Heidi Helgeson MAHS'14

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, Holistic Health Studies

There is not a day that goes by that that I do not apply the knowledge I gained to the work I do today.


Field Control Therapy Practitioner, Balance Health Solutions, Stillwater, Minnesota

Why St. Kate's?

There were several reasons that drew Heidi to St. Kate’s. The first being, she was an alum — she received her undergraduate degree in nursing at St. Catherine “and was familiar with the quality of education it offered,” she says. Another factor was her professional interest. “I knew I wanted to become a field control therapy practitioner,” she adds, “and having a master's degree was important to me.”

So, that’s where St. Kate’s Master's of Arts in Holistic Health program came in.

“It offers students a curriculum that is broad in scope and core classes,” says Heidi. “This format provided opportunities for me to follow a very specific educational path and interests. Plus, the beauty of this curriculum is that a student can be someone — such as myself — who knows exactly what she or he wants to do with their degree, or the student can be someone who just knows she or he is interested in pursuing how holistic health studies can be applied to their vocation and passions. St. Kate’s program is unique in that it has an entrepreneur like quality that allows for all of these things to develop over time.”

Building Experience

“There are so many ways in which the program has influenced my work — the classes I took, the people I met, the projects we collaborated on, and going to India for my final class. But, probably the biggest takeaway is the learning I got while working on my graduate research project/thesis.”

Heidi and her research partners studied how quantum physics principles could be used to explain human bioenergy and how this impacts relationships. “We had our work published one year ago and presented at a holistic nursing conference this year,” says Heidi. “There is not a day that goes by that that I do not apply the knowledge I gained to the work I do today.”


Heidi practices the holistic modality called field control therapy in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Advice for Students

“Look at the classes offered, and talk to a professor about what is drawing you to the program. They are wonderful at creating the space for students to talk about their passions and interests. Holistic Health Studies is such a expansive field — and how it will manifest in your life will not always come in a clearly defined package — and that is the exciting part about it! If you are thinking about this degree then there is a reason, and I highly recommend exploring it!”