Where do our alumni live?

We have over 48,000 alumni with 242 living abroad! The numbers within the states below represent the alumni living.

Map of the U.S. with numbers in each state representing the number of alumni living there.

Find an alumni chapter near you.

The following alumni chapters have been established. To connect with your local chapter, email chapter manager Kelly Povo.

Upcoming alumni chapter events

Chapter Local Leader
Chicago, Illinois Maura Junius '73
Denver, Colorado Monica Roers '89
Des Moines, Iowa Christine Carroll Collinet '87
Fargo/Moorhead, Minnesota Catherine Rutten Schwinden '72
Kansas City, Missouri Jean Mcllquham Stalcup '72
Los Angeles, California Kelly Raetzke Abanda '99
Naples, Florida Patricia Linhoff '78
New York, New York Margot Note '99
North Central Minnesota Pat Schaffran '69
Orange County, California Elise Peterson Whittaker '06
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Meg Otte '81
Phoenix, Arizona Mary Alvarez-Jackson '06 and Molly Hauser Gary '79
Rochester, Minnesota Nancy Zaworski '79
San Diego, California Mary Kuszewski Evert '67 and Janel Lauer Rafenstein '99
San Francisco, California We're looking for a new leader! Contact Kelly at
Sarasota, Florida Maureen Kelly Neerland '62
Seattle, Washington We're looking for a new leader! Contact Kelly at
Twin Cities East Suburban Jane Martin '82
Twin Cities South Suburban Tammy O'Connell '82 and Chris Jordan '90
Twin Cities West Suburban Sherry Bonham Johnson '89
Washington, D.C. Briggs Rolfsrud '05