Jane Edwards-Simpson '18


St. Kate's is deeply rooted in social justice.

Interview by Teighlor McGee ’19, Photo by Ryan Johnson ’19


Plymouth, Minnesota

Why St. Kate's?

Jane was first exposed to the University through her mother, Louise Edwards-Simpson, a history professor at St. Kate’s. “For a few years while I was still in high school, my mom took me to see Catherine’s Monologues at St. Kate’s.” Seeing this unique campus production every year gave Jane an idea of the open and inclusive environment at St. Kate’s.

The combination of having the opportunity to attend a college where her mom teaches, and the desire to attend a social justice-oriented University with strong, deep-rooted values made picking St. Kate’s an easy choice for Jane.

Deciding on an Area of Study

Jane’s passion for the field of psychology is fueled by her desire to make her voice—and the voices of others like her—heard. “As an autistic person, I think our perspectives are really valuable to how things are conducted. I think if we want to do what’s best for mentally ill people, and people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, we have to have them involved in the work that psychology is doing.”

Building Experience

“I’ve been involved with the PRIDE group and Catherine’s Monologues since my first year at St. Kate’s. Both of these activities have been good ways to build community and meet like-minded peers.” Jane also ran the Sister Story blog from campus one summer. The project “documents the lives and accomplishments of Catholic sisters.”

Advice for Students

“It really helps to schedule your time well, especially if you’re a first-year student.” Why? So you get a chance to try a little bit of everything, says Jane, and not tire yourself out!