Undergraduate Admission

What kind of Katie will you be? See the diversity that makes up our traditional student population.


    Life after high school begins here.

    See what life is like when you enter St. Kate’s as a traditional, first-year student. You’ll find counselors and programs to help you along the way.


    Have you taken placement exams or completed college-level courses?

    Save time and money when you enter St. Kate’s with credits already under your belt. To get credit for college-level courses or programs, including AP exams and possibly even life experiences, follow these steps for applying to St. Kate’s.


    Join women from around the world pursuing academic excellence with an emphasis on leadership.

    Get all the information and links you need to enter the largest, most innovative university for women in the United States. Find out more about our liberal arts education, how transfer credits internationally and how to submit your application.

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Whether you are working out, looking for a place to study, attending mass
or spending an evening at the theater, there's a place for you at St. Kate's.

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