St. Kate's Complete

We are excited to partner with Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) and Saint Paul College to help you make a smooth transition from your community college to finishing your bachelor's degree at St. Kate's!

  • How does St. Kate's Complete work?

    Our advisors listen to your needs, help create your customized transfer plan, and provide helpful tools and advice every step of the way. Right from the start, we'll help you select a degree pathway plan that transfers seamlessly from associate to bachelor's level, and then we'll help you choose the courses you need to earn your bachelor's quickly and cost-effectively.

    You can finish your associate and bachelor's degrees in as little as four years!

Determine your eligibility.

If you are a Saint Paul College or MCTC student with an AA, AFA, AS or AAS degree—or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)—and a 2.5 GPA or higher, you are guaranteed admission through St. Kate's Complete. If your GPA is 2.0–2.5, you may apply but are not guaranteed admission.

Students with an AA or MnTC also qualify for St. Kate's reduced core requirements.

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Jenn Searles
St. Kate's Complete Transfer Coordinator

Academic Advising and Retention

Saint Paul College
Academic Advising

Select a program that works for you.

Attend full or part time, in a format that fits your lifestyle. You'll select an associate degree at Saint Paul College or MCTC, or completion of the MnTC, as well as a bachelor's degree program from St. Kate's College for Adults or College for Women — see what works best for you!

College for Adults College for Women
evening/weekend and online classes traditional daytime classes
women and men women
start in September, February or June start in September or February
year-round scheduling semesters with optional summer and January classes
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Includes fully online majors
View Majors
Includes dual bachelor's/graduate programs
Tuition and Aid Tuition and Aid

We'll create a flexible plan, customized for you.

To ensure that you earn your bachelor's quickly and cost-effectively, we'll create an easy-to-follow, pathway plan, tailored to fit your needs. Your plan will include required and recommended courses that do double-duty by applying at both the associate and bachelor's levels.

  • We work hard to keep your costs down.

    Our clear pathway plans ensure you only take the courses you need to complete your degree, so every tuition dollar counts toward your goal. Plus, the College for Adults is offering new reduced tuition rates starting summer 2018!

    Generous financial aid options are available to all students, and St. Kate's Complete students receive a special $2,100* scholarship, spread over your first two years. To be eligible, you must transfer from one of our transfer partners (MCTC or Saint Paul College) after graduating with an associate degree or MnTC degree have at least a 2.5 GPA, and be enrolled in at least six credits for fall/spring/summer (College for Adults) or 12 credits for fall/spring (College for Women).

    *Amount subject to change each year for new students.

  • Stay on track with expert advising and transfer tools.

    Get expert guidance from both your community college and your St. Kate's advisor throughout your time at community college—they'll make sure you aren't taking unnecessary courses that will raise your costs and extend your timeline.

    Degree Program Articulation Guides (PAGs)
    Associate to bachelor's degree pathway plans that map all courses required for both degrees, including recommendations for electives. We can create a customized plan for you if none exists.

    Bachelor's Major Transfer Guides
    List all major, supporting and prerequisite requirements, and the approved MCTC or Saint Paul College courses to complete them.

    Core Requirements Transfer Guides
    Lists St. Kate's core requirements and the pre-approved MCTC or Saint Paul College courses to complete them. Useful when selecting electives!

    Transfer Evaluation System (TES) Database and Transferology Course Equivalency Reports
    Search the TES database of over 50,000 pre-approved courses, or use Transferology to map the courses you've taken, or plan to take, to their St. Kate's equivalencies.

    Program Planning Worksheets
    Bachelor's major requirement checklists—including all major, supporting, prerequisite and core requirements—allow you to track progress.

    Official Degree Evaluations
    Upon acceptance, you'll receive an official plan showing how all courses will apply your intended degree.

  • Get the support you need!

    As a St. Kate's student, you'll have access to support services designed to help you succeed in your program and beyond, including tutoring, disability resources, career counseling, health and wellness, and support for student-parents.