Maddie Brehm '15

Asian Studies and Language Studies

Everything I learned at St. Kate’s is a part of who I am today.

​Photo by Kelly Lauren Miner '15


Eagan, Minnesota


Pastry Chef

Why St. Kate's?

“My mom graduated from St. Kate’s with nursing degree and every time we drove past campus she would, of course, say: ‘Oh, this is where I went to school.’ I never thought I would go to her college and I also didn’t think I would go to a Catholic institution, but then I took a test in high school on “finding the perfect college for you.’”

After filling out all the parameters, like distance and her passions, Maddie got only one result: St. Kate’s. “I was in shock — my mum has been telling me this for years! I remember staring at my computer and saying, ‘It can’t be.’”

So that’s when she started seriously considering St. Kate’s.

Deciding on an Area of Study

“I took “Intro to Linguistics” with Professor Joanne Cavalero my sophomore year and loved it so much that I took another class with her. She was so wonderful and supportive of my interest, at the time, of being an ESL teacher that she helped me create an independent track.”

For her major, Maddie took a combination of courses at St. Kate’s and through the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC), a partnership between St. Kate and four other private colleges.

Building Experience

Maddie started St. Kate’s Commuter Club for students, like her, who lived at home and commuted to college. She was also an orientation leader, a member of the Student Senate and a writing tutor.

“Being active pushed me to get out of my comfort zone,” she says. “It gave me leadership skills and made me learn how to organize for large groups. It also allowed me to meet people I normally wouldn’t and many of them ended up being adults I could go to for advise.”


Maddie works on the cakes/tarts/entremets team at Patisserie 46 in Minneapolis. Her long-term goal is to combine her love of languages, baking, traveling and writing into a profession that can open up opportunities for, or inspire, other young women.

Advice for Students

“Get involved and try everything — I did, from day one on campus!”