First-Year Students

See what awaits you at St. Kate’s…and beyond.

  • St. Catherine University Undergraduates

    Join our College for Women

    If you are looking for a traditional freshman experience in a nurturing environment, then you are in the right place. When you enter the College for Women undergraduate program, you take classes Monday through Friday during daytime hours as you work toward a four-year bachelor's degree.

  • Academic Degree Programs

    Time to Hit the Books

    It’s okay if you haven’t selected a major yet. St. Kate’s core classes, taken by every undergraduate student, cover a wide range of topics and offer an exciting opportunity for self-discovery. These courses form the basis of our liberal arts approach to education, and they will teach you to think critically, work creatively and communicate effectively — all while learning a little more about yourself and your role in the world.

    Want to design your own major? At St. Kate’s you can. We offer nearly 60 majors and minors, and as a St. Kate student you can access another 35-plus fields through the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities. As you explore fields that interest you — from politics to languages to science — your professors and advisers will show you how to customize your education to match your interests and goals.

    Explore the academic program of your choice to meet our committed faculty, learn about core courses, see our accreditations, and more.

  • Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

    Paying for College

    It’s one of the most important and worthwhile investments you’ll ever make, but you don’t have to do it alone. From student employment to scholarships; financial aid to financing, we are committed to making St. Kate’s affordable for you and your family.

    If you think you might qualify for financial aid, you don’t have to wait until you’re accepted to apply. Begin the process any time and get a feel for what expenses to expect. Once you’re admitted, final financial aid award calculations will be prepared. Find everything you need in the Office of Financial Aid — these links will help you get started.

  • Student Life

    Work Hard, Play Hard

    Some of the most important lessons you'll learn at St. Kate's have nothing to do with books or teachers. As you engage in clubs, sports and activities, you’ll appreciate the mutual support that exists among students, faculty and staff in this vibrant community. And, whether you're Catholic or of another faith, you'll find many opportunities at St. Kate's to explore and deepen your spirituality.

  • Admission Counselors

    Meet Your Guide

    The first person you’ll meet from St. Kate’s will likely be your admission counselor. Find out how they can personally help you through the application and admission process.

  • Academic Enhancement

    Learn Differently

    Applying to St. Kate’s is only the beginning of your journey. You can broaden your horizons through study abroad, exchange programs, field learning or our honors programs. St. Kate’s also is part of a consortium of five colleges — St. Kate’s, Augsburg, Hamline, Macalester and St. Thomas — which means you can take classes or complete a major offered on any of the other campuses.

  • Career Development

    After St. Kate's

    At St. Kate's, you’re encouraged to think about and plan for your future almost as soon as you arrive on campus. You'll have the chance to fully explore your career interests through internships, fieldwork, work-study, volunteer work and research with a faculty member. And, you can get career advice and guidance — even job leads — by tapping the professionals and alumnae in our database.