Elizabeth Kula '19

Economics and Mathematics

I’m gaining a lot of communication and practical skills.


Little Falls, Minnesota

Why St. Kate's?

"I chose St. Kate's because of how I felt touring campus, especially when I sat in on a ‘Microeconomics’ class. All the students were so comfortable speaking up. It was a whole new world to see a classroom where everyone seemed focused on education while being laid back at the same time. The campus also seemed beautiful, peaceful and safe."

Deciding on an Area of Study

Elizabeth decided to major in economics before coming to St. Kate's — and once she got here, her career path was sealed. She met the professor for whom she is now a teaching assistant when she sat in on her microeconomics class. “I absolutely love the economics community at St. Kate’s; the professors and students are all incredibly involved and inspiring.”

All the fulltime faculty in St. Kate’s econ program are women — a fact not lost on Elizabeth.

“Economics is currently an extremely male-dominated field, so our program here is very unique. When most people think of economics, they think of stocks and money — not that there's anything wrong with that — but at St. Kate's there is a much bigger emphasis on how economists can help make the world a better place. For example, there are classes like ‘Economics of Social Issues’ and an entire major called ‘Women and International Development.’”

Building Experience

“My experience at St. Kate's has been a perfect balancing of learning, working, and relaxing. There are always great places to study or do homework with classmates or alone. Also, I've been lucky enough to hold four on-campus positions at this point in my second year at St. Kate’s. These experiences have let me gain a lot of real-world communication and practical skills.”


When asked about her future goals, Elizabeth says: “I want to be a boss, a mother and a mentor to other women in the field of economics.”

Advice for Students

“The Dew Drop pond is a great place to go to relax when life feels stressful. Plus, there are fun places all around the Twin Cities to go to hang out on weekends.”