Anna Saindon Carter '06

American Sign Language and Interpreting

New York is full of interpreters, but because of the faculty at St. Kate's and the reputation of the program, my degree has been a great benefit to me.


Staten Island, New York

Deciding on an Area of Study

Anna has been interested in a career in ASL interpreting since high school, where she studied the language in church and at school. She earned an associate’s degree in ASL interpreting at Gateway Technical College in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, and then transferred to St. Kate’s to complete her Bachelor of Arts.

“I felt like I needed more than two years to learn this very complex, visual language,” Anna explains. In addition to her CUNY job, she’s also completed an ASL interpreting program for live theater at the prestigious Juilliard in New York. She has landed several interpreting gigs for on- and off-Broadway shows.


When Anna Saindon Carter decided to move to New York, she had a job practically waiting for her.

“When I decided to move out here, I e-mailed a few places asking if they were hiring,” she says. Within a day, she got a response from the City University of New York (CUNY) in Staten Island asking her to apply for a job. “They were impressed that I had a bachelor’s rather than an associate’s degree,” she says. And they were impressed with St. Kate’s history in the profession.

Once she had settled in the city, Anna landed the job as the Coordinator for CUNY's Resource Center for the Deaf — which requires her to hire, supervise and schedule 15 ASL interpreters who work with Deaf students at the university.

“New York is full of interpreters,” she explains, “but because of the faculty at St Kate's and the reputation of the program, my degree has been a great benefit to me.”