Rose Hennessy Allen '00

International Business and Economics

At St. Kate's, you will be respected, supported and provided with the opportunities to excel.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Why St. Kate's?

St. Kate's was a special place for Rose from a young age. Her favorite spot on campus was Dew Drop Pond. "In the summer when I was young, my family and I would have picnics there. I felt at home on campus years before I even began to think about college."

Then when it came to choosing a college to attend, "I felt at home and part of a community as soon as I walked on campus. The St. Kate’s counselor who visited my high school also remembered my name every time she met me."

Building Experience

Rose enjoyed her time at St. Kate's. When describing her experience in three words, she chose "Fun, community, and strength."

She valued the emphasis that St. Kate's places on the liberal arts. "The liberal arts education I had provided me with a broad foundation and taught me to analyze problems while seeing different points of view. My work requires that I have strong writing and mathematical skills, and St. Kate’s demanded that I excel in both. I also learned how to set deadlines and goals, manage my time, and to work independently and in groups. I use these skills every day in my career."

Her classes also inspired her. "I enjoyed my history classes. They were a refreshing change of pace from the classes I took for my major, and I really enjoyed the topics."

Outside of classes, she was a Resident Advisor and a member of St. Kate’s Activities Team.


"I started as an analyst with the Pension Division of the Minnesota Office of the State Auditor right after graduating from St. Kate’s. The quality work and strong relationships that I built with my colleagues and clients — including pension plan trustees, municipal officials, consultants, legislative staff and legislators — was recognized, and I was promoted to the director of our division. St. Kate’s helped me find my strength and confidence to work with our clients, and to work with them in a way that each feels respected and valued."

Rose wants prospective students to know that "At St. Kate's, you will be respected, supported and provided with the opportunities to excel."