolter Salocker ’86
Barbara and Paul Salsini
Emily P. Samborn MNUR’15
Nancy Samuelson and Maynard Samuelson
Aye Nyein San ’14
Kristina M. Sande MAOL’04
Eunice Kadow Sanders ’78
Laurine and Mark Sanders
Trisha Ziembo Sandmann ’02
Dorothy Nollet Sankey ’70
Pamela R. Santerre MAT’02, Cert’03
Corina M. Santoro
Nancy Nietfeld Sargent ’71
Sarah Wehrheim Sarnowski DPT’14
Emily M. Sasse MAED’15
Peter Sasso-Lundin
Laurie Anderson Sathe and Richard Sathe
Geraldine K. Sattem
Virginia Satterstrom and Bill Satterstrom
Sally Mamer Sault ’50
Carolyn Saunders
Beth Sieben Sausen ’90
Jane E. Savage MHI’21
Janet Caven Savoie ’62
Kathryn Hathorn Savoie ’48
Carole Peterson Sayer ’69
Mary G. Sayler DNP’18
Juliana S. Sayner MAHS’17 and Daniel M. Sayner
Lois R. Sbar ’13
Emma A. Scagnelli ’16
Nancy Reusch Scanlan ’67
Rosemary Ryan Scanlan ’53
Gene A. Scapanski and Marilyn J. Scapanski
Dawn Wiome Schaaf ’99
Marilyn John Schaaf ’60
Patricia Scallen Schaefer ’58 and Lawrence V. Schaefer
Rosella Schaefer ’60
Jean Schaeppi-Anderson ’80
Tanya Pecher Schaer MAOT’04
Gwen L. Schagrin MLIS’94
Debora Schak ’46
Marjorie Suss Schammel
Kathleen Franke Schatz ’82
Marian Jeffrey Schaub ’82
Michelle M. Schedin
Jack B. Scheetz
Gretchen Armbrust Scheffel ’96
Mary C. Scheinost ’57
Marilyn Misgen Schema ’54
Patricia Deluhery Scheuble ’77
Janet Billion Scheurer ’64
Mary Mithaugen Schieck ’79
Margaret A. Schiller
Patricia Schiltgen ’75
Helen Klein Schilz ’53
Judith Schimke
Kathleen McCabe Schimke ’48
Lindsay Schwintek Schipper ’02, MNUR’08, DNP’21
Joetta Handrich Schlabach, Cert’05 MAT’05 and Gerald W. Schlabach
Martha Schlenk ’87
Shila Rohde Schleppenbach ’99
Daniel Schmechel and Mimi Wright
Ellen and Karl Schmidt
Jennifer LeClaire Schmidt ’12, MAOT’13
Mary Schaefer Schmidt ’81
Sharon Nuytten Schmidt ’63
Delores Bruemmer Schmitt ’57
Heather L. Schmitt ’11
JoAnn Fischer Schmitt ’62
Patricia Leidholm Schmitt ’88
Tanya M. Schmitt MAOL’19
Kathleen A. Schmitz ’89
Susan Byers Schmitz ’97, MNUR’22
Teri J. Schmitz MSW’05
Theresa Miller Schmitz ’75
Michele Olson Schnaare ’88 and Theodore H. Schnaare
Mary Jeanne Kelly Schneeman ’54
Joan Pauly Schneider ’79, MAT’89
Mary Jean Borak Schneider ’54
Patricia Owens Schneider ’87
Rebecca S. Schneider ’91
Rose Margaret Schneider, OSF, ’68
Virginia L. Schneider and Daniel J. Schneider
Paul P. Schnell MAOL’02 and Julie Schnell
Sarah B. Schnell
Lynn Leighton Schnettler ’81
Michelle J. Schoen ’99
Laura J. Schoenbauer and Patrick D. Cornette
Joan M. Schoenecker ’83
Gretchen Mahowald Schofield ’56
Jessica Solberg Scholl ’10, MAOL’15
Mary E. Scholl ’83
Larkin Scholla ’15
Marsha Schmid Scholtz ’67
Nancy Smolich Schons ’63
Peggy O’Brien Schons MLIS’04
Patricia Lentsch Schoon ’66
Ann Schmitz Schotzko ’88
Cynthia K. Schou
Lynn M. Schram ’83
Randall L. Schroeder and Kathy McDonald Schroeder
Gertrude Maus Schroer ’64
Elizabeth A. Schroetke
M. Eileen O’Keefe Schrot ’46
Kathryn Riegel Schrupp ’60
Bernadette Fieber Schubert ’80
Megan E. Schuchman ’08
Charlotte Kavaloski Schuerman ’61
Cathryn Davis Schulenberg ’89, MAT’02 and Michael T. Schulenberg
Jennifer J. Schultz ’22
Laverne Panek Schultz ’65 and Richard M. Schultz
Rita I. Schultz ’01, MAOL’06, Cert’07, MAT’11
Steven Schultz
Teresa Rolfes Schultz ’84 and Daniel Schultz
Jason Schulz and Cecil Larsen
Mary Alice Schumacher
M. Alison Goblirsch Schumacher ’83
Virginia A. Schuster MNUR’96
Pamela Schutjer ’93
Marie O’Neil Schutte ’13
Debra and Robert Schwab
Barbara Flatt Schwain Cert’85, MAT’90 and David Schwain
Ann Malchow Schwalbach ’69
Barbara E. Schwartz ’08
Carl Schwartz
Heidi R. Schwartz ’13
Timothy D. Schwartz MAED’17
Eileen Costello Schwartzbauer ’54 and Bernard Schwartzbauer
Joan T. Schwartzbauer ’80
Schwarzrock Meat Market, Inc.
Benjamin Schwarzrock
Carol Dodds Schweich ’85
Margaret Hennen Schwendeman Cert’93
Jeannette Barrette Schwietz ’42
Nick and Terry Pribyl Sciabica
Nancy and Thomas Sciortino
Deborah Scott and Jack Barnes
Linda M. Scott and Michael J. Scott
Dennise McCollom Scott ’67 and David Terry Scott
Patricia Mulvehill Scott ’72 and Jerry T. Scott
Willis Grathwol Scott ’54
Kathryn Petersen Scrimgeour ’87
Jane Krug Scullin ’72
Kathryn A. Seamon ’16
Monica Roberts Searcy ’70
Charlotte Sebastian and Tom Renshaw
Christy M. Secor DNP’15 and E. Daniel Secor
Laura J. Secord MLIS’04
Patricia and John Seeger
Mary Eppel Seeman ’81
Carol Ganzer Segale ’58
Amy Segner
Kenneth Sehested
Kate Sehm
Sonya C. Seidl
Joanne Schmid Seip ’64
Jennifer White Seivert ’88
Norma J. Seivert ’76
Anne Koetz Selbitschka ’60
Geraldine M. Sell
Patricia Jenson Sell ’83
Jeanne Geyer Sella ’52
Mary Jeanne Sella ’85
Jeanette Millerbernd Sellner ’83
Shannon Selz
Mary Jo Vaillancourt Sempf ’67
Zita Duffy Senander ’69 and Robert Senander
Patrick and Donna Seng
David Sengstock and Michele Sengstock
Katherine D. Sengstock ’16
Kathleen Campbell Sentz ’89
Kathryn Laumann Sether ’85 and Richard L. Sether
Jennifer L. Severson Cert’16
MaryAnn Severson
Mary and McNeil Seymour
Jean M. Shafranski
Daniel and Janet Schwartzbauer Shallbetter
Barbara F. Sharf
Dianne Halverson Sharma ’87
M. Denise Magney Shaughnessy ’69
Patricia Solum Shaver Cert’85
Amy M. Shaw
Anita Schulze Shaw ’98
Ann Miller Shaw ’77
Peggy G. Shay ’46
Jean Speltz Shea ’46
Loretta Shea and Daniel Shea
Mary McAllister Shea ’71
Monica M. Shearon ’84
Debra Barone Sheats ’75
Nicole S. Sheedy ’08
Catherine Budzynski Sheehan ’60
Victoria Skoniecke Sheldon ’82
Jennifer Schulz Shepard ’89
Mary Johnson Shepard ’51
Neva J. Sherman Cert’95
Cheryl Dennison Shern ’75
Angela S. Shero ’17
John Shields and Linda Shields
Lisa Bauer Shields MNUR’02, DNP’11 and Michael Shields
Thomas C. Shields
Georgann McIntyre Shiely ’65
Deanna Ersfeld Shier ’97
Deep Shikha and Vinod Gupta
Carole Kopecky Shimp ’59 and Alton C. Shimp
Nancy Hale Shingledecker ’89
Lisa F. Shirley Cert’11, Cert’14, MAOL’15
Trisha R. Shoemaker and Jason C. Shoemaker
Catherine Stringer Shogren ’77
Gerre Caldwell Shomion ’82 and Richard F. Shomion
Carrie Jo Short
Gwendolyn S. Short
Tonia Hattouni Shupien ’81
Carol J. Sicard
Alan L. Sickbert
Vicki Schuller Siebenaler ’72 and Steven L. Siebenaler
Monica R. Sieg MNUR’98
Martha Moore Siegfried ’84
Danielle Siegle
Marilyn Bazal Siemers ’78
Ken Sien and Judy Kent
Teresa L. Sierzant
Laurie A. Sieve DNP’15
Mary Ann Krammer Sievers ’62
Kathleen Fraher Sikorra ’73
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Allison Helland Sill MNUR’13, DNP’18
Darlene Linberger Simdorn ’63
Victoria Simmonds Realty LLC
Diane Shiely Simmons ’65
Linda Hagerty Simmons ’89
Gwendolyn Blechert Simon ’93 and John A. Simon
Helen Kennedy Simonet ’51 and J. Thomas Simonet
Sarah Simonet ’94 and David Reid
Melissa Gadwa Simonsen ’02
Sharon Goetze Sinclair ’78
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis Province
Natalie Sitarz and Richard Sitarz
Teryl Setter Sitarz ’77
Terry Gran Sitzmann ’58
Roxanne Sjogren and Dennis Sjogren
Ellen M. Skaja
Kyle Skaja
Marilynn Mushik Skantz ’54 and Arthur R. Skantz
Lauren Violet Skar ’22
Maia K. Skarphol MAED’18
Virginia Reynolds Skeim ’53
Nan Steele Skelton ’66
Mary T. Skemp ’88
Mary Jo Thul Skemp ’83 and Charles J. Skemp
Sasha M. Skendzel DNP’19 and Jack Skendzel
Kathryn Nutt Skipper ’84 and Steven L. Skipper
Debra A. Skluzacek ’20
Jeanne Unemori Skog ’72
Colleen M. Skoglund ’92
Mary H. Skoglund ’65
Betty Stephens Skok ’59
Susan Sandstrom Skrovan ’58 and Clarence Skrovan
Marica A. Slagerman and Michael J. Slagerman
Rebecca Zenefski Slater ’10
Mary M. Slattery ’60
Debora Slee
Jacqueline Sprafka Slovak ’60
M. Kay Frederickson Slutzky ’76
James J. Smart
Hugh E. Smeltekop
Smile Minnesota LLC
Barbara R. Smith MAED’01
Brett H. Smith ’13
Holly A. Smith ’88
Jamie L. Smith ’09
Jean Travers Smith ’71
Kathleen A. Smith MPT’94
Kimberly Kobylinski Smith ’94
Laura L. Smith and Nathan E. Smith
Mark W. Smith MSW’95 and Susan V. Olsen
Martha Higgins Smith ’83
Mary Ellen Geiser Smith ’70
Mary Joe Sandberg Smith ’56
Mary Schmitt Smith ’52
Melissa Madden Smith ’75
Melissa R. Smith
Nancy Smith and Paul Smith
Pamela K. Smith Cert’17, MAOL’21
Shannon Puls Smith ’11, MNUR’18
Victoria Carlson Smith ’67
Susan Smith-Cunnien
Elise Carlson Smude ’86 and Robert H. Smude
Barbara Cormier Smyth MAOL’96
Arlene N. Snider ’92
Daniel Snyder and Eleanor Snyder
Michael E. Snyder
Seth C. Snyder
Pat McKeown Soderbeck ’66
Patricia Flatley Soderberg ’83
Emily Gibson Soelter ’88
Marit Solheim-Witt MAHS’15
Barbara Sommer and Lawrence Sommer
Teresa Vrabel Sonier ’73
Gerald Sonnek
Leslie Anderson Sonnen ’09
Susan A. Sonnen ’70
Rosemarie Ruhr Sontag and Ben Sontag
Marie Mahlburg Sorensen ’88
Jane Burke Soshnik ’58
Patricia J. Soulak ’03
Mary Fran McCloskey Soulis ’66 and Timothy Soulis
Southeastern Libraries Cooperating (SELCO)
Emily Voss Sowell ’05
Stephanie Ann Spandl, SSND, MAT’06
Laurie Spangle-Bauer ’98
Patricia Boehm Spanier ’56
Ella M. Spanjers
Jayne Hennes Sparks ’77, MNUR’13
Sharon Bergh Spaulding ’71
Mary Beth Roskop Speer ’81
Mary Kay Speggen ’05
Karen J. Speicher MAOT’07
Marie and Joseph Speltz
Mary Pat Donahoe Speltz ’59
Sarah M. Spence
Annette Churchill Spencer ’77 and Douglas S. Spencer
Donna B. Spencer and David J. Spencer
Michele Miller Sperry ’88
Kathleen M. Spilman ’97
Rochelle Schultz Spinarski ’91
Theresa Sirek Spletstoser ’50
Margaret Pan Spofford ’73 and Neil K. Spofford
Carol Spooner and Joseph Spooner
Carolyn R. Sporer ’05
Heidi Iverson Sporre ’99
Ashley Spring and Randy Spring
Ann C. Springer MAT’13 and Tom Springer
Sprint Foundation
SPS Commerce, Inc.
Sara L. Spurgeon ’86
St. Paul Academy & Summit School
Jennifer Poole St. Clair ’04 and Sean St. Clair
Patricia Anderson St. Dennis ’86
Jan Bursik St. Ores ’71
Kelly Wussow Stade ’04, MLIS’06 and Ian C. Stade
Jennifer L. Stage MLIS’13
Katherine Hopkins Stahl ’10, MNUR’14 and Patrick Stahl
Andrea A. Stahlmann ’03
Rita Hilpisch Stahlmann ’49
Mary E. Stainbrook-Tri MLIS’04 and Benjamin M. Tri
Allen Stamp
Charles and Ann Stamschror
Amber Meyer Standish ’09
Monica Ebel Stanefski ’62
Staples, Inc.
Helen Crary Stassen ’79
Joann Statsman
Karen L. Stauber MLIS’02
Mary Kay Remington Staudohar MAT’94 and Jon Staudohar
Rhianna Johnson Stave ’01 and Noel Stave
David and Catharine Stead
Anne Costigan Steckel ’64
Kathy Cummings Steen ’78
Mary C. Steen ’95
Gregory Steenson and Claire Colliander
Susan Stefanich ’83, Cert’90
Susan Stefanovich and Steven Stefanovich
Catherine Steffens, CSJ, ’67
Mary A. Stegmaier ’93
Kathleen Stegmaier and Stephen Stegmaier
Gerald J. Stegora and Marlene J. Stegora
Florence Steichen, CSJ, ’50
Mary Steinbach and Terry Steinbach
M. Chris Genelin Steller ’63
Rhys K. Stenglein ’04
Betty E. Stennes ’10
Erin E. Sterk ’19
Patricia Hardwick Sterling ’63
Rachael A. Sterling ’08, Cert’14
Rebecca Sterner ’80
Beth Bitunjac Sterns ’97
Kathy Tyler Stetz ’91 and Eric M. Stetz
Mary Ellen Rathmanner Steveken ’58
Cari K. Stevens ’01
Mary Louise Stevens
Richard J. Stevens
Sandra Kleist Stevens ’00 and Joseph F. Stevens
Janet Evanson Stewart ’50
Jill Kunz Stewart ’80
Robin L. Stewart and James R. Stewart
Sharon D. Stewart ’21
Sharan Stickrath and Kenneth Stickrath
Kathleen Weiler Stiegler ’46
Lorann M. Stien
Catherine Seifert Stifter ’59
Patricia Riser Stiller ’81
Connie S. Stirling MLIS’02
Carolyn Stitt
Kathleen Stockhaus-Lee ’87
Janet Stoffel ’72
Vicki Anderson Stolt ’87
Frances C. Stolz MAED’08 and Michael J. Stolz
Paula M. Stommes ’94, OTD’22
Kathryn Haggerty Stone ’75 and Stephen R. Stone
Janice and Richard Storms
Mary Ellen Flynn Storms ’51
Kristin Wolf Storrar ’79
Janis Peterson Stoven ’69
Debra Strahanoski and William Strahanoski
Bonita Pawlak Strand ’67 and Ronald K. Strand
William L. Straub
Cassandra M. Strauss ’09
Tonya L. Strauss ’00
Nancy and Oswald Street
Emily Streeter ’04
Janet Lofthus Streff ’66
Kathleen Anderson Streifel ’89
Paula Johnson Streiff ’94
Teri Buckingham Streiff ’91
Michelle Kasimor Streitz ’80 and David J. Streitz
Ann Devine Strey ’85
Steven and Kathleen Storms Strickland
Robert M. Strickland
Janis Strickler ’73
Susan Himrod Strigel ’85
Betsy Dickerman Stringer and Thomas E. Stringer
Margaret Pieters Stringer ’49
Amanda F. Strobel ’09
Marie M. Stroebe ’94
Susan R. Strom ’09 and Marcus R. Strom
Stefania Strowder ’14
Doubara Wis-Wolo Stucki ’10
Kathleen Hanrehan Student ’55 and Richard Student
Patricia J. Stuhlman
Dorothy Rogers Stuhr ’60
Linda Stull and Larry Stull
Angela Corcoran Stupinski ’76
Adrienne Martin Sturm ’69 and Thomas P. Sturm
Judi Sturm and James Sturm
Stutsman & Associates, Inc.
Martha Wellens Stutsman MSW’01, Cert’07
Deborah Ohotto Sublett ’73
Lisa M. Suchy ’03
Denise M. Sullivan ’79
Helen Gaveske Sullivan ’54
Katherine Dempsey Sullivan ’53
Karen Anderson Sundberg ’89
Kristin Sundberg
Mark Sundgren
Surly Brewing Company
Mary Sutherland
Sonja Lofgren Sutter ’07
Monica Svendsen and Brent Svendsen
Kathleen Koll Swadner ’59
Barbara Custer Swails ’75
Antoinette Favero Swanson ’61
Cecilia Farkes Swanson ’70
Heather Swanson
Jamie Weber Swanson ’08 and Daniel S. Swanson
Juliann Epp Swanson Cert’90
Kristen Jamison Swanson ’93 and Richard F. Swanson
Kristina Mock Swanson ’72 and Mark D. Swanson
Linda Swanson ’19
Margaret Johnston Swanson ’83
Nancy Knowles Swanson ’82
Kristie L. Sward ’77
Rochelle Sward ’19
Nancy Sweely and David Sweely
E. Kathleen Sweeney ’66 and Stephen B. Davis
Elisabeth Sweeney
Kathleen Grace Sweeney ’77
Lenore Ripka Sweeney ’54
Marguerite Huntley Sweeney ’62
Nancy C. Sweeney ’89
Susan L. Sweezo ’12
Kathleen Murphy Swensen ’54
Donna J. Swenson ’96
Jennifer Holleman Swenson ’76
Martha A. Swenson MPT’94
Renee Salaski Swette ’47
Garnet Ellingworth Swift and Ronald Swift
Holly Lorentson Swiger ’78
Cortney G. Sylvester
Barbara J. Symalla ’79
Karen Szatalowicz ’76
Lauren Szurek
Becky Szyszka and Brian Szyszka
John R. Taff
Taylor Takeuchi
Tracey Takeuchi
Robert Takkunen and Amy Takkunen
Mary Ellen Jones Talbot ’59
Talcott Resolution Life Insurance Company
Laura M. Tally ’14
Catherine Richardson Tashjean ’49
Michelle Tasset ’61
Diana Tastad-Damer ’11
Erika P. Tate ’13
Zachary P. Tatge
Don W. Taylor
Kate Taylor ’22
Patricia Taylor ’76
Yvonne Nordin Taylor ’91
TCF Foundation
Kathy J. Tebben and Tracy L. Tebben
Technolutions, Inc.
Holly Wiste Tempel ’05
Dolores Temprano
Tenseg LLC
Barbara Kostick Teresi and Thomas P. Teresi
Maureen Terry ’68
Julie Kneisl Tersteeg ’90
Eden Tesfaye ’17
Mary Ellen Sliter Teter ’57
Linda M. Tetzlaff ’02
Kristina E. Thalhammer ’80
Alouisa M. Thames ’10, MAED’15
Kaying Thao ’05
Kou Thao
Mai Thao and Donnie Xiong
Malay Lau Thao ’97
Bo Thao-Urabe
Frameworks Gallery LLC
Elizabeth Meier Theis ’55
Marilyn Tembrock Thelen ’64 and Robert C. Thelen
Teresa Thole Thell ’71 and Rudolph G. Thell
Dee V. Thibodeau
Sara and Nik Thomalla
Anita Stewart Thomas ’64
Cassandra M. Thomas ’17
Judith A. Thomas and James F. Thomas
Mary Beth Thomas ’91
Patricia L. Thomas ’11
Jessica R. Thomason ’10
Barbara Wylie Thompson ’65
Diane Thompson and Michael Thompson
Jane S. Thompson Cert’15, MAOL’18
Joan O’Malley Thompson ’68
Margaret and Thomas Thompson
Richard W. Thompson
Shannon Thompson and Paul Thompson
Ann Willems Thonet ’93
Mary Jo Yurek Thorne ’89 and Jeffrey A. Thorne
Serene B. Thornton
Bjorn A. Thorstensen
Geraldine E. Thorstenson and Gary A. Thorstenson
Aimee E. Thostenson
Thrifty Drug Stores, Inc.
Marion Thurnauer
Deiane Shaules Thurner ’54
Madison Gonsior Thurner MPAS’22 and Mitchell Thurner
Maria Mortensen Tice ’81, MNUR’14
Barbara S. Tidmore
Richard G. Tiedeman
Joanne Charles Tierney ’61
Barbara A. Tigan
Stephani K. Tikalsky
Martha Anne Tilton and Patrick M. Tilton
Carol LeClaire Timm ’77
Darlene Ohlson Timm ’78
Jane Martin Timm Cert’97
Trudy Chewning Timmer MSW’97
Clara Timmerman ’60
Carol Gardner Tinge ’48
Rosemary Tobin ’66
Judith A. Todd
Larry E. Tokar
Katherine Flynn Tolcser MNUR’12 and Bryan P. Tolcser
Mary Schumacher Tomaszewski ’66
Karin Tomervik
Kara Lynn Tomlinson
Yancey Winters Tomlinson ’95
Virginia B. Toms MLIS’96
Carol J. Toninato ’01
Roger W. Toogood
Mary Snyder Torborg ’48
Lorraine M. Torkko and David M. Torkko
Maureen Wygant Torney ’77
The Toro Company
Kimberly A. Toussaint and Loren Toussaint
Batya Tová MAT’09
Sheila Sheridan Towle ’62
Patricia Tierney Townsend ’72
Barbara Bisanz Tracy ’72 and Patrick M. Tracy
Kathleen M. Tracy ’78
Laura Fremont Traeger ’87
Jessica Olson Trager ’03 and Ray A. Trager
Rosalie Dosch Tratnik ’63
Lucie Guillemette Traxler ’57
Elaine Treacy and William Treacy
Mary Treacy ’63
John Treanor
Kelly Ann Treanor MSW’03
Walter Treichel
Irene Plonske Tremblay ’79
Tracy Trembley
Linda Trenz
Helen Hanson Trepanier ’65
Edith Rollig Trestler ’50
Venna Tschida Trettel ’11 and Keith R. Trettel
Krista Tretter and Todd Tretter
Catherine Beskar Tri ’85
Rosemary Tricola ’86
The Law Offices of Robert M. Triplett
Ann Marie Johnson Tripps ’71 and Dan G. Tripps
Margaret Majerus Trondson
Linda Olson Trosdahl ’79
Judy Kish Trucano ’90
Jane and John Truckenbrod
Rodolfo G. Trujillo
Barbara Krammer Truzinski ’87 and Ray C. Truzinski
Lark Simon Trygstad MNUR’97
Wendy Tsai
Jon P. Tschida MAED’18
Ann Marie Domeier Tucker ’76
Jennifer R. Tucker MNUR’10
Terry L. Tucker ’77
MaryAnn TumaSmith ’97, MAOL’07
Mae Delmore Tunks ’01
Barbara N. Tuominen
Deborah Turner
Elizabeth Kringen Turner ’10
Roberta J. Turner ’75
Mary Katherine Riggs Turning ’69
Janice Schneider Turrella ’57
Madia V. Tweh ’15
Dana and Wayne Twitchell
John and Kathleen Tyler
Daniel N. Tyson ’86
Nicolle Lund Uban ’06
Jon Udell and Susan Udell
Melanie A. Ueland ’11
Patricia Uhler ’67
James R. Ullyot and Cheryl A. Ullyot
Bonnie P. Ulrich
Suzan C. Ulrich
Ultimate Software
Ultra Creative, Inc.
Jill A. Underdahl, CSJ, ’92
Uniforms Unlimited, Inc.
Unitech Medical, Inc.
United Natural Foods, Inc.
United Technologies Corporation
Uponor, Inc.
Mary C. Upson ’79
Nicole S. Urbain ’14
Theresa A. Urbaniak ’09
Jeanne Urschel, CSJ, ’64
John J. Ursu and Mary J. Ursu
USTA Northern
Cheryl Vetter Ustipak ’84 and Jon M. Ustipak
Rosa Uy and Warren Poole
Erika L. Vallier
Carole Vammen
Glenn and Dorothy Van Amber
Karen Reilly Vance ’99, MAED’06
Stacey Vanden Heuvel and Rashid Kadir
Margaret E. Vanderhoff ’77
Stephen and Debora Vander Schaaf
Kay Umhoefer Vander Vort ’58, MAT’89
Kathy Vanderwall and William Vanderwall
Rev. Johnny Vang
Heather A. Van Grootheest ’21
Douangta Vang-Sitcler ’97
Cindy McKenzie Vangsness ’99
Sara Van Kempen MAOL’17 and Mitchell J. Finne
Diane and Fred Van Krevelen
Jess VanKuyk
Hannah Ross Van Lith ’10, MLIS’17
Shannon B. Van Oosterom
Susan VanTassel
Aimee Ommen Veenker ’00
Tracy Venne
Rosemary Holland Vennewitz ’57
Emmie Kai Verhaagh
Kristin Verhaagh and David Verhaagh
Mary L. Verhaagh
Claire A. Verity ’16
Lezlie A. Vermillion
Judith Stromwall Vickerman ’63
Kerri A. Vickers
Jelena Vidovic
Linda Papini Vigen ’86
Lynne and Leonard Vihnanek
Janet Scapanski Viktora ’72 and Leo A. Viktora
Mary Ann Mahowald Vilandre ’54
David Villafana Cert’02 and Patricia Villafana
Village Lofts at Saint Anthony Falls Association
Elizabeth Brock Villaume ’82
Mary Denise Villaume, VHM, ’60
Nancy Klasinski Viner ’90
Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis
Visitation Monastery
Karen R. Viskochil
Jennifer Thompson Vitale ’92
Charleen Stefaniak Vitelli ’64
Maria A. Vittone ’90 and Stephen D. Woolley
Amy Voelker
Jeanne Voelker
Kelly L. Voelker ’12
Mary Auer Voeller ’70 and Lawrence A. Voeller
Rachel Vohs Nead DPT’08
Susan Voigt
Raymond Vold
Sandra Anderson Vold ’65
Nancy Volk
Susan Von Fruke and David Von Fruke
Dolores Dunlop Voorhees MAOT’98
John W. Vosick
Amy D. Voss and Timothy P. Voss
Jill Neu Voss ’97, MAOL’11
Monica S. Voss MLIS’10
Patricia Voss and Carl Voss
Susan J. Votel and Richard H. Votel
Bonnie Windschitl Vrchota ’84
Sarah J. Vrudny ’12
Cuc Kim Vu ’99
Kathleen Cufer Vukovic ’68 and Philip M. Vukovic
W.A. Frost & Company, Inc.
Dawn Boffeli Wachsteter ’21
Carolyn Wacker ’76
Mary Ellen Roche Wadden ’46
Bernel Rebischke Wagner ’59
Elizabeth Marie Wagner ’91, DNP’18
Emily K. Wagner ’13
Jean Schroeder Wagner ’62
Judy L. Wagner MNUR’05
Gloria Korhonen WahrenBrock ’81
Christine Isenberg Wainio ’03
Sharon Walbran and Joseph Walbran
Julie Callery Walczak ’88
Diane E. Waldoch ’87
Margaret Phelan Waldorf ’55
Landy Waldref ’17
Linda Fasching Walinski ’73
Evelyn Fesenmaier Wallace ’42
Kayla Wallace
Rita and Ernest Wallin
Elizabeth J. Wallner ’09, DPT’12
Barbara Janovec Wallrich ’58
Patricia Hanson Wallway
Arlene Stephani Walsh ’54
Barbara Burke Walsh ’50
Carol A. Walsh and James W. Fitzpatrick
Georgiana Beucler Walsh ’70
James H. Walsh and Julie K. Walsh
Alynie Walter ’19
Carol M. Walter and Thomas G. Walter
Elaine Walter and Allen Walter
Marie Shaun Walter, CSJ, ’54
Ann Marie Walton ’82
Marilynne Thomas Walton ’55
MaryAnn Brewer Walton ’58
Nancy K. Walton
Shannon Bentley Walz ’02
Jerry Wang
Patricia Martyn Wannarka ’61
Allison R. Ward ’19
Jeanette Kustelski Ward ’79, MLIS’15
John H. Ward
Justin Ward
Karen A. Ward ’75
Kathleen Blomquist Warkel ’88
Kayla Clafton Warren ’12, DPT’14
Gwen Washburn and Todd Washburn
Debra M. Wasilowski ’75
Catherine Benda Waters ’53 and John Joseph Waters
Nancy J. Watkins
Wayfair LLC
Jill Eilers Waytashek ’85
Mary Beth Barnes Webb ’80
Angela Weber ’16
Jill Katherine Weber, RSM, MPT’94, DPT’10
Jodi B. Weber and Michael J. Weber
Mary M. Weber MAOL’14
Rachel Bitney Wecht ’99
Nancy Dingels Wee ’70
Charles R Weed
Shelley E. Wefald ’04
Marilyn Kranz Wefelmeyer ’55
Jacquelyn Wegerer ’13
Nancy K. Weidenfeller MAOL’92
Virginia Strizich Weidenkopf ’57
Sarah Weil
James Weiler and Nancy Weiler
Michelle Weiler and James Weiler
James G. Weinmeyer
Kathleen Heichelbech Weinzapfel ’61
Jim Weinzetl
Virginia Olson Weis ’62
Kaylene Robertson Weiser ’65
Margaret Flahavan Welch and Michael Welch
Terese E. Welch ’87
Jerome R. Welle and Mary K. Welle
Caroline Newburg Welles ’58
Rebecca Clemens Wells ’11
Susan E. Wells ’96
Tamara Beaulieu Wells ’84
WELS Kingdom Workers, Twin Cities Chapter
Michele M. Welte MNUR’95
Kathryn Welter ’61
Colleen Hand Welty ’70
Patricia A. Wendel ’64
Deborah Patterson Wendt ’78 and Michael P. Wendt
Patricia Costello Wendt ’71
Janice K. Weniger ’72
Sarah Moody Wensits ’12
Katie Weckman Wenthold ’02
Brenda Wentworth
Danielle Wentzel and Philip Wentzel
Anne Gucker Wermus ’65
Amy M. Werner ’11, MLIS’18
Samantha Lucking Werner ’12
Cynthia A. Wesley and Brian D. Wesley
Richelle T. Wesley ’81
Enid Schwab Wesner ’50
Paula J. West ’22
Clarice and William Westall
Trude and Dale Westby
Linda and Robert Westenberg
Grace O’Keef Westermeyer ’70
Barbara Blake Westmoreland ’73
Anna-Maria Watowich Weston ’80
Thomas and Karen West Reger
Connie Wetzel and Jeff Wetzel
Wexford Real Estate, LLC
Annette M. Whaley and John P. Whaley
Kathleen Whaley ’73 and Frederick Wysoki
Mary Whalin ’70
Lena Anderson Wheeler-Highland ’14 and Robert Wheeler-Highland
Mary Ann Wheelock Bown ’79
Edward Whelan
Mary Kay Hand Wherley ’63
Estell Wise Whitcannesh ’34
Kylie A. White ’14
Ryann E. Whitely ’19
G. Richard Whittecar and Cathy H. Whittecar
Ellen C. Whitted ’93
Karen Whitted
Allison Whittington ’21
Patricia D. Whyde ’00
Mary O’Rourke Wickersham ’95
Daniel Wieczorek
Jane Beulke Wiederholt ’69
Mary M. Wiederholt ’14
Mary Ann Dolan Wier ’53
Ann Edel Wiese ’84
Michelle A. Wieser
Wiessner Inc.
Jan M. Wigdahl MLIS’02
Nancy R. Wigdahl MAOL’10
Lauren Dolores Wight
Ann Ripley Wilcek ’99 and Paul M. Wilcek
Clair C. Wilcox
Linda A. Wilcox ’69, MAT’05
Sue Lake Wilcox ’77
Annette J. Wildenauer
Leila Lesmeister Wilder ’66 and Nicholas F. Wilder
Florence Pinzka Wilfahrt ’46† and Donald C. Wilfahrt
Julie T. Wilke and Erik K. Wilke
Therese M. Will
Dr. Jane Hennes Willett ’84 and Joseph Willett
Lois Lindquist Willette ’54
Patricia and Daniel Willette
Amanda K. Williams ’20
Anne L. Williams
Mary Kay Laughlin Williams ’60
Vanessa Butt Williams ’89 and George Williams
Willis Towers Watson
Genevieve Alton Wills ’65 and Douglas L. Wills
Kay L. Willshire ’82
Pamela H. Wilmouth
Alexis A. Wilson
Catherine Barnett Wilson
Elaine Luban Wilson ’80
Kathleen Shoemaker Wilson ’43
Maureen Lach Wilson-Jarrard ’69
Sue Wiltgen
Mary Ann Fink Wilwerding ’83
Michele Klasinski Wimme ’80
Denise Wind and Frank Wind
Tamara Rosenfeldt Windish ’99
Holly Windle
Lucia Spencer Winegar
Julie Savoie Wingert
Frances Kraus Winkel ’95
Carlynn J. Winkelman
Evan Stan Winkelman
Jordan Winkelman
Katie Winkelman
Michael Winkelman
Rose K. Winter ’17, MLIS’20
Jami L. Winters ’05
Joanne and Scott Winters
Kelly T. Winters ’99
Wipfli LLP
Mary Wise
Melinda Peterson Wisgerhof ’94
Dee Wisor
Nicole A. Witowski MNUR’17
Diane Kuhn Witt MNUR’93
Catherine Myslajek Witting ’81
Barbara J. Wittwer ’90
Kimberly Woebke and Timothy Woebke
Carol Roske Wohlers ’92
Mary Miles Woida ’87
Mary Angell Wold ’54
Pamela Boemer Wold ’66 and Michael W. Wold
Christine M. Wolf ’88
Kellie Clarke Wolf ’06
Grace Dolan Wolfe ’54 and Robert Wolfe
Judy Wolfe and John Wolfe
Sandra Wolinski ’70
John Christine Wolkerstorfer, CSJ, ’53
Gregory S. Wong
Lisa Ferrise Wood ’85
Alice Woog and Jim Ebner
Natalie Woolley and Wayne Woolley
Ann Nelson Wormley ’65
Debbie Wrenholt and Ronald Wrenholt
Lisa J. Wright and Michael B. Wright
Renee Grandstrand Wright ’79
Samantha K. Wright ’14
Grace Wright McGarry ’72
Rebecca Wuollet MLIS’18
Becky Hunt Wyatt ’99, MBA’19
Rosalind Sundby Wynveen ’60
Allyson A. Xiong
Avie Xiong ’17
Panou C. Xiong ’10
Yer Moua Xiong ’95 and Xai Xiong
Tong Mee Xiong-Thao and Joua Pao Thao
Lorelie Chalupsky Yager ’59
Alyssa Yamatani
Kabo Yang MAOL’09
Lu Yang ’17
Mai L. Yang ’15
Marlene Hudalla Yarusso ’73
Kathryn Yates
Sokunthy Yean ’08
Catherine Hettinger Yee ’82
Deborah VandenBergh Yee Litt ’83
Susie J. Yium
Laurie Kaufer Ylinen ’79
Rita McFadden Yonker ’80, Cert’85
Douglas and JoElen Yopp
Betty Bruggeman Young ’49
Cleo and John Young
Karen Elizabeth Young
Katherine A. Young ’80
Margaret Hassinger Young ’84
Melissa Ratliff Young ’05
Petronella J. Ytsma
Jie Yu ’03
Joyce Yukawa
Rosann Hoffmann Yurcek ’53
Teresa McCabe Yurik ’90 and Jon M. Yurik
Joan Shukay Zabee ’53
Beth Schimek Zabel ’84
Christine Sauka Zabel ’75
Barbara Goede Zachman ’61
Mary Ellen Harper Zachman ’70
Kathryn M. Zafft ’04
Mary Kay Zagaria-Sammond ’69
Edward J. Zapp
Meaghan Joyce Zappa ’07
Jodi K. Zastrow DNP’18
Hanan D. Zavala ’12
Sheryl Gorres Zaworski ’86
Anne McGuigan Zbikowski ’87 and John P. Zbikowski
Linda Davis Zelada ’64
Karen A. Zeleznak and James M. Fournier
Linda M. Zelig MAOL’14
Patrick Zellner
Paul Zellner
Gregg C. Zender and Jacqueline A. Zender
Kristine Stevens Ziegler ’01
Adriaan Zimmerman
Sheila L. Zimmerman and Will D. Zimmerman
Shirley A. Zipf MLIS’98
Karey L. Zmeskal ’09
Paulette Zoe ’86
Ann Zogbaum and David Zogbaum
Erin Zolotukhin-Ridgway MLIS’97 and Andrei Zolotukhin-Ridgway
Nichole Means Zuidema ’04
Marilyn Zwaschka ’65
Barbara Durfey Zweber ’68 and Dominic C. Zweber
Lorraine Roehl Zweber ’54 and Bernard J. Zweber
Ronald J. Zweber
JoAnn Corrigan Zwirn ’66
Debra L. Zyla and John L. Zyla

Up to $100

Anonymous Donors
Carol Aalderks and Eldon Aalderks
Kay Aarrestad and Phil Aarrestad
Kathleen Durkin Abbott ’88 and Donald Abbott
Michael Abbott and Rebecca Wilson-Abbott
Kelly E. Abedi ’12
Holly S. Abel ’17
Linda Haugen Abel ’96
Mary Gleason Abeln ’48
Jewell Abendroth
Mark S. Abraham
Mihiret A. Abrahim ’13
Mary Bendix Absolon ’52
Accurate Accounting, Inc.
Michael Ackley
Jennifer L. Adam ’92
Andrea T. Adams
Betsy Adams and Chris Adams
Lori L. Adams ’03
Madonna C. Adams ’73
Mary Ann Hentges Adams ’57 and Ralph E. Adams
Rosemary Seledic Adams ’51
Sally J. Adams
Heather Kuehn Addington ’92
Nofisat T. Adebayo ’19
Rakesh Adelli MPH’20
Mary Adgate and Michael Adgate
Susan A. Adlis ’72
Robert Adolphson and Sarah Adolphson
Adrian Dominican Sisters
Allison E. Adrian
Gloria Adrian
Jennifer A. Aeshliman MSW’00
Omoyefe Agbamu
Gabrielle Agbenyiga
ShayLynn Ager ’88
Rose M. Agnew
Rosalie A. Aguilar ’79
Marie Aguirre ’78
Sarah Meier Ahlbrecht ’09, MBA’17
Leighlin M. Ahlstrom ’20, DPT’22
Mark L. Ahlstrom
Sharon F. Ahnert and John O. Ahnert
Mary Jarvis Ahrens
Lys Akerman-Frank ’01 and Jessalyn Akerman-Frank
Alvin P. Akibar
Patricia L. Alagna ’83
Gretchen Metzler Alaniz ’96
Susan Alban
Louisa Maida Alben ’82
Andrew P. Albrecht
Amy Albright
Mary Paulsen Alert ’93
Beth Joan Alexander
Catherine L. Alexander ’04
Margaret Mary Korman Alexander ’66
Mozella O’Neal Alexander ’89
Holliday B. Alger ’82
Hafsa H. Ali ’19
Mary R. Allard ’70
Elizabeth Alldritt
Alisanne Gilmore Allen
Elizabeth A. Allen ’19
Mary Frances Allen, CSJ, ’67
Rita Tuomisto Allen ’73
Avis Allmaras, CSJ, ’61
Mary Alterman
Katie Mahoney Altier ’92
Kaitlyn M. Alvarez ’18
Mary Alvarez-Jackson ’06 and Dan Jackson
Jennifer Benson Aman ’09
Mike Amelon
American Institute of Consumer Studies
Bernadette J. Amerongen
Katherine Eichten Amlee ’04
Beth Honermann Ampe ’85, MSW’07
Beverly G. Amsden
Anderson, Helgen, Davis & Cefalu, PA
Amy Anderson
Becky Luce Anderson ’05
Betty Bodine Anderson ’63
Bryan W. Anderson MAOL’14
Caitlin Weber Anderson ’15
Carla Anderson and Daniel Anderson
Catherine Baune Anderson ’76
Christine M. Anderson
Constance L. Anderson ’77
Danielle Anderson
David Anderson and Carol Anderson
Denise M. Anderson MAOL’12
Diane Von Arx Anderson and Gregory R. Anderson
Eda Hanson Anderson ’77
Elizabeth Andresen Anderson ’66
Eric W. Anderson
Jeanne Pusch Anderson ’80
Jennifer S. Anderson
Joyce Marie Anderon Cert’05
Karen Ring Anderson ’65
Loretta J. Anderson
Margaret Anderson and Marc Anderson
Marguerite Foley Anderson
Mark Anderson and Karen Anderson
Mary J. Anderson ’13
Nancy Anderson and Arthur Anderson
Nancy Anderson and Kent Anderson
Patricia M. Anderson MAOL’15
Patricia Savanick Anderson ’12
Philip Anderson
Phyllis Anderson
Rachel K. Anderson MPAS’15
Rebecca M. Anderson
Ryan D. Anderson
Susan Anderson and Ronald Anderson
Sydney E. Anderson ’20
Synneva Hustoft Anderson MSW’99
Vetnita Allen Anderson ’94
Heidi Anderson-Isaacson
Xenia M. Anderson-Millay ’20
James M. Andree
Mary Andresen ’72
Carrie A. Andrews ’14
Elizabeth J. Andrews MAT’05 and Jeffrey M. Rank
June Andrist and Duane Andrist
Joan L. Angell
Mary Angstman and Kurt Angstman
Victoria Angyus ’79
Jeffrey K. Ankrah
Cheryl Rabideaux Ankrum ’69
Millie M. Annis ’08
Lois Anselment
Laura Cameron Antos ’87, MLIS’93
Josephine U. Anuforo ’09
Tina Applebee
Amanda J. Arend
Jill Dykema Arentson MAOL’06
Janet Arganbright and A. Dean Arganbright
Lucy Arimond MAT’90
Julie A. Armbrust
Julie Maier Armstrong ’80
M. Sue Armstrong
Melanie Armstrong and Wade Armstrong
Michael Armstrong and Louise Armstrong
Jordyn E. Arndt ’11
Ardeth A. Arneson
Susan L. Arneson
Denisha C. Arnett ’02
Ramatu A. Arrington MPAS’15
Ellary Asche MAOT’14
Hannah J. Ashby ’21
Martina Ashby ’74
Mary Nelson Ashcroft ’87
Theresa H. Ashmore
Mary Madonna Ashton, CSJ, ’44, LHD’96 h.c., LittD’20 h.c.
Linda Asmussen and Roger Asmussen
Mary Burfeind Asselin ’44
Janet O’Keefe Auble ’57
Rochelle Auge ’14
Sally A. Auger
Emily M. August ’04
Richard Bernard Augustin
Debra Augustine and David Augustine
Sheila R. Aukes MSW’93
Nancy Aulizia and Mark Aulizia
Judy M. Aune and James W. Aune
Graciela A. Aviles ’89
Sybil R. Axner and Vincent K. Wyckoff
Nikkita G. Ayde ’17, MBA’22
Megan C. Ayers Assad MPAS’15
Dawn Latterell Babcock ’02, MNUR’15
Mary Beth Doffing Babinski ’79
Thomas Bach
Elizabeth Schaaf Backe ’74
Raylah G. Bacon
Mary Kay Kocon Baden ’77
Mary Jane Mertz Baechler ’58
Shayla M. Bagley ’15
Wanda Bahmet
Barbara Lindenthal Bailey ’62
Peter H. Bailey
Renalie Bailey ’13
Brian Baird
Chery Baker and Steve Baker
Diane F. Baker ’04
Julie C. Baker
Kathleen Baker and David Baker
Raven Baker ’14
Kathryn Stoeckel Bakke ’07
Julie Jirik Balamut ’80, MAT’08
Ball Corporation
Gregory A. Ball MAOL’20
Vesta T. Ballah Cert’13
Mary Kostner Bandor ’69
Susan Bang and William Bang
William J. Bann
Kelly R. Barak
Paul Alphonse Bard, Jr.
Barbara E. Barduson
Angela Taylor Barker ’86
Lisa Gapko Barker MPT’97
Beth Gaudineer Barkley ’89
Charles S. Barklind
Jane Barnard
Margaret Barnard ’81
Amy Underhill Barrett ’96
Kathleen Barrett ’81
Maryanne Barrett ’53
Amy Barron
Maureen A. Barry and Gerald E. Barry
Harriet J. Bart
Phyllis Barth
Lynette Welle Bartholomay ’91
Joanne L. Barton ’94
Sarah Barton and Bryan Barton
Vincent I. Barton
Shana L. Barton-Nielsen ’10
Louis Bartscher and Mary Bartscher
Malwina A. Bartulska Cert’15
Susan D. Baseley
Angelique Howe Baskin ’04
Becky A. Bates
Margaret Batten
Joy L. Baty MAED’19
Karen P. Bauer ’18
Kathleen C. Bauer
Kim T. Bauer and Mark P. Bauer
Cindy Bauerfeld
Louise Bauleke
Marianne Baumann
Allan Baumgarten and Marilyn Levi-Baumgarten
Mary Baummann and Will Hopkins
Bette Jane Baxter
Bayer Corporation
Jillayne G. Beall ’13
Mary Gualdoni Beard ’86
Trevor and Bobbi Bebchuk
Maureen Edmunds Beck ’60
Kim Beckendorf
Clare Borich Becker ’67
Beth Becker and Kevin Becker
James R. Becker
Kara L. Becker ’15, MAOT’17
Kirsten Mehr Becker MPT’96, DPT’07
Riley and Megan Becker
Emily Magyar Beckers ’11
Theresa Plote Beckmann ’06
Elaine Zapf Zimmer Morrow Becraft ’49
Chel N. Bedaso ’10
Alisa M. Bednarchuk ’17
Kathleen Bednark
Michele Carmack Beecher ’94
Dawn Beers Schroeder ’73
Margaret Champlin Beese ’86
Lisa Behlman
Glynn Behmen
Colleen Anderson Behnke ’04
Therese Huberty Behnke ’80
Laura A. Behrendt
Cheryl Behrent
Margaret Belanger, CSJ, ’61
Tanya M. Belanger ’03
Amy Belisle-Keith ’01
Mary E. Bement
Craig Bennet
Sandra Miller Bennett ’88
Jena N. Benoit ’16
Brixanne Schafer Benscoter ’08
Eunice Trahms Benson ’77
Randall D. Benson
Steve Benyon
Vanette Benz and William Benz
Aimee K. Berardinis
Carol J. Berg ’11
CoraMae Kuhlmann Berg MLIS’95
Jacqueline Berg and Len Berg
Joanne L. Berg
Nancy Berg ’76
Jeannette Dukart Berger ’71
Mark J. Bergeron
Katherine J. Berggren ’09
Sara J. Bergh ’82
Mary Klepaida Berglund ’79, MAOL’06
Doug Bergman
Linnea Bergren Hanschen
Brittany M. Bergstedt ’09
Leona Berg-Stevens ’85
Patricia M. Bergstrom
Margaret A. Berkner ’60
Patricia Spaeth Berkner ’84
Barbara Asp Berlin ’89
William N. Bernard
Briana C. Berner ’17
Joan Bernet
Kathleen M. Berney
Lori Damjanovich Beron ’09, MAHS’09
Dawn Berquam and James Berquam
Ivy Johnston Berres ’96
Emily M. Berreth ’97
Cara Bertot
Jacquelyn Best Holmstrom
Delphyne Betancourt
Bethany Convent
Mary Margaret Bethke ’05
Diana Betts and David Betts
Helen Michaletz Bevan ’66
Patricia Eckhoff Biagi ’72
Carol A. Bickman
Laurel N. Bidwell
Kathryn Rudolph Biederman ’83 and Mark H. Biederman
Rebecca Biel ’94
Kaye Bieniek
Brianna Satterlee Bies ’11
Agnes N. Bijila ’21
Mubera Matoruga Bikic ’00
Jimalee Binn and William Binn
Lenore Corcoran Birch ’65
Elizabeth Pavlak Birnstengel ’84
Anne Hunter Bisson ’83 and Ronald A. Bisson
Sarah A. Bissonette MLIS’14
Lana Bixby
Debra L. Bjorgaard MSW’16
Rebecca Bjorke ’14, MAOT’15
Anna Bjorkstrand and Dean Bjorkstrand
Pamela Juran Bjorum ’87
Denny Black and Laura Black
Megan A. Black ’03
Shari McKenzie Black MNUR’98
Diane Lutgen Blackhawk ’84
Gloria Blaha and Gerald Blaha
Patricia Schaak Blaisdell ’69
Andrew T. Blake ’21
Marguerite Rice Blake ’54
Sara Kubiak Blanch ’01
Arletha Bradford Blanks ’92
Ann E. Blatzheim ’17, MBA’21
Linda M. Blazovich DNP’12
Jane E. Bledsoe MAOL’13
Christie Blink and Donald Blink
Mara Blish ’14
Anna Bliss
Barbara Breuer Bloch ’71
Michele Clasen Blom ’99
Joanne A. Blomgren
Mary Lee Blomgren ’75
Alexandra Keller Blue
Bluestem Brands, Inc.
Jonna Blumhoefer
Bradley Blunt
Paula Boback and Katherine Imborek
Barbara Boderman and Neil Boderman
Gregory Boderman
Heidi Wermerskirchen Bodine ’90
Mary M. Boe
Christie Boeder
Jerilynn Reuland Boeing ’65
Samantha Ricci Boettger ’09
Anna Maria Bohaty and Richard Bohaty
Lynn M. Bohm MAED’03
Deborah C. Bohn and Mark L. Simenstad
Patricia Goetz Boll ’74
Sylvia Gualpa Bolson ’18
John S. Bolton
Helene Wagner Bong ’87
Patricia Cairns Bongaarts ’92
Patrick R. Borchert MSN’18
Kathleen Gunderson Borgen ’79
Alyssa Favilla Borges MBA’21
Rita Droll Boris ’59
Karen Bork and James Bork
Lindsay N. Borkin ’15
Lisa M. Borneman MSW’92
Alissa Proshek Boroff ’98
Alyse K. Borrell ’09
Charles Douglas Borrell
Andrea S. Borries ’98
Evelyn Keppler Borsheim ’94
Monica Murphy Bossenmaier
Paul V. Bossenmaier
Anna V. Botz ’18
Bonnie Bougie and Michael Bougie
Judy Boulay
Mary Davoli Boulay and Joseph Boulay
Rosemary Bounds and James Bounds
Del J. Bourget
Mara Satre Bourke ’96
Kami L. Boutwell
Constance Bowen
Margaret J. Bowen
Douglas Bowen-Bailey MAISCE’19 and Holly Bowen-Bailey
Anne M. Bowlin
Mary M. Bowman
Constance Mayer Boyers ’61
Debra L. Boyan and Patrick D. Boylan
Colleen E. Boyle
Bruce Boynton
Kathleen Boynton
Cindy Wulf Boyum ’86
Lisa Lund Braatz ’11
Pamela Murphy Brabeck ’01
Ann Waylan Brackenridge
Anne Brader and Andy Soiney
Pamela Bradford and Gregory Bradford
Michael Bradley and Cynthia Bradley
Jean M. Brandes Cert’13
Barbara Holt Brandt ’12 and William D. Brandt
Gloria Brandt ’82
Terrie Stebbins Brandt ’76
Anika R. Bratt ’11
Shanon Breed and Mitchell Breed
Lizbette L. Breeggemann ’17
Barbara O’Toole Brehm ’83
Margaret Sweger Breimhurst ’85
Ross Brendel
Wendy Breuer and Randy Breuer
Jeanne Brick
Kathleen J. Brick ’85
Mary L. Brick
David W. Briggs
Jennifer M. Briggs MAOL’11
Donna Wells Bright ’50
Karen E. Brimm MAISCE’18
Pauline P. Brink ’65
Marcia Brinkley and Robert Brinkley
Nicole Lein Brinkman MLIS’03
Kim M. Brinkoetter ’16
Katherine Dawes Brittain ’74
Taylor Britten ’15
Joanne Schmitt Brixius ’66
Carol Broback
Catherine Olson Brockman ’82
Kimberly F. Brodin MAED’16
Ernest E. Brodtmann and Andrea L. Brodtmann
Jeanne Hovelson Broenen ’52
Kristin Broich
Barbara Ann Brokopp
Nancy Brokopp
R.H. Brokopp
Patricia Bronstein
Ruth Brooker, CSJ, ’06
Jennifer M. Brooks ’15, MPH’22
Ann O’Brien Brosious ’44
Whitney N. Brothers ’15
Norma Brotzman and Darrell Brotzman
Juliann Brovold and Ray Brovold
Ann Brown
Colleen Kick Brown ’87
Diana Martens Brown ’05, MNUR’15
Jody Brown and James Brown
Lora L. Brown
Margaret L. Brown ’52
Mary Schuster Brown MAOL’04
Solveig Brown
Susan Bergh Brown ’87
Sydney Ann Brown
David A. Brueggemann
Jennifer Janak Bruenger MLIS’05 and Aaron Michael Bruenger
Michele Pliego Bruesehoff ’82
Margaret Donohue Bruggeman ’74
Luane Spiczka Bruggers ’91
Mary Gerster Brummund ’68
Carolyn Brunelle
Mary Rahn Bruner ’68
Donna Bruni Cox
Harriet Larsen Brunnette ’45
Vicki Brunsvold and Mark Brunsvold
Adara I. Bryan ’11
Sammye Bryant and Cecil Bryant
Barbara S. Brynstad
Helen L. Buche
Carol Buck and Nolan Buck
Mary Porter Buckles ’57
Sally A. Buckley ’66
Kerry Ferris Budinger ’06
Evonne M. Bue
Peter T. Buecher
Katelyn R. Buechler MLIS’13
Mary Ann Buege
Francis E. Buesgens
Delna Khurshed Buhariwalla ’03
Uyen T. Bui ’12, MSN’17
Helen Wimmer Bukowski ’48
Marlene Goldstein Bukstein ’93
Debra H. Bundt Cert’16
Gail Bunge
Bridget Burke
Lisa Wasson Burke ’95
Shelagh Burke and Joseph Burke
Judy Burkle and Spence Burkle
Jean Sykes Burks ’65 and Rucker W. Burks
Angela M. Burla MAOT’19
Courtney R. Burmeister ’13
Melanie Ann Morin Mullins Burney ’75
Ella M. Burnham ’16
Jonathan Burnos
Janet Burns
Mary Cassidy Burns ’82
Mary Stanoch Burrington ’78
Kellene M. Burrows
Phyllis B. Burrows
Patricia Fenelon Bursaw and David W. Bursaw
Isabel G. Burt
Jane Busch and William Bush
Laura J. Bush Cert’15, MAOL’19
Sydney R. Busker ’19, OTD’21
Biftu N. Bussa ’18
Marjorie Ronnan Bussmann ’49
Connor Buth
Jane Mussman Butler ’75
Audrey D. Butlett MLIS’12
Ellen Scherer Butterfass ’93
Brianna R. Byram ’17
Jacqueline L. Byrd-Nickels
Susane Hagen Byrne ’68
Cable Huston LLP
Dick W. Cable
Cafe Latte
Marilyn A. Cahalan
Mary Calder, CSJ, ’61
Nancy Callahan and Sean Callahan
Sarah Hubbard Callahan ’09
Christy L. Cameron ’10
Janelle Cameron
Richard J. Cameron
Susan Tighe Cameron ’73
Julie A. Campanelli ’89, MSW’97
Amanda M. Campbell ’17
Apple R. Campbell ’21
Edward F. Campbell
Katherine A. Campbell
Kristine Mewhorter Campbell ’01
Jane Campion and William Campion
Ana Campos ’82
Linda N. Canfield ’80
Karen McCaffrey Canham ’65
Rebecca Cantellano
Angela Eisenreich Canter ’96
Alison D. Canty ’93
Christina Cao ’16
Carbone’s Pizza
Roxanne L. Cardinal
Barbara Hagmann Carey ’05
Lisa Brown Carey
The Cargill Foundation
Rita Carie, OSB, ’73
Karen L. Carle
Joan Carlsen and Lawrence Carlsen
Cara L. Carlson ’90
Catherine Carlson
Clifford A. Carlson
Cory Carlson
Crystal Baloun Carlson
Curtis Carlson
David M. Carlson and Brenda Jo Carlson
Diedra Richardson Carlson ’97, MAED’99, Cert’05
Jorden R. Carlson ’11, MAED’18
Kevin Carlson ’16, MNUR’19, DNP’21
Leona Burns Carlson ’84
Lynne C. Carlson
Paulette Dufault Carlson ’89
Robin Carlson and David Carlson
Gayle Luethy Carney ’94
Juliann Carney
Susan Ziegler Carolan ’87
Katelyn C. Caron ’16
Janet Carpenter and Norman Carpenter
Laura L. Carpenter MSW’17
Beverly Keiser Carpentier ’60
Katie A. Carpentier ’16
Anna Mary McKone Carr ’33
Julie T. Carr
Linda Kach Carr ’72
Susan M. Carr
Kathleen Barrett Carroll ’66 and Daniel P. Carroll
Rebecca Carroll and Darren Caroll
Kelli L. Carsen and Dane C. Carsen
Elijah R. Carter ’23
Mary Kay Kritta Caschetta ’81
Debra J. Case ’82
Gail L. Casey
Lawrence E. Casey and Phyllis F. Casey
Patricia Jane Heili Casey ’59
Tina M. Casey Cert’98
Kathleen M. Casmer
Paula L. Casmey ’17
Peggy Casper and Randall Casper
Sheila Maley Casper ’74
Cynthia Underdahl Cassellius ’85
Catherine Kennedy Cassidy ’84
Jodi Castillo MSW’15
Maija L. Castro MAHS’19
Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc.
Bethany G. Catlin-Johnson and Christian Catlin-Johnson
Kateri M. Cavanagh ’18
Molly Cavanagh and Janette Ayd
Anna Cenaro ’15
Rafael A. Cervantes
Sharon Chace ’86
Victoria A. Chadwick ’13
Swetha Chakilam and Venkata Balnagu
Janet Chalberg and John Chalberg
Kristin T. Chalberg MAOL’04
Joy Lovell Chall Cert’90, MNUR’95
Champps Richfield
Anabelle M. Chan ’16, MNUR’23
Joan Chandler
Mysee Chang ’13
David D. Chapman
Darrell J. Charboneau
Charity Navigator
Carol L. Chase
Robert Chatters
Patricia Malloy Chatterton ’38
JoAnne Tambornino Chayer ’65
Bushra Y. Chebli ’20
Cheers Pablo Franchising L.L.C.
Gene Chenoweth
Janet Harrington Cherney ’06
Meijanti Cheung
Chevron Corporation
Kate A. Chies MNUR’13
Judy Child
Children’s Health Care
Nicole Chimbetete ’16
Annemarie Nelson Chlebeck ’72
Selena Han Pin Ch’ng Choo ’89
Gwenn E. Chriss
Olivia T. Christensen
Russell P. Christensen and Barbara C. Krauss-Christensen
Jack P. Christenson
Ione Zimmerman Christian ’52
Victoria A. Christian MSW’18
Denise Crawford Christiansen ’08, MNUR’11
Marianne F. Christiansen
Patricia Jean Christo
Jenna Christofersen MPAS’18
Erica N. Christoffer ’02
Diane Christopher
Margaret A. Churchill
Donna Cichy ’87, MAOL’05
Debora L. Cieluch
Karen E. Ciesielczyk ’16
Gabrielle F. Civil
Josephine Hottinger Cizek ’54
Baya Clare MAT’02, Cert’20
Karen Clark and Jacquelyn Zita
Marilyn Lutkevich Clark ’95
Mary Groos Clark ’53
Melinda K. Clark ’06
Patricia Finley Clark ’82
Paula Clark and Kevin Clark
Tessa N. Clark
Judith W. Clarke
Pamela L. Clayton
Elizabeth M. Cleary ’17
Mary E. Clem
Mark E. Clifford
Geoffrey C. Cline and Joy A. Cline
Cloquet Senior High School - Activity Fund
The Clorox Company Foundation
Kathryn M. Cloutier
Cloverland Press, Inc.
Mary Pat Hogan Clysdale ’62 and Jerome V. Clysdale
Barbara J. Cmiel and Christopher J. Cmiel
Ann Carroll Coady ’67
Elizabeth Cobb and Peter Maye
Susan F. Cochrane
Susan J. Cochrane and Richard N. Cochrane
Christina Codden ’15
Erin Anderson Coffey ’07, MAOT’15
Julie Pitleck Coffey ’08
Richard Coffey and Mary Jo Coffey
Hella R. Cohen
Jennifer Johnston Cohen ’87
Lindsey A. Colbert ’16, MHI’20
Sarah Lenz Colburn ’04
Geoffrey Cole
Katherine A. Cole and Daniel J. Cole
Michelle Peterson Cole ’01
Patricia Cole ’70
Tanner Colegrove and Peter Colegrove
Frances Coleman and David Woodward
Colleen M. Collette ’90
Kristine Collette and James Collette
Larinda Collette and Joseph Collette
Abaigeal R. Collins ’20
Annette Louise Collins
Daniel and Peggy Collins
Daniel Collins and Peggy Collins
Marjorie Wick Collins ’53
Mary E. Collins Cert’89
Edward O. Colliton
Kathleen Mulvehill Colvin ’69
John A. Colwell
Rita E. Commodore Cert’94, BA’97
Margaret W. Conant
Mary Ann Conkey
Sara Gardner Conley MAOL’92
Joan Messing Conlin ’08
Sarah E. Conlin MNUR’18
Suzanne M. Conlin
Elizabeth Finkel Connelly ’99
Marilyn Molamphy Connelly ’88, MSW’96
Mary T. Connelly, CSJ, ’86
Elizabeth Holtan Connor ’94
Patricia Cahalan Connors
Gloria Conrad and Karl Conrad
Jo Ann Consolo
Analicia M. Contreras ’19
John Contreras
Maureen Convey
Griffin Conway
Kathleen Kolars Conway ’80
Abigail M. Conzemius ’17
Annette W. Conzett
Howard J. Cook
Kayla M. Cook MPAS’18
Lisa Cook and David Cook
Lorraine Cook
Theresa A. Cook ’85
Sherri A. Coons ’08
Jane Cooper
Jessica R. Cooper Cert’13
Julie Gardner Coopet ’81
Colleen Coppersmith
Mary Jane Tomsche Corbey ’84
Sister Donald Corcoran, OSB, ’63
Brittany R. Cordes ’13
Deisy Olarte Coreas ’18
Jessica A. Cormier ’12
Rae Cornelius and Thomas Wells
Deborah Cornwell and Richard Cornwell
Kathleen M. Corrigan ’91
Rita Beyer Corrigan
Cinthya Cortes Ortega ’11
Marlene H. Cory and William O. Cory
Therese Cosgrove
Barbara Dusterhoft Costello ’69
Christine Costello
Joan M. Costello and Harry P. Costello
Virginia C. Costello
Beverly Kilbride Cotter ’57
Kathleen Skluzacek Coughlin ’69
Carolyn Teichroew Counihan MLIS’08
Margaret Countryman ’70
Margaret Meier Cousino ’67
Emily M. Cox ’21
Margaret M. Cox and James A. Cox
Sandy Coyle
Tracy Proznik Craig ’91
Charles W. Crain
Mary Budke Cramer ’64
Rebecca Crancer ’14, MAOT’15
Meghan A. Crandall MLIS’20
Mary Cravens
Creatrix, Inc.
Jeanne Cotone Cregan
Jodi Johnson Cremers ’90
Tracy Marshall Crever
Amy Sillman Crews ’94
Veronica H. Crichton-Hill
Dustin Cripe
Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers
Joy Crohn
Jacquelyn M. Cronin
Anna Cronn
Amber L. Crooker ’15
Tristen Greenslade Crooks ’04
William A. Crosley
Linda Crowe and Douglas Crowe
Rozanne M. Crowley
Mary Jo Rossini Culbertson ’64
Joanne C. Cull
Nancy Ryan Cullen ’61
Kathleen E. Culligan
Sheila A. Culligan
Maakwe Cumanzala ’19
Eleanor Hanousek Cunniff ’59
Margaret Mary Cunningham
Susan Girmscheid Cunningham ’70 and Richard E. Cunningham
Pamela R. Curley
Jean Curtis-Neitz MLIS’00
Shanan Custer ’92
Custom Creations, LLC
Clara Johnson Cypull ’10
Christina M. Cyrus PNP-Cert’21
Courtney C. Czerniak ’13, MAHS’16
Florence Dacey
Brianna Dahedl ’17
Ann Dahl and John Dahl
Karen Dahl ’86
Margaret M. Dahl and David A. Dahl
Molly M. Dahl ’17
Stacy T. Dahl ’16
Ruth Dahlen
Sarah Park Dahlen and Jeffrey Dahlen
Susanne Kellgren Dahlen MAT’89
Karol Dahlof and John Dahlof
Eleanor E. Dahlstrom
Michelle Filkins Dahlstrom MLIS’96 and Thomas Dahlstrom
Kimberly Dake and Troy Dake
Bree N. Dalager
Jill M. Dalbacka ’78, MAED’00 and Tom Reierson
Mary Ellen Dale-Coutu ’64
Eleanor McManmon Daly ’47
Josie T. Daly and Denis J. Daly
Lana Zimmerman Daly ’89
Jacklynn H. Daml and Michael C. Daml
Faith K. Dammann MPAS’19
Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe, LLC
Caroline D’Andrea
Beverly Olson Dandurand ’64
Fr. Doug Dandurand
Debra Dee Daniels ’78
Patricia L. Daninger ’23
Mary Lou Dankowski
Bridgette J. DaSilva ’07
Libby Daskal MLIS’22
Denise M. Davidsmeier MAED’12
Jill K. Davidson MSW’08
Donita Hofer Davis ’81
Elizabeth V. Davis ’22
Glenda L. Davis and Jeffrey L. Davis
Julia Davis
Mark A. Davis and Jean M. Davis
Michelle L. Davis ’10
Nancy Davis, CSJ, ’50
Sarah A. Davis ’14
Mary C. Davy ’12
Judith L. Dawes
Katherine Montgomery Dawson ’72
Cary Deacon
Diane Lind Dean ’64
Michaela Orr Dean ’12
Mary DeBilzan-Bonfe ’91
Patricia De Blieck, CSJ, ’60
Paul and Lori DeBriyn
Suzanne Dickhut DeBrule ’97 and Michael B. DeBrule
Mary Ann MacNeill Decaen ’60
JoEllyn DeCesare
Beverly G. Degel and Craig T. Degel
Heather Hippert DeJong ’98
Kathleen Dekarski and Michael Dekarski
Kelsey A. Delander ’10
Anne Reusch Delaney ’74
Kathryn Yerke Delaney ’76, Cert’86
Paul F. Delaney
Kathryn Gab De Larco ’73
Joan Rohl Deleon ’62
Melanie L. Delgado ’20
Jacquelyn Skinner Del Genio ’65
Elizabeth Delmore, CSJ, ’43, Cert’86
Ashley A. de los Reyes ’15
Kara Thompson DeMarie MLIS’16
Elicia Swanson Dembele ’10
Margo G. Dempsey MAOL’99
Marvin Joe Dempsey
Janet Denison and Ronald Denison
Paula Jane Denman
Susan Riehm Denzer ’82
Mary K. DeRosia ’73
Ann Derr and Douglas Derr
Jeanne B. Derrick
Georgie Desaire and Terry Desaire
Frederick de Sam Lazaro
Jane Stevens DeSignor ’87
Teresa L. DesLaurier ’88
Erin M. DeStasio ’17
Melanie K. Dettmer ’19
Kimberly C. DeTuncq Cert’96
Emily B. Deutsch ’09
Catherine J. DeVaan ’82
Stephanie Hunke Devine ’91
Steven DeWald and Nancy DeWald
Virginia Uhl Dewey ’42
Teresa Lund Dewolf ’78
Roseann Dodds DeZelar ’56
Sharyn M. DeZelar MSW’06
Fatimata B. Dianda ’13
Christine F. Díaz-Higgins
Carol Herrman Dickinson ’81
Janice E. Dickman ’04
Rebecca Determan Dickson MAED’96
Geraldine Jenkins Diedrich ’57
Kathleen M. Diedrick MAED’08
Louise Gradstein Dillery ’49
Charlene Schneider Dillon ’75
Nicholas G. DiMassis MLIS’02
Linda Marxen Dingels Cert’96
Lori Dingman
Gregory B. DiNovis and Virginia M. DiNovis
Mary Dirlam
Maureen McGraw Dodge ’59
Lissa Dodington
Louis G. Doering
Amy Kruger Doeun ’03
Barbara A. Doherty
Jean G. Doherty
Kathy Dolan
Mary C. Dolan ’82
Sandra Kittelson Dols ’63
Terri Melander Dolski
Sean Domencic and Monica Domencic
Julia P. Domenick ’19
Amanda Pfuhl Dominik ’15, MNUR’19
Heather Stolte Donager ’18
Kathleen Donahue ’61
Jennifer Hagel Donato MAHS’11
Comfort Dudzai Dondo ’15
Courtney S. Donelson ’15
James Donner and Shirley Donner
Elizabeth Dunn Donohue ’91
Amy Westmoreland Donovan ’06
Lindsey Donovan
Jan Dorn
Tanley A. Dorr ’79
Candace Dott and Stephen Dott
Aubrey Smith Dotte ’18
Anne L. Douglas and Bruce R. Douglas
Dorothy Balfe Douthit ’59
Dow Jones & Company
Judith Dow
Lana Downes and Paul Downes
Peggy Downes
Steve Downes
Diane L. Downs
Stephanie H. Downs
Jennifer R. Dowzak ’02
Hanna E. Drake-Dolinaj ’11
Mary Sedivy Dravis ’59
Susan M. Drawert and Kevin L. Campion
Barbara Dreher, CSJ
Mary Louise Mathes Dresbach ’72, MAOL’95
Sharon M. Dressel ’12
Tamra Heim Drevecky ’03
Therese Kram Drey ’95
Gerald Driessen
Christine Drotning
Barbara L. Drucker
Harold Drucker
Jane M. Dube ’09
Joleen C. Duda
Lorraine Kuchinka Dudley ’58
Susan Gorski Duffy ’72
Shirley E. Dufresne
Christine A. Dugan ’15
Julie A. Dukowitz
Molly Enter Dumond ’12
Mary Lange Dunford ’76
Judith A. Dungan and Bob Dungan
Catherine Dunham
Dena McKillips Dunkel ’70
Christine M. Dunn and Mark Dunn
Joan E. Dunn
Coralyn Duprey
Helen Lerwold Durand ’56
Catherine Dussol and Tim Moe
Claire Martin Duvall ’80 and Melvin R. Duvall
Nanette Pexa Dvorak ’60
Ann M. Dyellig
Erin Brandel Dykhuizen MSW’09
Patricia Bordenave Dykstra ’80
Janet Arens Dysthe ’55
Terri D. Eagen-Torkko ’93
Dawn Ealy and Jeff Ealy
Stanton E. Easley
Jill Eaton
Eau Claire Association of Educators
Mary Joki Ebb ’76
Ruth Johnson Eckel ’48
Charlene M. Eckenroth Cert’86, BA’87
Maxine Eckes ’55
Jane G. EckesEtzel
Helen M. Edel and Milo E. Edel
Kimberly L. Edel MNUR’15
Henry Edelstein
Randy B. Edelstein and Thomas I. Edelstein
Paul Ederer and Sharon Ederer
Peggy Edington and David Dowell
Jane G. Edson
Kimberly Edson
Jane Edwards and O.C. Edwards
Shelby R. Edwards ’06
Michele Murray Egan ’74
Christine Egan-Funk ’78
Catherine Shae Eggert and James Shea Eggert
Rebecca Brice Egstad ’07
Maxine Otto Ehlers ’86
Michelle Eibes
Vickie Eichenberger
Melanie L. Eicher ’04
Kitty Eichholz
Irene Poepping Eiden ’91
Natalie Kopp Eiden ’89
Barbara Eiger
Catherine White Eilers ’58
Dorothy Eischens
Jim Eischens
Barbara A. Eisele ’74
Barbara Bonin Eitter ’66
Ashton Weber Ekdom ’16, MAOT’17
Carol Botz Ekhaml ’60
Linda M. Ekland ’14
Diane Geving Eklund ’94
Azadeh Ekrami ’79
Marilou D. Eldred and Donald F. Eldred
Elemental Exteriors Sales LLC
Carla Elfering and Troy Elfering
Lisa Elfering and Scott Elfering
Sylvia Elfering
Diane Klammer Elias ’94
Char Hayes Elioff ’96
Tim Ellefson
Grace Ellens and Michael Ellens
Judith Thompson Ellerbusch Cert’85
Brenda J. Ellingboe Cert’04, MAOL’05
Corinne T. Ellingham
Brenda Wagar Ellingson ’87 and Steve M. Ellingson
Maureen Trudell Ellis
Carol Opatrny Ellringer ’68
Jan Ellwanger ’71
Emily Elsner ’16
Susan A. Elsner
Dale J. Emmel
Tamara J. Emmons ’12
Melissa K. Emon ’08
Sharon Johnson Enabnit MNUR’99
Artam Enayat
Martha E. Enderby MLIS’15
Kelly Endres
Peggy Endres
Pamela Engbloom
Kalyse M. Engebretson ’15
Kathleen Simmer Engebretson ’84
Joan Engedal and Jerome Engedal
Elizabeth J. Engel MAED’03, Cert’16
Leah Bolnick Engels ’02
Sharol L. Enger
Karen O’Hotto Engstrom and Joseph Engstrom
Barbara Hoppe Ennis ’76, MNUR’97
Margaret Epstein
Yvonne Wolf Erding ’62
Beth Erickson and Jay Erickson
Denise Erickson
Dina L. Erickson ’07
Elizabeth Erickson
Helen M. Erickson
Jenean Moore Erickson
Liesa C. Erickson ’17
Mary W. Erickson MAOL’01
Michelle M. Erickson Cert’14
Vicky Ashfeld Erickson ’92
Barbara Barghini Ericson ’94
Lisa A. Erlandson ’03
Tamara Steiner Erskine ’97, MNUR’00
Lisa Nemitz Erspamer ’82
Ramona Crowe Ertel ’57
Mary Kaye Ervasti and Kevin Ervasti
Mary Kaye and Kevin Ervasti
Escalade Dry Cleaning
Kaitlin Eskuri ’22
Espresso Royale, LLC
Jan Esselman and Wayne Esselman
Steve D. Estenson
Jill Estep
Terry Estes Miller ’22
Mary Estlick and Ty Estlick
Donna M. Etienne MSW’96
Mary Shaffer Eusterman ’59
Catherine Fuller Evans ’07, MAED’20
Curtis Evans
Deanna Evans
Patricia M. Jodell Evans
Richard P. Evans
Robert J. Evans
Sam L. Everetts ’19
Abigail Everson
Alexis R. Everson ’20
Virginia L. Evjen ’90
Nancy Day Ewbank ’56
Excelsior Firefighter Relief Association
Exelon Foundation
Katherine Pippin Fabro ’87
Barbara Fabsits
Cynthia Moran Fachman ’82
Jennifer Fadrowski
Lorie L. Fahs MSN’18
Barbara Schertler Faith ’73
Skye Coughlin Falcones ’14
Edith H. Falk
Marilyn J. Falkenberg
Jaclyn Sawicki Falkenstein ’00
Irene L. Falksen MSW’11
Colleen Fallon and Stephen Fallon
Caroline H. Falstad
Dana Falteysek
Jennifer M. Farala ’09
Michele K. Farkas ’19
Thomas J. Farley and Denise D. Farley
Lindsey Becker Farnick ’12
Anne Benda Farrell ’80
Brenda Farrell
Elisabeth A. Farrell ’13
John Farrell and Michele Farrell
Mary K. Farrell
Michele M. Fashant ’85
Janet Fasnacht and George Fasnacht
Fast Enterprises, LLC
Mary Ann Fath, CSJ, ’56
Douglas Faust and Gloria Faust
Helen McLeer Faust ’53
Ilana C. Favero and Michael F. Favero
Nathaniel Fay and Kathleen Fay
York S. Febres
FedEx Corporation
Dawn D. Fedora and John P. Fedora
Denise A. Fee ’85
Helen B. Feeney
Patrice Conor Feero ’81
Harold Feickert
Alesia R. Feiertag ’96
Molly J. Feigal MAED’03
Mary Simons Feinstein ’79
Elizabeth Liska Feist MSW’09
Jolene Rayer Felber ’96
Mary E. Feldmann ’91
Michon A. Felicetta ’03, MSW’07
Nicole Felton ’15
Robert Ferko
Susan Writt Fernandez ’94
Aruni R. Fernando ’07
Amy S. Ferrell and Stuart M. Ferrell
Susan Friede Ferron ’89
Joanne Newpower Feyereisen ’59
Janice Feye-Stukas
Patricia O’Donnell Fidler ’68 and Donald F. Fidler, Jr. Cert’89
Rita M. Field
Deborah Daly Filla ’68
Jeanne Steman Findlay ’76
Marie Therese Kennedy Fink ’52
Katrina L. Finley ’18
Kayla J. Finley ’20
Robert S. Finn ’09
Elizabeth Firalio
First Data Foundation
Mary Huncha Fischbach ’83
Carly R. Fischbeck ’13, MAISCE’18
Amber J. Fischer ’04
Christine Fischer and Brett Fischer
Colleen Neitzke Fischer ’71
Kelsey R. Fischer ’15
Karen Fish
Laurie Fishbein
Rod Fisher
Emily Fiske ’16, MAOT’17
Kimberly Lang Fitterer ’85
Diane Fittipaldi
Dennis P. Fitzgerald
Janet Marie Fitzgerald ’01
Ann Stewart Fitzpatrick ’54
Mary M. Flanagan and Daniel K. Flanagan
Lisa A. Flanigan ’04
Jane Flannigan ’83
Monika Flatness
Elizabeth A. Flavin Cert’15
Tammy Fleck and Dale Fleck
Mary Louise Fleischhacker
Elizabeth R. Fleming
Teena B. Fletcher
Kelly Connolly Flick ’88
Shari Goskeson Fligge ’07
Margaret Caven Flintrop ’48
Dolores R. Floering
Linda Kidrowski Flom ’96
Midori Flomer and John Flomer
Emma M. Flood ’15
Yvette M. Flores ’09
William Florio
Cynthia Biernat Flynn ’74
Patricia Flynn
Paulette Kane Flynn ’70
Mary P. Fobes and Walter S. Fobes
M. Susan Focke
Karen Keup Fogarty ’84
Agnes Foley, CSJ, ’60
Dana Roeske Foley ’00
Erin E. Foley ’13
Kathleen Foley, CSJ, ’61
Megan Foley
Timothy J. Foley
Jean Folger and Mike Folger
Dawn Spannbauer Follmer MAED’05
Julia Otte Forcelle ’21
Nicola Forcha MNUR’20, DNP’22
Jasmine D. Ford ’19
Jodi L. Forde and Christopher N. Forde
Jennifer Forliti, Inc.
Teresa A. Forliti
Angie K. Forsberg
Gwen E. Forsline
Alicia Lienig Forstner ’04
Trudye Fosness and Daniel Fosness
Amanda Foss
Corissa A. Foss ’14
Cynthia Foster and Dale Foster
Judy E. Foster ’93
Karen Foster and John Foster
Mary Carlson Foster ’63
Rita Foster, CSJ, ’54
Sarah W. Foster-Walters MAOT’09
Patricia M. Fountinelle
Kathleen Sattler Fox ’68
Susan Kasimor Fox ’69
Tara M. Fox ’17
Kathleen E. Foy ’74
Joyce Garver Franchett ’86
Craig A. Francois
Lisa Deegan Frandsen ’83
Anna Franek ’22
Judith S. Frank
Karen Ferguson Frank ’87
Patricia Goldeman Frank ’98
Steven Frank and Gail Frank
Chris A. Franke
Cynthia Franke
Jean M. Franke ’84
Alicia A. Franken ’13
Patricia M. Frankenfield
Phillip Franklin and Marlys Franklin
Patricia Franklin and James Franklin
Roberta J. Franklin
Charlotte L. Frantz
Janet Frase and Louis Frase
Kelci R. Fraser ’12
Terri Frazell and Kevin Frazell
Thea R. Fredericksen ’11, MAOT’12
Shelley Fredson
Patricia Freeburg
Michelle Freeman ’15, Cert’19
Sharon Secor Freeman MAT’90
Kristen Carpenter Freiberg MAOT’00
Elizabeth C. Freier ’10
Josephine Fischler Freiseis ’47
Jessica Mootz Freking ’00
Kelly French
Myra J. Frenz
Lindsey Frey Palmquist
Adriana Frias
Geraldine J. Fridgen
Rev. Francis L. Fried
Debora Osborn Friedrich ’94
Judith M. Friedrich
Nancy Friedrich
Beverly J. Fritz and Stephen J. Fritz
Emma M. Frost
Breanne Johnson Fruth ’17
Kris Frykman
Ramona Mikolajczyk Fudro ’54
Robert B. Fulton
Arlene Kruize Fults
Mallory L. Fultz ’13
Katelyn M. Furst ’19
Laura Furst and Keith Furst
Rosemary Furst
Mary Bowler Furth ’50
Patricia Gabel
Kurt Gaber and Natalie Gaber
Anne Eads Gabriel ’96, MPT’00
Claire A. Gadban ’00
Liz Gadbois ’16
Emma J. Gadomski ’17, MHI’22
Megan Dwyer Gaffey ’99
Rachel R. Gaffney ’16
Gina Gafford MAHS’17
Sandra Fridgen Gail ’74
Kathryn Cochran Gaines ’69
Jane Galbraith
Amelia Gallagher
Nancy J. Galligan
Thomas Galligan and Patricia Galligan
Elizabeth Fransen Gallinger MLIS’10
Ralph Galloway
Sheila Salisbury Galvan ’07
Cleta M. Galvez
Denise Gamboa
Linda K. Gammell
Kathleen M. Gansen MAHS’18
Alexandria Rairamo Ganzel ’77
Jacquelyn M. Gapp
Maria Garbe
Athena Garcia ’20
Kyle C. Garcia MAOT’18
Taylor R. Garcia ’21
Ruth Froelich Gardia ’44
Karen L. Gardiner MAED’13
Mylore M. Gardoe ’16
Molly E. Gareis MAED’19
Alyssa M. Garlough ’10
Mary Drewing Garlough ’76
Tessa Garlough-Jones ’20
Rena M. Garni
Stan Garofalo
Kendra J. Garrett
Collette McGeary Garrity ’72
Jerome Garry and Elaine Garry
Gartner, Inc.
Ann M. Garvey
Terrence J. Garvey
Elizabeth J. Gasior ’16
Renee Saalborn Gast ’98
Kevin Prasnicki Gaulke and Rhonda Prasnicki Gaulke
Beth Gauthier
Mary Jane Gauthier
Yohana Y. Gavilan Torres ’20
Eileen A. Gavin ’53
Margaret G. Gaworski MAOT’12
Ruth Gaylord
Cristina Gazca ’14
Lori Gedroc
Mary Alice Gehrdes
Kathleen Egan Geis ’76
Maurice Geissler and Rita Geissler
Barbara Ballinger Geist ’64
L. Joseph Genereux and Shannon M. Riley
Renee D. Genereux and John P. O’Leary
Bridget M. Geng ’12
Ann Marie Gengler MAOL’95
Kris Georges
Deborah M. Gephart
Bridget Geraghty ’16
Karen Gerenz
Kristen E. Gerlach
Patricia Busch Gerlach ’69 and Donald E. Gerlach
Joyce Germscheid
Teresa Gerold
Mary Gerrelts and Doug Gerrelts
Lori Gerlach Gerten ’98
Wagma Gharwal Cert’22
Robert Gibbons and Germaine Gibbons
Margaret A. Gibson and J. William Gibson
Carol A. Gieske ’70
Valorie Gifford MAOL’89
Amy Althoff Gilbert ’03
Debra Dykema Gilbertson ’79
Kathryn Rydland Gilbertson Cert’91
Lynne H. Gildensoph
Kirsten M. Gill and Paul D. Gill
Nancy Todd Gilland
Bette Strand Gillespie ’53
Lillian Marie Gillespie
Rachel Kaiyalethe Gillespie ’06
Shereen Vasey Gilyard ’86
Sarah Karmondy Gimarc ’09, MAOT’10
Susan M. Gindorff ’14
Elizabeth M. Gionfriddo ’18
Ashley Giossi ’22
Judith Swift Girard ’82
Susan Wallenfelt Girard MNUR’98
Susan Bell Gladen-Benike ’81
Ruth E. Glarner
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
James D. Glazer
Kristin Westby Gleeman ’94
Susan Hynes Glendenning ’74
Dorothy Glidden
Audrey A. Glynn
Dianna Glynn and Robert Glynn
Jean K. Godfrey
Linda J. Goecke
Janice K. Goethel
Joan Trio Goettl ’56
Jay Goetz
Sharon L. Goetz and Daniel H. Goetz
Tammy Ries Goetz ’95, MPT’97, DPT’07
Lisa Goihl
Jane Goke and Curtis Goke
Carol Nelson Golder ’89
Miriam Goldfein
Richard Goldrick and Cynthia Goldrick
Martin Gomez
Ruth J. Gonlag
Kristin M. Gonyea ’03
Jenny R. Goodfriend Cert’17
Stephanie Johnson Goodwin ’12
Elizabeth M. Gooley Cert’09
Priyangani D. Goonathilaka ’13
Joelle Y. Gordon MAED’10
Leah M. Gordon ’05, DNP’15
Mary C. Gorelczenko ’15
Kelli Rogalla Gores ’02
Taunia L. Gorka ’16
Nancy E. Gormley
Elizabeth D. Gorrilla ’99
Mary Kaye Gorrilla
Anita L. Goss MAED’19
Karen M. Gosselin ’83
Mary J. Gosselin ’85
Arlene Goter
Mary Jones Gottesman ’78
John D. Gould
Linda C. Gourley
Mary Lucken Gozum ’55 and Ekrem Gozum
Janice Graff and John Graff
Eric Graftaas
Kristin M. Grage ’79, MNUR’97
Cynthia K. Graham MAHS’13
Ella E. Graham ’21
Kathleen P. Graham MNUR’12
Minda Gralnek
Jody Grams and Brad Grams
Donald Grant and Jacqueline Grant
Lori Grant
Norma Tanata Grant ’63
Beata Grantier and Ken Grantier
Robin Grant-Pink ’99
Marlys A. Grantwit MAOL’88
Lisa Bayerl Grasdalen MAED’07
Eric T. Grau
Laurie Heitzinger Gravelle ’09
Janet B. Graves
Andrea Margaret Gravley MNUR’07
Catherine Gray ’69
Sue A. Gray MLIS’05
Shannon T. Grazzini MAED’11
Greater Fairfield Board of Realtors
Paul Greblo
Georgia Johnstone Greeley ’82
Barbara Kissell Green ’77
Casey Johnson Green ’77
Deborah Green
Devon L. Green MSW’22
Glorian Pic Green ’55
Jerome Green
Joanne Green
Kathleen A. Green
Kathleen M. Green
Sarah A. Green
Susan Trausch Green ’78
Maureen Casey Greenberg ’84
Aaron Greene
Catherine S. Greene MAED’20
Luella Greene and Theodore Greene
Brittney L. Greeno
Larry Allen Gregerson and Zylpha Valerie Gregerson
Anne C. Gregg
Patricia Wood Gregg
Deb Gregory
Donna Ranelli Gregory ’70
Allen Greimel and Susan Greimel
Lindsey Grenell
Barbara Grengs
Kalley Seeger Greseth ’19, Cert’21
Anita Konz Grieman ’81
Beret Griffith
Robert Griggs
Elsie Wuerth Grill ’37
John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker
Kathlene Grimshaw
Emily Grinsell ’18
Rosemarie G. Grinsell ’21
Angela Groene and John Groene
Thomas Groh
Ashley D. Gronau ’20
Kellie D. Groon
Cassi-Jo Budsberg Groshek ’12, MPAS’14
Jo Ann Martin Gross ’69
Megan C. Gross ’08
Melissa Zollner Gross ’01
Michele Gross
Agatha Grossman, CSJ
Marie Grossman, CSJ, ’55
Stephen Grotbo
Catherine Ritter Groth ’02
Timothy N. Grover MLIS’08, MAT’13
Maxine E. Grubel
Angela Gruber Hjort
Julie Gruber
Anna Mae Gruenes and Joseph Gruenes
Dorothy Waldmann Gruidl ’42
Jim Grzetich
Carlene R. Gubash ’12
David A. Gudgeon and Lynn A. Gudgeon
Annette Gudson and Gregory Gudson
Steve H. Gudvangen
Almarely Guerrero Sanchez ’18
Helen Sterner Guggemos ’55
Maryellen Guido
Ann Marie Gullickson MSW’11, BSN’18
Dana Gullicksrud
Colin S. Gulling MBA’19 and Barbara Mosto
Lakshi Gunawardena ’22
Cheryl L. Gunderson
Clara J. Gunderson ’16
Gail J. Gunderson ’82
Megan Gaard Gunderson
Yasemin Gunpinar
Karen Van Cleave Gunter ’93
Jyothi Gupta
Maureen Guscetti and Hugh Guscetti
Brenda Guse and Richard Guse
Brianne Hintsala Gustafson ’16 and Michael Gustafson
Kathryn R. Gustafson
Karen V. Guth
Michelle Trail Gutzmann ’95
Marianne Pozniak Guza ’76
Julianne Guzniczak and Eugene Guzniczak
Mary Thornton Haaker ’39
Luverne Philomena Haberkorn
Anne Thurin Hacker ’81 and Theodore T. Hacker
Suzanne F. Hadidi ’88
Jeannine A. Hadley
Jennifer D. Hagan ’03
Kathleen O’Connor Hagan ’47
Stephanie Kirchberg Hagel ’96
Laura L. Hagemann MLIS’12
Caylee Perra Hagen ’19
Geraldine Gores Hagen ’59
Mary C. Hagen and Douglas R. Hagen
Paula Hagen, OSB, ’59
Mary Siobhan Haggerty
Molly Youngstrom Hagkull
Bonnie Hahn and Paul Hahn
Tanya Hahn and William Hahn
Emily L. Hahn-Carlson ’18
Jean Funk Haider ’65
Dona Haines and Robert Haines
Lynda M. Hainlin Cert’15, MAOL’18
Mael Haise
Sara Klinge Hakanson ’88
Barbara L. Halbrehder
Dee Ann Hale
Joanne Halek and Duke Anderson
Ruth Hallbeck and James Hallbeck
Wendy L. Haller MNUR’17
Marney Halligan ’69
Diane Hallock
Ann L. Halverson MLIS’12
Sara E. Halverson ’04
Lizanne Twete Ham ’91
Katherine E. Hambrock ’07
Sue Brabets Hamburge ’70
Julie Hamer
Kelly Nielsen Hamerla ’96
Judy J. Hamerlinck ’06
Elizabeth G. Hamilton MAED’16
M. Joan Carlson Hamilton ’68 and J. Ogden Hamilton
Jana U. Hamilton and Neil W. Hamilton
Alexander L. Hamlin ’10
Sarah L. Hamlin ’15
Camille Hammar ’75
Marcia Hammelman
Carrie A. Hammer ’16
Pamela Ehnert Hamre ’88 and Paul K. Hamre
Delores Broll Hance ’59
Carol Mracek Hancuch ’56 and Frank W. Hancuch
Julie Thornberg Handberg ’94
Diane Christianson Handrick ’88
Soraya J. Handy ’18
Andrea J. Haney and Daniel L. Haney
Janet Baskfield Hanley ’58
Thomas E. Hannah
Tina M. Hanneken
Anne Bauman Hansen ’63
Ashley Hansen ’14
Erin E. Hansen MAED’02
Gail M. Hansen
Joanne Brockman Hansen ’64
Joanne M. Hansen ’84
Marilyn Hansen and Robert Hansen
Patricia Hansen and James Hansen
Stacey L. Hansen and Kevin J. Boeckenstedt
Andrea R. Hanson MAOT’09
Christine Erickson Hanson ’84
Dorene Hanson and Perry Hanson
Jerome J. Hanson
Jessica M. Hanson ’18
Margaret Hanson and Jerrol Hanson
Rachel Hanson ’14
Baer A. Hanusz-Rajkowski MAED’16
S. Quinn Hanzel
Shannon Hanzel and Jim Hanzel
Janice Happe and Phillip Happe
Joshua B. Hardin MNUR’16
Nancy S. Harding ’93
Barbara Harer ’62
Naomi J. Harju
Lise Fisher Hark
Grace U. Harkness
Lauren J. Harmeyer ’06, MAT’10
Margaret Harp and Gregory Harp
Debra L. Harris and Michael T. Harris
Jesse Harris
Mica M. Harris DNP’14
Laura Hanson Harsh ’02
Jennifer J. Harshner ’04
John Hart and Trisha Hart
Natalie C. Hart ’84, MLIS’95
Stephanie Marche Hart ’92
Sidney Hartley
Mary Conlon Hartnett ’47
Steven Hartogh ’98
Deborah Harvey ’69
Miranda Eastham Harwerth MSW’18
Kimberly V. Harwood ’15 and Brian L. Thompson
Janis Haselmann and Lawrence Haselmann
Etty Hathaway ’14
Raymond Hathaway
Janice A. Hathaway-Ott
Hau 2 Properties LLC
Nancy Reisdorfer Hau ’87
Melanie S. Hauck
Eric J. Hauer ’02
Suzanne J. Haugen
Cheryl Hawker
George E. Hawkins and Jeanine M. Hawkins
Mary Hawkins
Susan Hawthorne
Terri M. Hawthorne
Hope M. Hayes ’16
Nancy A. Hayes
Michelle Hayko
Amy E. Hays ’12
Sonia M. Hazard
Harriet Murphy Healy ’53
Jana Hoffbeck Hearn ’94
Lauren A. Heavey ’15
Patricia Stumm Hebert ’43
Marguerite Gignac Hedges
Tessa K. Hedstrom ’05
Thea J. Hedstrom ’04
Jerald Hegdahl
Mary Nodland Hegg ’68
Patricia Zecha Hegge ’92
Janice Heiden
Deborah L. Heilig ’09, Cert’09, Cert’11
Ann C. Heimerman ’83
Linda Wright Heine ’97
Mary J. Heinisch and Denis M. Heinisch
John P. Heintz MLIS’03 and Monica L. Herrera
Leanne Schmidt Heinz ’89
Susan Mallory Heinz ’78
Roberta Martin Heitkamp ’79 and Gary Heitkamp
Michelle Heitz
Harriet Heitzman
Anne I. Hejny
Heidi Cross Helgeson ’85, MAHS’15
Debora D. Helledy
Michele Heller
Roberta J. Helmers
Ann Michel Helvick ’89
Megan Henderson and Mark Henderson
Marylee A. Hendricks
Lois Hendrickson and James Hendrickson
Norman and Barbara Hendrickson
Molly McIntyre Henke ’60
Rachelle M. Henkel ’08, Cert’15
Mary Ellen Hennessey
Charlotte Mills Hennessy ’72
Ashley M. Henning ’17
Cassandra M. Henning ’17
Mary Ann Carpenter Henning ’86
Patricia Henry and Jeffrey Henry
Robin D. Henry ’75
Susan Hensel
Denise Henschke Hentges ’90
Sara LeGault Hentges ’12
Rosemarie Wallen Henzler ’87
Bradley J. Hepp
Renee A. Hepperlen
Nruabci K. Her ’15
Shoua Her ’17
Lisa Herd and James Herd
Margaret Herd and Allen Herd
Ann Nohava Herda ’54
Wayne A. Hergott MAT’90 and Marjorie A. Hergott
Sarah J. Heritsch ’00
Patty Herkenhoff
Alexandra L. Herman ’15
Helen K. Herman
JoEllen Drobnick Herman ’80
Elizabeth R. Hermodson-Olsen ’18, DPT’20
Mariella Moser Hernandez ’65
Judith A. Herrell
Amy T. Herrig
Rosemary P. Herron
The Hershey Company
Susan Herting
Mary Kay Heruth and Kenneth Heruth
Betsy Von Bank Herzog ’52 and Kenneth C. Herzog
Marilynn D. Hesse
Philomena Fritz Hesse ’49
Connie J. Hessevick
Wendy Hetzel
Betsy Weller Hetzler ’81
Margaret R. Heubach and Martin J. Heubach
Stacy Heuer ’07 and Brian Heuer
Nelly Hewett
Michelle M. Heyn ’06 and Matthew Heyn
Amber Paulson Hibbs ’12
Elizabeth Hickey
Margaret Kelly Hickman ’82
Elizabeth Schlaefer Hickok ’65
Lauren E. Hicks MAED’10
Maureen A. Hicks
Kathleen Hicswa ’94, MSW’08
Julie McCampbell Hidani ’83
Quentin J. Hietpas
Lucy Ann Higgins
Patricia A. Higgins
Sharron A. Hilbrecht
Patricia Hildenbrand
Nancy Kuntz Hildreth ’89 and Jon Hildreth
Peggy Hilger
Laura L. Hill MLIS’95
Peggy C. Hill ’19
Leah Pease Hillesheim ’41
Karen L. Hilliard and Jerry R. Hilliard
Joan Hillis and James Hillis
Judith Sifferle Hillstead ’62
JoAnn C. Hillstrom ’92
Patti Hindt Burns
Keri Kretchmer Hinnenkamp ’94
Joseph M. Hinrichs
Ruth Hinrichs-Clark
Cristen Hinz
Marion Hinz
Anthony P. Hirmer ’13
Frances M. Hirsch
Mary A. Hirsch
Richard A. Hirstein
Laurie L. Hittman
Briana L. Hobert ’11
Laura Hochban
Jim Hochstetler
Nanette Willard Hockin ’68
Susie M. Hodges MSW’02
Karen Gillard Hodgman ’86
Lori M. Hoefener
Catherine Johnson Hoena ’98, MAED’13
Katherine E. Hoene ’93
Barbara Herrmann Hoernemann ’73
Nanette E. Hoerr DNP’14
Sarah E. Hoerr ’15
Ann and James Hoey
John F. Hoffacker
Laura R. Hoffman Hordyk MAOL’17
Danielle M. Hoffman MNUR’12
Leonard W. Hoffman
Mary Elizabeth Johnson Hoffman ’59
Sherry J. Hoffman ’18
Gina Hoffman and Paul Hoffman
Patricia A. Hoffmann ’03
Emily Gorski Hogan
Joan Conway Hogan ’72
Karen P. Hogan MLIS’12
Azure Rosinger Hogate ’10
Renee K. Hogoboom
Stacy Shaw Hoh ’93
Traci Hohwart
Brandie Hokanson
Kathy A. Holland ’70
Mary and Dana Holland
Meredith Nielson Hollenberger ’06
Thomas Holley
Joyce Friedland Holliday ’64
Helen Conlon Hollingshead ’49
Mekayla V. Holm ’20
Rachel Holm ’15
Rommy A. Holm Cert’13
Kathleen Holmberg, CSJ, ’60
Beth A. Holmquist ’01
Erika Holmquist-Wall ’02
Cynthia Reis Holmsten ’84
Deborah Smevoll Holmstrom ’78
Sara Holscher ’14
Lydia Holsten
Theodore W. Holsten
Lynae Holte and Bruce Holte
Dawn Schwartz Holtz ’92
Vickie Polzin Holtz ’94
M. Fernanda Honebrink ’09
Patty Hooker
David M. Hoppe
Mary Lou Hopperstad
Trisha Warne Horkey ’18
Randi Horn and William Horn
Tammy Heiderscheidt Horner ’91
Marisue Horton and Mike Horton
Carol Detert Houfer ’99
Janet Hovde
Kirsten R. Hoven
Nicholas B. Hoverstad
Bill Howard
Connie R. Howard MAOL’99
Jo Brudzinski Howard ’39
Howarth Data Management
Linda Leet Howe ’70
Nancy Huart
Edwin L. Hubbeling
Janet Huber and Mark Huber
Margaret M. Huber ’08 and Kris Huber
Sarah E. Huber MLIS’14
Mary Schmidt Huettl ’67
Phyllis Ryan Hufnagle ’57
Edward Hughes and Dianne Hughes
Robert S. Hughes
Susan A. Hughes and Gary R. Hughes
Susan J. Huhn-Bowles
Laura H. Hulscher MLIS’14
Joan Sepion Huneke ’69 and Daniel J. Huneke
Carol Hunn-Gregory
Hermina B. Hunninghake
Rev. Thomas P. Hunstiger
Terri A. Hunt ’10, MAT’14
Charlene Connolly Hunter ’56
Claudia Hatt Hunter ’77 and Jeffrey D. Hunter
Helen O. Hunter
Sharalyn K. Hunter Cert’21
Anne M. Huntley
Saundra C. Huntley ’03
Joyce Poferl Huppert ’56
C. Michael Hurley
Lana Hurley and Jack Hurley
Stacy M. Husebo MSW’02
Marisa A. Hutterer MSW’18
Mary Ellen Hutterli
Barbara Nash Hvidhyld ’88
I K E Enterprises
Kayode Y. Idowu ’17
Trilby Smith Idzerda
Charles Ihle and Rebecca Ihle
Robert Ihrig and Gail Ihrig
Keilah R. Ilinykh ’21
Max S. Ilinykh
Carolyn Thom Imhof ’56
Jessica Kraft Imrie MNUR’21
Paula J. Indehar ’18
Elea L. Ingman ’15
Elizabeth Connolly Inserra ’44 and Robert W. Inserra
Insomnia Cookies
Mari Irmiter
Meghan Cummings Irving ’03
Dominic Isaac
Terrance L. Ische
Emily Isenberg
Cheryl Obst Isiminger ’70
Gloria E. Iverson
Dr. Maren E. Iverson
Rebecca Iverson and Bruce Iverson
Sophia Strzok Iverson ’21
Ginny Ives
Cabrini M. Jablon MAOL’06
Rhonda J. Jachino
Betty Jensen Jack ’65
Bonnie Archbold Jack ’62
Mary Lu Probst Jackson ’69
Sheila N. Jackson ’20
Debra Olsen Jacobe ’82
Joel G. Jacobs
Judith K. Jacobs
Phyllis Jacobsen and Verne Jacobsen
Nadine Ellering Jacobson ’75
Sandra L. Jacobson
Sarah C. Jacobson ’13
Mary E. Jahnke and James A. Jahnke
Kari and Joseph Jaksha
Jennefer Hadler James ’04
Victoria R. James MAED’01
Kimberly L. James-Maxfield ’22
Kristal M. Jameson ’14
Betty J. Janecky
Patricia Janecula
Deborah Janey ’72
Shannon Jannatpour and Alexander Jannatpour
Anne Jansen ’59
Ellen Eiswirth Jansen ’70
Marcella Leahy Jansen ’49
James E. January MAOL’05
Warren Janzen
Madeline Jarmola and Mike Jarmola
Elizabeth Pearo Jaros ’84 and Anthony J. Jaros
Brenda Johnson Jaye ’82
Melissa A. Jazmines-Broersma OTD’17
Jennifer Fallows Jedda ’96
Nancy C. Jefferies MLIS’03
Maureen Mulcahy Jeffries
Terry A. Jelinski
Kathleen Jenkins and Ronald Jenkins
Kaylyn Jenkins
Violet Jenkins and Emory Jenkins
Ka Bao Jennrich ’19
Barbara J. Jensen
Louise Jensen
Sarah Metz Jensen ’98
Tara E. Jenson ’97
Dianne Jentilucci and Alex Jentilucci
Debra J. Jergenson
Sarah Jerome and Lyndon Jerome
Elizabeth Flicek Jeska ’16, MAOT’17
Linda Andersen Jessen ’65
Annette M. Jewell-Ceder Cert’14
Brenda J. Jirik MSW’00
Stacey Johansson
Lisa Johns-Elmy
Alice Fasnacht Johnson ’13, DPT’15
Amy Moore Johnson ’90
Andrea Lynn Johnson ’07
Ann Axtell Johnson ’05
Cheryl A. Johnson and Richard Dean Johnson
David W. Johnson and Geraldine M. Johnson
Derek Johnson and Madeline Johnson
Elizabeth A. Johnson ’87
Elyse A. Johnson ’13
Eunice E. Johnson
Gayle Johnson
Gwen Skyberg Johnson ’89
Heather T. Johnson ’06
Jane M. Johnson
Janet Lammers Johnson ’61
Janet Meyer Johnson ’54
Jennifer Johnson
Jessica Johnson ’10
Jill Leske Johnson ’88 and Mark D. Johnson
Julianna Drader Johnson ’10
Katherine Johnson ’15
Kathleen S. Johnson
Kathryn C. Johnson and Scott R. Berry
Keith K. Johnson and Julie A. Hunter
Linda Crider Johnson ’87
Marianne Jenkins Johnson ’51
Marlys D. Johnson and James L. Johnson
Mary Beth Johnson and Eric M. Johnson
Mary Hendrickson Johnson ’95 and Mark S. Johnson
Maureen A. Johnson MSN’21
Maya A. Johnson ’17
Merodie and Donald Johnson
Michelle K. Johnson ’15
M. Joellen Johnson Cert’02, MAOL’06
Nanette Trombley Johnson ’84 and Brian J. Johnson
Nicole I. Johnson ’02, MPT’04, DPT’05
Pamela Beth Johnson
Sara Mattson Johnson ’08
Sarah Becker Johnson DPT’13
Shirley and Gene Johnson
Sue E. Johnson
Susan B. Johnson and Mark L. Johnson
Suzanne Boyt Johnson ’97
Verna C. Johnson
Victory Johnson ’64
Trudi Johnson-Richards ’86
Amine Jameson Johnston ’07
Clarissa J. Johnston ’09
Jane E. Johnston
Mary Ellen Johnston ’91, MSW’93
Kay Jaszewski Johnstone ’78
Kathleen A. Joneja Cert’95, MAED’12
Barb Jones and Rick Jones
Carol R. Jones
Erica N. Jones OTD’20
Hannah M. Jones
Laura Jones and Jerome Jones
Patricia H. Jones
Sharon Hanson Jones ’92
Katherine E. Jonza
Paula Minell Joppa ’16
Catherine Jordan
Denise M. Jorgenson
Ramona J. Jorgenson
Marie L. Joseph MAED’05
Marylyn Dolan Joseph ’54
Lori Carlson Jovellana ’88
John J. Joyce
Joseph Joyce
Mary L. Joyce and Michael C. Joyce
Mary Girtz Juber ’82
Theresa J. Jubert
Krista Mahowald Judge ’10, MAOT’11
Kathleen Bergstrom Juenemann ’68
Mary Schroeder Juenemann ’53
Suzanne M. Jukiewicz ’14
David Field Juncker
Megan C. Jung ’07
Rebecca Stoltzman Jurkovich ’97
Steffanie M. Jurusik ’13
Sheryl Rongitsch Juve ’69
JVM Associates, Inc.
Elizabeth Krawiecki Kaas ’56
Agnès M. Kabambi ’15
Betty Villanueva Kaczorek ’15
Heidi Kader
Emily Kahlow ’20
Ethelyn Shimmin Kaim
Joan Kain, CSJ, ’55
Maria Lupori Kaiser ’90
Kim M. Kaliszewski ’86
James S. Kammerer and Nancy R. Kammerer
Frances Kane and John Kayne
Jean Coughlan Kane ’43
Jill M. Kane MAOL’02
Maureen Maltby Kane ’73
Elyse Kaner
Samantha Stepp Kaner MLIS’17
Andrea Kangas
Sinuda Hall Kapalczynski, Cert’07, MAED’08
Barbara Stoffel Kaping ’68
Joanna M. Kapke MAED’10
Larrissa L. Karl ’15
Christine M. Kaspar ’14
Thomas R. Kasper
Mary K. Kast and Wayne G. Kast
Mary Jo Durand Kattar ’79
Pamela Wiehoff Kaufman
Barbara G. Kaufmann
Leah Chapman Kaul ’07, Cert’14
Mary E. Kautto
Jane Kauzlarich and Ron Kauzlarich
Mary DeGonda Keaveny ’65
Theresa M. Keaveny
Tori K. Kee ’14
Patricia Levi Keefer ’85, Cert’03, MAOL’07
Darlyne R. Keegan
Carole Keehn
Thomas J. Keeler MLIS’17
Barbara Nelson Keenan ’58
Carole Keene and Mark Keene
Sara J. Keis
Katherine L. Kelleher ’13
Joann Keller and David Keller
Karen Keller and Paul Keller
Kathleen Y. Keller MNUR’11
Mary Ann K. Keller
Olivia R. Keller-Wolf ’16
Anne Kelley Conklin
Barbara Linnemann Kellner ’67
Todd R. Kellogg
Gina L. Kellogg-Soleil MAOL’08
Meagan M. Kellom MLIS’08
Alejandra R.E. Kelly ’23
Caroline M. Kelly ’19
Cole D. Kelly
Julia A. Kelly
Marilyn Fenlon Kelly ’63
Marina Kelly
Patricia E. Kelly
Shirley Kelly and Donald Kelly
Elizabeth Johnson Kemmetmueller ’69
Kelley Kemnetz
Marnie Gubash Kempe ’15, DPT’18 and Andrew Kempe
Barbara Heck Kemper ’56
Ann E. Kempke ’94
Phyllis H. Kendig MLIS’97 and Ernest Kendig
Arielle M. Kendrick ’14
Karen Orth Kendrick ’64
Alexandra P. Kennedy ’15, MSN’19
Elizabeth Grady Kennedy ’54
Kathleen A. Kennedy
Karen Kennelly, CSJ, ’56
Mary Ellen Ryan Kenney ’47
Samantha L. Kent ’18
Lauri Kenyon
Caitlyn K. Keo ’16
Noi Susan Keothammakhoun ’03
Alice Durand Keppel ’86
Marsha Kerkhoff
Margaret Kershner and Matthew Kershner
Brandie Lange-Linzmeier Kertho ’12
Mary Kerwin ’67
Ranjit N. Kesha
Michael T. Kesler
Mariah S. Ketcher ’19
Tina M. Ketel MAOL’12
Sally Kettle
Paula Wolter Keys ’78
Harriet J. Kidder
Kelsey L. Kiefer
Susan Butler Kiefer ’65
Suzanne Kienietz and Warren Kokes
Sandy Kiernat and Bruce Kiernat
Mary Anne Kieser
Michelle M. Kiffmeyer MAOT’11
Constance M. Kilbane ’80
Ruth Lovaas Kildow MSW’93
Eileen Stauffenec Kilen ’66
Judith Kilian-Weber and Jeffrey Weber
Jody L. Killmer and Christopher P. Killmer
Min S. Kim
Teresa Kim, CSJ, ’04
Kathryn Kueppers Kiminski ’85
Aiko Ogata King ’49
Colleen Wurm King ’90
Judith M. King
Lisa A. King
Ellie Kingsbury Photography, Inc.
Ellie Kingsbury
Roxie King-Smith ’85
Susan R. Kinsman and James Kinsman
Joanne E. Kintop ’95
Mary Doyle Kirchmaier ’54
Nancy J. Kirchoff MSW’95
Latifah Kiribedda ’12
Andrea M. Kiritschenko ’14
Courtney B. Kirkeide ’17
Janell Peterson Kirkeide ’91
Andrea J. Kisch
Stephanie Kisch
Michelle Kewitsch Kissinger ’99
Melissa S. Kittock MNUR’20
Damon L. Klaphake
Robert C. Klas and Linda S. Klas
Adeline Bednark Klein ’76
Anne Klein ’85
Garrett T. Klein Cert’19
Traci G. Klein MAOL’13
Beatrice Kleiner and Donald Kleiner
Carole Chiodi Kleinfeldt ’72
Dyann Dorniden Klemann ’66
Rebecca Klevan-Schmitz ’99
India E. Klipfel
Ruth Laing Klis ’60
Irene Bradford Klitsch and W. Bradford Klitsch
Janet Nimis Kloster ’66
Angela M. Kneale ’94
Ellen Kniebel
Sandra Malmberg Knier ’84
Joelise Knight
William Knodle and Kathryn Knodle
Mary Knoll and Doug Knoll
Adam Knopik
Lou Ann Knorr and John Knorr
Nancy Knoth and Jerry Knoth
Devron R. Knowles
Mary Moher Knox ’91
Becca Danielson Knudsen ’84
Gary H. Knudsen
Diane M. Knust ’88
Annette J. Knutsen
Jane Knutson and Kevin Knutson
Lyle Knutson
Ramona Knutson and Ken Knutson
Troy Knutson
Carol A. Kobza ’79
Donna Kock
Rose Goblirsch Koehler ’63
Suzanne Sandberg Koehler ’70
Brian Koenig
Laurie Hearnen Koenig ’81
Shari Koenig and Tom Koenig
Mackenzie R. Koerner ’15
Erin Young Koerning ’03, MSW’04
Lonna Skavnak Kofski ’96
Margot A. Kohl
Kathleen M. Kohler
Susan Gillard Kohn ’91
Joan Kojetin and Robert Kojetin
Joan I. Kolar ’08
Kathryn A. Kolesar
Sherry Rose Kollmann
Suzanne Kolterman
Beth Gilles Kondrick ’04
Barbara Butler Kondziolka ’60
Konigstein Group
Erin M. Konkel ’19
Patricia L. Koors
Catherine Parnell Kopp ’76
Kathleen Vierling Kopp ’00, MAOL’09
Mary Kopriva ’80
Mary Clare Korb, CSJ, ’60, MAT’91
Lori Kordell
Mary Dana Korman
Tamara Holm Korum ’97
Danelle Kosciarz ’81
Yvonne G. Kosson ’62
Kathleen G. Kostka ’20
Cindie Vollmers Kouame ’09
Howard J. Kovochich
Kowalski’s Market
Marjorie M. Kozachok
Stephanie A. Kozachok and Peter D. Kozachok
Daniel Kozlowski
Emma C. Kozurek ’20
Jeanette R. Kraemer ’65
Mary Kraft, CSJ, ’65
William H. Kramer
Monica Krancevic
Lori Kratchmer
Neva Krattenmaker
Sherian Krause
Wanda Krause and George Krause
Connie A. Krautkremer, MM, ’65
Sylvia Krawfcyk, CSJ, ’59
Karen Krebsbach and Gary Krebsbach
Sandra J. Krebsbach
Angela J. Kretzmann ’21
Lisa Kretzschmar
Alex Kreuser
Madison Kreuser
Nancy Kreuser and Rodney Kreuser
Tracy L. Kristo MAED’03
Patricia Krolak and John Krolak
Colleen A. Kromer
Stephanie Bohlig Kromer ’10
Martha Kroschel and Jeffrey Kroschel
John M. Krouse
Keith Krouse and Rebecca Krouse
Patricia Krouse and William Krouse
Taylor N. Krouse ’18
Benjamin D. Krouse-Gagne
Cynthia Mehrman Krska ’03
Amy J. Krueger ’16
Christine Krueger ’81
Kelly A. Krueger MNUR’10
Jennifer Davidson Krummel ’97
Ann Marie Krzmarzick ’88
Sabrina Wema Kubisa ’21, MPH’22
Gayle Chuckna Kubista ’76
Annette Wilkening Kuck and Timothy W. Kuck
Katherine Monsour Kuehl
Pam Kuehl
Beverly E. Kuenzli
Cynthia Wilson Kuhlman ’82
Elizabeth A. Kuhn
Mary Kuhn and Robert Kuhn
Anne Kuhnz and Jason Kuhnz
Kathryn A. Kuklinski and Stephen T. Kuklinski
Susan Ashton Kulikowski ’96
Claire M. Kultgen
Sara Kumerow ’19
Virginia Mock Kummer ’66
Molly Kunkel
Tenzin Kunsang ’22
Brandon M. Kuntz
Frederick H. Kurth
Hollyann M. Kurzhal ’17
Meghan Plummer Kusilek ’15
Jessica L. Kutz ’13
Cheryl L. Kvasnik
Mary Sue Labernik Cert’98
Maia Labrie ’17
Jill Jasinski LaCasse ’99
Colleen Stephenson Lacey ’91
Summer Nelson LaChance ’12
Angela H. Lacher MAED’14
Cynthia LaCoeur ’75
LeAnn G. LaCourse
Deborah Clint LaCroix MNUR’95
Jeanne Merry Lacy ’59
Rebecca LaDue and James LaDue
Laurie Lafontaine and Daniel Lafontaine
Margaret Brick Lair ’77
Catherine Ritt Lallas ’68
Mary Brigid Cosgrove Lally ’85
Kristina Fillmore Lalonde ’92
Suzanne K. Lamatsch ’91
Kammy Kindgren Lamb ’08
Sherman Lamb
Brady Lambeth
Karen Nustad LaMere MLIS’95, Cert’95 and Paul E. LaMere
Maureen Lamey, CSJ, ’61
Karen Donovan Lamm ’95
Norman F. LaMotte
Mary Lamski, CSJ, ’64
Scott R. Landa
Terence Langan
Mary Stoy Lange ’79
Debra L. Langelett ’86
Helen Marso Langer ’72
Zerrin Uygur Langer ’69
Faith Berg Langford ’13
Diane Langseth and Richie Langseth
Amelia A. Lanier ’10
Joan Muellner Lannon ’58
Paige D. LaPoint ’13
Deb Larkin and Mike Larkin
Phyllis E. Larkin
Lisa D. Larkins ’94
Daniel C. Larsen
Elizabeth A. Larsen ’12, Cert’21
Anne L. Larson ’05
Annika Harrington Larson MSW’04
Antoinette Scholand Larson ’68
Carolyn D. Larson
Charles Larson and Susan Larson
Christa Lipinski Larson ’98
Colleen Schuda Larson ’94
Elizabeth J. Larson Cert’09, MAOL’13
Gina A. Larson ’79
Joan B. Larson
Joanne Larson
Keith J. Larson
Michelle M. Larson ’14
Michelle M. Larson ’13, MAED’17
Rachel M. Larson MAOL’20
M. Winn LaRue ’03
Mary Laska and Ronald Laska
Michelle Lason ’98
Vanesa La Torre Martinez ’22
Kathy Johnson Latuff
Corinna J. Laughlin
Richard Laughlin
Jeanene Boland Lavery ’63
Alex J. Lawler
Belinda E. Lawrence MLIS’02
Joanna Lawton and Joseph Lawton
Gail L. Laxen MLIS’11
Judith Skoog Layer ’61
Kelly Crea Le ’11
Amy Leach and Craig Leach
Janet M. Leach ’99
Ronald K. Leach
LeaderOne Financial Corporation
Ann D. Leahy
Joel D. Leake
Mary Helen Senglaub Leary ’60
Joan M. Lebens ’88
Patricia Kellogg Lebens ’70
Michelle Le Bris and Jean-Michel Le Bris
Stephanie Le Bris and Bernard Le Bris
Mary Brown LeClair ’66
Barbara J. LeClaire
Sheila Smith LeCorre ’88
Julie Van Sloun Lecy ’89 and Michael A. Lecy ’92
April Thompson Lee ’08
Clare Bieza Lee ’86 and Edmund Lee
David B. Lee and Sue S. Lee
Kay K. Lee MNUR’13
Lisa Connelly Lee ’84
Meridith Chevalier Lee ’70
Ntshiashee Kristine Lee ’14, MSN’21
Theresa Lee ’15
Tiffany Kong Lee ’17
Michelle Leebens-Mack ’88
Yia Leepalao ’11
Ellen E. Leger
Lottilee St. Martin Lehmann ’78
Rebeccah Murphy Leindecker ’14
Judy LeMay ’77
Julie LeMere ’09
Aubrey C. Lemon ’23
Kathleen Lenarz and Michael Lenarz
Kate C. Lentsch
Roseann Greene Lentsch ’72
John Baker Lentz and Susan Baker Lentz
Sarah L. Leon MAED’17
Geraldine L. Leonard
Mandy Trimble Leonard ’00
Stephanie Espe Lepine Cert’12, MAED’13
LeeAnn Leske
Lynn Johnson Lessar ’74
Benedict Joseph Letourneau
Erin A. Leu ’14, MLIS’21
Sherri L. Leverty
Suzanne M. Levi
Christine Gillen Lewis ’66
Sherry Stadler Lewis ’64
Stephanie A. Lewis ’08
Sandra E. Lew-Moll ’84
Heather L. Leyde ’18
Kimberly Shane Leyman ’03
Maria Leyva
Sharon Svoboda Libby ’75
Mary Beth Ferrian Liekhus ’72
Margaret and Craig Lilja
Patsy D. Liljeblad
Karen Clyde Lilledahl ’00
Jill Lilly and Michael Lilly
Winifred Lilly-Taylor
Joan Lind and Michael Lind
Kathleen Lind and J. Thomas Lind
Peggy Lind and Jim Lind
Eloyes Plessel Lindahl ’86
Janice Lindau and John Lindau
Linda Larson and Andrew Lindberg
Carol E. Lindberg
Kathryn M. Lindberg ’65
Mary Clare Lindberg
Martha M. Lindekugel
Stephanie Powers Lindekugel ’88
Lynne E. Linder
Lindquist & Vennum PLLP
B. Joyce Lindquist
Fiona M. Lindquist and Scott P. Lindquist
Leah Linebarger MAED’16
Kaylee J. Lingen ’18
Katherine Lingofelt-Meyers and Keith Meyers
Patricia Woletz Linhoff ’78
Holly Henslin Link ’78 and Brian P. Link
Jean Linne and David Linne
Shelly Linton
Elisa Baumgartner Lipari ’11
Catherine Liska and James Liska
Catherine and James Liska
Kathleen M. Littfin ’84, Cert’85
Namibia Little
Patti Livingood
Lorna W. Livingston
Nancy E. Llapa ’19
Chai Thao Lo ’02
Seely Jacinta Lo ’15
Sharon Johnson Locascio ’64
Diane Andert Loch ’64
Carol Lockman and Ralph Lockman
Samantha Foslien Lockwood ’11 and Joshua Lockwood
Sheri Loegering
Juana G. Loera
Elizabeth Grunewald Loescher ’75
Joshua D. Loew MPAS’19
Julie A. Loewenhagen Cert’06, MAOL’09
Christine M. Lofgren ’93
Kristi Harrington Loftis ’79
Mary Jo Loftus and Bob Loftus
Deanna Oraskovich Logelin ’92
Kara Logsden and Ron Logsden
Amy deGrood Logsdon ’86
Beverly Loken and Jon Loken
Janice M. Lokken
Michelle Lolli
Jacqueline Schutz Loney ’54 and Patrick B. Loney
Ashley Long
Richard Long and Geri Long
Ann Zukaitis Longo ’74
Mary Ann Brince Loomis ’52
Monica E. Lopez-Garry ’19
Ruth Lopez-Perez ’18
Kathleen Brophy Lopiano
Amanda Lor ’17
Hillary Lor ’17
Julie Lor ’12
Mai G. Lor ’14
Mary A. Lori
Wendy M. Loscheider ’75
Laura C. Lotton ’12
Tami Loudin ’20
Ann Tvedten Lovrien ’69
Ann E. Lowry
Grace Lowry ’16
Jaspreet Kaur Loyal ’99
Clarice J. Lubchenco
Coleen M. Lucachick and Gary R. Lucachick
Julianna Lucia
Carrie Kullmann Lucio ’11, MNUR’14
Genevieve Ludowese
Douglas Luebbe and Susan Luebbe
Cora A. Lueben
Teresa Haggerty Lueck ’83
Amy L. Luedtke MSN’16
Sandra Joan Luger
Amy Luitjens and Jason Moericke
Audrey A. Lukasak MAOL’15
Lululemon Athletica
Christine Luna Munger
Lauren E. Lund ’16
Jacquelyn Lunde
Joelle and Joel Lundin
Marcia Lundin ’67
Meghan E. Lunos MAOT’14
Krista Lunzer
Julie Gleisner Luotto ’83
Susan Luppke-Mendez and Agustin Mendez
Stacey Lustila-Siats ’98, MPT’00
Kathy Luther and Bob Luther
Ann Mikelson Lutterman ’89
Madeline R. Lutz ’20
Anna Sommer Lux ’97
Doralu Markus Lynch ’52
Erin L. Lynch MPH’20
Jane Malay Lynch ’81
Kathleen Dwyer Lynch ’54
Dennis E. Lynn MAED’05
James J. Lynn
Andy Ma and Judy Ma
Margaret C. Maas ’08
Anastasia Hoey Mabbett MAOT’00
Monica M. Mabee ’08
David J. Macarthy
Karolyn Gomez MacAskill ’98, MLIS’02
Geraldine Mirocha Machowicz ’53
Emily Monson Machtemes ’13
Gerald J. Maciona
Carol Moser Mackell ’61
Debra M. Macleod ’11
Barbara MacMillan
Deborah A. Madanayake
Janice C. Mader and Paul J. Mader
Carson Madigan
Char Madigan, CSJ, ’59
Judith Madigan, CSJ, ’60
Kim Madigan and Dan Madigan
Travis Madigan
Mary A. Madill MAHS’12
Christine D. Madsen ’93
Rhonda Madsen
Christine Redko Madson MAED’05
Jenny Maenke
Linda Maetzold and Dennis Maetzold
Barbara Ryan Mager MAHS’15 and Stuart M. Mager
Margaret Delaney Magistad ’58
Georgia Beavers Maguire Cert’92 and John Maguire
Stacy Maher ’16
Leanne Arnold Mahoney ’67
Diane Coyea Mahowald ’68
Kathleen Yankee Mai ’60
Patricia E. Maier
Brenda M. Maine ’15
Dianne Matlock Mair ’69
Kristen L. Maisano MAED’22
Kimberly Lake Makela ’19
Dona Hess Maki ’77
Allison Oelfke Makozak ’13
Joanne Lea Maldonado ’07
Jeremiah J. Malecek MPAS’19
Karen Valentin Malecek ’93
Diane D. Malfeld
Jackie Van Horssen Malling ’94
Edgar Mallison and Dianne Mallison
Judith F. Mallman-Colvin
Christina M. Malloy and Edward J. Malloy
Jenifer Brouwers Malm ’05
Cathy S. Malmon
Kathryn Keohen Malone ’52
Theresa Maloney and Shawn Maloney
Kathryn Larson Mammenga ’04
Meaghan B. Mammenga ’16
Diana M. Mancino ’97, MNUR’21
Rose M. Maniates ’19
Maria A. Manion ’89
Christine Mann MSW’13
Heather Ziegler Mann MAOT’09 and Timothy J. Mann DPT’15
Vicky J. Mann and Kevin L. Mann
Shirley Manning
Marc Kowalski, Inc.
Thomas S. Marchio and Carla K. Marchio
Teresa Marconi and James Marconi
Katherine A. Marinac ’93
Audrey A. Marion and Charles L. Marion
Sandra K. Markel and Curtis D. Markel
Hyacinth Ocampo Markey ’96
Barbara Mattison Marks ’75
Meghan T. Markson MAOT’13
Kenneth M. Markwardt and Bernice M. Markwardt
Karen Marquardt
Robert W. Marrs
Deann R. Marsh ’85
Anne M. Marsnik
Susan Marsnik
Dawn Marsolek and Gerald Marsolek
Dancia Kirk Martens ’79
Jean Newpower Martens ’73 and Richard Martens
Rebecca L. Martens ’15
Danielle Fischer Marti ’07
Alison Martin and Keith Martin
Amanda Martin
Andrew J. Martin
Carl D. Martin
Kathleen Casisky Martin Cert’85, BA’86
Lisa C. Martin
Mary L. Martin ’55
Maureen Martin and Craig Schimnich
Renee N. Martin ’14 and Gary E. Martin
Susan K. Martin
Grace A. Martinovic MBA’22
Fatai Bolanle Martins ’01
Vicki Torvik Martinson ’83
Elizabeth Culligan Maruggi
Jeannie S. Marver
Karin Helin Mascia ’64 and Patrick F. Mascia
Lisa Mascia ’16
Candace Mason and Dave Mason
Meghan R. Mason
Stacy L. Mason and David H. Mason
Jeanne K. Massey and R. Paul Taylor
Marie Dent Mast ’86
Charles Mastel and Kristen Mastel
Arielle R. Mastellar MSW’17
Michelle Peka Mastous ’06, Cert’07
Dawn Mataczynski MSW’22
Anne Mathena and Kevin Mathena
Jane W. Mathenge ’91
Mary K. Matlack and Brad J. Matlack
Nicolas Matrajt
Mary May Mattern Schafer ’50
Larry Matthews and Janie McAnnany
Kathleen Matuska
Molly Matzke
Fred Maves and Madonna Maves
Margaret Glasier Maxa ’45
Lori R. Maxfield
Nancy Maxfield-Wilson MAOL’12
Linda Maxwell and Thomas Maxwell
Ann Herbst May ’60
Donna J. May
Eva May and Todd May
Mary Mayer ’63
Laura Mayo
Edem O. Mbukpa ’17
McAfee Inc Corporate Advised Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Ethel McArthur and Edward McArthur
Debra McBride ’77
Karen McCann and Franklin McCann
Linda Walsh McCann ’83
Joan McCarthy
Kathleen J. McCarthy
Kathryn Keating McCarthy ’69 and William McCarthy
Marilyn M. McCarty
Janice M. McCauley
Mary Jean Plonske McCleary ’69
Laurie A. McCleskey ’15 and Kenneth McCleskey
Kamaria M. McCollum ’12
Tamara L. McConkey
Barbara Ware McConnell Cert’89
Christine M. McConnell and Patrick G. McConnell
Dorothy McCormack
Janet Blowers McCorry ’78
Beverly Hansvick McCoy ’90
Libby Thalin McCoy ’02, MAED’20
Mary Schnell McCoy ’50
Stephanie L. McCracken ’12
Roseanne Grell McCullagh MAED’04
Wendy L. McCulley ’74
Mary Jo McCuskey
Katelyn Hanson McDermott ’05
Grace F. McDonald
Marsha B. McDonald MSW’00 and Amos Rosenbloom
Mary Beskar McDonald ’66
William T. McDonald
Mary McDowall and Kevin Patty
Jenna McElroy ’15, MLIS’18
Jody Truitt McElroy ’89
Judy O’Hotto McElroy and Mark McElroy
Diana Bathke McGarry ’89
Dolores Donovan McGarry ’54
Jean Ellenbecker McGarry ’75
James W. McGie
Elaine Nelles McGlinch ’57
Mary Beth McGrath ’99
Jennifer J. McGuire ’94
Kathryn Gruber McGuire and Dennis D. McGuire
Susanne Madigan McGuire ’56
Ronee Hendrickson McHendrik ’60
Kenneth J. McInnis
Jill Horning McIntee ’85
Deborah McIntyre
Molly R. McKasy ’04
Kathryn O’Brien McKeag ’87
Kim K. McKeage
Alyssa McKee ’14, MAOT’15
Kirsten McKeever and Kevin McKeever
Shannon McKeever ’17
Dawn M. McKenzie MLIS’02
Ruth Reimer McKenzie ’13
Joan Vogel McKeown ’72
Bridget C. McKinnis ’14
Megan Kohl McKinnon ’00
Patrick McKliget and Debra McKliget
Connie A. McKnight and James H. McKnight
Patricia B. McLaughlin ’01
Kathleen McLean
Peter McLean
Susan C. McLean-Keeney and Philip Keeney
Sarah M. McLennan ’13
Susan Murray McMahon ’63 and William J. McMahon
Mary P. McManmon ’82
James D. McManus ’03 and Sara G. Kerr
Brianna S. McMichael MSN’20
Elizabeth Schwartz McMonigal ’47
Mary Lou Schenewerk McMorrow ’62
Liza Leja McNamara ’20
Mary McNamara
Danielle J. McNeely
Helen Lannon McNeill ’63
Jane C. McNinch
Mary F. McQuillan ’96
Cathleen S. McQuiston ’89
Elaine Jungers McRaith ’46
Mary M. Mcvey and James J. Mcvey
Mary Sabato Mealey ’76
Ann M. Meany
Kathleen B. Medhus
Peggy Kelly Medved ’58
Janet Meehan
Margaret James Meehan MLIS’08
Patricia Mees
Edith Meissner
Laura M. Mejia de Ayala and Artagnan Ayala Quiñones
Lori K. Melberg ’97, MAOL’19
Patricia L. Melby Cert’09
Anne M. Melendez ’11
Carolyn Melin-Risberg
Shirley Neuman Mellen ’53
Anne Schmieg Menden
Diane Mensen
Michelle Eastey Mercado ’97, MAOT’01, OTD’14
Heather Mercer and John Mercer
Douglas Merchant and Barbara Merchant
Barbara Loecken Merchlewicz ’93
Paul Merchlewicz
Sarah Merriman and Donna Geisler
Kari S. Merritt MAHS’10
Sheryl Mertz and Stephen Mertz
William D. Merwin
Catherine Messina and Richard Messina
Joey Metzger
Heather McClung Meuleners MAOT’05
Danielle N. Meyer ’18
Elizabeth J. Meyer ’86
Jennifer K. Meyer ’15
Loretta Meyer
Lorraine A. Meyer
Mary Meyer
Patricia Angelo Meyer ’56
Samantha Meyer ’21, DPT’23
Barbara Bartylla Micek ’77
Gina A. Micek MBA’16
Erin Michaelson-Richie ’06 and Michael Richie
Agnieszka A. Michalak
Constance Gallagher Michaud ’83
Terese A. Michaud ’02
Cindy A. Michel DPT’07 and James T. Michel
Mary Stupka Michel ’74 and Richard L. Michel
Patricia Welsh Michels ’46
Karyn A. Mickelson ’96
MicroEdge, LLC
Christopher Midthun
Dr. Jessica M. Miehe DNP’21
Catherine Mielke ’72
Pamela S. Mielke ’21
Bonnie L. Miesbauer
Erin I. Miles ’10
Janet and Kenneth Miles
Anne Cullen Miller
Christina M. Miller ’10
Corinne C. Miller MAOT’11
Deborah Smith Miller ’81
Faye Miller
Gail Revier Miller ’81, MAOL’03
Jean M. Miller and Robert A. Miller, III
Julene A. Miller
Kathryn R. Miller Cert’03 and Kenneth D. Miller
LaVerne Miller and David Miller
Marianne Fisch Miller Cert’88, Cert’90
Marilyn Miller and Peter Miller
Mark Miller and Corina Miller
Mary Judith Dady Miller ’60
Nadine Vuicich Miller ’97
Nancy E. Miller ’94
Rita L. Miller and Terrance P. Miller
Shannon Stark Miller ’86
Thomas Miller and Mary Ryan-Miller
Patricia Seidl Mills ’51
Sharon Devoy Mills ’64
Margaret Withuski Milner ’88
Joy M. Milos, CSJ
Joan M. Miltenberger
Greg Miltz and Shari Miltz
Madison C. Ming ’18
Sally Ming
Kaira Engdahl Minke ’07
Jody Pietan Minner ’90
Jeremy Minsberg and Matthias Battner
Linda M. Minter ’05, MLIS’11
Stephanie Wolfbauer Miska ’99
Jenna Mistler ’16
Cody A. Misuraca DPT’16
Claire Mitchell and Peter Mitchell
Lauri Myers Mitchell ’05
Sara Mitchell ’12
Sarah B. Mitchell
Pam Mitman
Eileen Mitson and James Mitson
Carly F. Miyamoto ’07
Christina M. Moe
Tracy A. Moe ’05, MNUR’17
Megan E. Moelter Cert’14
William Moffatt
Abigail J. Moffitt
Emelie E. Mohammed ’11
Margaret M. Mohs and Berthold R. Mohs
Johanna A. Mohwinkel and Wayne R. Mohwinkel
Cheryl J. Moir
Mary-Genevieve Moisan ’22, MPH’23
Lisa Moldan and Glen Moldan
Lee M. Moldestad MAT’19, MBA’22
Andria M. Moldzio ’92
Elizabeth C. Molitor ’19
Karen Molitor
Antonia Molosky
Sara Berg Molstad ’86
Yvonne M. Momsen and Robert C. Momsen
John Monari
Karen A. Monskey
Brian C. Monssen
Barb Mueller Montero
Elizabeth Ward Montgomery ’86
Mary Alice Fons Monticelli ’73
Marcie Spencer Moody ’07
Brittany Moore ’17
Caron L. Moore
Edward J. Moore
Glen Moore and Lynn Moore
Irene E. Moore
Katelyn M. Moore ’16, MAED’20
Susan Moore
Mary E. Moos ’63
Maria Moreano Freire ’16
Romain Moreau
Mary L. Moren ’73
Charleen M. Morency
Patricia Moreno
Ardus D. Morgan
Jane Morgan
Kerry Morgan
Michele H. Morgan ’86 and Michelle V. Dibblee
Thomas Morgan
Jane Iverson Moriarty ’83
Jeremy Morin
John Morris and Pamela Morris
Jakiann M. Mork MNUR’09
Pamela Mork
Jeanne Morphew
Nancy Bartosh Morreale ’64
Elizabeth Malecha Morris ’16
Samantha Morris ’15, MSN’20
Tyron Morrison ’20
Deborah J. Morse Cert’16
Winifred Morse and Mark Morse
Carol A. Mortensen Cert’14
Margaret L. Mortensen ’79
Vicki E. Mortensen
Helen O’Dea Moser ’55
William T. Mosso
Jane Sowada Mott ’87
Joyce Motto and Joseph Motto
Mai Chue Moua ’12
See Moua MLIS’19
Sarah Moundanga-Lucka ’15
Heather Moy
Mueni C. Mualuko MNUR’12
Kerry A. Much MAED’06
Christine C. Muegge
Jule M. Muegge ’15
Margie J. Muelhaupt
Jodi Biederwolf Mueller ’17
Meri Jo Mueller and John Mueller
Kenneth Mukamal and Gale Fiarman
Elizabeth Mulcahy
M. Ruth Mulcahy
Mullally Contracting, Inc.
Jane A. Mullarky
Sharon Hebig Muller ’05, MNUR’07
Nancy Mullins and Mitchell Mullins
Deanne Mullner ’86
Susan Froemming Mundahl ’89
Kimberly V. Muñoz ’12
Katherine E. Mura and James W. Neher
Anne M. Murphy MAOT’14
Brian Murphy and Jan Martland
Camille Tome Murphy ’79
Carol Racine Murphy ’67
Charlene Berg Murphy
Grace Fooshe Murphy ’41
John Murphy and Anne Murphy
Marianne Bell Murphy ’54
Maureen Fitzpatrick Murphy ’82
Patricia Murphy, CSJ, ’66
Shannon Eichler Murphy ’02, MAOL’21
Virginia Donahue Murphy ’64, MAOL’89
Mary Elizabeth Murray
Mary Lou Murray, CSJ, ’59
Jane Pates Muske ’98 and Mike Muske
Kristen L. Musto
Judith Burns Muyres ’63
Leslie Muzulu ’13
My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc.
Kimberly L. Myers
Margaret Weiland Myers ’02
Margaret Sanborn Myhre Cert’15
Teresa Langer Myhre ’05
Emily Goltz Myklebust
Melaine M. Myklebust MAED’13
Jennifer Kimball Nadeau ’89
Patricia Stepan Nakladal ’55
Linda Napier, CSJ, ’66
Martha A. Nash
National Fuel Gas Company Foundation
Mary Selly Navarro ’80 and Raymond Navarro
NCCI Holdings, Inc.
Kona Lee Necklen ’07 and Mark Necklen
Karen Needham ’63, MAED’99
Patricia S. Neer
John Negri
Barbara J. Neihart and Kenneth J. Neihart
Lisa Nekich and Michael Nekich
Erika K. Nell MBA’22
Sara Thorstenson Nelsen Cert’93
Alaine Clawson Nelson ’09
Ann Totzke Nelson ’98
Barbara J. Nelson
Cassie L. Nelson
Catherine Tisel Nelson ’76, Cert’90
Cristine Brandel Nelson ’93, MSW’99
David Nelson and Jennifer Nelson
Debra A. Nelson ’11
Denise Bollinger Nelson ’20
Donna M. Nelson
Ellen K. Nelson
Gertrud Mueller Nelson ’58
Glenda Nelson
Gloria A. Nelson ’71
Jeaneen Nelson and Daryl Nelson
Kailen Nelson
Katelin E. Nelson ’13
Kathleen R. Nelson
Kay L. Nelson
Kayla N. Nelson
Kristi Nelson and Todd Nelson
Margaret S. Nelson ’12
Mary E. Nelson
Pamela R. Nelson ’88
Patricia Nelson
Shane Nelson and Callie Nelson
Shirley A. Nelson
Susan R. Nelson
Susanne B. Nelson
Todd G. Nelson and Sandra K. Cremeans
Nancy Nerby
Mary Jean Strobel Neren ’78
Nancy Garvey Nesbit ’86
Kathleen R. Nesheim
Katherine Ness and David Ness
Danielle M. Nester ’18
Joseph and Evaleen Neufeld Charitable Foundation
Cachel Hoglund Newbauer ’06, MAT’17 and Edward T. Newbauer
Mary Dooley Newcomb ’65
Benjamin C. Newlin
Monty Newman
Jacqueline Newton
Katharine Colby Newton ’77
Makabongwe C. Ngulube ’16, MPH’21
Jacqueline T. Nguyen ’17, MAOT’19
Ngoc L. Nguyen ’15
Robyn Lunda Nguyen ’03
Tracy Nguyen ’17
Yen Nguyen
Sarah D. Niaz ’12
Liz Niblock and Don Niblock
Mary Brose Nichol ’76
Doris A. Nichols
Shelley M. Nichols ’81
Susan Stoffel Nichols ’83 and William F. Nichols
H. Anne Nicholson ’95 and Michael P. O’Shea
Gayle Bliss Nielsen ’06
Jake Nielsen
Mary C. Nielsen and Irving C. Nielsen
Roxanne M. Nielsen ’12
Valerie Neiman Nielsen Cert’84
Sophia N. Niemeyer ’16
Mary C. Nienow
Jean H. Nierenhausen
Germana Portesan Nijim ’63
Mary Nikolai and James Nikolai
Shirley Nilsen and John Nilsen
Sylvia E. Nissila
Carla C. Nitti ’83
Denise Henry Nix ’84
Mary Lou Landman Nixon ’70
Ruth Noack
Andrew D. Noble MAOT’20
Christine Cole Noel ’74
Rochele Noël-Gray
Timothy R. Nolan and Julie A. Nolan
Earl Nolting
David Noone and Jennifer Noone
Marjorie Noonsong
Jayne E. Nord ’10
Carol Nordgaard
Jane Nordhorn MAOL’11
Kathleen I. Nordstrom ’23
Bailey Smith Norgren ’13
Rebecca R. Norlien MLIS’01
Colette Zender Norman ’52
Maya N. Norman ’19
Rebecca Munson Norman
Keeley K. Norton MAOL’21
Mary Haugen Noska ’95
Dorothy Scully Noud ’66
Danielle Novack ’15
Karen Novak
Karen Running Novotny ’63
Mandy Maurer Novotny ’03
Carroll J. Nugent
Elizabeth W. Numrich ’03
Sue E. Nyberg and Charles D. Nyberg
Dorothy M. Nyholt
Tenzin Nyima ’20
Kathryn Desnoyers Nylander ’68
Karen Wussow Oakland ’86
Erin L. Oakley
Kathryn Adam Oakley
Melody A. Oaks MAOT’17
Rosalyn J. Obando Dahlman MLIS’11
Anne E. Oberbeck
Gregory M. Obermueller
Kathleen Obermueller
Sara and Michael Obermueller
Laura Schmaltz Oberst and Peter J. Oberst
Deborah Jorgensen Obey ’82
Catherine Moroni O’Brien ’59
Louanne Krech O’Brien ’93
Mary Jo O’Brien and Daniel R. O’Brien
Susan O’Brien
Amanda Domogalla O’Connor ’12
Barbara L. O’Connor
Christine M. O’Connor
Eileen O’Connor ’73
Eileen M. O’Connor and Ralph L. Day
Eileen Leahy Odean ’48
Diane M. Odeen
Dolores Odland
Mary Lou Schroeder O’Donnell ’61
Margaret Malloy Oehlenschlager ’68
Julie A. Oestreich
Office Service
Brittany A. Ogbeifun ’19
Susan N. Ogulla ’06
Adenike S. Ogunrinde Cert’05
Marjorie Kellogg O’Hara
Mary Schug Ohman ’87
Linda R. Oie
O’Kane & Monssen Family Dentistry
Angela O’Neill O’Keefe ’52
Beth Albrecht O’Keefe ’97
Kelly O’Keefe
Thomas P. O’Keefe and Pamela J. O’Keefe
Nancy Okerlund
Lisa M. Okerstrom MBA’16 and Thomas Okerstrom
Danielle R. Okin
Marjorie J. Oknick ’80
Abimbola M. Olawale MBA’23, DNP’23
Alisha Adams Olcott ’97, MLIS’05
Megan Oldakowski ’17
Peggy A. O’Leary, CSJ, ’59
Jennifer Olesen
Dorothy Ollmann
Margaret Schneider O’Loughlin ’56
Anna C. Olsen ’11
Debra Olsen and Paul Olsen
Jasey Porter Olsen ’07, DPT’11
Judy Olsen
Judy M. Olsen
Kathleen Olsen
Susan Kinney Olsen and Trygve W. Olsen
Abigail Thompson Olson
Barbara K. Olson MSW’01
Cynthia K. Olson MAOL’03
Dean M. Olson and Marsha L. Olson
Mary Ellen Olson and Don Olson
Ellen Durand Olson ’80
Gayla Russ Olson ’90
Heather Steen Olson ’89
Jane McNamara Olson ’59
Josephine V. Olson
Joshua J. Olson MAED’10
Karen M. Olson
Kathleen A. Olson
Kathleen Rivard Olson ’87
Larissa Olson ’08, MNUR’19
Lauren Olson ’14
Mary T. Olson and Douglas J. Olson
Mary T. Olson
Nancy J. Olson and James A. Olson
Patricia Leaman Olson ’83
Taylor T. Olson MBA’19
Vanessa R. Olson ’19
Judith A. Olson-Neary, CPA, LLC
Susan Armstrong O’Malley ’67
Gail Ruth Onan
Konnie O’Neil
Mary Hennessey O’Neill ’67
Melissa J. Onyango-Robshaw and Christopher P. Onyango-Robshaw
Barbara J. Opitz
Olusola E. Orimogunje ’16
Mary Kay Keis O’Rourke ’73
Tad Orstad
Sirena M. Ortega ’13
Susan J. Osacho ’01
Molly Oscarson
Chad Osgood
Eric and Jeanne Osgood
Eric D. Osgood and Jeanne H. Osgood
Ahmed G. Osman ’19
Erin F. Osmundson MNUR’13
Catherine Weyrens Ossell ’87
Ingrid N. Ostenaa ’01
Brenda Oster
Sara A. Oster ’16
Mary Beth Ostrom
Paula Purdy Ostrom and Steven Ostrom
Kristine Daniel Otte ’07, MAOL’13
Brenda M. Otto
Kathleen R. Otto and Stephen E. Otto
Larry G. Ousterling and Ann Ousterling
Linda K. Overton
Latrinka L. Owens ’11
Sheila Owens
Anne Sadowski Owsowitz ’84
Nicole D. Ozel
Teresa Pabst-Godbout
James R. Packard
Jenna Padula ’21
Christina R. Paik ’13
Jennifer M. Paist ’94
Mary Palen-Clare and W. Scott Clare
Joseph P. Pallansch
Kathy Pallansch
Leslie K. Palm Cert’17
Barbara Washtock Palmer ’60
Nancy Palmer
Annette Palumbo ’77
Sandra K. Panchot MAOL’10
Elisabeth S. Paper
Joanna Paprocka and Gregory Paprocki
Veronika Paprocka ’18
Dora Parenti
Susan Parenti and Jim Parenti
Anna Parham
Polina Parker and Vladimir Parker
Marlene Streiff Parkis ’73
Barry L. Parnas ’16
Danielle Parpart ’15
Jean Reitter Parsons ’92, DNP’22
Sharon L. Parsons and Richard A. Parsons
Louisa Lynn Paschal ’86
Julie A. Pasell and Steve Pasell
Dennis Passa and Norma Passa
JoAnn R. Pastorius and John C. Pastorius
Kathleen Borowicz Pate ’74
Ann Arvanitis Pathos ’51
Virginia McCurdy Patricelli ’05
Kathleen Patten-Marsh ’86
Kerrie Brittain Patterson ’08
Mary L. Patti
Barbara A. Paulson ’89
David C. Paulson and Mary M. Paulson
Wendy Otto Paulson ’83
Jean Terhaar Pauly ’09
Tamera Pazdera and Randall Verkerke
Richard J. Peacha and Nancy A. Peacha
Diane Hughes Pearson ’69
Jennifer Ernst Pearson ’14, DPT’18
Amy L. Peavey ’13
Anna C. Pedersen ’17, DPT’20
Lois Pedersen and Bill Pedersen
Suzann Pederson and Dion Pederson
Barbara A. Peham ’97
Megan M. Peine MSN’19
Susan Oliver Pellant ’65
Patricia Kreul Peloquin ’93
Lituania Pena and Oscar Pena
Gloria Penaloza ’09, MAOL’18
Jacqueline Trudell Pendergast ’58 and Robert E. Pendergast
Timothy R. Peper
Marta I. Pereira Cert’16
Trisha L. Perez ’04
John R. Periolat
Jeanne Walton Perna ’53
Lisa M. Perri and Gregg L. Perri
Perry Mound Rentals
Pamela Grelson Perry MAED’04
Lori S. Persaud Radunz ’01
Sharon Therese-Johnson Peter and Charles G. Peter
Aadam Peters
Celia M. Peters ’13
Karen Nistler Peters ’78
Kelly Ellingham Petersen ’89
Marlyss A. Petersen
Ann W. Peterson and Warren E. Peterson
Berit B. Peterson
Beth Kloyda Peterson MSW’02 and Mark Peterson
Danielle L. Peterson ’17
Donald Peterson and Marion Peterson
Emily Novak Peterson ’08
Jeannette Lundak Peterson ’90
Jennifer J. Peterson ’18
Kathleen Schrempp Peterson ’11
Maureen Shadle Peterson ’69
Michael C. Peterson
Neil Peterson
Renee J. Peterson
Sandy Peterson and David Peterson
Sara Peterson
Tammie Martineau Peterson ’04
Virginia A. Peterson and Darrell L. Peterson
Susanne M. Petrich and Mike Petrich
Martha Burnett Pettee ’77
Patricia Lama Pettis ’03
Cynthia Willette Petty ’85
Jill Peyrot
Leslie Covington Pfaff ’82
Sayphet Phabmisay
Somphou S. Phabmisay
Tha Phabmisay
Cynthia Phelan and Richard Phelan
Millie Philipp
Angela M. Phillips
Isabelle Robinson Phillips ’69
Jan Malcolm Phillips and Janet J. Phillips
Laurie Phillips
Mary Jo Phillips and David Phillips
Susan T. Phillips and Bill Phillips
Stephanie L. Piche ’06, MNUR’17
Sheila Picht and Jamey Picht
Margaret Healy Pickard
Diane Pidde ’72
Bridget Neubauer Pieper ’73
Louise Pelletier Pieper ’80
Patricia A. Pierce
Kristi J. Pierro and John H. Pierro
Judy A. Pierson and Neil Pierson
Jeanne M. Pietrini
Mary Anne Menard Pietrzykowski ’57 and Anthony D. Pietrzykowski
Megan E. Pioske ’18
Molly Pirjevec
M. Denise Michel Pitzl ’73
Cynthia R. Pivec MNUR’11
Alan Pizer
Mary Lu Rachac Plante ’55
Laurie A. Platt
Mary Sue Best Plocher ’65
Mari Plouf ’54
Plus Delta Partners
Bradley J. Pluth
Jean Mahowald Pociengel ’99 and William A. Pociengel
Lisa Hiniker Pocrnich ’80
Kathleen M. Pohlod
Janet A. Polasky and Ralph A. Polasky
Lois Polenz
Mary J. Polfliet and Donald Polfliet
Anne R. Pollock MLIS’16
Jodi Pope and Tim Wong
Debra Popp ’79
Lisa Popp ’81, Cert’99
Hannah M. Porter ’16
Portraits In Song
Maria Posada and Hernando Bedoya
Ronni G. Posnansky and Neil Posnansky
Andy R. Poterucha
Lorene Thompson Pothen ’61 and William H. Pothen
Karen Potter-Jaecks and Steve Jaecks
Anna Potts ’22
Christopher A. Potts and Shelly R. Potts
Jill Baker Pouh ’96
Julianne Poupore MAHS’17
Kevin C. Powell
Marilyn Sexton Powers ’85
Renisha Prakasim ’23
Peggy E. Prall
Shaina Nicole Praska ’07
Joanne Hawkins Prazak ’58
Sharon Pollnow Prebonich ’64
Presentation Sisters
Sara M. Preston ’99
Mary Anne Pretzel ’79
Thomas K. Price
Madeleine L. Primmer
Alexandra Prince
Cynthia A. Prince
Sharon Auth Prissel ’59
Michele Trombley Prom ’79, MLIS’07
Kathryn L. Proper ’21
Prudential Financial, Inc.
Gretchen Kahlstorf Pruett ’04 and Jason S. Pruett
Lynn M. Prust Cert’10
Dave Ptaszek
Joanna Pucel
Justine Pugaczewski
Kelli M. Puhl
Jennifer L. Pulscher DPT’15
John Purcell and Jeanette Purcell
Kathleen McDonald Purcell ’45
Peggy Friesen Purdie ’88
Mary Elizabeth Handevidt Purdie ’89
Pure Storage, Inc.
Inken K. Purvis MLIS’05
Sharon Quam and Daniel Quam
Jo E. Quanbeck
Theresa Tersteeg Quandt ’74
Mary J. Quesnel
Elizabeth A. Quigley and Jerry Quigley
Sara Moody Quinn ’05
Theresa A. Quinn-Accurso
Wendy D. Quito ’20
R & S Properties
Joanne Wallerius Rabatin
Pietrina Raccuglia
Terese A. Radford and James A. Radford
Elizabeth Radtke-Petri ’84
Mira Radulovic ’05
Judith Sarah Rae
Sandra Trevio Rae ’94
Raw Raen ’20
James Rafferty
Leslie Kolling Rager and Jeffrey Rager
Lisa A. Ragozzino ’84
Annabelle Raiche, CSJ, ’60
Dorothy Dubuque Rakoczy ’51
Sallie Gray Raleigh ’64
Caitlyn E. Ramberg ’13
Margaret Kearney Ramirez ’72
Rose Ramirez
Erica J. Ramisch ’00, MAED’05
Mary Brown Ramon ’94
Frances Spescha Ramsden
Grace I. Ramseyer
Christyann Ranck
Dennis T. Rankin
Sandeep Rao
Patricia Rasch
Wendy S. Raschke ’82
Betty Rasmussen ’69
Emma C. Rasmussen ’14
Lydia Edwards Rasmussen ’13
Maryann Rasmussen
Monica Millsap Rasmussen ’99
Tracy M. Rasmussen ’16
Laurie Rasmusson
Jane E. Rasner MSN’19
Clarence A. Rasquinha
Niya L. Necklen Rassett ’18
Kathleen M. Ratican
Susanne R. Rattner
Lisa J. Rawlins MSW’17
Roxanne Rawson
Alicia Monsalve Ray ’97, MPT’00
Jo Ann Bicha Raymond ’84
Ann Styrbicki Reagan ’88
Kay Reavely
Reboot Design, LLC
Christa Carter Reckner ’08
James E. Redding and Nancy M. Redding
Pam Reding and Bill Reding
Ann Redmond, CSJ, ’62
Ashley M. Reece MAED’12
Mallory Schwarzrock Reed ’09
Robert L. Reed and Mary C. Reed
Monique Letourneau Rees ’00
Eric Rehnberg
Gretchen Litchy Reid ’63
Monica Pemsl Reid ’87
Laura A. Reidell ’12
Ann T. Reilly
Barbara Robinson Reilly ’94
Brandi Reilly MNUR’18
Lauren Rein ’18, MSN’21
M. Suzanne Reinartz
Kathleen Reiners and David Reiners
Rebecca S. Reiners ’89
Mary Reinert
Susan M. Reinhardt ’93
Joellyn Medved Reinke ’00
Patricia Huber Reinke ’69
Karen Reinschmidt and David Reinschmidt
Mary Frances Reis, VHM, ’63
Judy A. Reitmeyer-Hunt PNP-Cert’12
Teri Reitz and Shawn Reitz
Kristie Olsen Remick ’01, MAED’13
Deborah Kaufhold Remillard ’79
Katherine Perrier Remus ’90
Raine Remy de Campeau Cert’23 and Christophe Remy de Campeau
Catherine Hoesel Renfrow ’96
Audrey R. Renner
Jennifer Rensch
Justine M. Rethlake
Corrine A. Retzlaff
Linda Reuben ’82
Jovan Krall Reyerson ’00
Katherine A. Rhoades and Bruce C. Rhoades
Shannon M. Rhoades and Christopher R. Rhoades
Janet Denkmann Rhodes and Charles E. Rhodes
Sarah J. Rhodes MSW’21
Patricia A. Ricci
Karla Klassen Rice ’97
Sheila Jarvis Rice
Gay Lynn Richards DNP’12
Cassandra I. Richardson ’02
Lisa M. Richardson
Robin Richardson
Margaret M. Richer and Keith W. Richer
Mary C. Richmond and Wayne A. Richmond
Naima Richmond
Janine M. Ricker MAT’08
Kathleen D. Rickert MLIS’95, MAOL’06
Amy Springer Riegelman MLIS’07
Lori J. Riehl MAED’04
Tami Jansky Rieland ’86
Nancy Soller Riesgraf ’75
Anne Falvey Riggs ’61
Katie Brand Riitters and Tom Riitters
Cheryl Rineck and Roger Rineck
Gary J. Ringus and Lynnae M. Ringus
Candy C. Rinowski
Nicholas L. Riordan MLIS’19
Sue Ripp and Kenneth Ripp
Rudolph J. Ripple
Edis F. Risser and Laurence E. Risser
Sarah E. Ritter ’23
James RIvard and Judith Rivard
Claudia Rivas Rodriguez ’23
Joan C. Roach
Margaret E. Roach
Carol Landis Robb ’57
Susan Robbins
Jamilyn M. Robeck ’04
Robert Half International
Christi Roberts
Rhonda R. Roberts
Glenda Robicheau MAHS’17
Mary Robbins
Christine M. Robinson and Richard B. Robinson
Mary Elizabeth Robinson
Octavian E. Robinson
Patricia Dorr Robinson ’56
Stephanie Lesko Robinson ’08
Kriss Middleton Robke MSW’97
Charlotte L. Robledo
Claire Klingelhutz Robling ’78
Jennifer A. Rocha ’15
George R. Rochefort and Patricia A. Rochefort
Geraldine Rockett, PhD PLLC
Shannon C. Rode and Philip J. Rode
Kendra Adams Rodel ’89
Catherine Ryan Rodgers ’72
Robin Montpetit Rodgers ’83
Katie Rodney
Jessica Rodriguez
Sarah Zappa Rodriguez ’95, MNUR’13, DNP’23
Jon A. Roeder
Michael Roeller
John Roemer and Tonia Garofalo Roemer
Cheryl Lesmeister Roepke ’68
Roessler Public Relations LLC
Judith Brandt Roettger ’60 and Roger D. Roettger
Amy Rogan-Mehta ’04
Karen A. Rogers ’79
Donna J. Roles
Annabella Romer ’83
Rita M. Ronayne ’50
Mary Susan Ronchak ’86
Jean Ronning
Cassandra A. Rooney ’14
Karen Kenna Rooney ’67
Onna Marie Roosmalen ’13
Donna J. Roost ’12
Mary-Lynne Rosauer ’88
Joy Rose
Sarah Kay Rose ’07
Sharon Rose
Sheryl Venable Rose MAOL’08 and Philip J. Rose Cert’83
Stacie Marie Rose and Tad Martin Rose
Rusty M. Rose-Dixon ’20, MSW’21
William Rosen and Margaret A. Rosen
Emily M. Rosenau
Sandra L. Rosenberg and Bert Rosenberg
Daniel Rosenburg
Madeline Rosinsky
Christopher J. Ross
Gloria J. Ross ’78
Jill Ross and Robert Ross
Lori K. Ross and Thomas J. Ross
Matthew P. Ross ’19
Karin Rossi
Linda S. Rosso ’17
Kaye Winton Rosvold ’17
Dana Roth and James Roth
Louise Sonnen Roth ’64
Margaret Griffin Roth ’54
Rebecca A. Rothmeier ’09
Cynthia L. Rothstein
Lacey R. Rotier ’10, MLIS’14
Mary Kay Mayers Rottach ’67
Rochelle E. Rottenberg
Charlene Roufs
Mary Joan Rourke ’51
Diana J. Rouse and William J. Rouse
Mary M. Rowan ’78
Mary Steffel Rowan ’74 and John W. Rowan
Gretchen Rowe and Rodney Toogood
Kelly M. Rowe and Jean J. Rowe
Rahul Roy
Greg Rubenzer
Janet R. Rudd
Linda K. Ruddle ’71
Mary Kay Rudeen and Al Rudeen
Brynn M. Rudie ’19
Barbara Rueb and Christopher Rueb
Kirsten Ruen
Amber Statz Ruff MSW’15
Ann M. Ruff
Gary Rufsvold and Cynthia Rufsvold
Patricia A. Rummage
Paul D. Rumpza
Robert J. Rumpza
Constance Rumreich ’61
Karen J. Runestrand and Lowell D. Runestrand
Suzanne E. Runte ’70
Christine Shiely Runyon ’71
Judith Rush
Susan A. Rush ’82
Jane Rushton ’67
Kathleen McNamee Russell ’01
Paula E. Russell ’16
Karla R. Rust MLIS’96
Jan R. Ruth-Estis ’88
Gail Rutledge and James Rutledge
Molly R. Rutledge ’20
Beverly Steffen Ryan ’79, MSW’93
Cameron Ryan
Eileen M. Ryan ’84
Erin Andersen Ryan ’07
Margaret Hawley Ryan ’91
Mary Ann Ryan
Patricia Ryan ’73, MNUR’00
Renee Learn Ryan ’03, MAOL’13
Susan M. Ryan
Timothy Ryan
Sarah Ryan-Wood and Wayne Wood
Laura Rydberg and Robert Rydberg
Muriel Ryden
Maham Saad MHI’21
Michelle M. Saari ’96
Carol Simonson Sadlemyer ’73
Michal Sagar
Ilene B. Saginor and David B. Saginor
Susan K. Saine
Sadia A. Salad ’16
Adam Salazar
Catherine Hughes Salchow ’81
Bryan Salgado
Ronald Sallerson and Karen Sallerson
Julie Aretz Salmen ’80, MLIS’11 and Richard C. Salmen
Rochelle Pederson Salmore ’67
Fatima M. Sami ’98
Camille Sterner Sampers ’81
Mary Ellen Samuelson
Melissa A. Sanchez ’01
Sandra Hauenstein Sanchez ’73
Delorianne Ross Sander ’13, MAOT’21
Donna Sanders
Lynne A. Sanders ’21
Amanda L. Sanderson MAED’12
Wendy S. Sanderson
Maureen Russett Sandgren ’76
Kristina Klumb Sandve ’88 and Timothy R. Sandve
Alicia Sandy
Shirley J. Sanon Cert’09
Monica Drabik Santella ’85
Meri Goode Santos ’14
Laura McKean Saparilla ’77
Michael Saracouli ’04
A. Lori Haidri Saroya ’07
Fran Sather
Naeela K. Sattar Cert’09, MAED’10
Colleen Mary Sauber
Sue Needham Sauer ’70
Linda W. Saumer MAED’09
Clare F. Saunders ’13
Patricia Bratnober Saunders
Samantha H. Savoie ’08, MAED’22
Janet N. Sawitzke and Steven R. Sawitzke
Judith Holen Sawyer ’95 and Lawrence H. Sawyer
Stephanie Sawyer
Shari Sayles
Deborah Green Sazdoff ’71
Catherine C. Scallen
Sharon A.F. Scanlon and John J. Scanlon III
Mary Anne Carolin Scarborough ’79
Susan M. Schaaf ’91
Janice Shaughnessy Schachtman MSW’07
Rochelle R. Schadegg ’14
Elizabeth A. Schaefer
Nancy Osborne Schaefer ’98
Rose M. Schaefer ’84
Shayna L. Schaefer MSW’98
Lois Hartl Schafer ’70
Jacquelyn Eissinger Schaffer ’71
Sara Schafhauser-Wright ’09
Nancy C. Schaible
Kristin Porter Schaitberger ’80 and Charles C. Schaitberger
Kharmia L. Schanks ’20
Helen J. Schatzlein
Megan Scheffert ’17
Judith Scheid ’89 and Leif Christensen
Katelyn A. Schenkelberg ’14
Sue Scherbenske and Vern Scherbenske
Maren K. Scherber and Paul J. Scherber
Jennifer A. Schewe
Lynne Schibbelhut
Ann Rolfson Schiefert ’66
Elizabeth M. Schiferl MAED’05
Mary T. Schiller
Lee Ann Schimnowski
Melissa A. Schimnowski and Paul D. Schimnowski
Judi Schindele and Rodney Schindele
Elizabeth Coyle Schindler ’91
Sandra Tupy Schiprett ’94, MSW’01
Peggy C. Schjeldahl Cert’09, MAED’10
Derek Schlager MAED’16
Tara M. Schletz MAED’14
Ashanti R. Schlichenmayer ’17
Peggy Schlosser
Michelle Droogsma Schluender ’02, MPT’04, DPT’05
Patricia Schluender and Leo Schluender
Susan M. Schlueter ’11
Vicky Maliszewski Schluter MLIS’05
Anne Ackerman Schmid ’47
Annette F. Schmidt ’03 and Dennis D. Schmidt
Beth A. Schmidt ’90
Heidi Ellen Schmidt
Julie Schmidt and David Prentiss
Kristina Green Schmidt ’91
Lawrence Schmidt
Marianne George Schmidt ’89
Nicole L. Schmidt MAOT’13
Philip G. Schmidt
Resa Rashleger Schmidt MPT’97
Audrey C. Schmitt
Lynn Schmitt and Bill Schmitt
Kay M. Schmitz ’13
Mary Campbell Schmitz ’85
Connie Frank Schmoll ’95
Patricia Wallenta Schmoll ’57
Margaret Schmoller
Keith Schneck ’75
Joan Lacika Schneebeli ’80 and Ralph S. Schneebeli
Cheryl B. Schneider
Donna M. Schneider MNUR’00, DNP’11
Elizabeth Norell Schneider ’85
Jean Swenson Schneider ’68
Jeffrey Schneider
Mary A. Schneider Cert’88
Michelle Rydjord Schneider ’91
Kristin Bauer Schneiderhan ’94
Joy M. Schober ’77
Janelle Kroll Schoenbauer ’73
Mildred Mach Schoenbauer ’50
Mary Ann Schokmiller and Gary Schokmiller
Mary Ellen Scholl ’74
Joyce M. Schommer and Patrick J. Schommer
School Sisters of Notre Dame
Cheryl A. Schoonover
Deborah Schoonover and Gary Schoonover
Coral Dee Schorr and William Schorr
Erin Schoumaker
Catherine Schreck
Aimee L. Schreiber MLIS’14
Angela Schreiber, CSJ, ’58, MAT’97
Susan Diethelm Schrempp ’70
Ann M. Schroeder MSW’18
Harriet M. Schroeder
Jennifer Burbage Schroeder ’92
Jane Maland Schroeher ’75
Eric C. Schubert and Mary Beth Schubert
Diane Schuessler and Kevin Schuessler
Janine M. Schug ’15
Johanna Wherley Schug Cert’97
Amy E. Schult MLIS’07
Anita L. Schulte and Joseph B. Schulte
Patsy Schulte Cert’91
Susan Schulte
Brenda K. Schultz ’78
Dawn Patnode Schultz ’78
Jonathan A. Schultz
Kelly Schultz
Linda R. Schultz
Mary Katherine Marschall Schultz ’94
Michael Schultz
Gigi Fourre Schumacher
Kathleen H. Schur and Joseph P. Schur
Janet Schuster
Katherine A. Schuster MSW’11
Steven P. Schuster
Vicki K. Schutt
Susan K. Schwab MSW’12
Julie Schwalbach and Tom Schwalbach
William K. Schwartau and Pamela S. Schwartau
Anne Brockman Schwartz ’84
Laureen A. Schwartz Cert’09
Michaela K. Schwartz MPAS’18
Christine Lesniak Schwarz ’94 and Andrew Schwarz
Isabelle Gomez Schwarz ’15
Derek Schwarzrock
Connie R. Schwegman ’78
Rachael Jansen Schwendig ’48
Barbara M. Schwengler
Jeff Schwichtenberg
Meghan Schwinghammer and Joseph Schwinghammer
Rebecca L. Scott
Sheila A. Scott ’80
Gabrielle S. Scundi ’17
Linda Seebauer Hansen
Todd M. Seeger and Margie V. Seeger
Marianne Seekamp ’89
Jennifer Ettinger Segal ’18
Marian Segall
Laurel F. Seidl
Mary D. Seifert ’88
Mary R. Seim ’88
Marie Herbert Seiter, CSJ, ’60
Rosella M. Seiwert
Mona M. Selim ’86
Sharlet Girtz Selinger-Lewis ’63
Kennedy S. Sellers
Ann Szymanski Sellman ’82
Vicki Sellner ’70
Susan Candis Seningen and Ronald P. Seningen
Mary Kavanagh Sennott ’52
Servants of Mary
Cecilia A. Sevart and James A. Sevart
Michele Joyce Sexton ’73
Christine Seymour and Robert Seymour
Kay Shaffler
Nancy M. Shallcross Cert’89
Michael O. Shamblin
Jerald Shannon and Leona Shannon
Jessica M. Shannon ’11
Patrick L. Shannon
Katherine A. Shaw ’88
Natalie L. Shaw ’93
Susan D. Shaw and Timothy A. Shaw
Miriam Shea, CSJ, ’58
Jeanette Sheady
Margaret Shearen ’88
Ruth Shelton and Frank Shelton
Lucy Wade Shepard
Melissa S. Shepard MAED’07 and Michael Shepard
Celina J. Sheppeck
Marcia Allard Sheppleman ’70
Angela Sherer
Mary Wilfahrt Sheridan ’73
Mary Phillippi Sherin ’54
Christine Schmitt Sherman ’00, MAED’06
Michelle E. Sherman Cert’22
Ann Mulhern Shields ’79 and Brian Shields
Mechele Shipman and Tom Shipman
Melanie J. Shirley MAOL’13
Layne Sheldon Shock ’97
Stephen Shoen
Jennifer Lehmann Shoop ’16
Henry E. Shore MLIS’07
Michele L. Showers ’09
Sandra E. Shumway
Maureen Shurson
Denise C. Siedow ’02
Ann Marie Nelson Siegel MAED’96
Danuta B. Siemak
Rebecca Fischer Sienko ’81
Vincent I. Sike ’12
Kelly A. Sikkink MAOL’12
Shirley Sillman
Robert Silvagni and Carol O’Boyle
Robin L. Silverman
Janet Lee Silvers and William Frederick Silvers
Colleen Knight Simcoe ’85
Eleanor McGowan Simcoe ’59
Margaret Michel Simenson ’75
Laura M. Amble Simon ’86
Elaine Sandkamp Simone ’47
Edward W. Simonet and Anne L. Simonet
Kati Gietzen Simons ’86
Elizabeth T. Simons and Gary R. Simons
Nicole Prouty Simons ’97
Claire Simonson
Cooper H. Simon-Tobin MAED’11
Nora Simpson and William Simpson
Patricia Olsen Simpson ’67
Suzanne Singer ’84
Mailee Y. Singhathip ’12
Debra Wells Sinna ’77
Gary J. Sirek and Katherine A. Sirek
Ginger L. Sisco
Gary Sisler and Suzannah Sisler
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Los Angeles Province
Sisters of St. Joseph of Wichita
Virginia C. Sitzer and Michael E. Sitzer
Susan Bevers Sitzmann ’75
Janet Klassen Sivanich-Thull ’59
Christine M. Skemp ’79
Barbara Skierecki ’62
Bethany C. Skinner MAOT’17
Jessica L. Skjonsby MPH’19
Donna Sklar, CSJ, ’58, Cert’91
Cheryl Blonigen Sladek ’87
Ann D. Slettum ’89, MLIS’12
Anne M. Slind and Marvin G. Slind
Mary M. Slind
Lynn Goblirsch Slone ’93
Heather Roeschlein Smedstad ’02, MAOL’10
Amy A. Smisek ’92
Anita Smisek, OP, ’63
Evelyn Madera Smisek ’70
Alexx N. Smith ’16
Barbara Bertrand Smith ’67
Christy Milz Smith ’04, Cert’07
Jill Jones Smith ’00
Joan Smith ’81 and David Singer
John D. Smith ’92 and Sigrid K. Smith
Julie Smith and Marc Smith
Kayla N. Smith ’13
Mary Anne Smith and C. Kenneth Smith
Megan Soulak Smith ’03
Peter Smith and Lisa Smith
Ryan D. Smith
Samantha L. Smith ’16
Stephanie Norell Smith ’03, MAOT’05
Susan Brown Smith ’88
Jaleeza Martin Smith-Breedlove ’12 and Terrance Smith-Breedlove
Agatha B. Smolecki ’93
Donald Smude and Rhonda Smude
Maura T. Smyth MLIS’04
Wayne A. Snetting
Amelia E. Sneve ’14
Andrea Hageman Snook and Thomas C. Snook
Janice Steingrueb Snortum ’72
Kathryn A. Snyder and Ronald J. Snyder
Peg Mortinson Snyder ’63
Laura Sobiech
Rosemary I. Socha ’15
Sociable Cider Werks
Debra Grandprey Sodman ’97
Christina Sogn and Jay Sogn
Dale Sogn and Janet Sogn
Mary P. Soher, OP
Patricia A. Solfest
Emily Soltis MLIS’15
Joan Stanton Soltis ’91
Virginia South Solyntjes ’49
Marge C. Sonju
James B. Sontag
Kris Sorenson
Brittany E. Sorgenfrie ’16
Theresa Sorteberg ’81
Cecilia L. Soseman
Riley Sotnyk
Isolina D. Soto
Nalynn Soulatha
Heidi Jo Kupczyk Sovacool ’96
Mary Stumpf Spangler ’69
Kristine Larsen Spanier MLIS’00
Ann Sparks
Ryann M. Sparrow
Melissa Hebrank Speakman ’14
Kristie Bronson Spellings ’09
Anita Mescher Speltz ’59
Sharon Spicer
Mary Margaret Spiering ’79
Mary Lou Kostolnik Spies ’64
Thomas Spohn and Elizabeth Spohn
Emily M. Spott ’08
Deborah M. Spotts
Jodi E. Sprenger ’07
Ruth Spring ’81
St. Paul Saints Baseball Club, Inc.
St. Paul’s Monastery
Betty Hurley St. John ’53
Deborah St. Marie and William C. St. Marie
Brenda Sandeen Stabenow ’06
Jessica L. Stageberg MNUR’14, DNP’23
Diane M. Stahl
Joan Barnes Stahlmann Cert’02
Sally J. Stahmer and Loren G. Stahmer
Mary Theresa Stalter-Gulling
Robert Stamp
Sharon R. Stang ’01
Stacie L. Stanley ’02, MAED’05
Sandra L. Stanton
Starbucks Coffee
Patricia Stark and David Stark
Tom Stark
Margaret Glynn Stary
Kelly Staten
Julie A. Stauffer ’95, MSW’00
Melissa A. Stearns ’10
Anne Barron Stechmann ’64
Mary Ella Fust Stedman ’60
Susan Johanns Steele ’81, Cert’85
Tanya Steffl
Maxine Rau Steigauf ’53
Connie Lundell Stein ’95
Ethan J. Stein MLIS’13
Margaret R. Stein MPAS’20
Stasia A. Steinhagen MAHS’13
Sandra Carigiet Steinkraus ’79
Elizabeth Pucci Stemple ’97, Cert’18 and Adam D. Stemple
Susann Stenbeck and Steve Stenbeck
Charlene Stender
Cami Stenquist ’15
Patricia Perucca Stensvold ’57
Brenda E. Stephens ’13
Mary Ruffatto Steppler ’79
Cheryl Ghimenti Stern ’94
Michel Weinhagen Stern ’07
Patricia Hennings Sterner ’56
Lou Ann M. Stevens MAHS’15
Marilyn Stevens
Mary Kelly Stevens ’50
Richard Stevens
Sara B. Stevens ’13
Amy Stevenson
Dorothy Schultz Stewart ’47
Florence Monsour Stewart
Sierra Stewart ’14
Beverly Stickler
Kate Stites
Jocelyn F. Stitt
Angela M. Stockwell MSW’18
Kathleen Liedl Stoddart ’71
Patricia Stoessel
Maureen McNulty Stoesz ’06
Katherine Juenemann Stoffels ’63
Connie Stoll and Edward Stoll
Janet E. Stone
Lenora Lagrou Stone
Mary Hense Stone ’56
Sheryl Skrivseth Stone ’88
Sally E. Storms and Paul E. Storms
Sue Stortzum
Miriam McGrew Stout ’02
Marlene Melcher Stover
Sarah Williams Strain ’85
Sally Strauss and Michael Strauss
Bonnie Streck
Susan Streff, CSJ, ’54
Jean L. Strehlow ’11
Chari Schwarz Strelow ’87
Gordon S. Strickland and Christine A. Strickland
Mary Stringer Hughes and Charles E. Hughes
Lucy Stroble
Charlotte McQuillan Strom ’49
Tammy L. Strong ’16
Bradley Struemke and April Struemke
Sherry M. Struemke
Ruby Strum
Mona Roach Strunk ’57
Kari Thorson Struthers ’85
Matthew Struve ’96
Evelyn Stuart
Karen Studders ’79
Vickie L. Stukart
Lavonne Jerome Stumpf ’52
Angela C. Stupinski ’06
Diane Meehan Stupka ’77
Maria Rizel Sturgell ’16
Barbara Eischeid Sturm ’72
Jennifer Mapes Stutsman ’00
Kathleen Stannard Suddendorf ’68
Abigail Sugahara
Dorothy Redmond Sullivan ’52
Pamela L. Sullivan
Ruth Ryan Sullivan and Sean N. Sullivan
Peggy Summers
Patsy Austin Sumpter
Janice Wandmacher Sundquist ’59
Vivian Sutch
Patricia J. Sutherland and David Sutherland
Catherine Sutton ’14
Chase Sutton
Brenda Svoboda ’79
Laurie Swabey
Amy Swain and Mark Swain
Virginia Fargione Swallow ’62
Deborah Swan and Kay Sailer
Ann Margaret Kubes Swanson ’86
Burt E. Swanson and Helen H. Swanson
Catherine Schultz Swanson ’09
Gary Swanson and Willa Swanson
Jules Den Hartog Swanson MAOL’99
Ruthann R. Swanson
Sarah Everson Swanson ’18
Susan Swanson
Sandra Gallus Swartzer ’70 and Anthony Swartzer
Dawn Sweely
Diane J. Sweely and Dennis B. Sweely
Miranda F. Sweely
Caroline Sweeney
Joseph A. Sweeney and Wendy A. Sweeney
Mary Sweeney ’70
Leah P. Swenson ’08, DPT’10
Sara J. Swenson MLIS’94
Timothy J. Swenson
Bonnie J. Swierzbin and Thomas C. McGee
Holly C. Swift
Diane Sehr Swintek ’80
Jennifer C. Sword ’13
Mary L. Swords and Michael J. Swords
Ann Merten Sykes ’77
Judith Pearson Syring ’74
Lynn Marcotte Szarke ’87
Bunny Tabatt ’87
Rachel Tacke ’13
Jerusalem A. Tadesse ’21
Mary Nevin Tadich ’57
Susan K. Taecker ’94
Mari A. Taffe, MAT’14, Cert’22
Emmanuel Takgbajouah ’97
Diane R. Takkunen and Larry Takkunen
Jason M. Takkunen and Danielle Takkunen
Julie Talens
Andrew J. Tanghe
Rosalie Tappella
Lorraine Doom Tardy ’57
Nishat Tasnim
Kellie Tasto
Geralyn K. Tatro ’74
Kelly Tauber
Christine Brown Tauer ’89
Maureen Tauer ’71
Elizabeth Gamble Taylor MSW’02
Karina L. Taylor ’17
Sandra Menefee Taylor
Summer Skay Taylor ’87
Brenda R. Teich ’10
Terry L. Teigen and Lana J. Teigen
Lyssa Tejeda
Michelle Temple
Sara Kasel Templin ’82
Teresa A. Tennis
Jill Teplensky
Jennifer Tepley ’08, MAED’11
Jody Huber Terhaar ’84 and Karl J. Terhaar
Diane Peterson Tesch ’77
Mary Katherine Teynor Cert’88, Cert’89
Maineng Thao ’15
Pa Nhia Thao ’13
The 10:30 Catholic Community
Kathy A. Thees and Daniel J. Thees
Jay L. Theisen MSW’98 and Julia C. Theisen
Alexandra Theismann MAOT’18
Debbie Therrien and Vincent Therrien
Lois Messer Thesing ’83
Rebecca E. Thielman ’12
Nancy Thies and Wesley Thies
Melissa A. Thom ’14
Stephanie Thoma
Barbara Thomalla, OSM, ’73
Anne Marie Thomas ’17
Keisha M. Thomas ’16
Lisa C. Thomas and Lou M. Thomas
Marie Thomas
Mary Margaret Thomas, PBVM, MAOL’06
Richard J. Thomas and Georgia L. Thomas
Cynthia O. Thompson Grubb
Christine Thompson and Michael Thompson
Cindy Thompson and Byron Thompson
Deborah A. Thompson ’17
Ehlan McNear Thompson ’03
Elisabeth Ewens Thompson ’86
Jeanne Donik Thompson ’04
Kenneth J. Thompson
Kevin Shaughnessy Thompson ’68
Lois Thompson
Mary Ellen Thompson
Megan G. Thompson Cert’15, MAOL’18
Rachel A. Thompson
Sarah S. Thompson
Bruce Thomson
Lynette S. Thomson ’88
Joan Traxler Thonet ’52
Denny Thoreson
Louise K. Thoreson
Heather Thornton and Bill Thornton
Mary White Thornton ’72
Gayle M. Thorsen ’18
Patty A. Thorsen ’82, MLIS’06
Marlys Holm Thorsgaard ’84
Melissa R. Thorsheim ’09
Joan B. Threet
Janine Thull
Bonita Swanson Thurner ’92
Sharon Engler Thurston ’65
Judith A. Tibesar
Megan Retka Tidd
T.I.E. Real Estate, Inc.
Toni L. Tieden ’13
Mark Tiemeier
Carolyn Knapp Tierney ’83
Jo Anne Smith Tierney ’75
Lindsay M. Tietze ’08
James C. Tift
Winifred E. Tillman
Carol Timmins and Joe Timmins
Betsy Tishler and William Tishler
T.L.C. Collision Center
Carla Cousins Tobin Cert’04, Cert’07
Lisa Olin Todd ’89
Nancy Todd
Jessica E. Toft
Kiki A. Toledo ’18
Margaret Ubl Tolles ’83
Paul D. Tollison
Marie Van House Tomala ’84
Erik Tomas
Elizabeth R. Tomoso ’02
Joan Wegmann Toohey ’73
Jerome T. Topczewski and Bonita A. Topczewski
Susan Severson Torgrimson ’67
Eileen Dedrick Torok ’80
Joseph R. Toth MSW’09
Paula Hardy Toupal ’84
Courtney Toussaint ’14
Mary Sue Towey ’65
Phyllis A. Townley and Rodney A. Townley
Monique Thompson Trageser ’02, MBA’16
Hong Tran
Transfiguration Monastery
Jane Heaton Trapp ’76
Ann T. Treacy ’89, MLIS’96
Deb Trenda and Ron Trenda
Dorothy Huppert Trepanier ’87
Karla Esser Trettin ’92
Christine Trevis
Jennifer Trieschmann
M. Catherine Troche
Joanne Tromiczak-Neid ’65
Mary Laurel True ’81
Mary Pat Delaney True ’55
Kathleen Wisniewski Tschida ’66
Cassondra Winters Tschumperlin MNUR’15
Gerd S. Tuchscherer and James D. Tuchscherer
Cynthia Tucker
Jacqueline George Tucker ’11
Amy E. Tudor ’16
Darla J. Tufto
Rebecca Gille Tuminelly ’08
Bonnie Tuominen
Corinne Ollanketo Tuominen ’91
Andrea A. Turbak, OSF, ’88
Doug Turner
Irma Pastre Turner ’52
Lynn Turner
Pamela Turner and Clark Turner
Jennifer A. Turrentine MLIS’97
The Twelve O’Clock Club
Mary E. Twohy ’03
TWS Enterprises LLC
Anna C. Tyler
Madison Roe Tylke ’17
Susanne R. Uhl ’03
Peter Ulmen and Cheri Burton-Ulmen
Thomas L. Ulmen
Sophie Underwood
Susan Sanocki Unger ’81
University of Minnesota Retirees Association
Mary Devine Unmacht ’84, Cert’14, MAOL’18
Urban Growler Brewing Company
Marisol G. Urbano and Eric J. Urbano
Patricia Kolb Urbanski ’56
Allison F. Urness ’22
Colleen Sienko Urness ’84
Christina Storlie Vadnais ’02
Patricia Vagnoni
Patricia Z. Vaillancourt MLIS’18
Amy A. Valaitis ’96
Karen Melgaard Valento ’72
Carol A. Van Amber
Ariel M. Van de Crommert ’10
Barbara Boyce Van Den Eeden ’60 and Joseph H. Van Den Eeden
Erin Taylor Vander Schaaf ’09
Jane K. Van Deusen-Morrison ’91
Robert VanDeVoorde
Ae Vang ’04
Christin Vang ’19
Dawn Vang and Kou Vang
Mai Nhia Vang ’12
Pachia Vang ’16
Soua Vang ’21
Jane E. Van Gorden
J. Bernard Van Lierop Cert’04
Anita Van Lith
Abby C. Van Meveren MSN’20
Joan M. Van Norman MLIS’12
Bradley R. Vanover MSW’16
Loretta L. VanPelt ’03
Elizabeth Vanselow and Kevin Vanselow
David Van Steenbergen
Donna S. Van Stralen ’90
Shaun D. Van Vark and Rhonda G. Van Vark
Tavia L. VanZuilen ’16
Srikanth Varanasi
Barbara Brumm Vareberg ’90
Megan Prosen Vasatka ’08
Leonard E. Vassbotn
Beth Schnirring Vaughan ’98
Mary Vavrosky
Tina M. Vazquez ’21
Bree Vculek ’15
Margaret Mendiola Vechell ’81
Lisa M. Veenstra ’15
Barbara Albers Vega ’87
Catherine S. Veith-Bruno ’17
Tanya L. Velishek ’94, MNUR’15
Samuel P. Verduci
Ben J. Verhaagh
Avinash Verma
Amy Vescio and Rick Vescio
Debra Vescio
Anne M. Vetter
Karen Still Vievering ’83
Susan Courtney Vigliaturo ’83
Leslie Hunstad Vilensky ’92
Mary Nicholas Vincelli, CSJ, ’48
Mary Beth Sirek Viruete ’82
Jantje Visscher
Carol A. Vissers
Virginia Weber Voeller ’63
Victoria Owen Vogel ’99
Nancy Ellen Vogelgesang ’84
Cassandra I. Vogt MAHS’11
Richard E. Vogt and Mary I. Vogt
Mavis Voigt
Karis Volk ’17
Margaret Voller and Vaughan Voller
Ephie Volpe and Clement Volpe
Marie Vomela and Dick Vomela
Nora S. Vonnegut ’17
Rachel M. Von Ruden ’14
Sarah Voss, OSB, ’62
Elizabeth J. Votel and Mark F. Votel
Sharon McMahon Votel ’68
Dai Kim Vu ’98
Kaohlee Vue
KaSua M. Vue ’20
Mai C. Vue Cert’15
Catherine Barnes Waczak ’63
Constance Portis Wagner ’89
Jani Bauer Wagner ’70
June Miller Wagner ’85
Margaret R. Wagner
Mary Dolan Wagner ’82
Mary Kay Wagner and Gordon Wagner
Sally Wahlers
Mary Crea Waibel ’58
Annette C. Wakeman
Michelle Holland Wald ’87
Margaret Brenner Waldron ’63
Ann Mary Arola Waletko ’81
Kay A. Walker
Laurie L. Walker and C. Michael Walker
Sofia Walker
Erika A. Wallace ’20, MBA’22
Heidi R. Wallace ’14
Kathie Peterson Wallace ’79
Anastasia Lohmann Waller ’59
Julie DesMarais Waller ’03
Lori Walljasper
Anne Wallman Creative Services
Anne Hayden Wallman ’85, MAT’90
Louise C. Wallner
Agnes McDonald Walsh ’97
Diane Lang Walsh ’69
Judith Palermo Walsh ’63
Kathleen A. Walsh ’62
Kathryn Bernardy Walsh ’88
Kimberly A. Walsh MNUR’11
Krista Kelley Walsh ’73
Sandra Halling Walsh ’71
Marian Walstrom, CSJ, ’57
Victor A. Walter
Mary K. Walters ’12
Joan Boulger Walton ’49
Aira Wandmacher Cert’04
Jane A. Wangberg
Sarah Jing Wangen
Mark E. Wanyama MBA’16
Darlene Ward
Gail A. Ward
Mary Jane R. Ward ’07
Renae Ward and Charles Gammon
Sarah Ward
Julie A. Wardinski
Clair T. Wardwell ’13
Emily M. Warner ’17
Katherine Navins Warner ’76
Sandra Pierce Warner and James F. Warner
Natalie A. Warnert MAOL’15
Chad R. Warren
Kathleen Pierce Warren ’65
Mike Wartman
Shanique V. Washington ’12
Sara J. Watson ’06
Karyn Watters
Kathleen Geraghty Weaver ’64
Teresa Weaver
Amanda Webb
Virginia M. Webb, CSJ, ’64
Yvonne M. Webb ’94
Elaine M. Webber ’02
Kathleen A. Weber and Donald F. Weber
Mackenzie C. Weber ’13
Marcia L. Weber
Mary Dimick Weber MLIS’94
Stephen Weber
Cheryl Webster
Mary L. Weddle
Megan A. Week MSW’14
Kathleen G. Weflen ’81
Beth C. Wegmann ’99
Dawn D. Wegscheid ’16
Sarah Leach Wegscheider ’07
Erica Weiler
Mary Ouellette Weinberger ’61
Adair Weingart and Robert Weingart
Madeline C. Weinman ’20
Shannon Byrne Weinmann ’00
Jill Anderson Weir ’87
Tara Donohue Weiss and Lenny Weiss
Patricia A. Welch
Suzanne Welch-Dachel ’80
Anne Lorch Welle ’85
Gail Charpentier Welle ’73 and Robert L. Welle
Sarah Millerbernd Welle ’09
Virginia McConville Welle ’42
Barbara Weller ’65
Kimberly A. Wellman and Brian A. Wellman
Nancy J. Wellner ’78 and Gary A. Krebs
Gwenivere M. Wellnitz
Kathleen Tyler Welsh ’73
Mary Welsh
Robert H. Welsh and Gayle M. Welsh
Christi Dimond Welter ’15
Linda Welters ’71
Linda Wendland
Marianne Wendland and Dennis Wendland
Susan Wentland
Philip C. Wentzel
Katherine Y. Wenwoi ’10
Joy Stelzig Wenzel ’62
Tina Wenzel
Claudia Knoblauch Wertin ’88
Lenore M. Wescott and Robert A. Wescott
Romana Pirkl Wesely ’52
John Wessinger
Marion M. West
Anita L. Westberg and David A. Westberg
Candace Couch Westlund MNUR’97
Janet L. Westlund ’08, MSW’11
Virginia Kampmeier Wethern ’02
Emily Cardinal Wey ’13
Russell J. Weyker and Carolyn M. Weyker
Margaret Hoolihan Weyrens ’62, MSW’92
Elizabeth A. Whalen
Bonnie C. Wheeler
Darlene Engbarth Wheeler ’59
Joan L. Whipp and Thomas E. Whipp
Lynda Siwek Whisney ’76
Andrew White
Courtney M. White ’12
Mary McGowan White ’60
Sarah K. White ’09, MLIS’12
Stuart White
Robin R. Whitebird and Leo M. Whitebird
Susan White-Jarzyna ’79
Coleen Whitesell
LaToya M. Whitfield Cert’22
Lisa D. Whiting
Mary Wick ’79
Daniel J. Wicker and Kelly L. Wicker
Alyssa G. Wicks ’21
Catherine Wicks and Raymond Wicks
Victoria Wicks and Lance Wicks
Anne Widtfeldt
Wendy S. Wiegmann MAOL’07
Joanne Wieland, CSJ
Jean Hurdon Wielinski ’91
Krista Marnie Wieneke ’96, MPT’00
Tracee Wilcox
Lisa B. Wilde
Brynn J. Wildenauer
Augustine Wilhelmy
Richard A. Wilhoit and Lucy H. Wilhoit
Julia Terk Wilke ’11
Denise Wilkens and Thomas Wilkens
Jessica Wilkens-Dehncke ’93
Tiffany J. Wilkerson ’11
Eileen B. Wilkie
Gloria J. Wilkie ’82
Stefanie Buck Wilkinson ’04
Kelsey K. Will ’14
Margaret M. Wille ’82, Cert’93
John M. Willems
Mary Willerscheidt ’61
Renee Willette
Barbara Kennedy Williams ’51
David M. Williams
James F. Williams
Janet Dittberner Williams ’59
Jill Williams
Jody Williams
Mary Williams, CSJ, ’52
Michael E. Williams
Priscilla Williams
Sandra Q. Williams
Angela Williams-Young
Adjoko E. Wilson MPH’18
Carrie Wilson
Charles D. Wilson MLIS’12
Julia Marlene Wilson
Louise Wilson
Martha J. Wilson and Michael J. Wilson
Nancy Luger Wilson ’49
Rhonda E. Wilson
Brian Wilton
Lindsey Libsack Wimmer ’99, DNP’23
Kathleen Wingert and David Wingert
Mary Haney Winkel ’78
Marie Uschold Winker ’73
Carole Loch Winkler ’61
Janet Winsand
Brandi R. Winsor
Diane K. Winter ’73
Doreen M. Winter
Kimberley K. Winter ’91
Suzanne Mellen Wirta
Lutrica L. Wirth
Margarita Echemendia Wirth ’72
Mollie Stoddard Wise ’74
Janice B. Wisner and Donald A. Wisner
Julie Wiste and Dean Wiste
Allison M. Witt ’13
Julie Matthews Witt ’80
Joan M. Wittman
Frances Miller Wittrock ’54
Nicole J. Wockenfus MAED’13 and Ryan Wockenfus
Richard Wodnick
Claire E. Woebke ’18
Eleanor Woelfel and Larry Woelfel
Mary Malone Woerner ’61
Patrick Woerner and Katti L. Woerner
Sarah M. Woitalla ’04
Kathleen Batko Wojcehowicz ’71
Gerard Wolf
Stephanie Meschke Wolfe ’13, DPT’15
Jane M. Wolfgram ’16, MAT’21
Sherry Wolf-Halonen ’92
Amy E. Wolfson ’01
Holly A. Wolhart Cert’04
Mary Lou Morris Wolsey and Wayne C. Wolsey
Betty L. Wolterman
Natalie K. Wombacher ’13
Cora A. Wong MAED’20
Amy Darling Wood MAED’09
Frieda Wood
Justin Woodington ’23
Kathleen Young Woods ’08
John M. Woodward
Wynne A. Worley
Barbara G. Worman and Walter E. Worman
Charles and Shannon Worum
Sally Worum and Peter Gombos
Tiffany Wilton Woynilko ’98
Kristi Wraspir
Brad Wright
Jerita Wright and Robin Wright
Kathryn M. Wright MAED’15
Michelle M. Wright
Virginia Noble Wright
Jill E. Wujcik MLIS’11
Bernard Wurm
Jeanne Vogel Wymer ’74
Pamela J. Wymore
Beverly P. Wynia
Mary M. Wysocki and Daniel A. Wysocki
Chee Xiong ’15
Mai Xiong ’12
Mai C. Xiong MNUR’14, DNP’17
Mee Xiong ’05
Nor Xiong Cert’16
Pa-Eng E. Xiong ’13
Stacey Yaekle
Virginia Gullicksrud Yanakopulos ’88
Chie N. Yang MAOT’15
Douachi Yang ’22, MSW’23
Gaonou Yang ’13
Ka Youa Yang and Nhia Chou Vang
Mai Yang ’16
Mainong Yang
Merrilyn Yang ’16
Mi Yang ’16
Nou Yang
Pang K. Yang MLIS’14
Vicki Yanisch
Sarah L. Yanko DPT’08
Theresa Widhalm Yares ’05
Helen Wedin Yates ’65
Loretta A. Yates ’04
Deborah K. Yellen
Kathy Yff
Gail Yip Chuck ’89
Randi S. N. Yoder
Anne Palmquist Youakim ’75 and Marcel Youakim
Amy E. Young and Thomas R. Young
Barbara A. Young DPT’10
Christina E. Young ’11
Deborah E. Young
Jonathan Young DPT’23
Judith E. Young
Karyn L. Mottinger Young ’81
Patricia A. Young
Thomas A. Young
Glennes Sauber Youngbauer ’63
Mary E. Younggren
Mary Jane Yue
Carolyn Hansen Zachariason ’86
Kathleen Zacher-Pate ’79
Carole Ellingsworth Zahariades ’60
Jean Zaikaner ’83
Rachel Toenjes Zander ’10 and Aaron Zander
Marilyn Baron Zastrow ’54
Terry E. Zauhar
Jacqueline A. Zbaracki
Julie Lewandowsk Zeck ’72
Sarah Dombrowsky Zemek ’08, DPT’10
Lois Schultz Zemke ’93
Tasha Terry Zerna ’08, MAOL’15
Candace Meyers Zgoda ’05
Rong Zhang Cert’09
Jeffrey Zhao
Nicole M. Zibolski
Katrice R. Ziefle
Jennifer Wenzler Zieman ’07
Judith A. Zier and Robert L. Zier
Adrianne Goblisch Zierman ’15
Jerianne Weiss Zimmerman ’04
Thressa A. Zimmerman
Nell Miller Zingsheim ’43
Judith Wadell Zinnel ’80
Nancy J. Zook
Barbara Zuhlke and Kim Zuhlke
Colette D. Zunk MSW’12
Colleen J. Zwach
Therese Rotta Zwart ’71
Marta R. Zweber ’07
Kimberly S. Zwiefelhofer ’03
Amy Fredrickson Zwiers ’92
Grace J. Zwiers ’22
Julia M. Zyla ’17
Paul Zyla
Diane L. Zylka and Lawrence C. Zylka
Joey Rae Zylka and Christopher S. Zylka

  indicates deceased as of November 1, 2023.

This tribute recognizes those who made gifts, pledges, and/or volunteered during LEAD & INFLUENCE: The Campaign for the Next Level of Excellence (June 1, 2013–November 1, 2023). Donors and volunteers are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

We have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the donor records; however, if your name has been mistakenly omitted, misspelled, or misplaced, please accept our apologies and contact Institutional Advancement at 651-690-6089.