Jesselyn Toufar '14

Financial Economics, College for Adults

I have felt more at home at St. Kate’s than anywhere else.

Interview by Zea Branson

Current Position

Procurement Manager, Royal Bank of Canada

Why St. Kate’s?

Jesselyn transferred to St. Kate’s after taking a leave of absense for personal reasons from a college in Texas. She was drawn to the evening and weekend courses, as well as to the sense of community at St. Kate’s. She also appreciated the mental health resources and academic support available on campus for undergraduates. “I only wish I had started earlier,” she says. “This is where I was meant to be all along. I have felt more at home here than anywhere else.”

Deciding on an Area of Study

Prior to attending St. Kate’s, Jesselyn worked in a data-entry position for an energy consulting firm and, eventually, became a procurement analyst. These work experiences, she says, sparked her love for the field of economics.

“Ultimately, econ is a study of why people spend what they spend and the motivations behind that,” she explains. “If you’re fascinated by people and you like math, and you get big concepts, then an economics degree is perfect for you.


She works for the Royal Bank of Canada as a procurement manager for IT and telecom resources, and oversees the divisions of Wealth Management, Capital Markets, Global Asset Management, Georgia Bank and Client Services for the United States.

“The first job that you take out of college will not be what you do for the rest of your life,” Jesselyn notes. “If you find a job that you think is remotely interesting, take it and run and see what you can do with it, see what you can learn. And when it’s time, switch and you’ll be fine.

Advice for Students

Jesselyn encourages students to gain as much professional experience as possible while in college. Whether it’s an internship or working in an office environment, she says real-world skills are what sets you apart from the competition. “Employers are less impressed with what your certifications show and more geared towards what your applicable experience is,” Jesselyn explains.