Sophia Niemeyer '16

Communications Studies

St. Kate’s was the best four years of my life.


Milton, Georgia

Why St. Kate's?

I was struck by the supportive and uplifting culture. I could tell right away that everyone, from the students all the way to the president, was invested in each other’s success. That made a huge impact on me when I visited, and I knew I wanted to be a Katie.

Deciding on an Area of Study

I've always been interested in writing, as well as public speaking. When I started at St. Kate’s, I wanted to be a journalist. That evolved over time into wanting to be in marketing and public relations. I can honestly say a year after graduating, my interests as it relates to communications is still evolving.

Building Experience

Going to college in the Midwest was one of the best choices I made because it allowed me to grow and form my independence. While in high school, I never felt I could be myself. I was always worried about what other people thought of me, but at St. Kate’s everyone was so accepting of one another — this was refreshing to experience.

This feeling of being accepted and part of the community is what made me want to get involve, and boy did I!

I held multiple jobs on campus, such as a writing tutor, event coordinator and editorial assistant for St. Kate’s Marketing and Communications office. I was also involved with the Fashion Association, Communications Studies Club, Student Senate, Out of State Club and new student orientation. These extracurricular activities, paired with classes, gave me the tools to succeed at St. Kate’s.


I haven't found my dream job yet, but I've discovered a lot about myself — including my ability to bounce back after setbacks. It’s important to me that students graduating from St. Kate's know that if they don't have their dream career right away, they are not a failure.

Whenever I'm down about my career, my mom reminds me that everything I do is a collection of good things to come. And that’s so true! I have many years ahead of me — and with the determination and belief in myself that St. Kate's helped to form, I know I can do anything.