Liz Walker '19


St. Kate's is committed to making women leaders.

Interview by Teighlor McGee '19, Photo by Amy Mullowney '19


Greenfield, Minnesota

Why St. Kate's?

Liz was attracted to the St. Kate’s community of strong and intelligent women. “St Kate’s is committed to making women leaders, and I want to be a leader someday.”

Deciding on an Area of Study

Liz started her college career undecided on her major and was unsure of her future path. It wasn’t until a J-term study abroad during her first year that she began to uncover her true passions. She went to Ecuador and realized that she really enjoyed philosophy, science and the environment.

Building Experience

This year, Liz became president of the Advocating for Animals student club at St. Kate’s. “It’s a good way to put my ethics and philosophy into practice.” Liz also studied abroad the past two J-terms. In addition to Ecuador, she went to Nepal to study Buddhism.

“Studying abroad is really eye-opening because you get to see how others view the world. Studying other religions and philosophy helps me get closer to what I believe and how I see things.”


Liz aspires to continue her world travels, as well as her education. “I’d like to get my Ph.D. in philosophy and become a professor in another country. I’d also like to write a book eventually.”

Advice for Students

“Everyone says a philosophy major can be useless, but it’s not! You should follow what you want to do, even if others don’t see its value.”