Hlee Luna Yang '18

Public Health

St. Kate's has given me endless opportunities to improve and grow.


St. Paul, Minnesota

Why St. Kate's?

I was intrigued by its mission and beautiful campus, which felt homey compared to the other universities. I especially love Our Lady of Victory Chapel — it’s my go-to safe place every time I feel stressed or need time alone. I would love to get married at St. Kate’s Chapel one day!

Deciding on an Area of Study

I was blessed as a child to live free from diseases and sickness. However, my family and friends were not. Therefore, I made it my mission to heal others and prevent them from harm.

Building Experience

My St. Kate’s professors and advisors have taught me to become an independent and powerful woman who is not afraid to fight for what I believe in and become an inspiration to others. My peers — every single Katie I've met here — have motivated me to become a leader and contribute to my community.


When I tell people that I attend St. Kate’s, I would repeatedly get asked the same question: “How does it feel going to an all-girl’s school? Is it weird?” And my answer would always be the same: no. St. Kate's College for Women has guided me to become the leader I am today and gave me endless opportunities to improve and grow. I love St. Kate's and wouldn't ask for a different experience.