Mimi Ahmed Mohamud '15, MPH'17

Bachelor's Degree in Public Health, Public Policy focus, College for Adults; Public Health (MPH) in Global Health

It really took a village, including a village of St. Kate's, to get me where I am today.

Why St. Kate's?

Mimi chose St. Kate's because it is an all-women's university with the unique option to pursue a degree in the College for Adults.

"What I liked about it was the schedule, especially times classes were offered. I worked full-time and have small children, so having the opportunity to attend classes at night, weekend and online was fabulous. I also liked the fact that I was in school with other full-time working students, who were often parents. This was great because we could understand each other's struggles to attend school and be a full-time worker and a parent."

Deciding on an Area of Study

"When I decided to go back to school to get my bachelor's degree, at first I thought I would continue to study nutrition because that's the area I was working in at that time, so I met with a faculty member from the nutrition department." The classes were only offered during the day which was not feasible for Mimi. As she continued her search for the right program, she stumbled upon public health.

Mimi met with the public health faculty who offer a bachelor's degree through the College for Adults. "I felt it was meant for me and I never looked back. I am glad I made that choice. The public health department has been there for me ever since 2013. The faculty were a great support system and guided me to ensure I met my goals and graduated on time."

"As a mother of two, attending college and working full-time was never easy, but the College for Adults was a blessing. It really took a village, including a village of St. Kate's to get me where I am today."


"The knowledge and skills I have gained from the department of public health helped me secure a job at the Minnesota Department of Health before I even graduated."