Janie Felder-Walker '17

Business Administration (MBA), Healthcare focus

There’s an immense amount of learning that takes place in classes.


Prime Therapeutics

Why St. Kate's?

For Janie, pursuing her MBA meant much more than adding a diploma to her office wall. She is a firm believer in being a “life-long learner” in order to be a valuable asset to her team, and to truly work to make a difference in this world.

“The most exciting part of the St. Kate’s MBA program is the diverse cohort that brings so many backgrounds and skills to the table,” she says, “as well as the immense amount of learning that takes place during class discussion.”

Building Experience

Janie is an expert at bridging the gap between something new or different with the people that it can benefit. Throughout her career, she’s used her undergraduate degree in organizational development to do one thing: help people.

Early in her career, she worked as a consultant, and then moved into training, development, and talent management to assist individuals in understanding and using technology. Later, Janie discovered her true passion for healthcare, and has worked her way up within this fast-paced industry to continue to lead and develop others.

In choosing St. Kate’s MBA in Healthcare, Janie has been able to bridge both those career interests! The St. Kate’s course model allows the busiest of individuals — like Janie, who is a mother of two — to pursue their educational goals, while continuing to juggle everyday life.


Janie truly understands the importance of developing a strong network and support system in order to thrive while pursuing an MBA. “It takes a village! I have a great network of friends and family that are very involved in helping me — and others in the program — pursue their educational, career and life dreams.”