Maria Moreano Freire '16

Social Work, College for Adults

St. Kate’s provides a platform to discuss sensitive topics and have in-depth conversations with other women in a safe space.

Interview by Kristen Wunderlich


Guayaquil, Ecuador

Why St. Kate's?

After conducting extensive research, Maria decided to enroll at St. Kate’s because of its national reputation as one of the best for social work programs.

Deciding on an Area of Study

“My experiences as an immigrant really shaped the way I see the world. I was working in social services before attending St. Kate’s and that experience drove home the need for someone to help people who are new to the country navigate the social services field. I came to St. Kate’s to better learn how to provide that service.”


Maria is now pursuing a master’s degree in social work at the University of Minnesota. She is living out her St. Kate’s education by in work for Hennepin County, recording the social and medical history of children in foster care.

Advice for Students

“Make informed decisions about your future. St. Kate’s will provide you with a quality education, no matter the field, but you must decide how it is going to shape your future and your path.”