Kevin Ward '16

Radiography, College for Adults

The information I gained at St. Kate's gave me the skills to adapt as needed.

Interview by Amy Mullowney '19. Photo courtesy of Kevin Ward. 

Current Position

Radiographer, Twin Cities Orthopedic and Urgent Care in Burnsville

Why St. Kate’s?

In addition to St. Kate’s reputation in the Twin Cities medical community, Kevin valued being able to stay local to complete his professional clinical training. “St. Kate's does not require you to leave the state to do your site training,” he says. “Most other universities or programs can’t guarantee that.”

Deciding on an Area of Study

After 15 years working as a realtor and six years in the mortgage industry, Kevin was ready to try a new career. Once he found St. Kate’s radiography program he says it “sold itself.”

“I wanted to do something completely different, and I also wanted to enter a field with more stability and one that incorporated skills I was already well trained in,” he explains. “My skills in communication, teamwork, reliability or dependability, and anticipating customer needs were definitely transferable.”

Building Experience

“I learned everything I know about my profession in the program and on site at clinicals,” says Kevin. “I had no previous medical experience, so this was all new to me. But I was very well prepared to enter the field by the time I was done. So much so, that I was offered a job and accepted before I even graduated!”

Advice for Students

“Go in with your eyes open, ask lots of questions, and be prepared to work hard and be well tested. The best part of St. Kate’s radiography program is the relationships you will build with instructors and advocates in the field.”