Katlyn Dusek '15

International Business and Economics

You can do everything at St. Kate’s. They cater to your best interests.

Interview by Zea Branson

Current Position

Executive Office Specialist, Executive Office of Minneapolis Grain Exchange, Inc. (MGEX)

Katlyn was recently promoted from her previous position as an Investigator for Minneapolis Grain Exchange, Inc.

Why St. Kate's?

“St. Kate’s is a student-driven institution, not financially driven,” says Katlyn.

Originally from a small town, Katlyn appreciates a tight-knit community feel but recognized that smaller towns have drawbacks in terms of available resources. She was eager to learn and pursued post-secondary classes in high school before taking economics classes as a college student.

Deciding on an Area of Study

Katlyn began as an Economics/Political Science major, but later changed to an International Business and Economics major, within the same department. She loved the marketing elements, economics emphasis and international component. She also thought it was more marketable to employers and gave her greater flexibility in the post-graduation job market.

Building Experience

Although Katlyn never had an internship in her three years at St. Kate’s, she found other ways on campus to gain experience. For example, Katlyn worked closely with Student Senate and was able to use her position to gain more financial experience that would translate to her resume. She also learned the importance of time management, organization and being involved by participating in activities outside her classes.


After graduating from St. Kate’s, Katlyn accepted a job at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, Inc. — the world's largest market for Hard Red Spring Wheat futures and options trading. As an investigator, Katlyn worked in the Department of Audits and Investigations. Her responsibilities included monitoring the daily trade activity and ensuring trades complied with the company’s regulations.

Currently, Katlyn handles special projects at MGEX. This involves work exposure in all areas of business for MGEX from the executive office. Some examples include new business development, statistics and marketing, and real estate.

“If you pick the right industry, you can really branch out within it,” Katlyn says. “St. Kate’s really prepares you for that transition.”