Brittney Frenette '19

Business-to-Business Sales, minor in Business Administration

We have such a strong community between alumni and current students... They care about what you’re doing. They want you to succeed.

Interview by Amy Mullowney '19


Columbia Heights, Minnesota

Deciding on an Area of Study

“Originally I was a nursing major, but I decided that it wasn’t really my passion. I met with my academic advisor and he recommended that I reach out to a few business alumni and a few professors.” Brittney sent an email to a business professor, who sent an email to alumni, and just 24 hours later Brittney was sitting down to coffee to chat with a business alumna!

For Brittney, business had always sparked an interest, but she wasn’t sure where it would lead. After her first couple of classes, Brittney says she absolutely fell in love with the business program. “We have such a strong community between alumni and current students. It’s such a tight knit group of people and the professors are so supportive; they care about what you’re doing. They want you to succeed.”

Building Experience

Brittney had been recruited in high school to play softball at St. Kate's and played her first two years. “When I decided to change majors (halfway through college) I had to make the tough decision: Do I take an internship, or do I continue playing softball?”

Although she enjoyed playing softball, Brittney decided that the internship was an opportunity she couldn't pass up. She interned at Goodmanson Construction in sales and marketing and found a love for the industrial side of business.


The summer before her senior year, Brittney completed a second internship at Honeywell in South Carolina, where she’s elated to say she’s accepted a full-time position after graduation as a Sales Operations Analyst.

“Thinking about being an alumna soon is crazy," reflects Brittney. "I’d say, especially for our business department, it’s important as an alumna to reach back out and see what else you can do as far as maintaining connections and future job opportunities. I want to make sure I’m involved and contributing; doing what I can to help other students.”

Advice for Students

“Don’t be afraid to take risks.” She encourages students to reach out to professors and alumni like she did. After all, feedback and guidance is what they're there for!