Timothy Klein '19

Holistic Health Studies

I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve taken at St. Kate’s.


Marketing consultant

Why St. Kate's?

“For some time, I had been considering a transition from a 20-plus-year career in marketing management to holistic wellness coaching and teaching. During my initial research of various academic programs, I was impressed with both the breadth and depth of St. Kate’s graduate curriculum in Holistic Health Studies — not to mention being surprised and excited to learn it was right here in the Twin Cities!

“I was further energized by the authenticity, passion and caring consistently expressed by faculty and other staff when responding to my pre-enrollment inquiries, as well as throughout the interview/approval process.”

Building Experience

“Without a doubt, the program has provided me many valuable tools to support greater overall wellbeing — professionally and personally. From a range of transformative learning experiences, such as mindfulness-based meditation, spiritual wellness and cultural influences on health, I am much more in tune with the collective, interrelated balance of mind, body, spirit, community and environment for a healthier self, as well as for more meaningful interactions with others.”


Tim’s enjoying ‘Plants, Culture and Healing,’ a new Holistic Health Studies class introduced in fall 2017. “Beyond exploring healing plants’ historical and cultural contexts, I’ve learned more than I imagined possible regarding their diverse medicinal properties and uses from our expert instructors, experiential plan walks, field trips and peer ‘plant-ally’ presentations.”

Advice for Students

“If you’re desiring an extremely well-rounded, challenging and truly transformative holistic health studies program — anchored by extremely knowledgeable faculty that want you to succeed — strongly consider enrolling at St. Kate’s. In addition to talking with some of the Holistic Health Studies’ faculty for deeper-dive program exploration, I’d also suggest connecting with current students to get additional peer-related perspective.”