Barb Rogers '11

Occupational Science, minor in Theology

I was pushed to do things I never would have done.


Child-care provider

Why St. Kate's?

There’s no typical student in St. Kate’s College for Adults — and that creates great depth in our classes!

“You can't peg us,” says Barb, who earned her bachelor’s at 54. “I’ve met women from their early 20s to 65. A lot of them have young children; some are married; some are single moms. Practically, everyone has a full-time job. We're here because we want to be here… I often took just one class per semester so I could do a good job and still handle family and work responsibilities.”

Deciding on an Area of Study

Everything we do is occupation, not just our career or paid work. Self-care, family care, going to school, having social relationships, a spiritual life — everything is an occupation. This is an interdisciplinary degree. It examines how we fit it all together to make a meaningful life.”

Building Experience

A dedicated volunteer, she’s served on the Adult Student Advisory Board and worked hard to involved more non-traditional students in the life of St. Catherine University. Her efforts earned her the Mary Alice Muellerleile Student Leadership Award.

“I’ve become a more efficient and confident person. I’ve brought issues from school into the family, such as immigration from my ‘Global Search for Justice’ class.”


“I'm not the same person I was, and I credit St. Kate's for most of my growth. I was pushed to do things I never would have done, like speak in front of groups.”