Lisa Okerstrom '17

Business Administration (MBA), Management focus

My daughter loves being a Katie!

Current Position

Sales Operations Manager, 3M

Why St. Kate's?

She had unique insight into the University’s culture. “My daughter is an undergraduate and loves the student experience!” (Hannah Okerstrom is a nutrition science major and plays forward for Wildcats soccer.)

Deciding on an Area of Study

With her breadth of experience in business, accounting and finance, pursuing an MBA was her next goal. She's wanted it for both personal satisfaction and professional advancement.

Building Experience

Lisa says the most valuable part of the St. Kate’s MBA is the breadth of experience offered by each individual. Students and peers alike typically all have professional careers while in the program, which allows for in-depth and rich conversations about how to apply theory to real-world situations.


Lisa will use her MBA degree to pursue management positions in her current company. “My long-term goal is to be an integral member of the management team driving 3M’s continued success.”