Mysee Chang '13

Women's Studies, minor in Sociology

My four years at St. Catherine University empowered me.

Why St. Kate's?

Mysee valued St. Kate's inclusive atmosphere. "From my elementary years I've been taught that I'm an outsider because I'm not white, I'm not middle class," she says. "The minute I got to St. Kate's that identity shifted. The welcoming environment helped me think about myself as a holistic person."

Building Experience

Speaking and writing with confidence are two gifts she received from her women's studies major. After attending high school “as a Hmong in a place with no Hmong people,” Mysee says she was transformed by class discussions at St. Kate’s, where she found the words to articulate her experiences.

The eldest of eight children, Mysee wrung the most out of her college experience. She lived on campus, joined student groups, participated in mentorships, honors programs and internships (through Community Work and Learning), studied in India, became a peer mentor herself, and worked both on and off campus.


A year after graduating from St. Kate’s, Mysee earned a Fulbright Fellowship and spent 14 months teaching English at Savannakhet University in Laos. Her work included creating course curriculum, advising members of the English Club, and coaching students in writing their scholarship applications to study in the United States.

“Being a Katie means continuing the legacy we have of being leaders,” she says. “We have a responsibility to use our skills to create a better world.”
Today, Mysee is back at St. Kate’s — she’s one of our amazing admission counselors.

“I made it through college because so many people reached out their hands to help me when I was a student. Now I want to do the same for others.”