Kirsten Keeling '18

Radiation Therapy, College for Adults

I know that I will receive the tutelage and guidance needed to become a successful radiation therapist.

Why St. Kate’s?

Kirsten chose St. Kate's specifically for the radiation therapy program.

"It was a medical careers class in high school that first sparked my interest in the health field, but like most teenagers, I hadn’t quite figured out my path. I spent numerous hours shadowing in the emergency and trauma center, operating room, and even an ambulance ride to experience all areas of the medical field first-hand.

"The day I found my calling was when my mother, who had been a radiation therapist for over 25 years, suggested that I spend some time with her at work to see what a radiation therapist does on a daily basis. I agreed, and sure enough, on my very first day at the cancer care center I had an experience that changed my life.

"A lung cancer patient was being shown their before and after treatment chest x-rays. Seeing the hope brought to that patient when the follow up x-rays showed near complete tumor eradication was also the moment I knew I wanted to become a radiation therapist."

Deciding on an Area of Study

"Many close people in my life have been victims of cancer. I lost my grandmother to pancreatic cancer and my aunt was recently diagnosed with stage four brain cancer.

"Cancer negatively affects so many people’s lives and it seems like hope is the thing that keeps cancer victims fighting. Hope that they can overcome the life-altering challenges that are threatening to take away everything they love. I want to help them in their journey and play a small role in ensuring that they never lose that hope. I look forward to providing care and connecting with these patients, as well as giving support and encouragement along the way. This is what drives me to become a radiation therapist."

Building Experience

"I've worked hard along the way to achieve my goal of becoming a radiation therapist. While taking dual-credit classes in high school, I finished at the top of my class and was a member of the National Honor Society. I then attended Minot State University, where I was fortunate to receive several academic scholarships. I took a full course load every semester and enrolled in summer classes to complete my undergraduate general education requirements in two years. I then applied, interviewed and was accepted into Trinity Hospital’s School of Radiology.

"In May of 2017, I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Radiologic Technology and passed my ARRT boards for Diagnostic Radiology. I am a driven individual who strives for the best, which is why I chose to further my education in St. Catherine University's radiation therapy program. I know that I will receive the tutelage and guidance needed to become a successful radiation therapist."

Advice for Students

"The instructors are wonderful, knowledgeable, and very passionate about what they teach, which makes learning much more interesting and motivating. I am truly honored to have been chosen to represent this program and have shown my strengths through my academic achievements such as being on the Dean's List for the fall 2017 semester. This career field is so rewarding and definitely worth the time, effort and overall commitment that goes into getting to the finish line."