Keyara Lucas '19

Public Health

I chose St. Kate’s because of the small community and class sizes.

Deciding on an Area of Study

I knew I was destined to help others, but figuring out how to do that was the hard part. “The Reflective Women” course at St. Kate’s helped me find my identity and what I was truly passionate about.

Building Experience

Keyara ran for vice president of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) during her second year at the University — and was elected to that position, as well as national communications coordinator. In addition to serving as a voice for resident students at St. Kate’s, Keyara was involved with planning and organizing a variety of programs within the residence halls.

She also became involved with Office of Multicultural and International Programs (MIPS) and Services, and further honed her leadership skills.


“I'm a peer mentor at MIPS for students of color, a student assistant at the CDC Information Desk, and I'm beginning to look at internships now that I'm a junior,” she says.

Keyara is volunteering more as well — both on and off campus — because “I want to see what my community is missing and help stabilize equality across the board,” she explains. “Equal opportunity and inclusion makes us stronger.”